Product Update - Valve
* Fixed a crash that could occur when plugging in certain controllers while the game was running. (e.g. XBOX 360 controllers)
* Fixed unexpected cursor behavior when alt-tabbing out of Jamestown.
* Jamestown window icon now appears correctly when the game is running in windowed mode
* Fixed a bug where certain weapon sounds would play at high volume when returning from the continue screen
* Trains in New Madrid (and challenge levels) award the correct number of points again
* Selecting ‘START OVER’ from the pause menu or game over screens will now restart you at the correct level in the same game mode you were playing previously
* Fixed inaccurate descriptions of challenge levels and their unlock conditions in the shoppe
* Players now resume firing correctly when returning from the continue screen (e.g. no need to re-press fire button)
* Ghost ship sounds now pan correctly
* Soundtrack cover image added

Product Update - Valve
Updates to Jamestown have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

- Fixed a bug where the game was crashing at the beginning of levels for players with certain audio configurations
- Fixed a bug where some users weren’t hearing any music at all
- Fixed a bug where trying to play the game caused some users to hear dark whispers from beyond space and time never meant for mortal ears
- Fixed a crash bug that cropped up sometimes when defeating the Lady of the Lake
- Treason and Ghost DLC ships can now properly target and kill Jack-In-A-Box enemies in New Madrid
- Added a ‘Try Again’ button to Gauntlet Mode for quickly getting back into the action.
- Fixed bug where gauntlet moon extends were not being given
- Blocks in Croatoa are now much less likely to crush you erroneously
- Fixed small timing issues on some sounds
- XBOX 360 triggers now correctly bind again
- Keyboard bindings now persist between rounds again
- Attempted fix for users needing to set CPU affinity to 1
- Restored OpenGL 1.5 provisional support
- Fixed audio skip in one of the tracks on the soundtrack
Jun 27, 2011
Product Update - Valve
  • Triggers on 360 controllers can now be bound as buttons
  • Triggers are no longer 'sticky' for certain controllers
  • Implemented gauntlet extends
  • Implemented provisional support for some OpenGL 1.5 video cards
  • Fixed a crash on machines with alternative "My Documents" directory paths
  • Fix crash when paging through leaderboards
  • Fixed a rare crash bug in Dark Sector
  • Fixed a bug where directional keyboard bindings were not persisting between rounds
Jun 13, 2011
Product Update - Valve
  • Fixed a common crash when killing turrets while going to Game Over screen
  • Fixed Centurion Card achievement
  • Mouse no longer moves very slowly for mice with high polling rates
  • Difficulty curve smoothed out slightly
  • High score entries now record missing metadata about play sessions
  • Updated credits
  • Fixed rare bug where players died on respawn in Croatoa
Jun 10, 2011
Product Update - Valve
  • Lives/credits now behave consistently during gauntlet runs
  • F9 no longer crashes game when attempting to record using FRAPS
  • Lightning Bug crash fixed on Dark Sector
  • Leaderboards now correctly save/display selected ships
  • Final boss music replaced with fully-mastered version
  • Fullscreen-related crashes should be fixed
  • Bomber vulcan damage increased by 1.5
  • Attempted fix for analog/hat input conflict on certain controllers
  • Challenge level and gauntlet achievements should now award correctly (apologies to our first first 1CC gauntlet players!)
  • The next time a challenge is completed (win or lose), all missing challenge achievements will be awarded
  • Enemies that weren’t damage-flashing correctly should now be, with a few minor exceptions
  • Misc other crash bugs resolved
Known Issues:
  • Very-high-sensitivity mice move very slowly
    WORKAROUND: Lower mouse sensitivity settings through Windows
  • Some integrated video cards crash due to lack of proper OpenGL 2.0 support
  • Audio mixer occasionally enters a state where sounds play incorrectly
    WORKAROUND: Quit and restart the program
  • Menu music sometimes cuts out after a couple loops

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