Product Update - Valve
- Updated the in-game Aegis of Champions with this winners of this year's International.
- Granted players who own a Level 1000 TI5 Compendium with an item that activates their Aegis glow. Anyone who has a Compendium at that level has until the end of August to submit their information on the Physical Aegis Registration page to receive their physical reward, as outlined in this blog post.
Product Update - Valve
- Fixed an exploit involving issuing orders that target units in the fog of war.
Product Update - Valve
- Fixed Invoker's Magus Apex Sun Strike sometimes not being visible by enemies on impact
- Fixed Faceless Void's Jewel of Aeons Timewalk effect being visible in FoW
- Fixed a bug where after spectating a game, sometimes neutral units would be invisible.
Product Update - Valve
- Added workaround for some routers that do not implement NAT properly, causing players to be unable to ping all the data centers.
Product Update - Valve
- Fixed an issue where playing after spectating a game sometimes disabled the minimap and shop interfaces.
Product Update - Valve
* Fixed a bug where projectiles launched from dominated creeps could sometimes be created at the wrong position in the world
* Fixed a bug where Nature's Prophet Sprout could occasionally let enemies see inside of the ring of trees
* Client will now confirm that that selected regions can be pinged before entering the matchmaking queue
* Client will prompt to confirm region selection, if automatic selection is not used and user choices appear sub-optimal
Product Update - Valve
- Restored far range kills being considered for AoE bounty gold when done directly by heroes
Product Update - Valve
- Updated the visuals for the Templar Assassin Immortal.
- Moved the Templar Assassin Immortal to the new Weapon slot (equipped items have been unequipped).
- Fixed Invoker item Guard of Sinister Lightning breaking his facial animation.
- Fixed a crash relating to items on the courier.
- Greevil eggs and essences will expire on September 15th. Any hatched Greevils will not be affected.
Product Update - Valve
- Fixed Lina Textures
- Temporarily reverted a recent out of band change that considered the killer to always be part of the AoE gold regardless of distance
Product Update - Valve
- Fixed Moon Shard not working on Spirit Bear
- Fixed portrait for TI3 Mammoth Smeevil courier
- Fixed Virulent Spiderling portrait
- Fixed frozen alt idle animation on Murrissey Smeevil courier

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