Community Announcements - WasabiOne

Happy Summer Marines! We are ushering in the sunshine with update 303. This is a lighter patch focused on some bug fixes and a couple tweaks and additions to the game. With this update we are introducing a new post-round feedback system, this will help provide us with more details about your games and comparing round data to support future changes.

The last six months has seen a lot of changes and experimentation to the game and we aren’t done yet. We are working on developing plans over the next week to continue to build on the new foundation that we’ve created over these last few months. Be on the lookout for some exciting new opportunities and changes to come.

As always, thank you for being part of our community and your continued support of our team.


Tweaks / Improvements
  • Added a round feedback UI – Help us to improve the game based on your feedback
    • Rate the last round you played
    • Select multiple reasons on feedback based on rating
  • Added new Achievement “Arcade Champion”
    • Explore for at least one hour the various community made custom game mode which wait for you in the Arcade section of the server browser:
      • Faded
      • Gun Games
      • Siege
      • Last Stand
      • Defense
      • NS2 Large
  • Removed all outdated tip videos in the training menu
  • Updates the “VS. Bots” tab of the training menu
  • Commander bots can now generally be replaced by entering the command station
  • Restored the spawn animation of eggs (broke a long time ago)
  • The spawn animation of alien structures is less obscuring now by lowering the size of the initial infestation blob
  • Fixed that parasite never timed out if an entity was outside the relevancy distance
  • Fixed a bug that stopped the scoreboard from showing up after connecting to a server
  • Fixed an script error which occurred when you used escape at the tundra unpack menu
  • Fixed that the cancel button of the tundra unpack menu wasn’t functional
  • Fixed Gorge structures not being destroyed in warmup mode
  • Fixed various in-game tooltip descriptions (e.g. power surge, contamination and mines)
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause a research button for a commander to permanently disappear — forcing the commander to either let someone else start the research, or return to ready room to reset it.
  • Fixed that marine upgrades stayed available after an arms lab has been power surged
  • Power nodes no longer play the flinch animation and buzzing sound when they are infested but their armor is gone. However, the lighting in the room will continue to flicker to indicate the power node is infested.
  • Power nodes will now be properly infested if they are rebuilt from death in an infested area.
  • Cysts will no longer “flash” infestation right before it begins to spread.
  • Fade stab will now work even after switching to a different weapon mid-stab.
  • Marines can now immediately shoot upon spawning from infantry portal — they no longer play the rifle deploy animation. IP-biting skulks beware!
  • Marines will now always look in the proper direction after using a phase gate. Before, having previously used a gorge tunnel would cause the view angles to be different.
  • Command station will no longer leave behind the login screen after being killed.
  • Fixed Gorge tunnels and Phase Gates are deactivated during the concede sequence.
  • Fixed exiting a hive or command station, the commander will now face the direction they were facing when they entered.
  • Fixed that bots were counted as human players by the concede and commander eject vote
  • Fixed various script errors caused by the Marine commander bot
  • Fixed that Commander bots placed structures in warmup mode
  • Caged (Thanks Flat!)
    • Made ceiling geometry around the fans in Ventilation commander invisible
    • Fixed misaligned trim textures on the curved corners of the doorways in Main Hold
    • Added collision geometry behind pipe in east corridor of Central next to Access entrance so Fades cannot get behind it
    • Made various props and sections of geometry commander Invisible in Life Support and the east corridor of Central
  • Tram (Thanks Zavaro!)
    • Fixed the Occlusion Geometry in Shipping around the door towards South Tunnels
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the displacement tool to crash the editor.
Community Announcements - Ghoul

The Newcomers Tourney is starting right now!

Join up the Teamspeak 3 server now!

Teamspeak 3 Server Details:
Teamspeak is avaible for free here
Community Announcements - WasabiOne

This week is all about fixes and fun! As you will see in the changelog below we have made many adjustments to all of the maps including our newest awesome addition Caged. After the re-introduction of projectile spores last week, we decided to continue and tweak values and it shows progress but will probably still need some adjusting. Flamethrowers also are seeing some love as before they were just heavy lighting effects, now they do some damage.

New this week is the addition of a new pre-game mode called Warm-up. Our testing has shown that players generally avoid seeding servers, but with Warm-Up players can play a simple format of the game with all the tech unlocked and no resources required. As soon as there are 12 or more players, or two Commanders, the game will flip into regular NS2. This mode will no doubt go through some additional changes, however we’ve seen many positives to it even now.

Additionally, we have decided to extend the ABYSS unlock achievement until 10AM PST on Monday, June 13th. For those of you of unfamiliar with this, players that complete 2hrs of gameplay on the new map Caged will unlock the ABYSS skulk skin.

So get in the game and earn one today!

Tweaks / Improvements
  • New Pre-Game mode added: Warm-Up
    • Active until 12 or more players joined the teams or each team has a commander
    • All abilities, weapons and upgrades are available for free while Warm-Up mode is active (except for commanders)
    • Bots will work in Warm-Up Mode
  • Marines
    • Flamethrower
      • Increased base damage to 9 (was 8)
      • Increased on-fire damage bonus to 2x when directly damaging structures (was 0.5x)
      • Increased damage range to 9.5 (was 9)
    • Marine maximum Sprint speed reduced by 0.25, now 6 (was 6.25 max)
  • Aliens
    • Lerk Spores
      • Energy cost increased to 27 (was 15)
      • Increased range to 17 (was 12)
      • Increased Spore-Cloud radius to 4 (was 2.5)
      • Changed rate of fire to match attack animation, results in slower rate of fire for Spores.
      • Updated cinematic effects for Spores (Thanks Ironhorse!)
      • Marines see the same Spore effects as Aliens now, which obscure less.
      • Added world sound when Spores impact something
  • Bots
    • Alien Bot Commander now researches Metabolize and Advanced Metabolize
    • Improved the movement routine of Fades, Lerks and Oni. They will now use Blink and Metabolize, their wings or Sprint.
    • More bots will now save up for Onus and Fades.
    • Bots are more afraid of human players and will retreat faster with higher lifeforms.
  • Updated several Commander tooltips
  • Updated the fastload shader achieve to make sure loading time stays short even with the recent updates
  • Fixed Lerk Spores and Umbra having inconsistent trajectories compared to where a player is aiming.
  • Fixed Umbra cinematic cut-off due to length mismatch (Thanks Ironhorse!)
  • Fixed GetRandomPointsWithinRadius server log spam
  • Fixed Scoreboard not displaying number of connecting players when number of bots was at or above 12
  • Fixed that Cysts did not update their cyst chain parent correctly sometimes leading to various script errors. (Thanks Brute)
  • Refinery (Thanks Zavaro!)
    • Fixed holes in ready room enabling players to escape into oblivion
  • Summit (Thanks Zavaro!)
    • Beautified Atrium, Flight Control, and Glass Hallway with actual glass and reflection probes instead of greasy-glass prop
  • Tram (Thanks Zavaro!)
    • Fixed occlusion issue in main tramway facing Platform
  • Derelict (Thanks Loki!)
    • Updated occlusion-geo in Biome
    • Reduced some lights and cinematics in Biome
  • Caged (Thanks Flaterectomy!)
    • Added Low-Lights support
    • Fixed z-fighting DAT-1 vent
    • Fixed greybox between Ventilation and Airshaft on ground
    • Fixed holes at top of Airshaft
    • Fixed holes under catwalk Airvent (part of the catwalk geo)
    • Made the catwalk in Airshaft be supported
    • Fixed players getting under the Airshaft stairs leading into Ventilation
    • Fixed players getting behind diagonal ceiling pipe in Ventilation
    • Fixed stuck spot on the pipes in the corner opposite the northwest exit of Ventilation
    • Fixed players jumping behind crate near vent entrance under catwalk in Ventilation
    • Fixed players getting under stairs near RT in Ventilation
    • Fixed greybox textures behind the fans in Vent (at TP and Shipping exit)
    • Fixed z-fighting on pipes prop in Access -> Shipping vent
    • Fixed occlusion issues in Vent -> Life Support vent
    • Fixed small hole ceiling above TP in Ventilation
    • Fixed small hole middle of ceiling just under the 45 degree angle near TP on other side of airshaft
    • Deleted old red mockup geo that stuck through floor of elevator platform under diagonal Airshaft pipes in Vent
    • Fixed floating pipe west of TP on south wall in Ventilation
    • Fixed holes next to wall props in Vent -> Shipping vent
    • Added missing light prop east of Central
    • Fixed greybox bottom of pillar on higher floor near Marine entrance in Ready Room
  • New “Disable Hidden Lights” option in the Viewport menu allows mappers to completely hide the effects of lights that are in hidden layers.  Useful for when making low-lights.
Community Announcements - Ghoul
Want to get a look at the upcoming build? Or just want to kill a developer to get your QA achievement?

Then switch to the beta branch and join us at "The Thirsty Onos #Playtest".

Instructions how to switch to the public beta can be found here
Community Announcements - rantology

 Calling all rookies and veterans! Further your knowledge of Natural Selection and gain a sense of accomplishment and camaraderie by joining the newcomer draft tournament! New to competitive? Play on a team, get coached, make risky plays! Veteran player? Profess your love for smashing in your opponent’s teeth by teaching players how to ‘git gud.

The NSL is hosting a brand new Newcomer's Draft tournament! Read more about it by clicking the link. This is a great opportunity for new players and veterans alike to come together and share knowledge, come up with sneaky gorge tunnel strats, exo rush your way to victory, but most importantly have fun! The tournament begins on June 18th at 12pm EST/ 6pm CEST. Anyone of any skill level is encouraged to sign up.

 --->You can sign up here!<--- 

The winners of the tournament will receive Gorge Plushies.
If you’re itching to play immediately, feel free to sign up for a website account and join the infamous Gather system! Don’t be daunted if it appears empty, players might be watching but not committing to playing just yet. 
Community Announcements - WasabiOne

After the successful construction of a new mining station on asteroid codename: Kodiak, the crew of the Industrial Construction Vessel “Caged” sent out a distress signal. ALTERRA Corp quickly dispatched a private military unit to investigate the source of the distress, what they found was an empty vessel and no signs of human life…

Welcome to Caged, the newest official map in the NS2 universe. A throwback to the original NS1 Map by Nelson ‘manah’ Ferryman, Flaterectomy and other community contributors and testers have worked to honor the original but also offer a new take for the current state of play. Caged offers players a fun four techpoint map with plenty of res and unique rooms and corridors for epic combat engagements.

What would a new map be without some other goodies? As a special treat, players who play on caged for two hours or more within the first week of release will unlock a new skulk skin. This can only be earned until June 10, 2016. After this date you will only be able to trade or buy it from players that earned it in the community marketplace. Get it FREE while you can!

Travel deep into the heart of Caged and see what skulks in the cold darkness. With its piercing blue eyes and ravaging look, this Skulk is sure to make many a marine wary of the fight ahead.

Update 301 sees continued tweaks to the new features we’ve added over the last few weeks and also sees a newer variant of Alien Vision and Spores! With the help of Ironhorse we have gone over a lot of the effects and cinematics and made them friendlier to engagements and less screen clutter. See more in the update log below.

These last few weeks of development have been very interesting with new features and balance tweaks and we have appreciated all the feedback. Thank you again to our Playtesters and Leads for helping us get through the faster rate of updates to the game. Also a big thanks to those of you in the public that have been coming and playing the public beta with us, it has been a huge help. We have seen a recent influx of new players to the community and we hope we can only continue to grow these numbers in the future, but this also happens with your help in supporting and helping the new players feel encouraged. Thank you to those of you taking the time to teach and show new players why we love this game so much!


Tweaks / Improvements
  • New Map Caged by Flaterectomy:
    • Remake of the original NS1 map ns_caged
    • 4 Tech Points and 10 Resource Points
    • Added loading screens for Caged (thanks Samus)
    • Added an achievement “Unleashed” for playing on Caged for 2 hours
    • Added the new “Abyss” skulk skin, which is rewarded free for a limited time for unlocking “Unleashed”.
    • Added a new main menu background.
  • Remind the server operators to add the map to their mapcycle!
  • Bot “Evolution”:
    • Alien bots evolve now into Lerks, Fades and Oni.
    • Improved the Lerks, Fade and Oni bot behavior.
    • Alien commander bots now manage better with their team ressources
    • Marine commander bots will also research The MG now.
  • Aliens:
    • Alien Vision
      • Gorges and Babblers are highlighted and outlined in green
      • Friendly units are highlighted orange instead of red and are less highlighted than enemies
      • Enemy parasited outlines are now yellow to differentiate from friendlies
    • Lerk:
      • Spores:
        • Spores are now a ranged ability like Umbra
        • Spores require now biomass 4 (instead of 6)
        • Lowered damage to 15 health points (was 20)
        • Increased energy costs to 16 (was 8)
      • Umbra:
        • Umbra requires now biomass 5 (instead of 4)
    • Onos:
      • Boneshield
        • Boneshield requires now biomass 6 (instead of 5)
        • Added a new visual effects for bone shield
        • Boneshield now cost only 20 energy (instead of 40)
        • Boneshield restores now 112.5 armor per second (was 100)
        • The cooldown time of Boneshield now depends on how long it was used
        • The maximum cool down has been increased to 12.5 seconds (from 10)
        • You can now trigger Boneshield again after a misclick, and not have it instantly go on full cooldown
        • You can move now very slowly
    • Cysts:
      • The health points of a mature Cyst is now based on the length of the cyst chain to the hive. Cysts will have a minimum of 200 health points.
      • The Cysts redeploy radius has been increased to 7 (was 6)
      • The Cysts chains will now update when a hive is destroyed or completed.
      • Optimized cyst chain code to run faster
    • Hallucinations
      • The cooldown of hallucinations has been increased to 12 (was 6)
    • Silence Upgrade
      • Silence also stops attack sounds from playing
  • Marines:
    • Flamethrower
      • Increased rate of fire by 50%.
      • Increased costs to 12 pres (was 10)
      • Lowered damage to 8 (was 16)
      • The Flamethrower now does more damage to structures over time (up to an additional 50% damage) when directly damaging a structure.
      • Removed Flamethrower making hit targets weigh more.
    • MG
      • Improved the sounds
  • Health bars
    • Enemies are now marked (when first hit) based on server-authoritative damage, to make them more accurate
    • Updated the line of sight routine to make the hide and show correctly
  • Blood splatter HUD damage effects have been improved (Thanks IronHorse!)
  • Server browser
    • Ping and performance values will now be displayed via icons in the server list.
    • Choosing a server list tab will also reset the server list slide bar.
  • Fixed a critical script error when babblers tried to cling to a dead gorge causing the server to lag until the map got changed.
  • Fixed that the Alien Vision outlined the skybox.
  • Fixed the dropped MG outline not being red.
  • Fixed that marines with a MG didn’t have a red ammo bar for Commanders
  • Fixed that Umbra didn’t block any damage from the MG.
  • Fixed that Lerk ragdolls did not dissolve.
  • Fixed Hive-UI Icons scaling misalignment for 16:10 resolutions
  • Fixed that the Alien Vision made entities blur when you blinked as Fade.
  • Updated a few outdated in-game descriptions.
Community Announcements - Ghoul


Squad 5 badges are handed out by the Natural Selection 2 community and us developers to show our eternal gratitude to those who helped growing NS2 and its community.

Anybody who makes a sustained, positive, and reasonable effort to support NS2 and / or the vibrancy of its community may be awarded with a blue icon.

Silver and Gold are 'big deals' and are only awarded extremely sparingly for outstanding efforts.

Thank you all for your contributions even if you haven’t made it into Squad 5 yet, and thank you to those who took the time to nominate them.

Note that the only way a community member can be considered for Squad 5 is if YOU nominate them here!

Be sure to congratulate these community members, in game or in these forums, they deserve it.

Squad 5 Gold
@Person8880 - For his “Shine” modification and the outstanding support of the server operator and modding community in the last 3 years.

Squad 5 Silver
@Zavaro - Being a PT Lead, MT Lead and now the ENSL Admin. All of these take a phenomenal amount of time and effort, and absolutely deserves our thanks and gratitude

Squad 5 Blue
@Well - For all his work to get Natural Selection 2 speaking Russian. It's a difficult task to translate that much, but it's a worthy endeavor as it brings more players into our community. We appreciate everything you've done.

@Brute - For his “Wonitor” modification. Everybody always like to have fancy graphs about the in-game stats of a server.

@Scatter - For his various mods e.g. “NS2:Assault”, “NS2:Overhaul” and “Modular Exo”. Furthermore, he was always a driving force in ensuring the Australian NS2 Community stayed healthy and strong

@Oozle For being another force inside the Australian NS2 Community. Without him hosting NS2 servers for years Down Under we would have never known how passionate the Australian folks can be about Natural Selection.

Your badges will be ready to claim for use in game by visiting and clicking redeem badges after you've logged in.

Thanks everyone, and congrats!!
May 29
Community Announcements - WasabiOne
Some of the DEV team is currently on DiamondGamers Dallas 2. Join up and hunt them down!
Community Announcements - Ghoul

“THIS IS ALTERRA!” First off, how amazing is it that we are at Update 300? The blood sweat and tears that have been poured into this game by so many people over the last few years is nothing short of awesome. Now we look forward to what’s to come.

This update sees us making continued improvements to the server browser and an additional notification for news or updates on first open. After playing many games, reading and discussing feedback with players we’ve made some additional tweaks to newly introduced abilities and weapons. Aliens now have a new ability in Focus, so play around and see what you think. Also on the map front Derelict has seen some performance improvements, thanks Loki!

We would like to introduce the newest skin to the marine arsenal, Skull ‘n’ Crossfire. This black beauty is almost splattered with the blood of its enemies and is enshrined with the skull of the fallen to taunt those foes that dare face it next! Check it out now in the ITEM STORE.

NS2 is currently running a 50% off sale through May 30th, we hope to see some new players on the battlefield. Your help to encourage and inspire teamwork will go a long way to retaining them for the long haul. Thanks for playing NS2!

Tweaks / Improvements
  • Main Menu:
    • Added a new changelog pop up:
      • Will show up after the client has been updated
      • Shows latest changelog
      • Allows you to give feedback on the changes
    • Tweaked the right side of the main menu slightly
    • Replaced the reload, favorite and history icons in the Server Browser to look better.
  • Marines:
    • Rifle
    • HMG
      • Thanks for all your feedback on the HMG!
      • Added new sounds
      • Fixed the model textures
      • Renamed it to Machine Gun (MG) because it’s not really a HMG
      • Deals 6 damage to structures, 12 to players
      • Spread is 4.5 degrees
      • Weights twice as much as the rifle
      • Magazine size is 100
      • Has maximum 5 magazines
      • Reload takes about 4.2 seconds
    • Mines
      • Increased cost to 10 pres (was 8)
      • Lowered armor to 5 (was 10)
    • Flamethrower
      • Decreased cost to 10 pres
    • Power nodes will no longer show enemies on the map unless it is under attack
  • Aliens:
    • Shade Hive - Added Focus
      • Deals 50% more damage to primary attacks
      • Increases the delay between attacks by 50% (slows rate of attacks)
    • Crag Hive - Crush
      • Increased extra damage to player to 7% for each shell (21% with 3 shells)
    • Heal/Regeneration:
      • If an alien gets healed by 20% of its total health in 2 seconds every further heal is reduced to 20%
    • Hallucination Cloud:
      • Spawns now 2 skulk hallucinations if no players were targeted.
    • Revised nutrient mist cinematic to be less obscuring
    • Revised mucous membrane cinematic to be less obscuring
    • Rupture parasite time reduced to 10 seconds ( was 44 seconds )
    • Gorge Build Menu:
      • Swapped position of Webs and Babbler Egg. Webs are now in slot 3
    • Babblers now cling to their owner when they hatch from their egg
  • Other:
    • Increased the damage number animation speed
    • Increased the health bars animation speed
    • Disabled the consistency check for local servers
    • Removed heavy damage effects
    • The local player gets highlighted in the scoreboard
  • Fixed that the reserved slot count could be negative ending up with server having more slots in the server browser than they really have
  • Fixed that the marine weapon icons were not displayed correctly in spectator view
  • Fixed that the health bars were wrongly colored in spectator
  • The give cheat command will no longer cause script errors with invalid command arguments
  • Fixed that the Onos stomp sound repeated itself in spectator view
  • Fixed that the Alien Commander did not re-cyst to ressource points correctly
  • Fixed that in case a server reported a negative amount of reserved slots the server browser displayed more slots than available.
  • Fixed that the Alien Vision wasn’t working on Linux (thanks rkfg)
  • Swedish translations are at 88%, just a little more love!
  • Added Shared.GetAnimationLength() callback. Accepts model name (with filepath) and animation name. Returns length of time for an animation (as a float).
  • Added Client.GetClientUpdated which returns true if the client got updated before the last client start, otherwise it returns false.
  • Derelict
    • Improved FPS inside Nursery (specifically when entering from flooded biosphere) and Turbines.
    • Several duplicated lights have been removed in Turbines.
    • Added additional occlusion geometry around Heat Xfer and Geothermal.
Community Announcements - Ghoul

This week we have brought you a whole bunch of new alien toys including a new ability for the Shade hive which saps health, a new Crag hive ability which allows players to do extra damage to armor, and a totally revamped bone shield for the Onos!

Aliens didn’t get all the love, though. Marines have also received some new toys and changes to their existing tech. A preliminary version of the Heavy Machine Gun (HMG) has been added. This is a gun that was loved in NS1 and one which many of us have always wanted to see make a return in NS2. The HMG was pioneered successfully in Comp Mod, and now it has made its way into the main game.

We’ve also heard your cries and beacons, and recognize that Contamination tended to be very frustrating for Marines. We’ve made some changes to how it works to give Marine players more time to react to it. It will now do its damage over time rather than immediately when the ability is activated.

All of these gameplay changes are sure to shake up the meta, but that’s not all we’ve been doing. We’ve also been making general improvements to the game, including integrating many features from NS2+ as the defaults that new players will see when they play on any server.

We are excited to see how these changes are received and we want to hear from you, especially about how the new abilities and weapons impact the balance of the game and your own experiences. Please come join us at our Discord server or discuss it in our forums. Although we will be playing games as well, if you think something is completely overpowered, we want to know.

Tweaks / Improvements
  • Alien abilities have been shuffled around, and two new abilities have been added!
    • Crag Hive - Crush
      • Increases armor damage to structures up to 15%, when you have 3 shells
      • Increases armor-fraction used on players up to 15% (amount of armor that is used when calculating damage) on players by 15%. Does not affect early game balance
    • Shade Hive - Vampirism (replaces Phantom)
      • Provides cloaking and heals your health every time you damage players with a direct attack (no spores / bilebomb)
        • Lifeform specific values for life leech (at 3+ veils):
          • Skulk: 14hp for bite
          • Gorge: 15hp for spit
          • Lerk: 2hp for spikes, 10hp for bite
          • Fade: 20hp for swipe and stab
          • Onos: 40hp for gore
    • Shift Hive - Silence
      • This was moved from the Shade Hive to Shift, and split out from Phantom
      • Makes all movement and attacks silent
  • Biomass scaling has been increased for Lerk and Onos to help their survivability in late game
    • Lerk has been increased from 2 to 3hp per biomass
    • Onos has been increased from 25 to 30hp per biomass
  • Onos Bone Shield has been revamped, and now refills armor!
    • Costs 40 energy to trigger, can only be held for at most 4 seconds, and a 10 second cooldown has been added
    • Regenerates 100 armor / second while in use
    • Will now block 66% of damage from the front instead of 75%
    • No longer saps energy while in use
  • Cysts no longer die when disconnected from hive
    • Cysts instead rapidly lose maturity when the chain is disconnected, making them easier to destroy. When reconnected, maturity is regained rapidly.
    • Nutrient mist can be used to prevent the maturity loss.
  • Contamination Tweaks
    • Increased cooldown to 6 seconds (was 5)
    • Bile now sprays every 2 seconds, up to 3 times, and can be stopped by destroying the pustule
  • HMG has been added, to help deal with those pesky lifeforms
    • Note: Sounds and art assets for HMG are temporary.
  • Jetpacks now use more fuel based on a weapon’s weight
    • Shotgun and Flamethrower now use 7.6% more fuel
    • Grenade Launchers use 15% more fuel
    • HMGs uses 130% more fuel
  • Mine changes
    • eHP changed to 40 (from 100)
    • Cost reduced from 15 to 8
    • You now get 2 mines instead of 3
  • Medpacks can snap to players from a slightly larger radius, snapping already existed but previously was not shown to the commander
  • Alien vision has been replaced with “Huze’s Minimal”
  • Alien vision will default to On every time you spawn in
  • Crosshairs have been updated with new art
  • Power nodes can now be rebuilt at the same speed with a build tool as with a welder
  • Wrench damage icons now show how hurt teammates are, and have an outline if you have a welder
  • Dropped weapons expiration bar will now be colored based on how much time is left before it is destroyed
  • Range circle indicators have been added for many alien commander abilities, as well as a secondary circle to Shifts to indicate the radius of the energy regeneration passive effect
  • Mines and Welders will be highlighted and show as pickupable even if you already have one
  • Dropped weapons will be picked up automatically, if you have an empty slot
  • Server browser:
    • Added the ping filter
    • The server details window now has a short delay so users can doubleclick at the server entries wherever they like.
    • The server count display is not clickable anymore and has a tooltip
    • Favorites and History are now a toggle, clicking again at them while show your previous game selection
  • Reduced amount Enzyme particle effects obscure view
  • Death screen blood splatter effects will disappear immediately when you start respawning

  • Fixed the issue of ragdolls not getting destroyed
  • Players will no longer have nutrient mist effects applied to them unless they are an embryo
  • Server browser Join button should work better
  • Reduce network cost of the concede cinematics slightly
  • Fixed an issue where welders would build faster with E than with LMB
  • Fixed that medpacks got weirdly offset when hovered over marines. It will now show where the medpack will actually spawn

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