Community Announcements - castewar
Critical Fixes:
- FIxed end turn CTD from Suulka getting destroyed by encounter
- Fixed node line end turn CTD
- Fixed destroyed node line end turn CTD
- Fixed CTD when trying to build a bore ship for a fleet already on a mission
- Optimized LOA pathing to reduce turntimes
- Fixed lag entering empire manager

Other Fixes:
- Fixed government actions stacking when changing tax rate
- Fixed missing Loa combat
- Fixed AI not filling fleets with ships from reserve
- Improve AI to prevent them from going into debt
- Fixed Loa not redesigning ships with remaining loa cubes
- Fixed modules not loading weapon battle riders (eg: boarding pods)
- Fixed Loa and Zuul AI slow boating
- Fixed paramilitary training
- Fixed Zuul devourer node speed
- Fixed missing event images
- Fix plagues not killing civilians
- Spawn Swarm Queen in asteroid belt closest to entry point, then spawn at regular desired location the next turn
- Fixed relocate mission not cancelling if the target system becomes unable to support incoming fleet(s) during transit
- AI now selects the best fleet for combat, as opposed to just picking the fleet with the most health

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