Community Announcements - Jonathan Peppers (Hitcents)
Check out PewDiePie's sweet review of Stickman: EPIC here.

In honor of his amazing artistic ability, we've put the game on sale at 50% off for one week!
Community Announcements - DaManWitDaPlan
Our next game, Battlepillars Gold Edition, launches exclusively for Steam in 7 days!
Community Announcements - DaManWitDaPlan
Hey guys! If you've enjoyed EPIC, please consider voting for our next game on Greenlight! Battlepillars is a tug-of-war strategy game with a huge campaign mode and real-time multiplayer.

Check out Battlepillars on Steam Greenlight!
Dec 4, 2013
Community Announcements - DaManWitDaPlan
We're on reddit right now answering your questions about the development of EPIC!
Community Announcements - DaManWitDaPlan
We've just launched our first series of trading cards for Steam! Go get that badge!

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