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Check out this excellent article by PBarwick on suggestions on how to build a excellent Kickstarter campaign. Based on research done by Barwick in preperation for his own campaign.

Also if you a fan of bright and colorful shooters featuring cats, it might be worth you time to check out his game Super Mega Best Cat Adventures. Described as
"...a colourful, retro twin-stick shooter. Battle unusual enemies ranging from washing machines to feline ice lollies, exploring a randomly generated maze to hunt for power-ups and save your kittens!..."] WAT! Might be worth you time checking out, in age of internet cattery it could really be the next cat's meow! (sorry)
Community Announcements - kisguri
Several cool #MadewithFusion Games are part of the Humble Bundle Winter Sale!

Several cool games #MadewithFusion are part of the Humble Bundle Winter sale up to 75% off. Check the Humble Store for more. Bit Odyssey, The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures and Fort Meow are heavily discounted for the next two weeks, visit the following links to learn more!

Bit Odyssey:

AVGN Adventures:

Fort Meow:
Community Announcements - kisguri
Community Announcements - kisguri
Rock Rock Rocket needs your help to get on Steam, Check it out below!

Open world first person shooter made in Fusion ?!

Clickteam is proud to partner with Fusion 2.5 user Ryan Stevens to bring you Rock Rock Rocket to Steam! The first "3d" open world game made using Clickteam Fusion 2.5. Adventure in this First Person Shooter awaits as a lone astronaut, an interstellar scientist and part of deep-space research team. When a routine job on an alien planet goes from bad to worse, players find themselves stranded in a world full of constant danger and endless discovery!

Features Include

• A gripping Sci-Fi Survival Storyline with events that unfold over days, and weeks in real time
• A heap of weapons and abilities to unlock
• Multiple areas and zones, and day/night cycle with weather that changes up gameplay
• Various Random Side events that pop up during each session.
• A repairable, upgradeable Rocket ship that functions as your base of operations
• Complete Research Sample Collections: discover and catalogue alien wildlife, plants and minerals
• A whole range of space creatures, and enemies, to find and fight.

Click the link below to read more, see a video and give us a vote!
Nov 25, 2015
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Clickteam Fusion 2.5 is on sale 85% off for a limited time!

As part of Steam's exploration sale, get Clickteam Fusion 2.5 for 85% off. You can also pick up the Android and iOS exporters at 66% off. HTML5, Flash and the Developer upgrade are also 50% off.

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Check out the official Clickteam Giveway group here on Steam, from time to time we will provide giveways, freebies, and contests for folks all stuff realtive to Clickteam Fusion 2.5.

With Clickteam Fusion 2.5, game and software creation has never been easier or quicker! With Fusion 2.5’s amazing event editor system you are able to quickly generate games or apps.

Within your first hour you will have learned the basics of the tool. Compile a windows app with a mouse click, Or target additional platforms like iOS, Android, Flash and XNA (Windows Mobile phone and Xbox) with the purchase of our optional exporters. Harness the power of Clickteam Fusion 2.5 today.
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The Steam Halloween Sale

Can you surivive the horror long enough to find room13? Now you can try for 75% off regular price. room13 is participating in the Steam Halloween Sale! Get room13 for only $1.99 intill nov 2nd, It's Spooktacular! (Yes I just said Spooktacular..)
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ClickteamLLC brings a "what could have been" arcade classic Necromonads to Steam today! Enjoy a unique twist on the arcade shooters of yester yore in the frantically paced game.

The Necromonads are at it again!! Colonists must in a orderly fashion proceed to the nearest shelter while the highly trained star pilot provides cover. Inspired by classic arcade shooters but with a twist. Captured colonists become infected and spread it to others. stop the Necromonads infection invasion now!


Blistering Arcade Action
Keyboard or Joystick Control
Lasers, and yes that's right, Bombs!
Multiple Enemy types
Steam Leaderboards & Steam Achievements
Space Zombies


Each level of Necromonads consists of a number of Colonists and Infection shelters that the colonists try to run to. The Necromonads will attempt to capture and infect the fleeing colonists. To accomplish this they upduct them as the flee and bring them to the top of the screen. Once to the top of the screen the colonist becomes infected and dropped back down them.

Once infected they spit virus bile to nearby colonists causing the infection to spread. Your job as Star Pilot is to stop the Necros long enough for the colonists to get to the shelters, Moving to the next level occurs when all colonists are accounted for and more then 50% of the remaining colonists are safe in the shelter. The Necros will send various different forms after you to stop you as you progress.

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ClickteamLLC and Gamesare Studios are excited to announce the mobile release of Quadle, A Arcade Jumping Puzzler game!

Invoking the memory of classic arcade cabinet games but adding a new twist. Jump on the blocks as the titular character Quadle, changing the block colors till they are red. Once red they fall away. Eliminate all blocks on the screen to go to the next level. Be careful not to corner yourself into a situation where you can't jump to the next block!

With three worlds and a initial offering of 96 levels there is plenty of arcade puzzle action to frustrate I mean to enjoy. Of course just when you think you get the hang of it, Quadle is introduced to new surprises, like switch panels, spring beams, drop blocks and more. Can you get through all 96 levels?




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Concrete Jungle is out!

Cole J. of Colepowered games, creator of Megacity HD, has brought today the next evolution of city building puzzlers with the release of Concrete Jungle. After a successful kickstarter campaign and a lot of hard work, Concrete Jungle launches on Steam and Clickstore.

About the Game

Concrete Jungle is a new take on the city building genre that swaps micro-management for a more strategic and puzzle-orientated style of city planning.

You have a deck of selected cards which you can use to place buildings. Each building will affect it's surroundings in different ways. The aim of the game is to clear city blocks by gathering the required number of points from your residents, giving more room to build. As the city grows, bigger and better new buildings can be added to your deck!

As you get opportunities to hone and refine your deck, residents will demand more from you. You'll find yourself inadvertently creating zoning puzzles- playing against your own past planning decisions.

Alternatively engage in competitive city planning against challenging AI or local players. Take it in turns to place buildings in the same city and battle over the affection of your citizens!


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