Community Announcements - M2H_Mike
Joyous news for the troops in the trenches; the official launch date for Verdun is set on the 28th of April 2015! After more than a year in Steam Early Access, during which many community driven improvements were done to the game such as the addition of different troop types, new maps, improving the UI, bullet physics, the Unity 5 engine update and the introduction of the iconic gas weapon combined with a claustrophobic gas-mask experience to name just a few, the Steam Early Access is finally getting to a close. Here a trailer summarizing the development progression in Early Access so far: http://

Now the focus is on Verdun’s official release. As a gesture of gratitude, Early Access players will be gifted a ‘Steam Early Access medal’ and can try out the live build of Verdun a day before launch.

Also, all players are invited to sign up for the first Verdun tournament, which will be hosted on Steam during the celebration of the release!
Be sure not to miss the celebration, sign up for the Verdun tournament here:

Community Announcements - BlackMill | Leo
Today we introduce an important and long-awaited new feature to the game: faked insanity.


Players who do not participate in "going over the top" when the momentum shifts in their favor during a frontline match, and practice what some players in the community are calling "camping" or "cowardice" will be given two pencils and a pair of underpants, and declared insane. In addition they will be permanently renamed to "wibble" and all of their chat messages reduced to gibberish.

What the developers have to say:

"At M2H and BlackMill we have worked tirelessly for months to optimize this feature to encourage people to go over the top more during the frontlines game mode. Some players who are too afraid to attack stay behind and camp. this is a real problem for the gameplay. In this we have found a sound solution" - Developer Matt Hergaarden.

"Clearly this is one of the most important things we have worked on, besides the rats of course" - Developer Jos Hoebe

"yeah - that'd be epic" - Character Artist James Chilton

"The new update will be live later today, April 1st 2015" - Developer Mike Hergaarden

"Please study this classic video of great historical accuracy on which this feature has been based" - Historian Don Durandal

Stay tuned for more updates regarding lesser features and bugfixes later this week.

- The Verdun Team

Community Announcements - M2H_Mike
We've just launched v202 with quite a few performance improvements. Give it a try and please let us know if performance has indeed increased for you.

Community Announcements - Blazy013
Another great update just went live. Not only are we exterminating bugs and polishing up the game (incl. more GUI updates), we are also adding new features to give you a more immersive and balanced game and offer more gameplay opportunities. Some noteworthy ones are;

Spawn points
When spawning on a squadmate you will copy his/her stance. Some predefined spawnpoints now start crouched or prone.

An overpowered team will receive a chat mesasge and penalty. Which includes a 10% score reduction for every player too many and a +1 second spawntime for every player too many starting at 3 players difference.

Private match improvements
We added more customization options for the private matches such as a timeleft command and friendly fire setting.

You can have a look at the entire list on our Changelog

Community Announcements - M2H_Matt
Listen up Verdun players!

Today we update the game with an overhaul in the leveling system. We have simplified our complex leveling system with the introduction of Career Points.

The career point system replaces the role levels and weapon levels. Verdun now only has a personal Career Level, and co-op XP with is saved between two friends to make up a squad level. You will receive 10 career points by default, then for each level you get 2 career points. Currently there are 77 points to be earned. note: existing players will automatically receive the points they should have earned, leaving all unlocks in-tact. If you have unlocked more than you could have for the career level you are at, you are automatically promoted so you will not lose any unlocks / specializations.

Career points can be used for:

role specialization
Unlock a role specialization which are the weapon sets in a squad role, players start out with one basic kit but can chose to spend an unlock point to unlock another tier (there are 3 in total). As experienced player know these tiers are not better than eachother, but can be used within different contexts to allow players to change their playstyle within the role they have a squad member.

Squad setup screen in game, the system will indicate if you have any available unlock points, role levels have been removed

RDM weapons and attachments
Unlock weapons and attachments in the rifle deathmatch game mode. Once weapons have been unlocked (for 1 career point), you can choose to unlock each of the available attachments for 1 point each, in consecutive order.

The new more compact Rifle Deathmatch UI

V198 has more features. such as a weapon self-shadowing. Taking full advantage of the new unity 5 engine, after the weapon texture upgrade of V196 we updated the way in which weapons react to lighting and shadows. Also the sleeves have been upgraded with physically based materials and are more detailed.

Weapon self-shadowing and casting shadows on the sleeves, which also have been updated

Work on the game continues in steady progress, we are working to convert the entire engine to physically based materials, polish mechanics such as melee and MG deployment, tweak network performance and framerate. Expect more fixes in the coming weeks!

20 February 2015
  • We have simplified our complex leveling system with the introduction of Career Points. These points can be used to unlock a role specialization (weapon set in a squad role) and to unlock weapons and attachments in RDM mode. This removes role levels and weapon levels. Verdun now only has a personal Career Level, and co-op XP with is saved between two friends to make up a squad level.
  • RDM private matches fixed
  • More melee improvements (stunning, suppression, lock-on)
  • We are now running a Twitch chat bot that automatically visits everyone who streams Verdun
  • We finally added a credits list!
  • Fixed the "invisible cheater" bug
  • Added 1P weapon shadows
  • Squad end match: next level is now correctly +1
  • You can now switch between audio modes (mono,stereo, 5.1, 7.1 etc.)
  • Ragdoll physics improved (colliding with itself)
  • The game will no longer run Flanders and Picardie right after eachother
  • Highlighting own name in medal section at the end screen
  • Polished graphics on various level assets
  • Ladders will no longer block rotation of the NCO Q command
  • (Private) match results will automatically be registered online:
Community Announcements - M2H_Matt
A big update was just released today with some big features. If you want more information about those features please keep reading!

Medals, Afteraction and Account stats
We extended our after action screen with some new match stats and medals. You can earn medals in the match by doing specific actions. Which medals can be earned and how much you have earned can be found in your account screen.

Medals can be earned in three categories: Elite, Veteran and Common. The higher the rank, the smaller are the odds of receiving and thus earning you more points. These medals not only show of your skills but also give you extra XP so make sure you try to collect as much as possible.

Along with the medals we finished the account screen. In the account screen you can find exstensive information on the progress of your gave and the statistics of your performance. Check it out!

Graphics Boost

Volcol has already been helping us with characters but we can now inform you that he is full on board with the Verdun team to also help boost all off the other graphics. We is currently working on improving the weapons to make them stand out more in the new PBR rendering. The weapons have gotten a first pass and I am sure you will agree they look a lot better. Also the all of the characters have gotten an extra polish.

As you have also may have noticed we switched colorspace from gamma to linear. While this is kind of technical what this basically means is that the colors of the game will look much better and less washed out which was a problem we had on the older versions. A long with this we also added a sharpen filter over the game which does what it says and make the game look more crisp. The graphics overhaul is still a work in progress but the results are already very promising!

An extra post effect has also been added namely Depth of FIeld blur on Weapon sights. Now when sighting your rear sight will blur allowing you to focus on the front sight.

Specializations overhaul
Since most loadouts did not differ much we switched from having 4 loadouts to 3. Also with this we removed captured weapons. For the recon squads we sharpened the knives and game them to the apprioriate classes.

Beginning of melee fixes
We have begun improving melee and there are already some improvement but it still a work in progress but you may find it already works better. Features that will be added later is suppresion from melee and other tweaks to make it more useful in your close quarters combar.

We added flinching for whenever you get shot. Also your character now flinches when jumping so this should prevent bunny hopping. This is still not perfect so your feedback is welcome.

We made some improvements to the networking which should reduce if not fully solve the teleporting of people in the distance. A long with that we also highered the ping kick as the disadvantage is with the new update with the high pingers and not with the lower ones.

These were some of the highlights of this patch. And we hope you enjoy them.

See you in the trenches!

Community Announcements - BlackMill | Leo
Players of Verdun, we have some great news!

Today we have concluded most of the work of conversion to the brand new unity 5 engine. We are very excited as the new engine is a lot faster and better looking. Unity 5 uses so called "Physically Based Shading" (short: PBR), this means that surfaces are lit and reflect based on actual physical properties. This is most evident in the characters and really makes the all the details really come out more. Overall lighting and shading improvements can also be seen, most notably on the Flanders map. More advanced Screen space ambient occlusion (SSAO) and motion blur are now also noticable and bring the graphics to live. Unity 5 also offers a new way of audio management and this enhances the immersion even further, we hope to expand its use in the future. First reports indicate that the performance has increased dramatically for the participants of the beta branch which we deployed in the past month for the testing.

But that is far from all.
Besides working on the conversion to the new engine and all effort that went into that, we also continued to upgrade the gameplay. Some major improvements have been implemented in this area:

Players will now receive suppression when they are under fire. Their screen becomes fuzzy and desaturated and aiming becomes tougher.

Shell shock
When an explosion occurs nearby, the screen will be shaking and aiming will be thrown off. In addition the particle FX for grenades and mortars has been greatly improved as well as the audio effect.

Weapon sway overhaul
Weapons now have more realistic sway with the front sight (the arm that is holding the rifle or gun) now sways as a whole.

Private Matches
This long awaited and requested feature has now been implemented as well. it is possible to set up a private server (both Frontlines and Rifle deathmatch), with administrators and several commands as well to organize clan matches (such as restarting a round, changing maps).

Besides these new features we have also put a massive effort into fixing bugs. Most notably the many connection and matchmaking issues have been addressed. The changelog can be found below, it also includes smaller features such as a brightness/gamma setting and gas lethality increase.

While this was a major step forward in the development of the game, we are not 'dun yet and the current build will undoubtedly include some bugs or missing features . We greatly appreciate all the players who have put faith in the project and participate in the the early access program. We would very much like to work with you to prepare the game .

For those who want a Q&A with us, we will be holding a live twitch stream event. Today, 15th of Jan, 8PM GMT+1.

V187: Changelog
15 January 2015
  • Unity5 engine upgrade!
    • PBR graphics, the game looks way cooler!
    • Audio improvements
    • Performance: Various notable performance improvements: PhysX, Rendering, better use of multicore
    • Greatly improved shadow distance
    • For more information, see:
  • Added private matches option to allow clans to set up matches (Both RDM and Frontlines game mode).
  • Added camshake/headbobbing
  • Surpression&Shock effects when a bullet/grenade almost hits you
  • Weapon sway now correct at the front instead of the back
  • Motionblur effect added
  • Fixed not unlockable tier of jaeger and Chausseur squad.
  • "Play Now" much improved matchmaking
  • Aiming sensitivity option saved correctly
  • Fix for users connecting with a high ping
  • Control page scrollable
  • Body drop sounds
  • Contract/brightness/gamma settings
  • Added value label for mouse sens.
  • Fixed reloading/interrupt exploit
  • Added (Debug) Option to change network traffic amount. Default = 70%, Setting it to 100% can reduce laggy movements of other players. Set it to 30% if you experience disconnects.
  • Added an option to enable CRC check after a disconnection, will help on bad connections.
  • Fixes players getting stuck forever when a spawnrequest failed
  • Network stability improved and more logging
  • Fix for "Gameserver did not add local player"
  • Various graphics improved
  • Artillery FX & sounds improved
  • Tweaked postfx: SSAO, HDR, Anti aliasing
  • Sound culling improved
  • Fixed: MG animation stood still while sprinting
  • Gas more deadly

Dec 18, 2014
Community Announcements - M2H_Mike

A 100 years ago French, German and British troops while fighting in world war I held truces during Christmas 1914. They exchanged Christmas greetings, sang Christmas carols and rumours say that they played a few football matches.

In the game Verdun we will celebrate this remarkable event by reproducing a similar scene from December 18 – 25 2014.

In between your fearsome matches there will be a Truce event where you can find soldiers dressed for the winter, join football matches and throw snowballs at each other. You might even spot a Scottish soldier that will appear in-game just for this event.

We will enforce these in-game activities, by setting up some competitions where you can win Verdun Christmas packages and even offer a nice discount for your friends to join in.

  • 19 December; a YouTube Christmas Truce video contest for the best video about this event
  • 20 December; a Steam Hub screenshot competition for the best in-game Christmas Truce screenshot
  • 21 December; a Twitch TV giveaway for the Verdun streamers
  • 22 December; a Twitter competition for the best WW1 Christmas carol text twittered @VerdunGame
  • 23 December; a Facebook Christmas Card contest for the most entertaining Verdun best wishes card

    Submission will last until the 24th 10am Eastern time (GMT-5), winners will be announced on the 25th of December 2014. More information can be found on Steam.

    We hope you will enjoy the Holidays as much as we will!
Community Announcements - M2H_Matt

It took a bit longer than expected but v173 is now finally live. It introduces a new camera system which improves the image stability reducing Z-fighting and other shadow artifacts. Furthermore squad creation ingame is now possible and should help with balancing the games. These are just some highlights, for the full changelog please see:

We are also trying out to switch our project to Unity5 beta which brings a lot of cool new stuff. It will improve physics performance and has the possibility for PBR which really should boost graphics. If the beta is stable enough we will build with it. Check out the Unity 5 features preview:
Nov 12, 2014
Community Announcements - BlackMill | Leo

A day after the 96th anniversary of the end of the war on the 11th of November 1918, we launch another update. It's a big one as we bunched up quite some tweaks and improvements.

Most noticeable is the inclusion of Manual bolting as an option. Based on community feedback we decided that it would very fitting to include as a preference for the more realism focused players.

Secondly the spawn code received a big overhaul. We wanted players to go over the top together as a team so we introduced several measures to make sure people spawn together better and more efficient. Also it is now rewarding to advance as a squad NCO as you will earn points for spawning fellow squadmates near or in the enemy trenchlines. In addition you will be in formed when squadmembers are able spawn near you.

Another badly needed feature was the inclusion of the stamina bar and stance indicator (bottom right corner) which will make the spurts across nomansland more user friendly.

We also made the first steps of improving the prone, jump en deploy mechanics. These are heavily work in progress and we invite you to join us in polishing these, there will be small hotfixes in the the coming days to address the issues that may have arisen.

We want to thank all of Verdun's early access adopters for participating and we hope to join you in the trenches sometime!

- The Verdun team

V171 Changelog: Manual bolting, "over the top"-charge spawning and much more
November 12th 2014
  • New: manual bolting as an option
  • New: stamina bar display (bottom right)
  • New: stance display (bottom right)
  • New: in-game quit button will now ask for confirmation
  • New: you can no longer switch to the different side if it's outnumbering the other side +3 players
  • New: "over the top"-spawning. Players are now massed together before attacking
  • New: "over the top"-spawning for defensive squads as well, 10 seconds (was 5 always)
  • New: Successfully spawning a squad member in or near the enemy sectors will you points. (0 - 15 xp depending on the distance)
  • New: Spawn protection, now 2 seconds
  • New: At the start of the round, defenders spawn inside of the defending sector
  • Tweaked: spawning attacker waves time slightly increased (3 seconds) to create more volume
  • Tweaked: now always spawning with the most advanced squad member
  • New: spawn indicator, which informs squad NCO's and other spawnable teammembers of pending squad reinforcements
  • Tweaked Map - Argonne: Added more spawns and cover, especially the final sectors received tweaking
  • Tweaked Map - Vosges: Added more cover and spawns in final sectors, some obstacles on the right flank
  • Tweaked Map - Picardie: Massive increase in spawns, more tactical, some cover changes in the last german artillery sectors
  • Tweaked Map - Artois: More cover in final sectors, deeper craters in nomanslands, more spawns
  • New: ragdoll improved greatly (no more T-pose)
  • New: added better prone block detection
  • New: Audio options menu allows you to change audio settings (Stereo, 5.1 etc.)
  • New: Clicking on playername in mainmenu will open the account page
  • Fixed: overlapping text when attacking and defending sides switch
  • Improved: ladder climbing
  • New: second set of german voices
  • New: win/lose music for entente and central powers
  • Improved: tab colours for option screen buttons
  • Fixed: free for all position being displayed twice in HUD
  • Tweaked: lebel and lewis sights
  • Fixed: problem with airplanes on argonne and picardie
  • New: correct minimap for artois
  • Fixed: issues with joining steam friends
  • Fixed: joining friends through steam overlay
  • Fixed: hipfire third person movement aim fix
  • Fixed: rifle deathmatch spawn direction fix
  • Fixed: first person water reflection fix
  • Fixed: respawn & wave times based on server times
  • New: added option to remove game tips
  • Fixed: fixed control options menu scroll bar
  • Fixed: fixed issues with australian server connection
  • Fixed: fixed ladder step jitter issue
  • Improved: increased bolt action recoil
  • New: added better jumping detection
  • Known issue: deploying has not improved and will need to be tweaked further.
  • Known issue: jumping animation is twitchy.

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