Community Announcements - Jerc
A hotfix for 4.5 has just been released:
  • [Mac]Crash when opening graph
  • [Mac] When creating a new Substance
  • [Library] Icons broken when using Aliases
  • [Library] Creating a new filter with a folder selected does not put the filter inside the folder
  • [Library] use "keyword" data in sbsar as "tag" for the library
  • [Preferences] projects files urls are not stored in relative in the configuration file
  • [Preferences] use alias for tangent plugin
  • [Preferences] Can't open a configuration file in readonly mode
  • [3D View] diffuse lighting is black for PBR shaders
  • [3D View] render artefacts on mac using blinn shader
  • [2D View] Flow and Opacity slider do not work
  • [Graph] Exporting graph outputs is extremely long
  • [Graph] Autoplug does not work if outputs have 2 usages
  • Crash when trying to reopen old .sbs
Community Announcements - Jerc

This new release comes with an updated baking interface, plugin support for custom tangent basis (mikkt is now available in the preferences) and tons of useful tweaks and fixes!

Main Changes
  • [Bakers] Common Settings
  • [Bakers] custom tangent basis plugins
  • [Bakers] Dilation radius option
  • [Bakers] Multi High poly meshes baking
  • [Bakers] Add an option to change how Ambient Occlusion is attenuated with distance (use Linear to get XNormal like results)
  • [Bakers] Expose the Spread angle for the AO from mesh and Bent normals bakers
  • [Bakers] Set the default bake names in the preference
  • [Bakers] Automaticaly close the dialog box when double clicking on a resource in the resource dialog selection
  • [Bakers] Add possibility to add custom Bake Name macros in preferences
  • [Bakers] Tooltips and parameters order adjustments

  • Add "basecolor" usage. Replaces the Diffuse usage when using the Metalness workflow to fit with UE4 naming convention.
  • [Preferences] Set the default resources path to .exe path
  • [Preferences] version control settings adjustments
  • [Preferences] Split the settings into two files / solution settings
  • [Graph] Use the first plugged or first visible output to generate node thumbnail
  • [Graph] Change the node instance color in case it belongs to a sbsar file
  • [Library] Assign filters to project
  • [Library] Use alias if possible for filter icons
  • [Projects] Store watched Path and Aliases in relative to the project file
  • [Explorer] Display warning in explorer when resource has invalid linked file
  • Auto reload sbsar files
  • Don't use the registry key "installDir" in SD to detect where SD is installed
  • Node Instance 'BaseColor' identifier updater
Community Announcements - Jerc
We are thrilled to announce our first big Substance Contest! The goal is to have fun, create amazing art and of course win awesome stuff!

An all-inclusive week for 2 in Paris or LA, next-gen consoles, Maya and Modo licenses, a lifetime of Substance software and much more are at stake.
($45,000 worth of prizes to win)!

The contest is open to all until July 7th and a team of talented artists from top AAA studios will judge the submissions and choose the winners on July 21st.

Click HERE to read all the details and sign up!

If you guys have any questions regarding the contest, feel free to use this thread.
Community Announcements - Jerc
Substance Designer 4.2 is now available along with the free Substance Engine plugin for Unreal Engine 4!

SD 4.2 Main Features
  • Automatic and continuous export - Allows you to see updates to your substance in real time in any hot-reload enabled software (Toolbag2, Unity, Maya, etc.)
  • sRGB/Linear switch both for 2D and 3D visualization.
  • New wear and tear filters
  • Environment map can be displayed in the viewport
  • Improve antialiasing in bakers

Full Changelog

[Graph] Export outputs continuously
[3D View] display environment map in the viewport
[3D View] Allow to drag & drop images from the Library to the Viewport
[3D View] move the environment map/parameters to the scene parameters
[3D View] Handle rays going below the horizon in PBR shaders
[3D View] Control exposure instead of environment intensity
[2D View] switch to view image as srgb/linear
[Bakers] Improve antialiasing in bakers from high poly mesh
[Graph] Add the export output buttons in the graph toolbar
Deprecate the DirectX9 engine

Bug fixes

[Bakers] World Space normal map is not look normalized
[Bakers] Baked map has a wrong name
[Bakers] Display material name instead of id index
[Bakers] UV to SVG: Grayscale Mode: Black is a valid ID.
[Bakers] Image resource not reloaded after baking update
[Bakers] Auto-normalization of baked height maps with cages
[Cooker] Wrong SBSAR code generation
[3D View] Default material is still visible when using the "view outputs in 3D view" function
[3D View] 3d view is empty
[3D View] 4k textures are always displayed in 2K
[3D View] Cubemaps loaded from HDR panoramas are downgraded to 8bpc
[Library] Default filters are not sorted correctly
[Explorer] Export with dependancies does not keep default library path
[Explorer] crash when moving a graph inside a package
[Explorer] Crash when reloading package
[Explorer] Crash when unloading a package
[Graph] Editing a FX-Map creates a "Parameter" tab
[Graph] adding nodes in a frame deselects currently selected nodes
[Graph] Duplicating a node display the graph parameters instead of the new node ones
[Mac] Thumbnails of subgraphs are not correctly rendered
[Parameters] Step option does not work

Community Announcements - nicolas.liatti
Substance Designer 4.1 is now released, with lots of cool stuffs!
Find more information at

** Features

- Graph: Frames to group Nodes / Comment
- Graph: Action to create Inputs/Outputs nodes from node instance inputs/outputs connectors
- Explorer: export package with dependencies
- Explorer: Set Read Only files to a locked state in SD
- Explorer: Make "Close" action on package support multitple selection
- Explorer: Manage Version Control on packages
- Graph: delete unused nodes / clean graph
- 2D View: Reexport all outputs images
- 3D View: correct gamma management
- Gradient: delete key by moving it up only
- Bakers: new Bent normals baker
- Bakers: new Ambien Occlusion from mesh baker
- Bakers: bake multiple maps at once
- Bakers: Disable Ok button if high poly mesh is not set
- Bakers: Override or Rename resources with same name
- Bakers: use underscores instead of spaces in output file name
- Library: Add a condition "does not contain" in the filter definition
- Library: search by tags
- Parameters: TAB functionality in the parameter UI
- Use middle mouse button to close Tab Widget
- Console widget
- Add a F9 keyboard shortcut for the "Switch Engine" dialog
- Add aliases to custom library paths

** Bug Fix

- Crash when adding a new node after removing one just before
- Crash when using the create input/output feature on fxmaps
- Crash when creating graph inclusion cycles
- Crash when editing the value of a channel shuffle parameter that has been made into a constant
- Graph: Contextual menu spawned with Space bar is not sorted correctly
- Graph: Selection rectangle still displayed after Space menu displayed
- Graph: actions still gray when doing a checkout on package
- Engine build numbers are reported as 0 in the Switch engine dialog box
- Library: Performance Issue
- Preferences: "View outputs when opening graphs" does not work anymore
- Cannot go into the function graph of a parameter
- When opening ReadOnly packages, some modification actions are still available
- Bakers: loading a file containing "." in the name generate an error
- Bakers: Connectivity problem on fbx second UV
- Performance issue when linking PSD file
- 3D View: PBR shader does not set the default environment map
- Unable to export grayscale TGA in non indexed format
- [Mac Only] Pick color feature is broken / crash
- [Mac Only] Gradient Color picker don't get the right color
Community Announcements - nicolas.liatti
Release Note:

- Crash when creating a function
- Crash when clicking on node input
- Crash when opening specific sbs file
- Bakers: mesh ID selection does not work properly when UVs are overlapped
- Bakers: boundingbox related parameters are reset to 1
- Bakers: restore default sets the normal map orientation to OpenGL
- Bakers: using a cage produce incorrect result
- Sliders: double clicking to edit the value also change the slider position
- Functions: Swizzle Integer 1 Crash
- 32b images not converted correctly
- Bad performances on Explorer
- Removed "Infinite Loop Detected" when D&D a node in the same graph with right button
- Remove default "diffuse" usage on new grayscale input nodes
- Change range for the SVG Quality slider
- Added new Mask Generators (Mesh Adaptive / Mask Generators)
- Samples Download creates endless recursive folder structure
- Library Thumbs are no generated anymore
- Remove D3D9 Engine

Library Updated:
- Added Material Selector (Mesh Adaptive / Utilities)
- Added Material Adjustment Blend (Material Filters / Blending)
- fixed splatter_circular (pattern specific, position random), added features (pivot position, scale)
- added splatter_circular_color
Community Announcements - nicolas.liatti
Substance Designer 4 is the first announcement of the Substance 4 program.

The 2nd part will be revealed next wednesday, stay tuned!
Community Announcements - Jerc
Rejoice, Substance users! Substance Designer 4 is out, and it's a free upgrade for all of you!

Lots of exciting new features in this update:
  • Material layering workflow - full materials can be collapsed, blended and processed as one single element.
  • PBR preview - the 3d preview now uses the same lighting model as UE4
  • Dynamic inputs and outputs - Activate node inputs and outpus on the fly for cleaner faster graphs.
  • Revamped filters library - material wide weathering filters, masks generators,material blending and transformation, etc.
  • Expose all the parameters of a node at once
  • Support for substance presets
  • Drag and drop any node in the 3d view for a instant preview
  • Many, many workflow improvements and small features...

Oct 20, 2013
Community Announcements - Jerc
Only 24h left to get your hands on the commercial upgrade with a 50% discount. Don't waste another minute :)
Community Announcements - Jerc
After a short break, 3.7 is back with a vengeance. Here is the full changelist:

New Features and changes
  • Bakers: Vertex color baker
  • Bakers: Custom cage support
  • Synced TBN with Unity
  • Shaders: Glossiness support
  • Library: Add attribute to hide content from the library
  • Functions: allow input reordering
  • Explorer: Allow "Copy" of a graph in a read only package
  • 3D View: convert cgfx shaders to glsl
  • 3D View: Limit VRAM usage to improve low specs hardware performances
  • 3D View: add vertex color to the mesh info shader
  • Export log file
  • Enable the "expose-paths" option by default
  • Preferences: edit default packages path
  • Add more details to the Activation failed error
  • Parameters: Replace double buttons "YES/NO" "TRUE/FALSE" by unique button in Properties
  • Add an option panel for mesh assets
  • Remove the Load/Reload mesh actions from the View3D menu
  • [Steam] Embed also 64bits version of tools
  • [Steam] Convert Dota2_Hero_Shader.cgfx to GLSL
  • Parameters: Prevent creation of tweaks named "outputsize", "format", "pixelsize", "tiling", "quality" or "randomseed"
  • Single-graph SBS files should open the single graph by default
  • Set max texture size limit to 4096 instead of 2048
  • Convert .pdf User Guide to html

Bug fixes
  • Opening an sbs opens the dependency graph instead of the sbs graph.
  • Normal Map format consistency
  • 3D View: bad filtering for textures over 1024*1024
  • 3D View: Relief shader crashing SD with integrated graphics and other hardware.
  • 3D View: OBj files crash SD when loaded
  • 2D View: black diagonal line
  • [Steam] Wrong Resource path
  • Many many more...

For the full list of bug fixes, head over to the product page on our website.

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