The 39 Steps - Simon_Meek
The latest game from 39 Steps creator Simon Meek is now on Steam

Beckett is a surreal-noir by The Secret Experiment - an original story that Rolling Stone describes as "Part Detective Story, Part Dadaist Nightmare... A rare example of total and genuine auteurism in the games world”. Hope you like it. Thanks again for all your support.
Community Announcements - Jaydepps
We are pleased to announce that The 39 Steps now features Steam Trading Cards. The set brings 5 cards, 3 backgrounds, and 5 emoticons. We hope you enjoy them. Thanks for your continued support.
May 13, 2013
Community Announcements - TheStoryMechanics
We have released the Linux version of The 39 Steps on Steam. We have also updated PC and Mac version inline with this - eliminating the resolution dialogue at the start for a more seamless experience.

Thanks everyone,

Simon @ TheStoryMechanics

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