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Community Announcements - tinyBuild
There's a lot cooking around No Time To Explain.

  • MrFuby is working on remastering the soundtrack at 320kbps

  • This means reworking some of the songs from ground up, using slightly different instruments
  • Will update the current soundtrack and be put into new Unity remake of the game

  • Unity remake is going slow but steady - ETA this year
  • Most of standard levels ported to Unity
  • Enabled local multiplayer support
  • Going to replicate all current levels of NTTE in this build
  • Going to reimagine all scripted levels, including boss fights and the flying/running levels
  • When done, will expand content

Game will have more content, release on Steam replacing the current game; and release on Xbox One

Community Announcements - tinyBuild
Hi everyone!

Today we released the No Time To Explain soundtrack on Steam.

Get it here

There are 17 tracks in total and they will appear in your No Time to Explain game folder.

Right now the whole dev team at tinyBuild is busy working on reimagining No Time to Explain within Unity. We demo's the first prototype at PAX East and the response was very, very good. Several people came over who beat the game in it's current state and noted how much more fun it is.

The remade version will be a reimagining of No Time To Explain. We will add more content, redo bosses, and more.

  • Controller support
  • Runs at 250fps
  • Real hardware acceleration (via Unity)
  • Reimagined bosses
  • More content!

The game will be called NO MORE TIME TO EXPLAIN and everyone who currently owns the current version will get the updated one :)

- Alex
Community Announcements - tinyBuild

The latest version of No Time To Explain (v 1.3) now has a level editor. Check out the Workshop!

Here is a quick tutorial:

1. Access the Golden Orb (from main menu or World 1)

2. Click on Create Your Own Level. You can also access other people's levels from here.

3. It has all the tools used to made original No Time To Explain levels

4. You need to have both the character and the portal in the level. Doesn't matter which character, as long as you can "beat" a level by jumping into a portal.

Uploading the level is a matter of first saving, then testing and beating it. You can upload only levels you've beaten. So if you're playing someone's level, you know the creator had to have beaten it before sharing.

Good luck!

PS we also recently released an editor for SpeedRunners - you might want to check that out, too.
Community Announcements - tinyBuild

The Level Editor for No Time To Explain is now live in beta!

Here's a quick tutorial on how to use it. It's located in the final credits screen as pictured, and on top of the houses in Worlds.

For now you can access user levels from within the game. You can create and publish levels, and the editor is fully functional.

It will soon be set to public for everyone to rate/comment levels within the Steam Workshop.

Head onto the forum to give feedback. We'll be working for several weeks on improving No Time To Explain, so feedback is highly appreciated!
Nov 26, 2013
Community Announcements - tinyBuild
Some of you may have noticed that the Steam Workshop is enabled on No Time To Explain. We are currently beta testing it and expect to release soon.

This revolves around the level editor which was in the pre-Steam release of No Time To Explain.

Stay up to date with us on Twitter - @tinyBuild
Community Announcements - tinyBuild

The No Time To Explain Original Soundtrack is now available on Youtube!

It features several tracks that were never included in the final game. Enjoy!
Community Announcements - tinyBuild
No Time To Explain is out now on Mac! Woo!

If you bought the game for Windows, you automatically have it in your Mac Steam library.

Remember kids, don't develop games in ancient technologies and expect them to work fine cross platform. That's why it took so long. The game runs fine most of the time, here are some things to keep in mind though:

- hi resolution monitors will cause full screen to lag (so don't play it on Retina MacBooks, or iMacs)
- fullscreen is achieved via a maximized window
- Steam overlay does not work, nor do achievements or cloud saves. The game will save locally
- Resolution selector is disabled

Meanwhile the Windows version got a couple of updates (these automatically transition into the Mac version)

- Redid the Mole Boss. It is now beatable with a smaller hitbox and less glitches.
- Updated the Cake Boss, the lack of walls caused players to roll off the map on that level
- Multiple fixes to stability and the way the game saves progress. For example it will try to store save data locally (if no connection to Steam, this applies to the Mac Build), and then upload that to SteamCloud
- The game launches much faster without any black screens first
- Addressed multiple performance issues and glitchout complaints

There is a small chance you'll get lag on Windows 7/8. This can be fixed by disabling your Windows Aero theme or special effects. In rare occasions the game might start to conflict with Windows' cursor, in cases of multiple video cards present. Just disable fancy Windows special effects for the cursor and you'll be fine. Again don't develop games in ancient technologies and expect them to work on multiple platforms!

Just to give everyone an idea of what the game is structured like:

There's an ActionScript 2 file
There's an ActionScript 3 loader
There's a Steam API extension
The Steam API extension gets wrapped with the ActionScript 3 loader into an executable
This calls the ActionScript 2 file via a local connection
The game launches
The loader communicates between Steam and the game via a local connection, and an internet connection
Nothing can go wrong in this scenario. That is sarcasm. Everything can go wrong.
Community Announcements - tinyBuild
Latest build of No Time To Explain is updated now. We addressed performance and lag issues mostly.

* Performance significantly improved on Windows 8
* By default the game will just your most optimal resolution for full screen
* You can increase the resolution in the Options menu
* Fixed the cake levels not being beatable on some machines
* Changed the way the game goes into full screen, it should do it much faster now

If you are experiencing lag, try setting the resolution higher or lower. For Windows 7, try disabling the Aero theme (go to Windows Default theme)

Known issues that are being worked on:

* Mole Boss being buggy
* Selected resolution not being remembered
* Cake Boss - rolling off the map on sides of level
* Mac version...

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