Community Announcements - Robotronic Games
  • Added Wheelbarrows. Gnomes will use wheelbarrows to stock multiple items at once. They can be crafted at the Carpenter's workshop

  • Grass growing causing performance issues and freezing. It effected some save games more than others. For those save games the first time loading will be much longer.

Community Announcements - Robotronic Games
  • Added an attack tab to the enemy window

    • Individual squads can be set to attack an enemy

    • Squads with "Defend gnomes" selected will automatically be set to attack

    • Attacks can be canceled by unchecking squads

    • Squads without "Defend gnomes" or "Perform attack orders" will not be shown in the list

  • Removed the attack button from the enemy window

  • Added an Enemies tab to Military overview

    • Lists all spotted enemies

    • Squads can be assigned to attack enemies

    • Option to view the selected enemy

  • Added option to retreat from combat to equip missing gear

  • Added option to retreat from combat to refill ammo

    • Gnomes will only retreat once they have no ammo but will attempt to refill all ammo before going back to combat

  • Gnomes continuing to pursue enemies after they died

Community Announcements - Robotronic Games
  • When deciding what to eat/drink, gnomes account for nourishment value of food/drink along with distance.

  • Added Gameplay option to adjust how much food/drink nourishment effects a gnome's decision. Moving the slider to 0 will cause gnomes to always pick the closest food/drink. When multiple options are equidistant, they will choose the best. Moving the slider to 100 will allow gnomes to travel much farther for the best food/drink. Default is 50.

  • Allow grass to grow up or down 1 level

  • Gnomes no longer try to maintain distance from squad members while training

  • Crash when completing Fill Hole and items are inside the hole.

  • Performance issue with lots of unreachable jobs

  • Sometimes falling down a 1 tile deep hole and immediately moving back out, ie enemies falling down a hatch and immediately teleporting back up to the top

  • Liquids not updating properly when a tile is dug down that has liquid on it

  • Ramps not properly being if trees or constructions were diagonally adjacent. This left invisible ramps causing tiles to not accept constructions, designations, etc.

  • Tinker Benches not respecting assigned worker

  • Being able to replace the floor underneath a sapling

  • Food/drink HUD text not initializing red when a game is loaded with 0 food or drink

  • Displaying a negative amount of gnomads arriving. Now it correctly displays 0

Community Announcements - Robotronic Games
  • Added gameplay option to pause and move the camera to new gnomads on arrival

  • Crash with Training Grounds when loading

  • Crash when moving a job type down in the priority ul causing a custom profession to be created

  • Crash exporting military/profession settings with illegal filename characters

  • Game potentially freezes when completing some jobs

  • Gnomes trying to use the same bed and sleeping on the floor

  • Windmills not properly turning on/off when it changes to outside/inside

  • Gnomes sometimes not pasturing livestock if an unreachable animal exists

  • Several cases of inside/outside status of tiles not properly updating

  • Scout perk increasing vision more than intended

  • Bone Shirt and Skull Helmet not storing in crates

Community Announcements - Robotronic Games
  • Gnomes now eat/drink until full instead of eating until no longer starving or dying of thirst

  • Gnomes will now look for the closest food/drink instead of the best followed by the closest

  • Underground farm

    • Requires plots to be muddied with water before planting

    • Mud will dry out in sunlight but otherwise remains

  • Added mushrooms which can be grown in an underground farm

  • Merchants now stock mushroom seeds

  • Added Grove and Underground Farm to action bar

  • Added cheese, mushroom tea and various omelettes

  • Food and drink quantities on the HUD turn red when 0

  • Gnomes kicking each other out of chairs in the great hall

  • Regular plants growing underground

  • Gnomes not starting the Remove Floor job if they are standing on the job site and can't path to an adjacent tile

Community Announcements - Robotronic Games
  • Livestock now require feed
    • Yaks and alpacas eat straw, while emus eat seeds

    • Troughs can be crafted at a Stonemason and constructed in a Pasture to store feed

    • Livestock eat from a trough if able, otherwise will leave the pasture to find food. If no food exists they will leave the area

  • New Kingdoms start with additional straw

  • Increased chance of harvesting a second seed from crops

  • Decreased egg production rate of emus

  • Increased amount of meat produced from butchering alpacas

  • Livestock require more space in pastures

  • Increased livestock gestation period

  • Increased time to grow fruit and wheat

  • Fruit on trees now grow faster than fruit in a Farm

  • Decreased the effect of quality on food and drink

  • Added grapes and orange trees

  • Added orange trees to world generation

  • Merchants now offer grape seeds and all tree clippings

  • Added bandages to starting supply items

  • Incorrect value of metal bars crafted from slivers

  • Auto-generated jobs for crafting bars using the metal sliver recipe

Community Announcements - Robotronic Games
  • Goblins and Skeletons no longer have a chance to spawn with regular equipment

  • Worn equipment can be smelted into metal slivers

  • Metal slivers can be forged into metal bars

  • Crash loading games with a queued Fill Hole job

  • Replace Floor not being allowed over Stockpiles and Military designations

  • Incorrect values for worn weapons

  • Suspended pastures still allowing animals to be milked, sheared, etc

  • Build stairs/incline down jobs allowing to be queued in some invalid locations

Community Announcements - Robotronic Games
  • Added Fill Hole task. This task is placed in an empty floor cell and builds a wall in the cell below.

  • Changed Replace Floor task to work without having to deconstruct existing furniture or Workshops

  • Crash when clicking "Move Down" without a Job Type selected

  • Gnomes not equipping armor on their left side if their right side currently had better equipment

  • Worn equipment not storing in crates

Community Announcements - Robotronic Games
Whoops! I missed last weeks patch notes announcement. Here is the recap:

  • Goblins and skeletons now regularly spawn with worn equipment, which can't be smelted or equipped by gnomes. There is a chance that they will spawn with usable equipment.

  • Mants and beetles have evolved lungs and can now drown. Mants and beetles in existing saves are unnaffected, however new spawns will have the change.

  • Crash opening Market Stall window with an unfinished trade

  • Bug causing a big performance hit when beetles were at their current population limit and could reach gnomes

  • Weapons visually in the wrong hand, ie being held in a missing hand

  • Gnomes getting stuck trying to equip a missing hand

  • Items uled in the market stall not properly fitting the window

Community Announcements - Robotronic Games
  • Job priorities import/export with professions

  • Crash when building a mechanism that connects a mechanical wall to power that the gnome builder is standing on (killing the gnome)

  • Gemmed rings and necklaces sometimes adding or subtracting incorrect values when trading

  • Job priority list disappearing for custom professions

  • Rain lasting for years

  • Deconstructing a powered mechanical wall leaving the top of the wall in the above floor

  • Water not always moving through an open hatch

  • Items not falling when a hatch opens

  • Hatches and mechanical walls not properly blocking line of sight

  • Hatches not updating inside/outside status of covered cells


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