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Community Announcements - Robotronic Games
If you've been wondering about the time since the last update and you don't read the Gnomoria forums, I took the last few weeks off. My wife and I recently had a baby and I've been home with my family. I'm back and I brought an update with me! I also want to point out with the versioning that the next update will be 0.9.10 and NOT 1.0.

  • Building changes to reduce micromanagement when planning out large constructions
    • Build Wall and Build Stairs Up will now first build a floor if one doesn't exist. ie You can queue a wall, then move up 1 level of depth and queue a wall above the previous one. Your gnomes will first build floors over the lower wall before building the second level without requiring you queue any additional jobs.

    • Added scaffolding - Scaffolding works similar to stairs except they can be stacked directly on top of each other. When deconstructing, all scaffolding above the one being deconstructed will also deconstruct.

  • Added shifts to Guard Area, Patrol Route and Training Grounds. The same Squad can be assigned to all shifts or each shift can be assigned a different Squad. Shifts can help sync your Squads sleep schedule or to rotate Squads between guarding and training.

  • Added option to turn off Goblin Tunnelers in advanced settings

  • Replaced goblin tunnel sprite

  • Goblin raiders will now attempt to continue stealing items until satisfied. The amount that they steal goes up with the raids attack strength

  • Goblin raiders have a chance to not trigger self-powered traps. Other goblins trigger traps as usual and raiders still engage pressure plates normally

  • Reduced the number of new friendly Kingdoms that are generated as Kingdom Worth rises

  • Goblins spawning in Peaceful mode

  • Goblin attack strength being determined when they arrive (It's now determined when they leave)

  • Cancel Job and Deconstruct selection moving after clicking

Community Announcements - Robotronic Games
  • Added Goblin raider

  • Goblin behavior changes
    • Goblin raiders attempt to steal items and leave the map with them

    • Other goblins and ogres will escort raiders

    • When all raiders have left or died, other goblins will try to leave

  • Added Goblin tunneler
    • If a goblin raider lives and returns without stealing any items, they will bring goblin tunneler on their next raid

    • Goblin tunnelers will start digging a tunnel when they arrive

    • Tunnels will take at least half a day to complete

    • When complete, a tunnel exit will appear in your base without destroying any part of the map

    • Goblin raiders will use the tunnel to attempt to steal items

    • Tunnels can be deconstructed by gnomes

    • Tunnel currently uses the base of the well as placeholder art

  • Goblin attacks are effected by their distance to your Kingdom

  • FPS Display overlapping with stock quantities

  • Closing windows sometimes causing a crash trying to write to the settings file

  • Building a thatch incline through the ramp menu causing strange behavior

Community Announcements - Robotronic Games
  • Corner walls are no longer required for privacy status

  • Tracked stock items - Create groups of items to track real time quantity on the HUD. Groups can be created in the Tracked Items tab of the Stocks window. Previous Food and Drink quantities have been integrated into this method.

  • Kingdom and Stock windows are now resizable

  • Window position and sizes are stored in the settings.ini file to preserve window settings across multiple game sessions

  • Alarm HUD element to indicate when your Kingdom is currently under alarm

  • Removed the pop up delay in the right click context menu

  • Crash sending a merchant to trade with items that are no longer available

  • Crash viewing ambassador after he dies

  • Personal Quarters being considered "not private" after loading, forcing it to be redesignated to keep the ambassador

  • Doors within a Personal Quarter but at the edge not being considered for privacy

  • Foreign Kingdoms getting into a state where it stopped sending merchants or ambassadors

Community Announcements - Robotronic Games
  • Added Ambassadors
    • Foreign Kingdoms now give the option to host an ambassador

    • Hosting an ambassador allows trade between Kingdoms

    • Ambassadors require food and drink while staying at your Kingdom

    • Ambassadors require their own Personal Quarters with bed, privacy and minimum worth

    • Viewing the status of an ambassador will show if they are missing a requirement or are satisfied

    • Ambassadors will leave if their requirements aren't met for an extended period of time. They can also be manually dismissed.

  • Ambassadors and Merchants will wait to arrive at your Kingdom if it's unsafe

  • Ambassadors and Merchants will return home (with notification) if there is no way into your Kingdom

  • Additional friendly Kingdoms will now make contact with you over time and as your Kingdom grows

  • Added Mining Colony, Lumber Camp and Agricultural Settlement friendly Kingdoms. These Kingdoms offer some goods at a cheaper rate than Merchant City-States and also give more for goods they need. ie Mining Colony has cheaper ore and pays more for food, drink, bandages and pick axes

  • Pause show arriving merchants gameplay option now also applies to your returning merchants

Community Announcements - Robotronic Games
  • Crash when loading saves with a gnome 'en route' and has items equipped

  • No merchants arriving in games that were created in version 0.9.4 or earlier

  • Items not becoming available for trade again, if the trade was canceled while your gnome was departing

Community Announcements - Robotronic Games
Yay! First patch after a long break. This is sort of a preliminary patch that sets up for more changes to come. Much of the work involved with this update changes how some internal systems work to allow for them to be expanded on in future patches. Some things will behave similar to how they did in the last version but with the internal changes it will be easier to tweak or expand on. In the next update after this, there will likely be some more types of friendly Kingdoms as well as some new options for interacting with them. When I finally get back to updating goblin behaviors they will likely get incorporated into the diplomacy system and have some options for interaction outside of combat.

  • Added early implementation of Diplomacy system
    • Changed how merchants work so that any faction can send merchants

    • Foreign Kingdoms now have a distance from the player's Kingdom

    • Merchant goods are now determined by the player kingdom's worth at the time of departure instead of arrival

    • Merchants will now spawn even if there are no market stalls

    • Merchants can now arrive in winter

    • Merchants bandage themselves or go to a hospital when necessary

    • Merchants sleep, eat and drink

    • Merchants idle at the Great Hall if there are no available Market Stalls

    • Diplomacy tab added to Kingdom window for viewing and interacting with foreign Kingdoms

    • A Merchant can be sent to foreign Kingdoms
      • Uses a trading window similar to the Market Stall

      • When the chosen gnome leaves the map, the items being traded disappear with him (like trading with a merchant at a market stall)

      • If all gnomes die while one of your gnomes is off the map travelling, the game will still end

  • Dig Floor jobs queuing in invalid locations

  • Dig Floor job not creating above a ramp

  • Items not storing in crates and wheelbarrows: Wooden Shield, Tower Shield, Tower shield backing and stone weapons

  • Wooden shield, tower shield and stone weapons trading for too much with merchants

  • Tower shield and tower shield backing not smelting

  • Merchants leaving the map incorrectly

  • UI not respecting Windows Primary/Secondary button swap setting

Community Announcements - Robotronic Games
  • Added wooden shield

  • Added stone sword, hand axe and hammer

  • Added tower shield

  • Butchering goblins and ogres now produces a skull

  • Wall torches no longer require a floor to build

  • Dig Hole, Dig Ramp Down and Dig Stairs Down can be queued over air with a wall below

  • Dig Hole can be used to remove ramps from above

  • Rare crash when loading a game while an enemy is being spotted

Community Announcements - Robotronic Games
  • Added Alarm Bell
    • Crafted at the Blacksmith and once constructed can be activated by a Mechanic.

    • Sounding the alarm wakes up sleeping gnomes

    • Gnomes in a squad will still perform any military tasks that are assigned

    • All other gnomes will retreat to the Great Hall

    • Giving the "All Clear" signal returns to business as usual

  • Removed the Formation Perk: On The Move

  • Added Formation Perk: Fire At Will - Increased range attack speed for each melee squad member

  • Added Formation Perk: Suppressive Fire - Decreases enemy defense in melee combat for each ranged squad member

  • Added Position Perk: Survival Instinct - Increased move speed and dodge rate while bleeding

  • Added Position Perk: Conservationist - Chance to not consume ammo when firing

  • Added Position Perk: Sneaky - Decreases enemy sight range to this gnome and gives a damage bonus when your target is attacking someone else. Requires leather or no armor and melee weapons.

  • Added Position Perk: Swashbuckler - Increased parry chance and increased pistol damage while in melee range

  • Increased bonus damage from Highlander

  • When attacking with the Flintlock Pistol, gnomes will only do a melee attack when out of ammo

  • Crash when loading a game with no audio device

  • Intermittent crash with Windmills

  • Swords not working properly after loading

Community Announcements - Robotronic Games
  • Crash when fighting golems

Community Announcements - Robotronic Games
  • Changed material durability so that different attack types work towards breaking it

  • Adjusted all material resistances to account for durability changes

  • Weapons with multiple attacks pick the one that works best for the situation

  • Adjusted experience gains with weapons so that slow weapons and two handed weapons are on par with fast weapons and dual wielding

  • Defending with weapons has been further separated from attacking with the weapon. Ie blocks and parrys are much more common

  • Some status effects from combat can be applied through armor

  • Sword
    • Increased attack time for stab

    • Increased pierce damage and decreased slashing damage

    • Reduced attack delay when parrying

    • Removed blunt damage

  • Axe
    • Increased slash damage

    • Removed blunt damage

  • Claymore
    • Removed thrust attack

    • Decreased slash damage and increased blunt damage

  • Battle Axe
    • Removed blunt damage

    • Increased slash damage

  • Warhammer - Increased blunt damage

  • Torch - Decreased heat damage

  • Increased ranged and melee damage with ranged weapons

  • Removed blunt damage from musket rounds

  • Increased Blunderbuss ranged attack time

  • Decreased Crossbow ranged attack time

  • Trap
    • Increased damage for spike and blade traps

    • Removed blunt damage from blade trap

  • Mant
    • Reduced damage for bite attack and increased attack time

    • Reduced damage for sting attack

  • Beetle - Reduced damage for bite attack and increased attack time

  • Spider
    • Increased damage for bite attack and reduced attack time

    • Increased damage for sting attack and increased attack time

  • Ogre/Two-Headed Ogre
    • Increased damage for all attacks

    • Reduced attack time for punch attack

  • Zombie - Increased damage for all attacks

  • Goblin - Lowered Fighting and Dodge skills for early goblins

  • Frenzy - Increased Defense penalty and now it also applies to dodge

  • Highlander - Greatly increased chance to hit necks

  • Way of the Gnome
    • Attack speed, dodge chance and dodge rate now increase based on skill values instead of flat rate

    • Bonus Damage has been added based on Fighting skill

  • Guard - Block chance increases with Shield skill

  • Scout - Added increased move speed in addition to vision range

  • Marksman - Fixed this perk not actually increasing accuracy

  • Taunt - New perk that has a chance to force nearby enemies to change targets to this gnome

  • Commander - New perk that increases damage of squad members when this gnome is not wearing a helmet

  • Two crashes when loading saves older 0.8.22 and 0.8.26 straight into the current version

  • Mining walls deconstructing adjacent torches. (Still appropriately deconstructs wall torches)


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