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The primary changes in this patch are focused on bug fixes, campaign tweaks, balancing, and some new things for level designers (part of our work on Act III).


Where can I get it?
Experimental Build:

What's new?
Player: Load Saved Game: Only save games from the current version now show up (see dev notes section below)
Player: Updated stone block icons so it’s less like the iron ingots icons
Settings: Added a checkbox under gameplay settings to stop spider den raids against player villages
Settings: Added a graphics setting to enable depth of field (although it’s not widely used at the moment)
Editor: Workbench: Added CutsceneDepthOfField node to control camera depth of field*
Editor: Workbench: Added Transform node for when both position and rotation are needed
Editor: Workbench: Added WorkPointTriggerCustom node for making innate objects interactable**
Editor: Workbench: Replaced helper text at bottom of inspector with a ? button that links to a web reference guide

Bug Fixes
Fix: The mysterious case of disappearing items on heroes is hopefully now fixed
Fix: Blizzard weather effect is now working as intended
Fix: Nara’s charm ability was causing charmed heroes to level up a lot
Fix: Prevented most damage being applied during cutscenes (CharacterDamage and Damage nodes ignore this)
Fix: Prevented loot sparkles from being cleaned up after 10 minutes if the loot contains a quest item
Fix: Some save games in experimental (any map that created custom loot items) wouldn’t load properly
Fix: Willow’s thorns visualization no longer rotates with the affected target
Fix: Prevented tactical pause from being toggled when conversation dialog is visible
Fix: Grublin invasion mobs were being created as Undead faction
Fix: Selecting a character, opening village inventory or a character sheet now cancels any building placement
Fix: Most trinkets were set to not stack
Fix: Sandbox: Stinking Swamp: Too many wolves could get spawned

Map Changes
Campaign: Desecrated Cathedral: Player must now destroy the generator before Lilith appears to seek her revenge for killing Brom
Sandbox: Cold Peak: Minor changes to reduce z-flicker, added a few of the new props

Balancing: Reduced the XP penalty on Normal, Hard and Harder difficulty levels
Balancing: Enemy units now only recover health at half the rate of player heroes and units
Balancing: Withering Dead: Nerfed Bonefinger, Mordrich and Lilith as they were too challenging on normal difficulty
Balancing: Gladefolk: Nerfed Nara, Willow and Mossclaw as they were too challenging on normal difficulty
Balancing: Boss agro detection range has been significantly reduced to prevent them hunting down the player

Assets (For Level Designers)
Kits: Terrains/Snow Monastery receives banners, bells, better flooring, lots more
Kits: Terrains/Snow receives some new trees including pink cherry blossom

We’ve done some content optimization in this patch, so if you cannot find certain kit pieces, they have probably been moved to the Core Tiles kit.

Please note the new Workbench Reference Guide is work in progress; we’re aware of the occasional long class name issue.

Important/Breaking Changes

Known Issues
  • Load times will have increased due to code we’ve added to the experimental build to help us track down a serialization bug
  • Kenny can get stuck again during his attack if you complete his dialogue while he’s stunned

Developer Comments
In this patch only save games created with the current version will now show in the load saved game menu option. We have taken this step to prevent bug reports being submitted where an error is caused by incompatible save game versions. If you prefer a period of no disruption, please exit the experimental build and revert back to the main Steam version, or turn off automatic updates in your Steam Library.

* Note that by default depth of field is never enabled. The player must actively enable it under graphics settings, so in most cases it won’t ever show.

** WorkPointTriggerCustom node does not work on characters, only innate objects such as props. This is intended to make things like books/weapons etc. interactable.
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The primary changes in this patch include the addition of tactical pause, proximity selection of similar unit types, preventing the Supply Wagon from being targetable by enemies, and a number of important bug fixes.

Where can I get it?
Experimental Build:

What's new?
Player: Added tactical pause (spacebar)
Player: Expanded the height bounds for the player camera (can zoom out further)
Player: Clicking the character portrait wheel image now pans the camera to that character and follows them
Player: Double-click selecting a unit now selects all units of that type in the local proximity
Player: When selling a building prior to construction being complete, the full resource cost is refunded
Player: Padlock icons removed from ability buttons because they suggest there was something to be unlocked when there isn’t
Player: The Supply Wagon can no longer be attacked by enemies
Player: Settings: Key bindings added for control groups (0..9) assign and select so warning can be shown when trying to assign 1..5 to hero abilities
Editor: Workbench: Added CharacterToggleEquipment node for showing/hiding weapons during cutscenes
Editor: Workbench: Added PartyContains node returning true/false if party contains the hero
Editor: Workbench: Added CustomDescription field to CreateLootItem node
Editor: Workbench: Added some validation for invalid characters in item name in CreateLootItem node
Editor: Workbench: Added MaxLevelCap to InstantiateCharacterAt node

Bug Fixes
Fix: Removed directorial notes from several cutscene conversations
Fix: Workbench: Fallback point wasn’t being set for movement commands through OrderMove node
Fix: Editor: Character faction selector in the location editor selected the option below the one that was clicked on
Fix: Fixed a few cases where references to destroyed or pooled objects could linger
Fix: Typo in Ser Gregory’s Decisive Victory and Taunt ability descriptions
Fix: UI Scale wasn’t correctly applying to the start screen
Fix: UI Scale was being forcibly overwritten every session at lower game resolutions
Fix: Fixed turrets taking up population slots (also potentially some special ability effects)
Fix: Prevented characters from gaining xp while charmed
Fix: Fixed decisive victory barely did any damage at all
Fix: Mordrich will now no longer teleport if there are no tagged points in his locale, preventing him from blinking into inaccessible rooms
Fix: Conflict warning in Key Bindings dialogue wasn’t showing the correct text
Fix: Grublins were turning aggressive after visiting Dr. Murp as a friendly
Fix: Invalid translation tag in Windmill Superior Millstones description

Map Changes
Tutorial: Instances of ‘left click’ updated to to be more friendly for left-handed players
Campaign: Sunken Depths: Sparkles added to plumbing lever to make it easier to spot
Campaign: Bountiful Bog: Modified dialogue to deal with Quixl already being in the party
Sandbox: Haven: Added Willow at start to make it consistent with other starting locations
Sandbox: Haven: Sign Post (World Map Travel) added to bridge near starter area
Sandbox: Haven & Cold Peak: Checks added to gift 2 new villagers if population wiped out

The amount the target difficulty was allowed to exceed the party rating has been reduced from 200% to 110%.

Level Designers
The balancing system now supports a max level cap per mob to help prevent things like level 10 rabbits, which can be set in Workbench using the InstantiateCharacterAt node.

Known Issues
  • Kenny can get stuck again during his attack if you complete his dialogue while he’s stunned
  • Nara's charm ability seems to be massively levelling up charmed targets

Developer Comments
We're reducing the amount of Quality Assurance Testing on experimental builds to save time. We'll aim to resolve any major issues as fast as possible. If bugs make you unhappy, please opt out and revert to the main stable build on Steam.
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Hi Folks,

We've received reports of - and confirmed - a bug with field workers (farmers, weavers, herbalists) and monks not returning to work after the first visit.

We've identified the cause, are fixing it now, and hope to have a new build up on Steam within an hour or two. You can track progress in this topic:

Sorry for the inconvenience. Won't be long.

A new version has been pushed to all builds and should start downloading in your Steam Client shortly. If it doesn't, please quit and restart the Steam Client.
Dec 20, 2016
Community Announcements - Games Foundry


Campaign Acts I and II are now complete and available to play. Set in the all new Bountiful Bog region, Act II introduces the Grublin and Toadkin faction storylines. Side with the unscrupulous Urzal as he expands his criminal empire peddling a highly addictive drink, or help mad Emperor Bla’tu regain control of his slave workforce and push back against the Grublin menace that threatens the Toadkin. Morally speaking, it’s a quagmire.

Mordrich, Nara, Urzal, Scruplez, Bla’tu, Murp and The Might Rhog all receive their own special abilities, increasing the challenge and excitement of boss battles. Combat has progressed by leaps and bounds, and is well worth revisiting if you haven’t played in a while.

Act II introduces Borgle, the playable ranger hero. For the Grublins, Quixl receives his final Vanish ability used for shedding threat. Lilith the Necromancer from Act I also receives a full complement of special abilities. There are now a total of 5 heroes available to be unlocked, and work on the others is progressing well.

In the village, the new Stables building unlocks the Cavalry unit, while the Barracks receives the early Spearman unit. Arbalists and City Watch must now be unlocked by completing research at the Blacksmith: Chainmail and Crossbows for the Arbalists, and Plate and Halberds for the City Watch.

Spider attacks and the faction raids can now be repelled effectively with the introduction of Engineer Turrets. The Flamethrower is great for burning low level mobs to a crisp. The Ballista fires a high powered bolt that knocks down anything in its path, giving the slower Mortar time to target and fire for massive damage.

Your feedback continues to lead to improvements in gameplay and UI. Micromanagement has been further reduced with four new UI buttons. Grab Best Loot on the Character Sheet equips the best available loot for a unit or hero from the Village Inventory; Auto Distribute on the inventory dialog allocates spare loot items to the most relevant building stores which your units then auto-equip; and Auto Transfer in the Crafting dialog transfers newly crafted items direct to the relevant equipment stores. Finally, the Building dialog workers tab Auto Recruit has been refined to provide finer control over individual vacancies.

Berries and firewood are now included on the top bar. Tooltips have received an overhaul. World Map travel is available at any time. There’s a new large format healthbar for identifying monsters and their challenge level, the minimap receives several bug fixes, and options in conversation dialogues now respond to keyboard input.

Thanks to community support, partial language support is now available for German and Russian languages. Coverage will continue to improve as development progresses.

Community Level Designers can now publish to Steam Workshop without leaving the Editor. Players can browse and load steam workshop worlds and enjoy new experiences from the New Game menu.

Happy Holidays
If you are celebrating, we wish you a very happy holiday. And to all, we hope next year brings you good health and happiness. Thank you for your continued support and positive reviews as we push on to bring you the best game we can possibly make.
Dec 18, 2016
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The primary changes include the addition of Engineer Turrets to improve village defenses, improvements to tooltips including comparisons, and completion of Act II of the campaign. This patch completes the 0.4.x release cycle. Alpha 29 will follow later this week.

Where can I get it?
Experimental Build:

What's new?
Player: Added Engineer Turrets: Ballista, Flamer and Mortar (limited by number of Engineers in the Workshop)
Player: Added comparison tooltip for loot
Player: Added optimization to disable shadow casters behind camera to reduce shadow map calculations
Player: Improved single loot item tooltip layout
Player: Removed ability thumbnails from next to hero portraits in top left of screen
Player: Improved Murp’s AI, adding in light effects for his drill power up
Player: Removed Alt key mapping due to camera issues when ALT+TABBING
Player: Borgle’s Rain Of Arrows ability now has a target visualization circle
Player: Quixl’s fifth ability added - Vanish - used to reduce threat against Quixl
Player: Disabled Walls due to having multiple issues
Player: Removed deprecated Production tab from building dialog now that firewood is properly balanced
Player: Military units now return to their last commanded point after combat finishes
Player: Completing armor research now also unlocks the other 4 armor pieces
Player: Setup Tome items (magic books); now usable by Lilith
Player: Improved the layout of hero ability tooltips and added descriptions
Player: Reduced the exponential rate of increase in experience required for next level to make it easier to attain higher character levels
Editor: Workbench: Quests can now be grouped by using / to the name to reduce the list length
Editor: Workbench: numbers now automatically prefixed to conversation options and work with keyboard input (1 for option one, etc)
Editor: Workbench: AllCharacters and CharactersInRange nodes now take inputs as world objects so that other nodes can better connect to them
Translations: Russian updated to include character names among other things

Bug Fixes
Fix: Optimized navmesh code to prevent unnecessary cut calculations that could lead to CPU spikes
Fix: Flag shader should now work as intended
Fix: Right clicking on ring items would not try to fill empty slots in character inventory
Fix: Numerous bugs with faction specific loot fixed, meaning more context appropriate loot drops
Fix: Stunned characters no longer regenerate health/power
Fix: Potentially fixed some cases where un-pausing a move order would immediately make it fail (e.g a stunned Kenny would not move where he was supposed to move after the stun buff was removed)
Fix: Corrected scale on skeleton conveyor belt worker
Fix: Scripting bug whereby betraying Lilith would lead to a cutscene playing too early and the player becoming trapped
Fix: Removed verbose descriptions on armor pieces as it’s undesirable in tooltips
Fix: Auto Assign loot on character sheet was considering items it shouldn’t have
Fix: Crossfading to an animation that was about to fade out and had an outro animation had undesirable results
Fix: Cooldown for triggered special abilities was starting even if the ability could not be activated
Fix: Console now accepts proper resource names having been broken by the Translation system
Fix: Lilith's soul reap ability would not stop the looping sound if the beam was destroyed
Fix: Fixed inefficiency in the highlighting system when destroying lots of highlightable objects (happens when unloading a location)
Fix: Camera collider on Workshop building revised to prevent camera getting stuck inside building
Fix: Civics building list was always showing Tier {0}
Fix: Cotton field workpoints now use the correct animations
Fix: Skeleton Elites were being called Mages
Fix: Input wasn’t working properly in workbench
Fix: Arrow trails weren’t showing
Fix: Horse grazing animation wasn’t playing on horse in the Stables building
Fix: Work points for harvested resources would sometimes be aborted when unloading a location and the characters would drop the resources that they were carrying and those could persist to the next location
Fix: Eating work points weren’t being restored properly if there wasn’t enough food in the inventory (even if the characters had already taken the food from the inventory and were eating it). Could cause food being stuck to characters
Fix: Lilith’s Disease Cloud wasn’t dispelling itself properly, leaving a lingering sound loop

Map Changes
Maps: Campaign: Bountiful Bog: Added ‘slave’ housing to Grublin Slum as part of Toadkin storyline
Maps: Campaign: Murp’s Dentistry: Added lights that flicker during electroshock

Added default armor to all military units
Doubled health on cavalry to represent horse
Reduced sword damage
Increased halberd damage
Increased crossbow damage
Rebalanced lilith, quixl and borgle

Assets (For Level Designers)
Assets: Kits: Props: Murp: Added Light02 and Light03 (tag as murp_light, see Murp battle)
Assets: Kits: Props: Kobold Camp: Added destructible gate
Assets: Kits: Props: Mordrichs Factory: Added support for Door node to remaining machines
Assets: Sounds: Added one-shot group [Shadow Warden Attack]
Assets: Sounds: Added one-shot group [Shadow Warden Battlecry]
Assets: Sounds: Added one-shot group [Shadow Warden Death]
Assets: Sounds: Added one-shot group [Shadow Warden Idle]
Assets: Sounds: Added one-shot group [Shadow Warden Wounded]
Assets: Sounds: Added one-shot [Character Hero Borgle Powershot]
Assets: Sounds: Added one-shot [Character Hero Borgle Multishot]
Assets: Sounds: Added one-shot [Character Hero Borgle Immobilizing Shot]
Assets: Sounds: Added one-shot [Character Hero Borgle Rain Of Arrows]
Assets: Sounds: Added one-shot [Character Hero Borgle Shadow Warden]
Assets: Sounds: Added one-shot [Ballista Fire]
Assets: Sounds: Added one-shot [Ballista Reload]
Assets: Sounds: Added one-shot [Flamer Fire]
Assets: Sounds: Added looping [Burning]
Assets: Sounds: Added one-shot [Mortar Fire]

Important/Breaking Changes

Known Issues
  • Kenny can get stuck again during his attack if you complete his dialogue while he’s stunned

Developer Comments
Tired of all those spider attacks? Then it’s time to set your engineers to work building turrets at key points around your village. Ballista turrets knockdown any enemies in the bolt’s path, giving you a window of opportunity to inflict further damage. Flamethrower turrets set targets on fire causing fire damage over time, and can cover a wide sweeping area. Mortars are the big damage dealers, although they take time to hit their targets.

For every Engineer assigned to a Workshop building, two turrets can be supported. Building a third turret will cause the first turret to be deconstructed.

The sign post that allowed fast travel to Act II has been removed pending the release of Alpha 29. It will make a return in the next experimental.

Support Us With A Review
As a side note, we're working our little socks off to bring you solid patches, often in the face of negativity. If you like what we're doing, please consider supporting us by taking a few minutes to leave a review.
Nov 24, 2016
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The primary changes include Act II Bufo campaign in it’s entirety, the Grublin boss battle, numerous changes to inventory and crafting UI to further reduce micro-management, and access from anywhere to world travel.

Where can I get it?
Experimental Build:

What's new?
Player: Campaign Act II: Toadkin faction is now playable start to finish
Player: Campaign Act II: Added Scruplez and Urzal joint boss battle
Player: Campaign Act II: Added Murp behemoth battle
Player: Changed topbar layout to be more compact, added firewood and berries
Player: Added Auto Transfer option to crafting UI to remove need to manually allocate gear to building stores
Player: Equipment Store loot is now equipped based on item loot score rather than positional rank
Player: Character Sheet now has a ‘grab best loot’ button to get loot from the village inventory
Player: Village Inventory dialog now has a ‘Distribute’ button to transfer equippable loot to building stores
Player: Added delete save game to UI
Player: Hooked up the world map to topbar and minimap buttons
Player: Scruplez now has grapeshot and homing missile abilities
Player: Olga’s frost magic abilities have been expanded (still WIP)
Player: Bosses, behemoths and heroes (when being fought) have been rebalanced

Bug Fixes
Fix: Removed jittering on stairs when fighting
Fix: Soft particle shaders now working as intended
Fix: Added offset to projector shader to help some z fighting with props close to the ground
Fix: Reduced memory usage slightly on SSAO by removing unused multi-compiles, prevented performance drop when camera is close to say walls by clamping sample radius
Fix: Grublin dazed animation had unwanted global move data that caused them to vanish when stunned
Fix: Building dialog options no longer appear in front of minimap texture and markers
Fix: Big hover healthbar wasn’t updating frequently enough
Fix: Unhappiness can no longer descend into -infinity when villagers are not allowed to leave
Fix: Time was showing instead of date on save games made before midnight
Fix: Discovering the Glade pathway before helping the Withering Dead would enable World Travel right into the middle of a cutscene location
Fix: Replaced cloak slot image on character sheet with trinket slot image
Fix: Projectiles weren’t being destroyed when a ranged attack is aborted because an ability order was given
Fix: Willow wasn’t able to solo balance
Fix: Lilith’s Life Steal ability wasn’t notifying characters that it had damaged them (would not aggro when attacked)
Fix: Piranha now only drop fish as loot instead of armor and weapons
Fix: Save games weren’t correctly serializing some boss abilities (e.g. Bla’tu)
Fix: Looping ambient sounds weren’t stopping when exiting a map
Fix: Monsters weren’t getting rebalanced after meeting them first as a non-aggressive faction

Map Changes
Maps: Campaign: Shirebrook: Added second stone quarry area, added more resources esp. Berry Bushes
Maps: Campaign: Shirebrook: Enemy raids have been changed to give 60 seconds warning pending attack, and a war-horn announcing the attack has begun
Maps: Campaign: Bountiful Bog: Replaced lookout towers
Maps: Campaign: Murps Dentistry: Boss Battle and Chair Destruction
Maps: Campaign: Bridges added to Nara and Mordrich linking to Act II
Maps: Sandbox: Haven: Added more berry bushes around the starting area
Maps: Tutorial: Added missing location marker, made the sword loot item magical to introduce players to better gear

Assets (For Level Designers)
Assets: Characters: Tweaked run speeds of Scruplez, Toadkin Warrior and Blotch
Assets: Characters: Toadkin: Added Scorpion Riders
Assets: Characters: Scruplez and Urzal now have complementary AI
Assets: Characters: Rabbits are now full characters
Assets: Loot: Added Scorpion Sting
Assets: Loot: Added Glacian Plate armor set
Assets: Kits: Props: Kobold Kit: Added simpler lookout tower for more reliable pathing
Assets: Kits: Goblin Buildings: Added Barrel Destructible (explodes after delay once attacked)
Assets: Kits: Goblin Buildings: Added Barricades
Assets: Kits: Goblin Buildings: Added Building (Small)
Assets: Kits: Goblin Buildings: Added Bunker and Springboard (see Bountiful Bog Urzal battle for tagging)
Assets: Kits: Goblin Buildings: Added Wall Decor (to scrap-heap-ify the grublin village)
Assets: Kits: Goblin Buildings: Added Sandbag Defenses
Assets: Kits: Goblin Buildings: Added Tarps
Assets: Kits: Goblin Siege: Updated warship with animation and sound, moved to Goblin Buildings kit
Assets: Kits: Kobold Props: Added New Walkway System
Assets: Kits: Characters: Goblins: Added Grublin Machine Gun
Assets: Sounds: Added one-shot [Rusty Valve]
Assets: Sounds: Added one-shot [Character Hero Quixl Smoke Bomb Cloud]
Assets: Sounds: Added one-shot [Impact Shot Light] and [Impact Shot Heavy] groups
Assets: Sounds: Added looping [War Drums]
Assets: Sounds: Added one-shot [Spawn Rocket], [Impact Rocket]
Assets: Sounds: Added looping [Rocket Burn Loop]
Assets: Sounds: Added one-shot [Impact Scorpion Sting] group
Assets: Sounds: Added one-shot [Notification Invasion]
Assets: Sounds: Added one-shot [Burning Fuse 3s]
Assets: Sounds: Crabs now have sound effects

Important/Breaking Changes
Character references are now always passed around as WorldObject references to reduce the need for converter nodes. ForEachCharacter and CharacterToWorldObject nodes have now been hidden (but will appear in legacy scripts). It is recommended you replace any instances ForEachCharacter with ForEachWorldObject.

Many Water FX kit assets can now be controlled with the Door node in workbench, and support fading when turned off. Their default state in the inspector for existing pieces used in maps for IsActive is Off, which will cause them not to show up. Level designers will need to select any water fx assets and check the ‘IsActive’ box in the inspector.

Known Issues
  • It’s entirely possible to get 2 Quixl’s in your party
  • Grab best loot has a few low impact bugs, and might unequip hero weapons
  • Borgle isn’t being balanced correctly during his final confrontation
  • Murp isn’t being balanced correctly
  • If Kenny is stunned as his cohorts are die, he won’t flee
  • Level 6 rabbits, lol

Developer Comments
When enabling auto transfer in the crafting menu, newly crafted items will be moved to appropriate building equipment stores. The system - where possible - allocates on an as needed basis, so if there’s only 1 woodcutter working, it won’t send more than 1 cloth cap there. The ‘Distribute’ button on the village inventory dialog works using similar allocation rules.
Oct 21, 2016
Community Announcements - Games Foundry


The primary changes include partial language support for German and Russian, Act II from start to finish for the Grublins (first pass), the Toadkin boss and behemoth battles, a new dungeon and several new critters.

Where can I get it?
Experimental Build:

What's new?
Player: Act II Grublin storyline now playable in entirety as a first-pass
Player: Bla’tu (Toadkin leader) boss battle encounter
Player: Mighty Rhog (Toadkin Behemoth) boss battle encounter
UI: Some layout reformatted to better support translated labels
UI: Settings: Game: Language setting added with partial support for German and Russian*
Maps: Campaign: Sunken Depths added (accessible from Bla’tu’s Temple)
Maps: Campaign: Bountiful Bog: Dr Murp’s added
Maps: Campaign: Shirebrook: Crabs added to shoreline
Maps: Sandbox: Stinking Swamp: Kobold group near the kobold village now spawns less often
Editor: Workbench: Added Buff node to apply buffs to characters (needs json file lookup)
Editor: Workbench: Added CharacterScale node
Assets: Terrains: Swamp Ruins: Statue Trap - see notes
Assets: Characters: Mighty Rhog: Run removed, he was moving stupidly fast, abilities added
Assets: Characters: Grassland Animals: Added cave and gladiator crabs
Assets: Characters: Swamp Animals: Added scorpion
Assets: Characters: Grassland Animals: Added cave crab and gladiator crab
Assets: Characters: Piranha: Added environmental (non-attackable) hazard; needs some bug fixes
Assets: Characters: Toadkin: Blotch: Updated to use a warhammer
Assets: Props: Characters: Toadkin: Bla’tu Shield static character added for instantiation via Workbench
Assets: Systems: Systems: Added sparkles (used to highlight things of interest)
Assets: Loot: Added 9 trinkets (Gladefolk: Cocoon, Magic Mushrooms, Wood Imp Wing, Toadkin: Amber Insect, Obsidian Tusk, Toad Carving, Withering Dead: Bottled Eye, Ritual Urn, Wishbone)
Assets: Loot: Added 7 new keys (Cult Of Pyros Key, Dwarven Key, Glacian Key, Gladefolk Key, Grublin Key, Toadkin Key, Order Of The Fang Key)
Fix: Opening world map would clear world specific files which would trigger all json files to be reloaded, breaking a lot of things
Fix: Characters with Auto AI disabled will no longer engage with the enemy without being provoked or other allies are fighting nearby
Fix: Tweaked animation blending at end of an attack order to prevent units gliding
Fix: Effects on abilities sometimes lost the information about which ability was being used
Fix: Nara can no longer be attacked while in her cocoon
Fix: AI now queries for nearby targets directly instead of relying on the combat system to keep an up to date list (which it sometimes didn't, e.g when the character was of type CharacterStatic such as a destructible column)
Fix: Swamp Ruins Kit: some doors weren’t working properly
Fix: Added support for male/female variants of last names (required for language support)
Fix: Characters were being initialized completely in the editor which could prevent them from using up to date info (e.g health/names/etc.)
Fix: Inventory items are now loaded synchronously when a location loads instead of asynchronously as that could cause some lag when the loot system needed to be initialized
Fix: Added wider dialog header image to support longer character names due to translation
Fix: Prevented damage text greater than 4999 appearing, which only happens in code cheats

Known Issues
  • Lilith is overpowered
  • Borgle is underpowered
  • Any level designers that have used Bla’tu will need to re-insert him into their map

Developer Comments
* Partial language support has been added for German and Russian. It’s ‘partial’ because only labels that are unlikely to change have been translated. Quest text is subject to change, and has therefore not been translated. Both languages were selected because of their character sets. Special thanks go out to Nori for the German translation and Psytoshgen for Russian.

Both Bla’tu and Rhog battles make use of the new tagging system. Destructible Column 01 are tagged with ‘blatu_column’. As they are destroyed, falling debris will start landing on his magic shield. Statue Trap 01 are tagged with ‘blatu_statue’ and can be activated by Bla’tu’s magic to begin releasing fireballs. Finally, in the center of the room is a point tagged with ‘blatu_mortar’. This is used as the central point for when debris starts falling in the room, which the player must then avoid.

Rhog uses points tagged with ‘rhog_spawner’ to notify where whirlpools and piranha will spawn, and ‘rhog_scorpion’ where the scorpions emerge.
Sep 23, 2016
Community Announcements - Games Foundry


The primary changes focus on code optimization, bug fixes, and further development of the campaign. For CPU bound machines (usually PC’s with high end graphics cards) we’re seeing a significant frame rate boost in large-population villages. We’re also opening up the next campaign act, with an in-game warning that it’s only really for a look around, and not for playing. Currently only the Grublin faction storyline is being worked on.

Where can I get it?
Experimental Build:

What's new?
Player: Campaign Act II is now partly accessible
Player: Heroes: Borgle’s abilities fleshed out
Maps: Campaign: Bountiful Bog: Grublin campaign extended inc. further level design
Maps: Campaign: Bla’tu’s Palace: Grublin campaign extended
Maps: Campaign: Shirebrook: You can now travel to the Bountiful Bog via a road sign near the starting point
Maps: Campaign: Desecrated Cathedral: Sewing machines are now malfunctioning as per the story, and Brom’s machine fixing has been part implemented (still needs his animation importing)
Editor: Workbench: Added AllWithTag and FirstWithTag nodes
Editor: Mordrich can now teleport to points tagged with mordrich_teleport to avoid jumping out of a room
Assets: Audio: Added magic missile release sounds for all magic types
Assets: Audio: Added some missing inventory item move sounds
Assets: Props: Replaced Quarterstaff placeholder textures with final textures
Assets: Props: Bones: Added Skeleton Interactible for scripting in Workbench using WorkPointTrigger
Assets: Props: Human: Added Journal Interactible for scripting in Workbench using WorkPointTrigger
Assets: Dungeons: Mordrich’s Factory: Skeleton sewing points can now be scripted via Workbench
Assets: Terrains: Swamp Ruins: Added a destructible column
Assets: Inventory: Updated icons for quarterstaffs
Assets: Inventory: Added icons for runestones (not implemented yet)
Assets: Inventory: Updated icon for grublin claws (not implemented yet)
Optimization: Increased thread count on pathfinding to avoid it crashing; could cause workers to stop moving
Optimization: Moved tile handling code (inc. grass generation) to run after rendering has completed
Optimization: Improved fast filtering of objects
Optimization: Pathfinding distance check for buildings and resources is now non-blocking
Optimization: OrderWorkPoint was running the work point filter more times than necessary
Fix: Enemies would sometimes not start to attack the unit that was attacking them using a ranged attack
Fix: Line Of Sight code was breaking pathfinding, ranged units could shoot through doors
Fix: Line Of Sight was causing units to not move to attack if they had a valid path but no line of sight
Fix: Bugs in balancing code that made difficulty increase way too quickly
Fix: Centaur portrait image is now correct
Fix: Updated Gregory's bash range to reflect what the ui indicator was showing
Fix: Workbench: LoopSlow node now correctly emits the index property; good for timers
Fix: World Editor: World Kit is now showing correctly
Fix: Assets: Doors have been updated to prevent characters getting too close and breaking line of sight
Fix: Prevented workers from trying to work with resources that often cause orders to fail, spamming log
Fix: Fishing Hut navmesh needed adjusting
Fix: Monastery attack points weren’t working

Known Issues
  • When using the world map, if you click back into the location where you currently are, resources will become decoupled and show zero on the top bar.

Developer Comments
We’ve spent a fair bit of time optimizing the code for larger villages where performance was dropping. While population is uncapped, there is always going to be a point where this happens, but now it should happen a fair bit later.
Community Announcements - Games Foundry


The primary changes are a soft-launch of Steam Workshop integration, two new boss battles (Mordrich and Nara), two new military units (Spearmen and Cavalry), a new building (stables), an improved minimap, staggered worker auto recruit, and a setting to prevent villagers abandoning town when unhappy which is now off on normal difficulty.

The campaign might contain breaking changes (this build is definitely experimental!). Please let us know if you come across one and we'll get it fixed in a micro-patch in the next few days.


Where can I get it?
Experimental Build:

What's new?
Core: Added Steam Workshop integration
Core: Game is now plumbed for translated text (only English currently available)
Core: Json files can now be loaded from a folder in the world folder with the same structure as the ConfigDefault directory e.g. MyWorld/ConfigDefault
Player: Implemented Mordrich boss battle
Player: Implemented Nara boss battle
Player: Added line of sight
Player: Added larger hover-over health bar for enemies (shows when a unit is selected)
Player: Added game setting for whether unhappy villagers leave
Player: Added Spearman unit to Barracks
Player: Added Cavalry
Player: Added Stables building
Player: Arbalists now require crossbow and chainmail armor research to unlock the unit
Player: City Watch now require halberd and plate armor research research to unlock the unit
Player: Building Production Tab now shows ‘The panel is being redesigned’ as it’s no longer relevant
Player: Building Dialog: Staggered auto recruit is now supported
Player: Optimized sky shader; map is now softened at the edge
Player: Willow is now a ranged caster instead of melee
Player: Primary Attribute behaviour changed (see Developer Notes below)
Player: Minimap terrain appearance significantly improved by darkened non-walkable areas
Player: Added footstep sounds and screen shake to ogres
Player: Mind now also affects physical resistance bonus
Player: Added berries, carrots, thistle and yarrow to marketplace
Player: Optimization: Bloom, vignette and color correction are now all performed in the same shader pass
Player: Optimization: Moved some code to be run after rendering is done on the main thread
Maps: Campaign: Shirebrook: Beastmen attack waves are now only triggered after talking to Brolo
Editor: Inspector: Loot Profiles are now accessed first by category then by item
Editor: World Editor: Worlds can now be duplicated in the world editor
Editor: Workbench: Added LoopSlow node
Editor: Workbench: Added CharacterToggleAI node
Editor: Workbench: Added ScaleDifficulty and LockDifficulty nodes
Editor: Workbench: Added SetCharacterHealthBarMode node
Editor: Workbench: Added Difficulty and IfDifficulty nodes
Editor: Workbench: Added LootCreateItem node to create magic items and/or items with custom names
Editor: Workbench: Added StoreInventoryItem and, GetInventoryItem nodes
Editor: Workbench: Added StoreGlobalInventoryItem and GetGlobalInventoryItem nodes
Editor: Workbench: Added StagedEvent node for showing key stage events (e.g. Act I: The Beginning)
Editor: Workbench: Loot node now accepts up to 4 optional single item inputs (e.g. from LootCreateItem)
Editor: Workbench: AddQuestGiver and WhenQuestGiver now have a checkbox for whether ! or ? is shown
Assets: Audio: Added Spriggan voice sounds
Assets: Audio: Added Toadkin Worker voice sounds
Assets: Audio: Added Horse sounds (for cavalry)
Assets: Audio: Added werewolf sounds
Assets: Characters: Added Skeletal Mage
Assets: Characters: Added Centaurs
Assets: Portraits: Added Kiwa, Glacian Suit Of Armor, Grublin Berserker, Order Of The Fang Slinger, Crab, Gladiator Crab, Sabertooth, Magma Minion, Frost Polar Bear, Automaton, Fu Dog and Shadow Warden
Assets: Special Abilities: Added Berserker Rage, Howl, Mark Of The Wolf, Shred and Sweeping Strike icons
Fix: Mobs were unable to change target or stop chasing an enemy
Fix: Editor: Workbench: bug in Notification node causing it to not be able to trigger twice
Fix: Stalactite projector was being created on the ground so it wasn't visible (Bonefinger boss battle)
Fix: Added 'NonBlocking' sound queue mode to prevent some sound effects from blocking voice over
Fix: Tweaked impact point for ranged attacks (e.g crossbows)
Fix: Character rotation speed is no longer affected by animation speed
Fix: Mossclaw’s strangle vine was playing a grublin voice file
Fix: Minimap: Some environment assets e.g. light planes in Bonefinger’s Lair were rendering above the terrain
Fix: Minimap: Blips now work when UIScaling is set to anything other than the default
Fix: Yeti was visible in fog of war
Fix: 3d model wasn’t linked to Tower Shield 21 definition causing an exception
Fix: Resource name plural usage should now be used where appropriate
Fix: Character sheet now shows correct primary attribute
Fix: Spawn point preview mesh was not always scaled correctly
Fix: Non-loot character stats no longer included in loot tables
Fix: Abilities for characters that don’t use their primary attribute now scale correctly
Fix: Added workaround for occasional error when opening Editor
Fix: Bonefinger’s wing flap sounds would continue after death
Fix: LootManager was trying to deserialize loot data before inventory items had been loaded
Fix: Editor: 'Health Multiplier' and 'Damage Multiplier' in wave spawn point settings were broken
Fix: Screen fades now affect the UI
Fix: Reduced fade time for audio when skipping a conversation
Balancing: Reduced invulnerability timer on revive from 8 seconds to 5 seconds
Balancing: Ser Gregory’s health brought up to par with other heroes
Balancing: Ser Gregory had 8 extra base damage which is now removed (he’s a tank not a dps)
Balancing: Ser Gregory’s Iron Skin and Power Slam abilities are now more responsive
Balancing: Innate armor bonuses on heroes have been removed
Balancing: Bandit raids after Kenny has been confronted now only continue on hard difficulty or above
Balancing: Health and power recovery rate is now linked to game difficulty
Balancing: All units are now balanced individually instead of as groups
Balancing: Halved the rate of firewood and mead consumption

Breaking Changes
  • The loot table has been simplified. Any entries assigned in loot profiles might need resetting in your map e.g. in chests, or using the SetLoot node in Workbench

Known Issues
  • It’s possible for Mordrich to blink into an adjacent room that might also have a locked door
  • Willow’s range attack isn’t currently pulling monsters
  • Doors aren’t always blocking line of sight - more configuration required

Developer Comments

The minimap now uses the navmesh to darken areas of the terrain, thereby causing valid paths to ‘pop’ for the player. It is strongly advised that level designers disable the navmesh on tiles and walkable props that aren’t intended for the player to access. Preview the navmesh in the Glade or Bonefinger’s Lair maps in the campaign for examples.

Steam Workshop
Worlds can now be uploaded from the World Editor to Steam Workshop by clicking on the new steam button to the right of the save button.

Players can download community created worlds by opening the Steam Workshop tab in the community section on Steam and subscribing to the maps.

Primary Attribute Behavior
Points spent in a hero’s primary attribute now award double the bonus. Primary attributes no longer affect character damage; points spent in agility for Quixl no longer boost his damage, the same for points for casters. Strength now directly contributes to attack rating (ergo damage), including for casters.

Monks Now Use Quarterstaffs
We’ve needed to differentiate between Willow who is a ranged caster who uses staffs, and the melee based Monks. We have introduced a new category called ‘Quarterstaffs’ which are used exclusively by Monks.
Aug 13, 2016
Community Announcements - Games Foundry

We’ve implemented a cool visual effects system to seriously beef up boss battles. Mossclaw and Bonefinger are now formidable opponents. Heroes have been made more responsive to commands.

Hero abilities now have a degree of skill involved, further improving the feel of combat. Targeting is now supported for AOE and forward arc abilities.

As the player party expands, levels up, and equips more loot, we now automatically ramp up the challenge level. It's designed to lag somewhat, so players feel the immediate benefit of a new epic sword, or a new armor set, but without giving them a long term edge over opponents. This keeps battles challenging and interesting throughout for all players.

When it comes to adventuring, world map travel is now available from any portal. Players can either choose to travel directly to where a portal leads, or open the world map to choose an alternative destination, including specific portals that they have discovered. Sandbox maps are now interconnected, with players able to travel between locations and start multiple villages.

Key bindings are now configurable via settings, so if you are left-handed or have a non-English layout keyboard the game should now support your needs better.

Work is wrapping up on Act I, with just the faction leader boss battles left to implement. Work is progressing well on Act II where we meet the unscrupulous Grublins and glorious Toadkin empire in the Bountiful Bog region.

Workbench gains 11 new nodes for level designers, while the editor receives several new kits including the glacian ice palace and a dock front.

Patch Notes

This public build incorporates experimental patches through The patch notes are too long to fit in a Steam announcement. Please visit our website for detailed patch notes.

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