Community Announcements - arossa
Cakewalk has just published a second update to Music Creator 6 Touch which includes a fix to the email registration as well as 200 new loops courtesy of Loopmasters. These new loops span a wide range of electronica genres including dubstep, EDM, trance, techno, and more. There are now available right from the Browser and can be dragged and dropped into your tracks. The new loops were added a result of feedback from Steam users.

This update is now available for free and will be included for any new purchases on Steam. Enjoy!
Community Announcements - arossa
For the launch of Music Creator 6 Touch, we thought it would be fun to recreate the song "Want you gone" from Portal 2. Unfortunately, we only had 24 hours to do it. That didn't stop us from taking on this challenge, and as it turns out, Music Creator 6 Touch made it pretty easy to accomplish this task.

The demo project for this song is included with Music Creator 6 Touch and we have posted the first, of a three part series on the Cakewalk Blog to give you an idea on how we made this song from scratch.

In part 1, we focus on the drums and show you some cool techniques which you can try out for yourself on the demo or any song.

Read part 1
Community Announcements - arossa
We have updated Music Creator 6 Touch to now include the demo project for Cakewalk's remake of "Want you gone" from Portal 2. It's a great way to check out how the project was created and what instruments and FXs were used to create and mix the project. It also includes the vocals which already have the Melodyne FX printed to the track. We hope you enjoy this update!

The track was created, recorded, and mixed by Cakewalk's Seth Kellogg, Bill Jackson, and Jimmy Landry. Vocals were done by Jodi Good. Used with permission from Valve based on the original song written by Jonathan Coulton.
Community Announcements - arossa
Music Creator 6 Touch has now arrived on Steam and a lot of musicians may be wanting to learn more. We have included two videos on the steam store to get users excited about this amazing new recording software.

The first video is a 2 min 30 sec trailer which gives users a overview of the product and includes the song "Want you gone" from Portal 2. This song was created, recorded and mixed using Music Creator 6 Touch. Additionally the vocals were mixed using Melodyne (which is available separately).

The second video is a 12+ min introduction on getting started with Music Creator 6 Touch. It shows you many of the basics and also introduces you to the award-winning Skylight Interface, which is also available in the flagship SONAR X2 Producer DAW.

Visit the store page

We hope Steam users find these videos helpful and we are thrilled to be part of the Steam community.

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