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As pointed out by a few players, there was an issue introduced with the last patch, notably the speed of feinting during a combo. This patch brings the gameplay back to the way it was Pre-UGC patch. We also went ahead and fixed a few more issues.

Patch 34 Hotfix
  • Combo feint time restored to Pre-Patch 34 numbers
  • MOTD works in Duel and TO2
  • "Locked" message in Customization always shows the message for the current tab for less confusion
  • ?modname= works in the server maplist now, allowing servers to switch between mods
  • When running a mod, normal configs are used for non-modded classes
  • MAA "super jump" should no longer be possible.
Community Announcements - DaGGyzo

Polycount contest winners items are now available for purchase in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare! Congratulations once again to our Contest winners! You now have more ways to have your creations appear in-game. Creators who have their items sold in-game will also be earning a percentage of the profits through Steam!

Newly Added items:
  • Assault Set ( Assault Helm + Assault Falchion) by Shuruboro
  • Burning Sun Set ( Sun Helm + Fist of the Burning Sun Brandistock) by Noth
  • Honor’s Guard Set ( Honor's Guard Helm + Honor’s Guard Spear) by BounchFX
  • Judgement Set ( Judgement Helm + Judgement Axe) by Arsenal
  • Crusher Helmet by Konras & Pior
  • Fallen Helmet by Alexd
  • Dark Ornate Set (Dark Ornate Helm + Ornate Messer) by Scoot_da_Poot
  • Hawkeye Set ( Hawkey Helm + Hawkeye Crossbow) by Paradox
  • Temujin’s Legacy Set ( Temujin Helm + Temujin’s Boradsword) by Hawk1701
  • Oriental Set (Oriental Helm + Oriental Broadsword) by TrevorJ & Pior
  • Horsebow by islipaway
  • The Hound Set ( Hound Helm + Hound Longsword) by NBLM
**Purchasing an item that is part of a set will unlock all set items.**

  • Code

    • HTML surface (MOTD screen, main menu news box)
      • no longer causes crashes
      • better performance
      • accepts mouse input
      • is blanked out to begin with, instead of showing garbage

    • Fixed: adminrestartmap on modded servers kicks everyone off the server and transitions to the map the server was started on
    • Prevent pawn moving, jumping in SIEGEWEAPON or DODGE states (when using a battering ram, when tipping burning oil, in mid-dodge, etc.)
    • More texture-related crash protection for the Scaleform integration
    • Fix a performance sink: Bink movie was rendering in background if you opened and then closed the escape menu. Also, stopping the movie in the FE if you leave the main menu for another screen.
    • remove uber nodes from the scaleform render target PPCs, and skip depth pre-pass (performance improvement in Customization)
    • additional messaging for the workshop uploader for some error conditions
    • Fix: riposte out of CFTP could cause windup and release to play different animations (e.g. windup would play Right-to-left slash, release would play left-to-right slash)
    • Fix: issue where inventory attachments would go bOwnerNoSee for 3p players upon own pawn death
    • Fixed some text getting cut off in the Customization screen
    • Customization screen will warn when exiting if any classes have invalid (locked) items equipped
    • Customization will be loaded from the config file with any invalid items automatically zeroed out, so even if you ignore the aforementioned warning, your customization will work and not be rejected by game servers (aside from the locked items, which will be reset to their defaults)
  • Levels

    • Belmez: Fixed areas where attacking team could bypass spawn barriers.
    • Outpost: Fixed instances where players could exploit loadout change volumes.
    • DarkForest FFA Cistern: Fixed instances where players could exploit loadout volumes from TO sublevels.
    • Server vs Client desyncs that caused players to disappear and TO items to not function properly should now be fixed.
    • Fixed some issues with the Crypts
Community Announcements - DaGGyzo
Hi everyone, we'd like to get your help in testing Chivalry for Linux and Mac OS X.

Everyone who owns Chivalry should now have access to the Linux and OS X versions. Currently you will need to switch to a Beta branch to access this, the "linuxtesting" branch (for both OS X and Linux).

To access the port testing beta from the Desktop Steam client, right-click on Chivalry in the library, click Properties, click on the BETAS tab, and choose linuxtesting from the drop-down.

From Big Picture, open up Chivalry's page in the Library, move left to "Links & More", and down to "Select Beta..."; open this, choose "Ports testing (Linux+Mac)" from the drop-down, and choose OK.

If you can't see the branch, you may need to restart Steam first.

The Linux and Mac OS X builds should run without any additional dependencies required so long as you have Steam installed. Steam should include all the necessary libraries.

Performance on Linux should be roughly what it is on Windows for the same hardware, with potentially up to a 10% difference or so. OS X should be similar. Performance differences are going to come from differences between UE's renderers, and between OpenGL drivers.

We don't have much in the way of Mac hardware, so any performance reports we can get would be helpful, especially if you can compare performance to the game running natively in Windows, but even if not. Comparisons on Linux would also be really helpful.

Please post any bug reports, performance reports, or other feedback to:
Mac OS X
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Torn Banner Studios would like to wish you all a Merry Chivmas!! To do this we've replaced one of your favourite map, Moor, with a version to befit the Holiday Season!! We've also added an extra treat by giving you all a Chivmas Hat! We'd like to keep Moor as the festive map for the holidays so holiday Hats are mandatory! This Event will run from Dec 12 - Jan 5th, at the end of the event the holiday theme will be reverted, and that includes the hats! Happy Holidays!!


Chivmas Moor Mapname - "(AOCTD/FFA)-Moor_p"

Moor has undergone a Festive Makeover! The new look will be available From Dec 12 - Jan 5th

  • Chivmas Moor!
  • Any Moor gametype will have this new look
  • Players will wear appropriate attire in Chivmas Moor (Chivmas Hats are mandatory in Chivmas Moor)
  • Chivmas Hats available for use on any player in any map

Changes / Fixes
  • Crypt has also received a slight Festive upgrade in the attire department
  • Fixed issue in Crypts where enemies spawn in the wrong room in single room mode
  • Enemies are properly counted in Crypts
  • Prevented rare instance where all enemies spawning with HUD markers
  • Players can now properly attain server information in the server browser
  • Fixed a scaleform related crash that some users were experiencing
Community Announcements - Darbeenbo

Your favorite First-Person Slasher is out now on the Xbox Live Arcade for Xbox 360. Just head on over to the New Releases tab to download the game now!
Community Announcements - DaGGyzo
Greetings Lords and Ladies!

From Black Friday(28th) to Monday(Dec 1)
The Helm bundle items and the Vanguard Skins will be on Sale! Check them out in the player customization!

Community Announcements - Darbeenbo

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare now has Full Big Picture mode support!


Added Full Controller Support
  • Players are now able to choose between keyboard and mouse and a gamepad
Removed Launcher
  • Launching the game now goes through Steam Launch Options
  • Stay tuned for the new way we will alert users to Chivalry News
  • Fix issue where game crashes without Steam (bSteamEnabled = false)
  • Join Game now allows you to halt a search that's in progress
  • Fixed issue users were having when trying to manipulate the advanced filters in the Server browser
  • Filtering by Locked servers now functions properly
  • Placeable variant of GiantSlayersFamilyInfo added for TO2 maps
  • -windowed now disables borderless

Be sure to check out the 5 Community made Team Objective maps added to the game in the Fortification Map pack!

Community Announcements - DaGGyzo
We appologize for the issues with the Official Servers. They are now back up and running!
Community Announcements - DaGGyzo
Greetings Ladies and Knights!

This is an announcement on the Launcher changes you're experiencing. The Launcher has been removed and you will be faced with a Steam Launch options popup that should include:

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare (32bit)
Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior (32bit)

We will provide a new way to display Chivalry news soon!

Thanks for playing!
Community Announcements - DaGGyzo
We are keeping Crypts in the game with a few tweaks.

Crypts bug fixes
  • Halloween helmets removed :)
  • Added localization for crypts
  • Fixed wave 14+ bug (broken 'sleepless skirmishers' was the cause)
  • Fixed enemies spawning in the wrong room, added in extra checks and clean-up
  • Fixed counter error caused by ending a wave by survival rather than killing the last 3 bots
  • Re-enabled protection for people leaving the server during intermission causing The Heroes to lose
  • Removed great-sword from Rogue to stop players being able to break themselves, replaced with golden weapons (you still get infinite firepots at 350 kills)
  • Corrected incorrect 'can sprint attack' values for warrior character
  • Removed dodge from all bots so they can't break themselves
  • Added in "hard mode", fixed issues preventing it from being in before
  • Fixed some HUD markers for one/all room mode trigger
  • Fixed issues with enemy VO where it would stop all-together


  • Fixed issue with Mason customization colours appearing as Agathian colours.

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