Community Announcements - Darbeenbo

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare now has Full Big Picture mode support!


Added Full Controller Support
  • Players are now able to choose between keyboard and mouse and a gamepad
Removed Launcher
  • Launching the game now goes through Steam Launch Options
  • Stay tuned for the new way we will alert users to Chivalry News
  • Fix issue where game crashes without Steam (bSteamEnabled = false)
  • Join Game now allows you to halt a search that's in progress
  • Fixed issue users were having when trying to manipulate the advanced filters in the Server browser
  • Filtering by Locked servers now functions properly
  • Placeable variant of GiantSlayersFamilyInfo added for TO2 maps
  • -windowed now disables borderless

Be sure to check out the 5 Community made Team Objective maps added to the game in the Fortification Map pack!

Community Announcements - DaGGyzo
We appologize for the issues with the Official Servers. They are now back up and running!
Community Announcements - DaGGyzo
Greetings Ladies and Knights!

This is an announcement on the Launcher changes you're experiencing. The Launcher has been removed and you will be faced with a Steam Launch options popup that should include:

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare (32bit)
Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior (32bit)

We will provide a new way to display Chivalry news soon!

Thanks for playing!
Community Announcements - DaGGyzo
We are keeping Crypts in the game with a few tweaks.

Crypts bug fixes
  • Halloween helmets removed :)
  • Added localization for crypts
  • Fixed wave 14+ bug (broken 'sleepless skirmishers' was the cause)
  • Fixed enemies spawning in the wrong room, added in extra checks and clean-up
  • Fixed counter error caused by ending a wave by survival rather than killing the last 3 bots
  • Re-enabled protection for people leaving the server during intermission causing The Heroes to lose
  • Removed great-sword from Rogue to stop players being able to break themselves, replaced with golden weapons (you still get infinite firepots at 350 kills)
  • Corrected incorrect 'can sprint attack' values for warrior character
  • Removed dodge from all bots so they can't break themselves
  • Added in "hard mode", fixed issues preventing it from being in before
  • Fixed some HUD markers for one/all room mode trigger
  • Fixed issues with enemy VO where it would stop all-together


  • Fixed issue with Mason customization colours appearing as Agathian colours.
    Community Announcements - DaGGyzo
    We Fixed the Trolls... and some other fixes!
    Crypts bug fixes
    • Fixed a game breaking error in Smelly Troll health calculation
    • Enabled one room / all rooms mode toggle during intermission
    • Removed unnecessary kismet on interactable objects (class select, manual level statues, health fountains), no longer need to use them multiple times for the events to fire
    • Forward spawning should work more reliably now
    • Fixed error where using the manual levelling fountains might cause class selecting to not level up your character
    • Manual levelling statues now also level character
    • Gates close on the class selection after a delay after enemies start spawning, prevents exploit of free health late in a round
    • Added a 120 second timer once hud markers are added to the final 3 enemies, you will beat the wave either when you kill them or after the 2 minutes ends
    • Altered enemy type spawn logic, less "super heavy" enemies in earlier levels
    • Buffed archer backpedal and strafe speeds, no penalty compared to forward movement now
    • Gave archer infinite ammo
    • Gave each class a unique character unlock at character level 6
    • Possible fix to enemies spawning in the wrong room
    • Added 4 new enemy spawn points to the upper floor of "room 1" (the one with the three long narrow stair cases down to the bottom floor) and spread out basement enemy spawnpoints
    • Fixed corpse VO
      Other Fixes
      • Belmez: Fixed exploit where players attacking could bypass objectives.
    Community Announcements - DaGGyzo

    Greetings, and welcome to Saga of the Crypts Halloween update for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare!! We decided to have a little fun this Halloween and we hope you will join us in the Crypts!

    NEW Map

    You and 5 of your friends are challenged to taking on the Crypts! Gain Levels and new equipment as you Progress through many waves of Horde.

    Crypts is 100% playable solo too! To start your local game, just go to the 'Create Game' screen from the main menu, go to the 'other' category, and start your game! (don't add any extra bots)

    • Horde Mode map
    • 6 Players
    • Halloween Themed
    • A lot of Bone puns

    Other Fixes

    • Drunken Bazaar: Fixed exploit where players attacking could bypass objectives

    Community Announcements - DaGGyzo
    The Black Knight mod is working again and official servers are up! We apologize for the delay!! Enjoy!
    Community Announcements - DaGGyzo

    Patch 31 Notes:

    • Fixed the following weapons scaling(size):
    • AOCWeaponAttachment_Bearded
    • AOCWeaponAttachment_BroadDagger
    • AOCWeaponAttachment_DoubleAxe
    • AOCWeaponAttachment_Hatchet
    • AOCWeaponAttachment_HolyWaterSprinkler
    • AOCWeaponAttachment_HuntingKnife
    • AOCWeaponAttachment_Maul
    • AOCWeaponAttachment_PickAxe
    • AOCWeaponAttachment_ThrustDagger
    • Fixed Customized weapon skins being worn without ownership
    • Revamped Foliage in Belmez
    • Fixed Gate collision at second objective in Belmez
    • Added New Polycount contest Helms for Contest participants
    • Fixed a delegate crash if switching from customization screen to a map at the right time
    Community Announcements - Darbeenbo

    It was 2 years ago this very day that Chivalry: Medieval Warfare was released to the public. Since then countless decapitations and limb-chopping has occured.

    To celebrate the occasion you can now get Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and the expansion pack Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior are on sale for 75% off from October 16th - 23rd!

    A few Chivalry highlights from the past 2 years:

    • Over 2 million copies sold since launch!

    • Console Release - Torn Banner is partnering with Activision and Mercenary Technology to bring Chivalry: Medieval Warfare to both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3

    • Mac and Linux support is in the works!

    • 8 new team objective maps since launch - 5 of which were created in the Fortification Map Contest which featured over $25,000 in cash and prizes for the content creators.

    • Steam Workshop functionality added to support custom maps and mods along with a curated item workshop for user generated cosmetic items such as helmets and swords.

    • Arms & Armor - Torn Banner partnered with Polycount to bring the videogame art community a Steam Workshop 3D Videogame Art Contest for Chivalry Medieval Warfare. Entrants had 6 weeks to create custom weapon and helmets skins, 12 of which will be incorporated into the full release of the game! The winners are also being announced today!

    Community Announcements - Postpwn

    Fortification Map Contest winning maps added to the game!
    Belmez, Castle Assault, Cove, Drunken Bazaar, and King's Garden are now part of the game!

    • AOCTO-Belmez-CM_p
    • AOCTO-CastleAssault-CM_P
    • AOCTO-Cove-CM_p
    • AOCTO-DrunkenBazaar-CM_p
    • AOCTO-KingsGarden-CM_p

    NEW Map - details
    • Strings localizable
    • Sound pass
    • Hud and Scoreboard indication pass
    • Collision pass
    Drunken Bazaar

    • HUD tweaks. Removed some side objectives.(Build a bridge by standing here for 5 seconds.)
    • Lighting/atmosphere pass on giving drunken bazaar its own character
    • Moved assets from drunken bazaar map files to art package.
    • Created custom mesh for the rivers/waterfalls. Modified the particles around the waterfalls.
    • Added grates to the pool you poison so the water is now coming from and going to somewhere.
    • Reworked the Library Area. Arranged Book Shelves on two floors, in two clusters per floor, allowing for easier defense.
    • Removed a few unnecessary side items
    • Improved HUD indication with progress bars
    • Various Collision fixes
    • Raised path nodes to prevent peasants from spawning under landscape
    • HUD overhaul with localization setup
    • Removed Drunk shader on Objective complete. It now only impacts players in the water
    • Kismet clean up
    • Added in merchants in the stalls.
    • Put light sources and brighter lights in stalls.
    • A lot of lighting stuff and adding light sources to the palace.
    • Reworked foliage in gardens in palace and the grass material therein.
    • Put some floors in some houses.
    • Fixed normals on desert oasis houses
    • Killing peasants in Drunken Bazaar won't be counted as a TK
    Castle Assault

    • Added torches past the burnable wagons.
    • Setup rear spawn area further from the king.
    • Replaced King spawn walls with new one.
    • Castle Assault art split off to art sublevel.
    • Setting filtering on decals.
    • Decal filtering, lightmap settings, tweaked fog, added dark landscape layer for under the river so it looks like it's actually under water, set palm trees to dynamic lighting
    • Made the river unlit
    • Put in a skylight
    • Added lights in Castle Assault bridge area
    King's Garden

    • Split path before King OBJ
    • Removed full scene dynamic lighting, adjusted some lightmap resolutions.
    • Relit floors one and two of the palace, added in light sources too.
    • Sped up ram animation a bit.
    • Covered a minor hole in the landscape (cliff mesh floating a bit).
    • Added in bounce lights
    • Added in some artwork on the wall in the palace.
    • A couple meshes slightly moved/swapped.
    • Fixed collision entering palace and off of mason first spawn
    • Blocked off second floor windows to prevent archers shooting down on the ram when it's at the gate, the backside is still open.
    • Added mid ground large scale blockers to first area.

    • HUD/Localization setup. Barricades added after ram. Spawn exit improvements. Minor props added for cover/variance at end of push.
    • Cove art moved to cove_art.
    • Changed sky and water. Slight lighting change.
    • Modified grass, had to recreate it moving the level to internal repository
    • Tweaked cathedral lighting. Modified cathedral arched door meshes. Some material swapping in the cathedral so all ceilings now don’t use wall materials. Arted the cannons and gave them a cannon particle.
    • Removed toggleable point lights, were causing a slight build crash.
    • Added sound to door destruction on battering ram into church
    • Made cove ram wheel's spin faster so they slide less.
    • Toggle off the fire and dynamic lights after 16 seconds when you burn the libraries.
    • Set phys mats on all materials in civ-cove.
    • Fixed instances of players falling through the map
    • Fixed cove door collision
    • Deleted duplicate ballistae, lifts rope, and ammo boxes
    • Added and tweaked Objective Points
    • Added a marker to the optional door in the Cathedral.
    • Set Torches to distance based HUD to reduce marker clutter.
    • Fixed broken indication on the alter.
    • Removed a campy archer spot by the Cathedral door.
    • Removed exploit locations.
    • Reduced torches needed to burn down archer towers.
    • It is now required to complete all of the Cathedral objectives for victory.

    • Added forward spawn option to skip boat segment.
    • Cleaned up the swamp paths, added visual blockers and path dividers.
    • Added Cover to the swamp area.
    • Replaced Left swamp path with a bridge to vary the area a bit.
    • Added a Hut for Cover on the right Path.
    • Added Ramp collision to the spawn boats.
    • Added a structure + trees to the end of the pushable path to provide cover, and add a flanking option.
    • HUD/Scoreboard integration and Localization strings.
    • Belmez Switched non gameplay matinee to client side.
    • Replaced a few static interp actors with static meshes, swapped all the decalmovableactors for decalactors, changed interpactor sky to static mesh.
    • Had to recreate the landscape, original painting intact but foliage layers lost, he water line is now mud instead of there being grass underwater.
    • Optimization tweaks, lighting settings, phys assets, changing dynamic actor types that aren't dynamic to static actor classes.
    • Added indication when one puts out a fire
    • hefty lighting revamp in the whole of the keep, a lot of the first wall.
    • Redid the wall material with vertex paint and object radius scaling so the texels should all be the same size.
    • Raised some swamp paths that were a little too sunken.
    • Added fill lights in forest around the corpse tree.
    • Added destruction particle effects on cart+gate.
    • Added footstep sounds

    Balance Changes

    • Increased Greatsword slash windup from 0.5 to 0.55
    • Increased Greatsword overhead windup from 0.5 to 0.575
    • Increased Brandistock slash windup from 0.5 to 0.6
    • Increase chase mechanic boost to speed by 10%
    • Messer OH windup slowed 0.55 to 0.6
    • Messer OH damage increased from 90 to 95
    • Messer OH damage type changed to cut from chop
    • Broadsword stab windup increased from 0.45 to 0.5
    • Broadsword OH windup increased from 0.4 to 0.45
    • Light crossbow damage decreased to 80 from 98
    • Warbow dmg from 105 to 90
    • Warhammer OH dmg from 80 to 82
    • Warhammer stab dmg from 35 to 40

    • New Listen Servers
    • Added Message of the Day functionality for dedicated servers
    • New and Sales items notifications

      Read more Here

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