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Community Announcements - [Codebrush] Mike

Those are some of the highlights we did since the beginning of 2013 until today. Thank you all Archebladers for staying with us during our Early Access period, and see you again on the 24th.

Yours Truly,
Codebrush Games

PS: Click here to enter the random item giveaway event if you haven't already.
Community Announcements - [Codebrush] Mike

Nine people will be selected through a random draw and win a random item. Please see below on how you can win.

Step One: Subscribe to our Youtube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/Archeblade) if you haven’t already.

Step Two: Share this news on any social networking site (Facebook, Twitter, Google + or others), and take a screen shot.

After you’ve done all of the above, send us an email to support@codebrush.net with
1) An URL to your Steam Profile Page.
2) A character you want an item for.
3) Your Youtube ID
4) The screenshot.

Nine winners will receive an random item soon after an official release (Probably in the week of April 28 ~ May 2) Remember to include ALL of the FOUR in your email.

Codebrush Games
Community Announcements - [Codebrush] Mike
Community Announcements - [Codebrush] Mike

Archebladers! Training is going to get a brand new make-over at official release. Meet ALPHA & BETA, your new training partners. Countdown to the official release of ArcheBlade begins next week!
Community Announcements - [Codebrush] Mike
Hello Archebladers! As we’re approaching our official launch, we felt a need to take the game offline in order to better prepare for the official launch. We will be mainly performing server maintenance throughout this offline time. The game will remain offline until official launch during the following schedule.

April 13th 23:00 PDT ~ Official Launch

On a bright side, we’re officially starting our countdown to ArcheBlade official launch next week. So please stay tuned. Sorry for the inconvenience it may cause, and thank you for your patience.

To Indiegogo contributors:
We started sending out keys for the following perks this Tuesday. Please check your mail box regularly. Contributors who can claim more than one of the following perks will receive keys in separate emails. (Eg. You will receive two emails if you can claim Season & Permanent Pass.)

1. Indiegogo Exclusive Skins (Renny Glacier & Flame)
2. Season Pass
3. Permanent Pass
Please note that you can redeem the keys now but the changes will take effect when we do the official release patch.
For more details on the perks, please visit: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/archeblade-next-generation-mo-fighting-game
Community Announcements - [Codebrush] Mike

Archebladers, are you ready to gear up? Here's our latest patch note.
Hope you guys enjoy your weekend.

[Gear Up]
-You can now customize your character in Gear Up.
-Purchase items at Shop and equip them in Gear Up to upgrade your character.

-Added new in-game currency GEM.
-GEMs can be purchased with real cash through Steam.
-Items can be purchased with either Meceta or GEM depending on the item.

Check out its sneak-peek video here.
Community Announcements - [Codebrush] Mike

Today we look at Tiac, Cezanne, and Renny. You can also get a sneak-peak of next week's patch note about Gear Up, so please stay tuned!

[Combat System]
- Two consecutive JL is no longer allowed for any character.

- R + Alt now hits bigger range, and pushes back enemy.
- LLR + Alt now has guardbreaker effect.
- LLRR + Alt now doesn't have guardbreaker effect.

- Remade R. R summons a puppet that stalks and damages an enemy. R + Alt summons a more powerful puppet.
- Rage Skill "Alter Of Cage" has been changed to "Nether Prison".
- His RP skill "Nether Prison" is no longer destroyed by hits but it disappears after 5 seconds.

Renny Flame
- Removed knock-up effect from R
- RR + Alt now fires two fire tornadoes that go the opposite direction from each other.
- JR + Alt now leaves an enemy stunned longer, and pushes back an enemy more.
- In LRR, the ending R is only activated when the first LR (Knock-up) is successful.
- Her Rage Skill "PayBack Field " has been changed to "Renny's Rally". It gives RP buff to allies which lasts for a certain time.

Check out the patch note video here.
Community Announcements - [Codebrush] Mike

Hey guys, Today we unveil third part of patch note for official release coming this April. We look at some of the moveset changes made to Elrath, Sewon, Elika, and Renoah as well as other changes we made for official release. Enjoy, and please stay tuned for next episode!

Player Rank
- Player's maximum rank adjusted to 100.
- Depending on your current XP, your rank will be adjusted at official launch.

Other improvements
- Improved the overall graphics quality including characters' appearance.
- Added more options for anti-aliasing.

- R + Alt gives immediate full charge.
- JR + Alt gives immediate full charge.
- LLL combo is now split into LLL & LLLR.

- LLR + Alt now has guardbreaker effect while removing debuff effect.

- R + Alt gives immediate full charge.
- JR delivers one hit now. Reduced the stunned time for the character on the receiving end significantly.
- Goes into super armor mode while using +Alt attacks.
- Changed his Rage Skill name from Punitive Karma to "Cycle of Death and Rebirth"
- His RP Skill "Cycle of Death and Rebirth" now gets more than his enemy's current HP while giving only half of his HP. He also stays in super armor mode for three seconds after exchanging HP.

- Added new LL melee combo. (When she runs out of bullet.)
- Fixed the direction of her aim so that it's in sync with her target when in sniping mode.

Check out this video to see the changes.
Community Announcements - [Codebrush] Mike
Hey guys,

Today we unveil second part of patch note for official release coming this April.

We look at some of the moveset changes made to Ridika, Hyde and Dic as well as changes we made to the combat system in general.

Next week, we're going to look at not just three but four characters (Elrath, Sewon, Elika, and Renoah), so please stay tuned.


[Combat System] - Applies to all characters
- A successful block does not consume SP anymore.
- Power Attacks (+Alt) consume SP (Stamina Point) instead of RP (Rage Point).
- Adjusted overall RP gain. A character on the receiving end of attack gains more RP than before.
- Multiplied various values by ten . Wrong calculation for some of the hits are now fixed.
- Characters with super armor mode now turn gold-colored when in super armor mode.

[Character Moveset Changes]

- R + Alt activates power attack in super armor mode.
- RR + Alt activates power attack in super armor mode.

- He can now shoot arrows while walking.
- Directional key + R + Alt boosts his speed for a split second.

- Moveset for LLR changed. He rolls backwards and fires bullet.
- LLR + Alt pushes enemy away.
(RageSkill) Ward
- Increased RP consumption to two bars while increasing AP(Armor Point) giveaway to allies to 25AP/0.5second.
- Multiple wards in one spot do not reiterate, meaning five wards in one spot is same as one ward.
- Ward's HP increased to 2,500.
- One player can install up to three wards. If the number goes over three, the first ward installed is destroyed.

Check out this video to see the moveset changes.
Community Announcements - [Codebrush] Mike
Hi guys,

As we're preparing for official launch in April, we're taking down our current DLCs , Basic Pack (http://store.steampowered.com/app/207240)
& Premium Pack ( http://store.steampowered.com/app/207241/) on March 19th PST.

Please keep in mind that you won't be able to progress to their respective Steam store page from the in-game SHOP starting from March 19th, although they may be visible there afterwards.

On a different note, we're preparing for new and better DLC(s) so please stay tuned.

Thank you for your cooperation in advance.
Codebrush Games

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