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Community Announcements - tinyBuild
Tomorrow at 4pm CET we will be doing another Livestream and Q&A session with the SpeedRunners dev team.

Tune in at http://www.twitch.tv/tinybuild and watch us drink beer, play SpeedRunners, and talk about things we don't usually discuss in public!

Maybe I'll wear a chicken suit.
Community Announcements - tinyBuild
SpeedRunners will be showcased at Gamescom in the Indie MEGABOOTH, woo! And we'll have plenty of swag and things to do!

Swag & SpeedRunners Collector's Edition

We will have a special Collector's Edition swag bag for SpeedRunners at the show. We expect it to cost around 25 euros, and contain:

- 1x SpeedRunners shirt of your choice (subject to availability)
- 1x classy nylon bag to put it all in
- 1x Falcon stress ball
- 1x Steam code
- plus possibly a tinyBuildGAMES hat, if they clear customs

We will have only 50 of these. Note that the price will be self-cost of production of the items.


We will have 50 extra shirts for sale, price per shirt will be around 15 eur

tinyQuest - win a free game

Between the SpeedRunners and Fearless Fantasy booths there will be a tinyQuest -- a card collection game that allows you to win free games.

Unic photo-ops

The booth will have a cardboard cutout of Unic!

Plus, there might just be someone cosplaying as Unic. Just maybe.

Are you coming to Gamescom in Cologne???

(we will also be present at PAX Prime in Seattle, more details will follow soon)
Community Announcements - tinyBuild
Hi everyone!

Seeing how the community is growing rapidly, we thought it'd be fun to do a livestream this Friday. We will play some SpeedRunners, show prototype of possible upcoming features/maps, and give our opinion on user levels.

We also have the burning question of Gamescom, we're deciding what exactly to do there -- we will have a booth in the Indie MEGABOOTH and want to do something special during the show.

We'd like to do it with more interactivity and questions from you guys, so posting this announcement 2 days in advance.

When & where?

Expect me to try and persuade everyone to drink beers :)

Please post questions you'd like us to discuss/answer in the comments!

Edit: Thanks everyone for tuning in, it was super fun! We'll see if we can get another livestream in this week :)
Community Announcements - tinyBuild

SpeedBallers weekend

The latest update introduces a SpeedBallers weekend event. We are testing a new item in the game which is temporarily skinned as a football (the soccer kind).

Do let us know what you think about the item!

Ranked-based matchmaking

Meanwhile we are introducing ranked-based matchmaking. When you play a match, for the first 20 seconds the system will try to match you against people in your own league, and then widen the search.

Please help us by providing feedback on how well this feature works!
Community Announcements - tinyBuild

Rise of the Falcon is a free expansion of the SpeedRunners universe available to everyone who gets the game during Early Access. It introduces 4 new characters centered around a tale of vengeance.

Community Announcements - tinyBuild
Community Announcements - tinyBuild

SpeedRunners r26 update adds mid-game joining, so you can jump into games in progress, or fill up a slot whenever someone leaves your match. And you can now chat during matches!

  • You can now use Quick Match to join games in progress
  • Press ENTER in the game to use chat
  • If you press ENTER to chat while running, you continue running. We can't recommend texting and running
  • Bonus 1 - Factory now has a wall of spikes again
  • Bonus 2 - in-game ads

Please help us test Mid-Game Joining. It's a very complex system and we would appreciate any bug reports in the official feedback thread for MGJ

Community Announcements - tinyBuild

At the time of writing this post, there are almost 2,000 levels in the SpeedRunners Steam Workshop. Dare I say holy crap?

We recently satdown to play some of them. Even though we played for several hours, FRAPS crashed after 15 minutes, but to give you an idea:


We encourage everyone to join in and try the level editor. Some of the levels are getting very close to the official ones, and others do crazy things we would never think of.

We do recognize the current issue with selecting levels to play - it's impossible to do so without a controller, the flow isn't optimal.

Call for feedback.

Please let us know how you would like to access user levels in the comments below.

Bonus - our thoughts on non-lethal spikes in a long post on the tinyBuild blog
Community Announcements - tinyBuild

A massive update went live today. It includes visuals and layout changes for 4 maps, and a game-changing update to spikes - they are no longer lethal. We spent some time playing user-generated levels and watching lets play videos, and realized just how brutal spikes can be on new players. There's no way to know they're coming if you're in front.

Here are the changes:


  • no longer kill you
  • you bounce forward and get stunned for a second
  • no longer running in front gets you blindly killed

If you were running in the front and hit a spike, odds are you will lose your lead. If you're running behind and hit a spike, you have a slim chance to recover. It feels much more satisfying (and controller-gripping) to have a chance to recover. What do you guys think?

Map updates!

Theme Park

  • Redesigned the full right section (not many people were taking the far-right route)
  • Added a cannon-boost pad before the big jump and the carousel swing, it shoots you up
  • Added an upwards facing boost tunnel at the end of big jump, so people don't fall down
  • Redesigned section after the big jump


  • Tweaked bottom dual-tunnel section
  • Removed the big wall of death at right section, replaced with a more forgiving boost-tunnel that shoots you up

Night Club
(previous prototype level)
  • Now looks like a nightclub! Complete with a DJ and VIP lounge. Can you get into the VIP lounge?!
  • Bottom left section changed to include a boost-tunnel that opens if someone triggers a lever

(previous prototype level)
  • Now looks like a Silo! What do you think of the visuals?
  • Removed triggerable saws


  • Changed the right part of the map
  • Changed the missile for a boost-tunnel
  • Made the part after windmills more fluid

Bonus Video

Playtesting the updates, featuring Casper, Gert-Jan, Tom, Alex, and Matthijs as the camerman.


What do you guys think of Spikes not being lethal and the level updates?

Official feedback thread
Community Announcements - tinyBuild

Today SpeedRunners gets it's own League System with Ranked Matches. Now you can compete against opponents of your own level and rise in ranks as the Ultimate SpeedRunner.

Think you are the best SpeedRunner on the block? Prove it for the whole world to see! Compete with your friends and show them just how good you are.

  • Ranked matches lobby
  • Global and friends leaderboard
  • Daily first-match bonuses
  • Improved league-based match making

But that's not all! We have a GIF Competition!

I have shamelessly used Sexy Lexi's SpeedTrolls video to create the gifs below. We are announcing a GIF MAKING COMPETITION FOR SPEEDRUNNERS.

Record your footage, and post gifs into the official forum thread. You can use FRAPS to record footage and use any video editing tool to crop it/cut out. I use this free video to gif converter since it's free and fast.

  • Record your awesome moments in SpeedRunners
  • Convert them into gifs
  • Post them into the official thread

We will run this contest until May 7th, and the top5 gifs will get other tinyBuild-published games, such as No Time To Explain, Not The Robots, and Fearless Fantasy (top5 get all 3 keys). You can choose to get 3 SpeedRunners keys instead.

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