Community Announcements - Gert-Jan Stolk

Hi everyone!

We've got another update for you today, and it's a big one! r43 adds two new music tracks, a solo-run practice mode and has the main menu focusing on some cool community stuff! There's also a ton of gameplay, XP and editor improvements, so check out the full list below!

Release log for r43:

Overhauled the Main Menu with a focus on the Community:
* There's a dedicated 'Updates' box, with important information
* Added a 'featured content' box, where we highlight cool stuff, like youtube videos
* Added a dedicated box to the King of Speed tournament
* Animated the background a bit
* Level Select: the workshop list will show the level your opponent voted on, making it easier for you to vote on the same map, even if you are not subscribed to it

New Music!
* Added 2 new music tracks, played randomly
* They're 'work in progress', and will get a quality-upgrade later

Added a Practice Menu:
* Has an option to quickly set up match against bots
* Or, allows you to run any map all by yourself

* Tweaked the camera movement, focusing more on the player in the lead
* New artwork for the Shockwave, also changed the functionality a bit
* The Shockwave should work a lot better and more consistent now
* Doing quick turns with the grappling hook is a bit more forgiving with regards to which buttons you press
* The golden hook-grab should feel a tiny bit more elastic now
* Added a little swing ceiling in Prototype2
* Improved some graphical feedback on gameplay events, like when you hook misses or is blocked
* If you shoot a golden hook into a box, the box will be destroyed
* Fixed a minor checkpoint issue in Casino
* Made lethal spikes/lasers look different from non-lethal ones
* Fireballs explode when they hit eachother
* Reduced Handicapped-frozen time from 1.5 to 1.0 seconds
* Superboost now also works when Frozen
* You can now only trigger Triggers (with a bomb or fireball) that have Switches connected to them
* Made Sherlock Bones and Doctor Smart fit the collision shape better.

Improved feedback in the XP System:
* The post-game screen is a lot quicker now,
* and better communicates how many points you scored and for what
* Added some in-game popups that tell you when you did a cool thing, like a Triple Freeze

* Massive framerate improvements
* Improved the camera movement
* Press "I" to give yourself an item, during playtest
* Shows the HUD during playtest
* Disallowed moving box-selected Actors out of the levelBounds

* Fixed a bug that caused the game not to start up sometimes
* Fixed a bug where sometimes you would teleport upon landing
* Fixed a desync issue causing the sudden death explosions to appear at the start of a round
* Fixed some crashes and bugs in the editor, specifcally when switching themes
* Fixed a bug which caused the item-box in the HUD to be stuck in its animation sometimes
* Fixed a bug where your vote for a workshop map sometimes didnt register
* Restored functionality where a newly subscribed level automatically shows up in the level list
* The "Recently played with" steam list is now also filled if you are not a lobby host
* The sudden death start stinger is now treated as music in terms volume.
Community Announcements - Casper van Est
DistinctMadness is challenging PurpleTurkey right now! Join us on Twitch to see the epic best-of-15 battle between these two extremely good players, and find out who will be the next.. King Of Speed!

Community Announcements - Alex@tinyBuild
Who will win tonight's KING OF SPEEED?
Community Announcements - Alex@tinyBuild
Before you get excited about SpeedRunners listing a Linux/SteamOS build, please keep in mind it's just a test.

When you download the Linux build, it will give you the "Party Mode" demo -- the offline version of SpeedRunners designed for parties and conventions/showcases.

We are testing to see stability of that build, because it has much less dependencies (no online, no multiple controller setups, etc), and once we get the hang of it, we will proceed to port the full version to SteamOS.

Nonetheless a good first step!
Community Announcements - Alex@tinyBuild

Join us tonight for King of Speed, the ultimate SpeedRunners showdown between the top players in the world!

PurpleTurkey has been holding his title for several weeks now, but will his reign come to an end? Let's find out tonight!

There will be speed, and running!

Community Announcements - Casper van Est
Want to see the best SpeedRunners in the world go head to head? Join us NOW on Twitch to see Decard Cain challenge PurpleTurkey for the title King of Speed!

Clicky over here:
Community Announcements - Casper van Est

Tune in tonight for the ultimate showdown -- the reigning King of Speed (PurpleTurkey) will defend his title against Decard Cain.

We have a special guest tonight: last week's challenger and crazy good SpeedRunner Metanet01 will join us in commenting over this exciting match! So expect behind the scenes commentary and some of the most high level SpeedRunners play there is!

Note that we're starting an hour later than usual, as there's also the SpeedRunners tournament we're hosting today at Gamescom. Twitch is livestreaming the Finals, straight from their Main stage on their own channel! That's happening from 7pm until 8pm, so this way you'll be able to watch both events.

Official thread with event rules

Who will be the King of Speed?
Community Announcements - Alex@tinyBuild
Over 800,000 people watched the finals live last night (jk, but there was an active group of 130 people, thanks everyone for tuning in!)

And we've got the recording of the finals right here. An intense match between Taters and Metanet01.

The next ESL cup is for US folks and is coming next Saturday.
Community Announcements - Alex@tinyBuild

Super incredible news everyone!

Next week we are hosting a full-on SpeedRunners tournament at Gamescom, with prizes and the finals on the twitch stage, broadcasted to the twitch homepage!


  • Hall 10.1, part of Indie Arena
  • Search for two dudes in BRIGHT ORANGE HATS
  • We will have a big SpeedRunners wall banner
  • Corner booth


Tourney 1 - Wednesday 5th August
  • Qualifiers Start at 10am
  • Finals at 7pm on Twitch stage
  • This tourney is for everyone who can get in on Wednesday, you need a business or media badge to do so

Tourney 2 - Thursday 6th August
  • Qualifiers start at 10am
  • Finals at 7pm on Twitch stage
  • This tourney is open to everyone visiting on Thursday


We are giving away lanyards and T-Shirts as prizes. The winner of Thursday's event will take home a 3D-printed SpeedRunners cup!

Do I need to sign up?

Qualifiers will be held live every 30 minutes. If you want a guaranteed spot -- email us to contact at tinybuildgames dot com with:

- Your name
- Your estimate time of arrival on wednesday/thursday
Community Announcements - Alex@tinyBuild
Missed the livestream? We got you covered.

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