Product Update - Valve
Some bug fixes in various features, such as:
• Various random crashes fixed
• Various issues with Steward and Routes fixed
• Various updates applied to missions
• Some display issues and typos fixed
A number of community requested improvements have been added:
• Advisor hints are less frequent and more appropriate
• Shipyard, even when the player's rank has raised, still offer small vessels for sale
• You know see your reputation improve when you hunt pirates and destroy pirate lairs
• Looting towns is now more rewarding
• Mission rewards for commodities transport missions has been leveled
• You now have access to more missions – essentially missions given by Governors – and even sabotage missions
• The steward may now also buy commodities
• You may click on citizens (and listen to their feedback about the current situation)
• If a town needs construction materials, the price for those materials also increases on the market
• When you play on your own, you may now choose your own color
• You now have access to more starting options when you play a Free Game
• You may now set game speed to 0
• Player convoys may now only be set on Patrol mode in your own town to protect it (if that convoy is fighting, no one else can attack the town)
• Convoys on Patrol will automatically optimize their fighting power after each battle they win
• Shipyards in player towns will now have more frequently vessels to sell
• Doubled the view range of convoys
• Special buildings can now only be built when the player achieves a specific rank
Some improvements have been made to naval battles:
• Explosive barrels are easier to use as they last longer
• Explosive barrels have a larger range
• You may now also use the middle mouse button to dispatch explosive barrels
• Sail damage now has bigger impact (and makes boarding easier)
New features
• Try your luck to make some money in Taverns
• The Treasure fleet is implemented: convoys are easily spotted on the sea map and transport a lot of gold (especially when going back to Europe)
• More animated portraits, for instance for reports from town administrators and viceroys
• Two new commercial routes strategies are available to either distribute resources among warehouses or to centralize them in one warehouse
• The strategy Empty warehouse now empties only the first warehouse on the route
• You may now use an Xbox gamepad to play Port Royale 3
• If, on the sea map, you click on a town using the middle mouse button, the building menu for that town will open and you don't have to go into that town anymore to build things
Product Update - Valve
Changelog Version 1.1.4.
- Sometimes it could happen, that time stopped one year after a marriage.
- A rare bug causing the game to crash has been fixed which had to to with pirate hideouts
- Pirate now have more places to hide at
- Pirates now need more time to build up new ships and convoys after a defeat

Changelog Version 1.1.4.
- In seltenen Fällen konnte es passieren, dass ca. 1 Jahr nach der Heirat die Zeit nicht mehr weiterläuft
- Ein seltener Crash im Zusammenhang mit Piratenverstecken beseitigt
- Piraten haben nun deutlich mehr Versteckpositionen zur Auswahl
- Piraten benötigen nun länger, um nach einer Niederlage neue Schiffe und Konvois zu erzeugen

Product Update - Valve
Port Royale 3 Version 1.1.3 - 22 May 2012

- Fixed an issue with time freezing in some rare circumstances (affected savegames should resume the game normally)
- No reputation loss for player patrol convoys attacking military convoys
- Fixed a rare crash occuring in the chronicle display (F1)
- Pirate hideouts are now revealed by following and observing their convoys
- Reduced the amount of spoken advisor messages - new messages are triggered for new events in the log (F2) only
- Increased the reward for plundering towns
- Fixed an issue with trade route balance displa
Product Update - Valve
Port Royale 3 Version 1.1.2 - 8 May 2012

Fixed Autosave feature when loading game from main menu
Fixed issues with LAN multiplayer mode
Fixed achievements registering incorrectly


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