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This patch tweaks a lot of the DLC abilities to be more balanced and fixes a bunch of reported bugs.

  • Marines respawn only at points without aliens on top
  • Marines under fire are healed less
  • Added horde mode to skirmish
  • Made teleport use 2 ammo per marine moved
  • Reduced Steel Curtain healing to 10% (from 20%)
  • Buffed Overdose to consume less health (35% from 50%)
  • Made grenades tech turn off rockets
  • Reduced shield projector cost
  • Reworked life support and reduced price
  • Scouts no longer consume ammo
  • Scouts no longer take more damage
  • Reduced price of chopper strike tech

  • Added restart option to game menu
  • Added scrolling using the middle mouse button
  • Added "DLC installed" text in main menu, next to current version
  • Made reinforcement tech use rally beacon
  • Added anti-cheater contermeasures for leaderboards
  • Made rally point notice be hidden by the "no idle pointers" option
  • Made the option toggle widget on/off states clearer
  • Changed price of buffs to be relative to main campaign missions (and not random ones)

  • Fixed tip for recycle not to conflict with ironman rules
  • Fixed leaderboard names going out of bounds
  • Fixed starting mutations not appearing in custom ironman
  • Stopped spore mines from interfering with alien building placement
  • Fixed typo in overdose description
  • Re-added software OpenAL32.dll to fix audio issues
  • Solved hives respawning on re-capture in crawler hunt missions
  • Added "no hive respawn" rule to custom ironman
  • Teleportation disengages crate towing properly now
Community Announcements - RocketBearGames
The expansion DLC is out! Here are the patch notes:


  • New ability menu with 7 commander powers
  • Mutator structure poses strategic dilemmas
  • Hive crawler alien in Ironman and Hunt missions
  • Extra-challenging Ironman skirmish mode and weekly challenge
  • Campaign integration for abilities and hunt missions


  • Commander powers can be used by everyone in weekly challenges
  • Mutator structures appear for everyone in weekly challenges
  • Revised Tension mission to be easier
  • Added patrol command
  • Made life support shared damage affect shielded marines
  • Tweaked costs of several items
  • Made minigunner more vulnerable
  • Changed ammo supply not to drop as much ammo
  • Fixed bug with infested turrets that was making them useless
  • Halved fire rate of infested turrets (compared to marine turrets)


  • Made mimic eggs slightly more vulnerable to grenades
  • Made infested marines higher priority targets
  • Made medi-pods higher priority targets
  • Reduced infested officer inspiration duration
  • Improved target selection for burrowing hive
  • Made spore mines unable to respawn if hive is damaged
  • Increased respawn time of spore mines
  • Reduced damage of spore mines
  • Buffed Assassins mutation with infested snipers
  • Removed Assassins mutation from easier difficulties
  • Made minigunners less effective against barriers
  • Added speed and armour bonus to inspired flamers
  • Made respawn happen even at points with dead bunkers
  • Changed AI and infested marines not to switch targets if they already have an important one


  • Added game option to hide idle unit alerts
  • Added game option to reduce size of announcements
  • Added visual indicator for which marine will be tasked with building
  • Added tips to important entities
  • Made all random missions point to marine spawn at the start
  • Added tooltips to custom level menu
  • Removed "Command Cancelled" message for chained commands
  • Added double-click "by type" marine selection
  • Added shadow to tech station icon to help recognition
  • Added ammo number to the UI


  • Stopped marines from getting stuck as much
  • Fixed campaign mission UI on extremely wide resolutions
  • Fixed crash issue that happened if switching resolutions during a game
  • Fixed UI issue with ammo upgrade and switching resolutions
  • Fixed date display issue for daily challenge at end of year (if week # warps over)
  • Removed OpenAL32.dll from game folder. Steam should install its own version
  • Optimised bug swarming slightly
  • Fixed bug with guardian mouse-over
Community Announcements - RocketBearGames
The game is about to get a new mini-expansion: "The Trickster's Arsenal". The details of what's inside are still being worked on, but I can announce some new combat abilities.

The DLC is going to add 7 new powers, kind of like the chopper strike, but with different effects. For example, one ability is STASIS FIELD - you can fire it at a hive and freeze everything in the area. The hive can't take damage, but it also can't do anything to you. Good for splitting up enemies. Another one is OVERDOSE - you lose some health, but your marines go into a frenzy.

The abilities allow you to fight in new ways, like teleporting across the map to deal with an emergency.

At least some parts of the DLC will be free to everyone who owns the game. For example, I didn't want to split the leaderboards between DLC and non-DLC, so the new abilities are unlocked for everyone if you're playing a leaderboard map.

The Trickster's Arsenal is coming out on April 24th.
Community Announcements - RocketBearGames
You've asked for trading cards and here they are! This patch also fixes a couple of crashes and exploits.

Major Changes
  • Added trading cards

  • Fixed a way to get infinite BP by recycling
  • Removed metrics
  • Fixed a crash at the start of the game
  • Fixed crash relating to mimic eggs
Community Announcements - RocketBearGames
Horde mode has been added to the weekly challenges and the campaign. There are also a bunch of small fixes and improvements.

Major Changes
  • Added horde mode to weekly challenges and campaign
  • Added limit to how long officer inspiraton can last
  • Added campaign buff for starter medical crate
  • Added stop command to keybindings

  • Made leaderboard scores update only at end of match (to solve Steam losing top scores)
  • Removed prefix periods from game esc menu
  • Fixed missing officer buff icon and added medipod buff icon
  • Added log messages to asset loading and fonts
  • Fixed possible triangulation bug for the map (caused black maps)
  • Fixed typos in campaign
Community Announcements - RocketBearGames
Infested Planet is coming out of Early Access on March 6th! This patch upgrades the game version from Beta to 1.0

  • Changed game version to 1.0
  • Added beta profile warning
  • Revised a bunch of text
  • Tweaked mutation power to make guardian mutation more probable
  • Changed patch counter to "Coming Soon"
  • Removed texture map compression, due to bugs on AMD cards
Community Announcements - RocketBearGames
Welcome to the last scheduled patch before release! It's been a crazy ride to get here - thanks for coming along and testing the game in Early Access. I'll see you all on the other side of the launch wormhole.

Some of the changes in this patch went live last week, so that reviewers have a smoother experience.

  • Fixed exploit with buying weapons and weapon cooldown
  • Added importing profiles to Steam Cloud
  • Added vsync to graphics options
  • Tweaked campaign dialog button order
  • Added ability to skip tutorial missions
  • Added text tips to notices
  • Fixed notice pointer positioning
  • Added options hints
  • Added non-linear scaling to audio sliders
  • Added graphics optimization through alpha blending and testing
  • Fixed chopper UI vanishing with res change
  • Fixed grenading marines getting stuck bug
  • Fixed bug with assault targeting and movement
Community Announcements - RocketBearGames
This patch updates the look of the game with the introduction of shadows. They can be turned on and off in the options menu. Those of you who enjoy competing in the leader boards might also note that silver mode has been made easier.

The release for Infested Planet has been set for March 6th, so there's exatly 1 patch between now and then. It will probably be bugfixes and polish.

Major Changes
  • Added entity shadows
  • Added shadows graphics option
  • Prevented some mutations from appearing too early in random maps
  • Made growing defense towers more vulnerable to sap damage (for example, siege cannon)
  • Reduced silver challenge difficulty

Minor Changes
  • Prevented capture alert sound from being repeated quickly
  • Optimized retargeting for several entities
  • Added ability to hide dialogue UI
  • Added text announcement to recaptures
  • Revised campaign buff descriptions
  • Changed "grab mouse" to "trap mouse" in options
  • Tweaked challenge briefing
  • Changed leaderboard screen to go to global leaderboard if user is unranked
  • Added icon to game window
  • Added version number to profiles
  • Added ram amount to log

  • Fixed mortar firing rockets at immune targets
  • Added additional checks to Steam Cloud loads, to prevent crashes
  • Improved script robustness for tutorials
  • Fixed leaderboards name fetching to reduce chance of [unknown] name
Community Announcements - RocketBearGames
This update adds a large feature to the game - Weekly Challenges. I hope that you'll join me and other players in attacking the maps each week and seeing how well you compare to everyone else.

This update is the final large patch before the game releases. Future patches will be mostly fixes and polish.

Major Changes
  • Weekly Challenge mode
  • Improved random map generation
  • Steam Cloud saves

Minor Changes
  • Added a more flashy effect to officer inspiration
  • Tweaked Engineering tech to use ammo continuosly
  • Added Engineering tech out of ammo warnings
  • Increased health of medical pods
  • Made mortar more responsive to manual targeting
  • Changed Robotics tech armour bonus to a shield
Community Announcements - RocketBearGames
I went slightly insane in the last month and revamped several of the units, buildings and technologies in the game. The thrust of a lot of improvements is to un-complicate the units and the make some of the more obscure tech more attractive.

Campaign Changes
  • Reworked the "Preparations" mission
  • Slightly increased the difficulty of "The Return"
  • Reworked the "Anabasis" mission
  • Updated weapons tutorial to match new UI

Major Changes
  • Replaced robot pod with medical pod
  • Replaced medic class with officer
  • Changed medic hunters mutation to assassins
  • Revamped teleporters to act as reinforcement sources
  • Revamped mortar to fire rockets at 1 ammo cost
  • Revamped grenades tech
  • Removed dispersal tech and added robotics tech
  • Tweaked costs for regeneration and chopper tech
  • Folded dispersion tech station into regeneration tech station (now called Life Support)
  • Reworked engineering tech
  • Updated heli-drop tech to give inspiration instead of shield
  • Removed minigunner restriction on grenades and rockets
  • Dropped the price of marines to 4
  • Dropped minimum scout beam cost to 1 ammo
  • Decreased guardian health and slightly increased the damage
  • Reduced enraged alien damage
  • Increased minefield effectiveness vs enraged
  • Added infested medical pod to random maps and custom mode
  • Added ability to repeat some shortcut commands by holding down the key

Minor Changes
  • Made marine weapon show for dead marines
  • Added manual mortar targeting
  • Added "TEAM" button to select all marines
  • Added UI hint arrow when chopper strike is built
  • Fixed turrets firing at targets that are too close
  • Fixed turret targeting invalid targets
  • Tweaked hive immune message
  • Assigning marines to tow stuff now prefers marines without crates
  • Added DETACHED message floaters to towable crates
  • Improved marine AI when shooting at immune targets

Misc and Technical
  • Fixed marine targeting dead entities
  • Updated campaign mission layout
  • Changed loading screen background
  • Restored update timer to 2 weeks
  • Fixed siege gun text
  • Fixed resolution issues on windows with DPI modes enabled
  • Added more log messages to resolution switching
  • Fixed small lua bug in Memento Mori
  • Updated SDL2 version
  • Added a texture flag that stops caching in memory (for really large textures)

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