Realm of the Mad God - Myzzrym

Ahem ahem. Let’s start with a message from the entire Deca team today:

This release marks the first anniversary of the complete transfer of Realm of the Mad God from Kabam to Deca!

A little more than one year ago, we took over the operations and development of the game with the objective to breathe new life into it. It has been a great ride, not everyday smooth but always rewarding. Our team has grown in both size and experience, we met a lot of dedicated and talented community members who helped us designing exciting new content along the way and also could always rely on the Community as a whole to share great ideas, feedback, complaints, bug reports, kind words or fun memes!

We are looking forward to many more years of fun with Realm of the Mad God and are very thankful to you all for your support!

Well, with that out of the way, here comes the patch notes! Month of the Mad God and Lost Hall incoming!



* Month of the Mad God! You can check the schedule here. Month of the Mad God ends Tuesday September 5th.
* Lost Hall is live! Give Kiddforce, Toastrz & the rest of the crew a good pat on the back if you see them!
* The Oryx Horde has arrived! Look for Craig in the Realm and ruin his day like the evil adventurers you are! Hans, are we the baddies?
* Be on the lookout! Both Biff and the Leprechaun will also be back later during the month... with a vengeance!
* New Fame Box every Thursday starting on August 10th! Limit of 5 per player (Craig’s Welcome Fame Box limited to 1 per player)
* Deca Anniversary Package will be up in a few hours! Be sure to grab it before MotMG ends and get your free Gold Mystery Skin, Backpack and 100 Mystery Stat Pots (SB)! This pack is only available to players who created their account before August 1st 2017.


Shop & Items

* Nexus Shop revamp! You can now find older skins on sale directly in the Nexus.
* Dye Remover! You can find both Accessory & Clothing Dye Removers in the Nexus for 50 Fame.
* Pet Food update! Most Pet Food items price have been decreased and Feed Power increased.
* Skin & Pet Stone update! Skins’ & Pet Stones’ Feed Power have been adjusted according to their rarity.
* Moss, Stone, Mad God Tokens & Bags will drop during MotMG! Gather 10 Tokens to fuse them into the corresponding Bag, and open it to get a random prize! Participate in MotMG Events to get more tokens!
* Mystery Stat Potions & Mystery Keys have been added to the game! Note: Unlike the Ruby, Emerald & Diamond Key, Mystery Keys will drop a Key and not directly create a portal. Potions acquired from Mystery Stat Potions are Soulbound.


New Tops are soulbound

* In order to avoid the risk of new end-game content getting immediately ruined by duping, new tops will be soulbound at release
* Duping aside, we want players actually taking risks by running Lost Halls to acquire new tops
* New Tops may become un-soulbound in the future, however there is no current plan yet to do so.



* The Tinkerer is taking some time off in preparation of a grand re-opening! Don’t worry, he’ll be back soon - expect some awesome changes!


Loot System and Dungeons


Damage thresholds have been lowered almost across the board. This mainly applies to Stat Potion and UT drops from Encounters and Godlands dungeons.

Potion Drops

We have introduced 2 minimum Stat Potions to various dungeons (mostly Godlands so far) and made probability more consistent!
Note: 2 minimum means 2 players will get 1 each guaranteed, 1 player will still only get 1 guaranteed.

Dungeon Generation

We adjusted the length and generation of a few dungeons, most notably Abyss of Demons and Toxic Sewers length has been decreased and the chance for Abyss Idols and Golden Rats has been increased.


Puppet Theatre no longer has loot chests.
The Green Drake Egg drops from Greater Nature Sprites.



Scepters Follow-Up

Scepter of Fulmination has decreased MP cost and damage but more targets.

* MP Cost: -10 (80 -> 70)
* Damage Base: -70 (220 -> 150)
* Damage Decrease: -10 (40 -> 30)
* Damage per WIS: -2 (8 -> 6)
* Targets Base: +1 (4 -> 5)
* Targets (WIS per): -4 (10 -> 6)


* Overall: maximum HP bonus, lower MP Costs, damage increased significantly
* Wisdom scaling: past 50 Wisdom, Skulls will receive bonuses
* Each point increases damage, the amount depends on the Skull
* Every 10 points will add additional player healing range
* Damage and heal amounts are now separated to allow for damage balancing separately
* Ignore defense: enemy defense can be bypassed, the amount depends on the Skull
* Now shows a nova effect like Tomes for the heal to indicate range, flow particles have been disabled for now

Skull | Tier | Bonus HP | MP | Radius | Base Dmg | Bonus/ WIS | Def Ignore | Heal
---- | ---- | ---- | ---- | ---- | ---- | ---- | ---- | ----
Necrotic Skull | 0 | x | x | x | +10 | 1 | x |
Breathtaker Skull | 1 | +5 | -5 | x | +10 | 1.5 | +5 |
Heartstealer Skull | 2 | +15 | -10 | x | +10 | 2 | +10 | -5
Soul Siphon Skull | 3 | +30 | -15 | x | +10 | 2.5 | +15 | -10
Essence Tap Skull | 4 | +45 | -20 | x | +15 | 3 | +25 | -25
Lifedrinker Skull | 5 | +60 | -25 | x | +20 | 3.5 | +35 | -40
Bloodsucker Skull | 6 | +70 | -25 | x | +30 | 4 | +40 | -40
Skull of Endless Torment | x | +40 | -25 | -0.25 | +80 | 5 | +60 | -110
Cracked Crystal Skull | x | +50 | -30 | x | +10 | 2.5 | +20 | -30
Skullish Remains of Esben | x | +40 | -25 | x | +10 | 3.2 | +30 | -60

Feed Power

Skull of Endless Torment: 250 -> 1000
Skullish Remains of Esben: 250 -> 800
Staff of Esben: 250 -> 700



Quality of Life

* Oryx's realm closing message is now also sent to all dungeons in the realm
* Trap tooltips now display their trigger radius
* The Beekeeper will now drop an exit portal if the Killer Bee Queen has already been defeated


* Login calendar now correctly displays server time instead of local time. Please note that all servers run on UTC, meaning the daily Calendar resets happens at 5pm PDT for instance.
* Trying to log in through Steam when banned should now properly display a ban message instead of being stuck in a permanent black loading screen.
* Rogues will get sickened by sewage when invisible. No more hazmat cloaks, sorry Rogues!

Haunted Cemetery
* Removed self-heal for Possessed Child which prevents invisibility glitch and disconnect in area 2
* Fixed teleport spots outside of areas 1 and 2
* Rounded out safe spots in areas 1 and 2
* Fixed enemy walk-able trees in area 2

* Fixed Empty Beach Bum Oryx taunt
* Fixed various typos

* Attempting to purchase Scepters from the Nexus store no longer breaks the buy panel
* Scepter tool tips should be displayed properly when hovered on leader boards
* Fixed treasure room hallways in The Nest
* Several small and miscellaneous fixes


* Leviathan has a new sprite and animations, still has like ten billion guns though
* Sword of the Acclaim and Hydra Skin Armor sprites have been adjusted
* Lair of Draconis has its original 8x8 portal



* Added a whole new batch of Skins & Pet Stones
* Added credits to: Mini Sphinx Pet Stone (Fishdfishd)


Now go out there and enjoy MotMG! Big thanks to all our testers as always! Don’t hesitate to drop us a word if you have a comment or feedback.
Realm of the Mad God - Myzzrym

We teased it, and you better beelieve it… The Nest is now live! Will you bee able to clear it, or will you bee one of the unfortunate to leave a tombstone in it?



* The Nest is out! Credits:
  • Dungeon Lead: MrUnibro
  • Art: Beige, Poshun, Dappertron, Bloodqwen
  • Special thanks to: Krathan, Kiddforce, Atrapper
* The new Huntress ST Set, Queen Bee ST Set is out!

Month of the Mad God Preview



* We will soon be lowering the price of several older Skins and Pet Stones for all of you out there. That means we will also have to lower the FP of those skins in particular to avoid having issues where Skins start being more interesting than Pet Food in the long run. If you have any duplicate skin lying around that you are not using, please make sure to feed them soon to avoid losing FP!


More to come… Soon...
Realm of the Mad God - Myzzrym

Hey people!

Is… is that? Yes, we’re finally getting rid of 27.7 and going full X mode! Let’s celebrate that with the gorgeous Summer Nexus from Beige, and a refreshing summer rain of balance changes!

As for the Art Contest, we’re still going through all your submissions. Just like you guys, we’re super stoked about it - more than 200 participants took the challenge! Hopefully we will be able to reach the winners in the coming week.

Important Announcement: We will soon be lowering the price of several older Skins and Pet Stones for all of you out there. That means we will also have to lower the FP of those skins in particular to avoid having issues where Skins start being more interesting than Pet Food in the long run. If you have any duplicate skin lying around that you are not using, please make sure to feed them soon to avoid losing FP!

Note: If you can’t connect to the game, try using the website to see if the issue comes from the Client you’re using!



* The Summer Nexuses are now live! With creativity and hard work, Beige brings us the latest Nexus Technology™ with a time-based Nexus, which goes through a complete Day/Night cycle every 8 hours!
* Mini Sphinx Pet Stone now drops from the Grand Sphinx
* Mini Crystal Steed Pet Stone now drops from the Crystal Prisoner
* Mystery Items are out! Using one will drop an random related item (Mystery Skins will drop Skins for instance). The quality of the item depends on the quality of the Unlocker (Gold / Silver / Bronze).



* Using abilities while stunned functions properly and no longer results in disconnects (Shields, Quivers and Shuriken)
* Fixed ocean vent and wounded Thessal not appearing when they should (for real this time)
* Snake Pit Guard is no longer invisible on the mini map and displays its HP bar correctly
* Reduced another repetitive line from the Avatar
* Cleaned up Oryx Taunt strings (double spaces, etc.)



* Opening secret room now makes a sound like it was intended!
* Brought back backgrounds - Sprite Worlds have stars again! (only when Hardware Acceleration is off)
* Scepter of Geb renamed to Wand of Geb to avoid confusion
* Equipment Tool Tips
* Abilities now display their cooldown
* Set pieces now display the full set bonuses (lightly grayed if not active)
* Traps and Scepters: added new properties and improved stat comparisons
* Improved comparisons for MP Costs




Max Attack: 60 -> 70
Base Attack: 10 -> 12


Scepters have received quite an overhaul! The goal with these changes is more engaging and strategic game-play, on top of making the choice of equipment more interesting.

* Wisdom scaling: past 50 Wisdom, Scepters will receive bonuses
* Each point increases damage, the amount depends on the Scepter
* Every 10 points will add an additional target (+3 for 80 WIS for example)
* Damage distribution: damage decreases for each subsequent target
* Narrower arc: lowered from 90°, now they actually have to be aimed to some extend
* Overall: damage increased significantly

Scepter | Tier | MP | Arc | Base Dmg | New Dmg | Decrease/ Target | Bonus/ WIS | Base Targets | New Targets
Lightning Scepter | 0 | -20 | -60° | +30 | 80 | 8 | 1.5 | | 3
Discharge Scepter | 1 | -15 | -60° | +40 | 120 | 12 | 2.5 | | 4
Thunderclap Scepter | 2 | -10 | -60° | +50 | 160 | 20 | 4 | -1 | 4
Arcblast Scepter | 3 | -5 | -60° | +60 | 200 | 25 | 5 | -1 | 5
Cloudflash Scepter | 4 | | -60° | +70 | 240 | 30 | 6 | -2 | 5
Scepter of Skybolts | 5 | +5 | -60° | +80 | 280 | 35 | 7 | -3 | 5
Scepter of Storms | 6 | +5 | -60° | +100 | 300 | 40 | 8 | -3 | 5
Scepter of Fulmination | | +15 | -60° | +40 | 220 | 40 | 8 | -3 | 4
HoneyScepter | | -20 | -45° | | 100 | | 4 | -4 | 6


* Damage increased to bring them more in line with other weapons
* Faster projectiles (without affecting range) to make them more responsive
* Bulwark now hits multiple enemies, range displayed in tool tip is more accurate

Wand | Tier | Speed | Min | Max | Avg | Old | New
Fire Wand | 0 | +30 | +5 | +5 | +5 | 20-35 | 25-40
Force Wand | 1 | +30 | +5 | +5 | +5 | 30-45 | 35-50
Power Wand | 2 | +30 | +5 | +5 | +5 | 35-50 | 40-55
Missile Wand | 3 | +30 | +5 | +5 | +5 | 40-55 | 45-60
Eldritch Wand | 4 | +30 | +5 | +5 | +5 | 50-65 | 55-70
Hell's Fire Wand | 5 | +30 | | +10 | +5 | 60-75 | 60-85
Wand of Dark Magic | 6 | +30 | | +15 | +7.5 | 70-85 | 70-100
Wand of Arcane Flame | 7 | +30 | -5 | +20 | +7.5 | 80-95 | 75-115
Wand of Death | 8 | +30 | | +5 | +2.5 | 80-120 | 80-125
Wand of Deep Sorcery | 9 | +30 | | +10 | +5 | 85-120 | 85-130
Wand of Shadow | 10 | +30 | +5 | +10 | +7.5 | 85-125 | 90-135
Wand of Ancient Warning | 11 | +30 | +5 | +10 | +7.5 | 90-125 | 95-135
Wand of Recompense | 12 | +30 | +5 | +10 | +7.5 | 90-130 | 95-140
Sprite Wand | | +30 | +5 | +10 | +7.5 | 5-210 | 10-220
Crystal Wand | | +30 | -5 | +10 | +2.5 | 75-100 | 70-110
Wand of the Bulwark | | -3 | +50 | +50 | +50 | 300-400 | 350-450
St. Abraham's Wand | | +20 | | +10 | +5 | 90-110 | 90-120
Conducting Wand | | | +5 | +20 | +12.5 | 55-130 | 60-150
Wand of Budding Romance | | +30 | | +10 | +5 | 85-120 | 85-130
Wand of Egg-cellence | | +30 | +5 | +10 | +7.5 | 90-125 | 95-135
Wand of Ancient Terror | | +30 | +5 | +10 | +7.5 | 90-125 | 95-135
Scepter of Geb | | | +5 | +10 | +7.5 | 65-90 | 70-100
Present Dispensing Wand | | +30 | +5 | +10 | +7.5 | 90-125 | 95-135
Frozen Wand | | +30 | -5 | +10 | +2.5 | 75-100 | 70-110
Eternal Snowflake Wand | | -3 | +50 | +50 | +50 | 300-400 | 350-450
Wand of the Fallen | | -5 | +20 | | +10 | 120-190 | 140-190


* Lower MP Costs
* Attack bonus for higher tiers
* Throwing Traps is faster
* Traps last 20 seconds instead of 30 seconds
* Coral Venom Trap
* Feed Power: 500 -> 700
* Fame Bonus: 4% -> 5%

Trap | Tier | MP | ATT | Base Dmg
Hunting Trap | 0 | | | +10
Wilderlands Trap | 1 | -10 | | +5
Deepforest Trap | 2 | -20 | |
Savage Trap | 3 | -25 | |
Demonhunter Trap | 4 | -30 | +1 | +10
Dragonstalker Trap | 5 | -35 | +2 | +20
Giantcatcher Trap | 6 | -35 | +3 | +50
Coral Venom Trap | | -30 | |

* Added a new UT for pure damage and with other unique properties!


* Ghost Ship
* Drops the new Trap of the Vile Spirit!
* HP: 42000 -> 66000
* Stun Immune
* Paralyze Immune
* Great Coil Snake
* Now only spawns a limited amount of Coil Snakes
* Coil Snakes have less defense: 20 -> 5
* Coil Snakes have more HP: 50 -> 100

Oryx has fortified his castle!

It has become a lot more sturdy! This intends to increase incentive for clearing, give slower players opportunities to catch up and make it better withstand the usually big groups of players.

* Destructible Wall
* HP: 3000 -> 9000
* Fortified Destructible Wall
* New walls that replace the regular ones on the bridge until the end
* HP: 24000
* Living Floor and Quiet Bombs
* Fixed a bug where Quiet Bombs could be destroyed instantly after spawning
* Inflicts Weak for 5 seconds (in addition to Quiet for 5 seconds)
* Projectile Amount: 18 -> 15
* Projectile Speed: 50 -> 40
* Damage: 10-20 -> 20
* The Stone Guardians
* Depending on the party size, the Stone Guardians now regenerate!
* HP: 60000 -> 80000
* DEF: 100 -> 80

The Shatters

EXP in the Shatters has been increased across the board!

* Defense System (Avatar): 58 -> 1000
* Fire Mage: 39 -> 100
* Fire Adept: 78 -> 150
* Archmage of Flame: 39 -> 200
* Ice Mage: 39 -> 150
* Ice Adept: 78 -> 200
* Glassier Archmage: 39 -> 250
* Paladin Obelisk & Titanum: 117 -> 600
* Bridge Sentinel: 243 -> 4000
* Inferno: 243 -> 1000
* Blizzard: 243 -> 1000
* Twilight Archmage: 243 -> 4000
* Royal Guardian L: 39 -> 500
* The Forgotten King: 117 -> 7000

The Puppet Theatre

Puppets have significantly decreased HP!

* The Puppet Master: 110000 -> 70000
* False Puppet Masters activate sooner
* Knight Puppet: 5000 -> 2000
* Warrior Puppet: 4000 -> 1500
* Paladin Puppet: 3500 -> 1500
* Puppet Leather: 4000 -> 1000
* Puppet Robe: 3000 -> 800
* Sorcerer Puppet: 2500 -> 600
* Oryx Puppet: 45000 -> 35000
* Minion Puppet: 7000 -> 2000

Disappointed to not see any changes to Skulls? Not to worry, they're in the works! Let us know what you would like to see changed about them!



* Added a new batch of Summer Skins
* Fix to the following Skins / Dye Masks: Mini Rosen
* Added credits to: Bagston Pet Stone (MillSup)


That’s it for now! Big thanks to all our testers out there, you know who you are! Please enjoy the Summer Nexus and the new reworks. As always don’t hesitate to drop us a word if you have a comment or feedback - and don’t forget to feed those duplicate skins to your pets!
Realm of the Mad God - Myzzrym

Hey everyone!

This month, we decided to invest time on necessary backend changes to improve the game’s stability and performance. This is an ongoing effort that we think most of you will agree to prioritize over always pumping in new content all the time. That being said, we’re not leaving you dry! We added a slightly reworked Cave of a Thousand Treasure as drop in Godlands, and you can meet your new best buddy in your Guild Hall: Friendly Guill, the Guild Guy.

We also allocated a significant amount of time in fixing some legacy bugs and adding a bunch of UI improvements that we hope you will enjoy and give constructive feedback on.

You can discover the changes below, in the Patch Note details:



- Djinns in Godlands now have a low chance to drop a portal to Cave of a Thousand Treasures!

- Guill the friendly guild NPC is now ready and eager to serve! Don’t be shy, say hello to him. You’ll find him in your Guild Hall.


Tweaks & Fixes

- Disconnect Timeout has been lowered from 10 minutes to 2 minutes

- Optimized character list loading time for players with a large amount of items

- Fixed a disconnect issue in the Cave of a Thousand Treasures and re-designed flame trap room

- Lair of Draconis minions needed for progression no longer get stuck in walls

- Character Slot Unlocker and Vault Unlocker items are now only usable in the vault

- Mysterious Crystals, Dragon Eggs and Sumo Masters will now spawn with their own tile to remove obstacles

- After the Hermit God dies, the deep water will turn into normal water after a short while (no more lost loot!)

- Arrow feathers from Bow of Fey Magic should now be purple to be consistent with other bows

- Green Satellite (monster) no longer loses a piece of itself when flying around

- Skins now always display the Skin Class in the item description

- Pet Stones now always display the Family Change warning message in the item description

- Reduced Avatar of the Forgotten King spam, Killer Pillar phase is now only announced by the Avatar itself

- Fixed a few typos in item descriptions and Oryx taunts


UI Update

- Character selection screen now displays how maxed a character is (x/8)

- Character selection screen now displays the current pet of the character

- Character selection screen hover now displays backpack content

- Character selection screen hover now displays stats (also forces numeric text on hp/mp bar)

- Disabled shortening player names (mini map and lock list tool tips)

- Mini map: group tool tip and teleport menu background should now scale correctly with the text

- Mini map: enemies will always render on top

- Quest arrow/portrait now updates immediately

- The experimental “decamenu” is now active by default

- Added experimental toggle option to display how many potions of a certain stat are still needed to max it, applies to both selection screen hover and in game stats panel (only when level 20, disabled by default)

- Added experimental mini-map toggle option for slightly different colors for locked/unlocked players, locked/unlocked guild mates and locked/unlocked white names (disabled by default)

- Added a new cursor and fixed existing ones (thanks to Chvzto!)



- Added a new batch of Skins and Pet Stones

- Made fixes to the following Skins / Dye Masks: Slime Rogue


That’s it for now! Big thanks to all our testers out there, you know who you are! Please note that we welcome feedback on the UI changes, such as the minimap colors - so don’t hesitate to drop a word. As usual if you have questions, remarks or suggestions, fire away!

And don’t worry, Muledump will still be usable with the changes, simply add &muleDump=true to the URL parameters.
Realm of the Mad God - Myzzrym
Hey there people! Did you get to enjoy Easter and get smashed by Biff the Buffed Bunny? Here’s a small patch in preparation of the next one.



- Mountain Temple Event Chest! Come one come all to get plenty of loot, including the exclusive Woodland Huntress in celebration of Arbor Day. As per usual, remember that the Chest will only spawn once all the enemies in the dungeon have been eliminated. The Event will end on Tuesday May 2nd at 6pm CET.



- Biff the Buffed Bunny and his eggs has finally left the Realm. The Easter Event is over.


Balance - Mountain Temple

- Increased Daichi HP by 25%

- Added Invincibility Phases

- Added Pierce to Elemental Shots

- Increased the number of monsters

- Added guaranteed Def Pot + 1 additional Random Pot drop (per dungeon not per player)

- Added 15 players limit

- Fixed a few typos and bugs


Fix & Tweaks

- All Keys should now have 200 FP.

- All Skins should now drop in SB Bags (to avoid bot looters).

- Mini Rosen & Rosen Skins should now be properly credited to their respective artist (thanks Lovens & Univoid)

- Added Time Restriction on Creating Guild / Changing Guild Rank to fix an exploit.

- The portal to the Ivory Wyvern in the Lair of Draconis no longer despawns.


That’s it for now! If you have questions, remarks or suggestions, fire away!
Realm of the Mad God - Myzzrym
Hey there people! Hope you all had your fair share of fun with April’s Fools content, because we’re back with a brand new dungeon as promised! Enter the first wing of the hidden Mountain Temple and defeat the High Monk Daichi to prevent the arrival of the Demon Lord Xil!



- The First Wing of the Mountain Temple is now live! Thanks to thq32df & Beige for the Art!

- Easter Egg Hunt has started! Eggs will spawn around the Realm, destroying all of them will spawn a Giant Egg! Be careful about destroying this one though, someone might get angry...

- Pet Eggs drop rate are doubled for Easter!

- Added In-Game Message Board (Scroll Icon on the top left of the screen)



- After being constantly exterminated by adventures, the Leprechaun community have decided to move out of Realm of the Mad God. The Leprechaun Chase Event is over.

- April’s Fools Reskins have been removed.

- Oryx Chicken will no longer spawn.



- Added a new batch of Skins and Pet Stones

- Made fixes to the following Skins / Dye Masks: Ascended Sorcerer, BB Wolf, Dark Elf Huntress, Demon Spawn, Hunchback, Jack the Ripper, Lil’ Red, Mischievous Imp, Nexus no Miko, Poltergeist, Slime Skins, Stanley the Spring Bunny, Vampiress, Zombie Nurse.



Servers daily restart time have been changed depending on their cluster:

- USW Cluster: 3am PST (UTC -7) / 10am UTC

- USE Cluster: 3am EST (UTC -4) / 7am UTC

- EU Cluster: 3am UTC

- Asia Cluster: 3am PHT (UTC +8) / 7pm UTC


Shops & Items

- Keys can no longer be purchased in the Nexus Shop by players under 10 Stars.

- Keys can no longer be used by players under 10 Stars.

- Keys’ price have been permanently lowered.

- Equipment can no longer be purchased in the Nexus Shop by players under 2 Stars.


Oy! What does that mean? To put it simply, the restrictions have been implemented to combat fraudsters, who create new accounts and buy / use large amounts of keys before charging back.

At the same time, we believe that a lot of items are currently too expensive. One of our goal is to make players feel good about spending a few bucks in the Nexus, without feeling forced to gamble with Mystery Boxes or having to spend more to afford expensive packages. We have permanently lowered the price of most keys, and are looking into repricing other items in future patches


That’s it for now! If you have questions, remarks or suggestions, fire away!
Realm of the Mad God - Myzzrym
Hey there people! We’re back at it with a new Patch! Not too many new things this time but a ton of fixes and some balance changes! Also read until the end to get a preview of what will be coming in the future!



- Spring time is here! Cherry blossoms are blooming all over the Nexus with the Hanami Theme, made with love by our Japanese artist Beige.

- Free cosmetics for all! Mini Stheno Skin, Mini Nut Skin and Bes/Geb/Nut Artifacts (Pet Stones) have been added to their respective bosses Drop Table!

- Added Exit Portals to Belladonna’s Garden, Lair of Shaitan and (for the future) Ice Tomb

- Added Portal of Cowardice to Puppet Master’s Theatre, Candy Land, Beachzone and Rainbow Road

- Leprechaun Hunt has been extended! You have a couple more weeks to chase after our green mini-Sonic. Gotta go fast!

- Added /p as alternative to /pause



- Ice Tomb Keys will no longer appear in the Nexus Shop / Mystery Box

- Ice Tomb Event Chest has now been removed

- Snowflake Tokens have now been removed from the game

- Winter Areas / Mobs are back to their usual form

- Winter Reskins will no longer drop



- The Sexiest Skin on Earth, the Beefcake Rogue, has been added to our files. **April Fool’s!** (or not?)


**Fixes & Tweaks**

- Password Recovery Email will now display the correct support link

- Error Message *"Could not find item in inventory. Please wait a few minutes and try again"* has been replaced by *"Please re-enter your Vault and try to use the item again"*

- The Tinkerer now offers a XP Potion (1h) as Tier 1 reward and Potion of Wisdom (SB) + Potion of Vitality (SB) as Tier 3 reward (small change while we work on the Tinkerer Rework)

- The version number is now X.12! Goodbye 27.7!

- Vault Chest Price Bug / Server-wide SB Bug should be fixed this time! God damn bugs!

- The ST skins for the Skuld and Phylactery sets no longer suffer from Cyclops syndrome when walking!

- Fixed text when connecting to Vault or Realm

- Fixed odd phrasing in options (hotkey tool tips)

- Fixed Yard Caretaker being tiny in the UI

- Fixed pet names not showing on arena leaderboards

- Fixed initial stacked Cursed Blasts in Encore and Halloween Cemetery

- Fixed stacked white arc in Ivory Wyvern's 2nd phase

- Fixed Skuld slowly migrating south when not activated


**Deadwater Docks:**

- Jon Bildgewater stays away from the spawn/portal

- Jon's Parrots no longer drop anything

-Buffed Jon's drop rates slightly to compensate


**St Patrick Event:**

- Fixed empty Oryx taunt when the Leprechaun is defeated

- Pot of Gold has more HP and much lower damage thresholds, giving everyone a chance

- Weapons now have (lovely) sounds!


**Balancing Updates**

- Slightly decreased Abyss drop rate and increased Sewers drop rate

- Coral Venom Trap drop chances are now more appropriate for a White Bag

- Tomb UTs will be less common

- To compensate for drop rate adjustments, damage thresholds have been significantly decreased


**Ocean Trench**

- Increased overall EXP gain (Sea Horses also give EXP again! And no worries, it will not be exploitable)

**Thessal the Mermaid Goddess**

- Paralyze Immune

- Increased HP from 69000 to 96000

- Coral Bombs inflict Pet Stasis for 8 seconds

- Waves inflict Weak for 6 seconds

- Increased Armor Break duration from 2.4 to 4.0

- Can't be stunned during Armor Break and Wave phases (warns with purple flash at the end of Tridents)

- Small invulnerability during Tridents (2.6s) and at the start of the last phase (8s)

- Shoots Tridents faster in the first phase, Armor Break slightly faster in the first and second phase

- All shots (including Coral Bombs’) now pass through players

-Deep Sea Beasts inflict Slowed for 2 seconds


**New Player Experience**

To continue our efforts of smoothing out the experience for new players there have been more changes and additions!


- The Tutorial has been updated with information about permadeath, nexusing, pets, fame, camera rotation and options

- You can no longer nexus from the main tutorial - this is to make sure new players actually finish it - and don’t worry, you can still go to options and click “back to home” or simply refresh/restart your client to escape if you need to

- Camera rotation is now enabled by default

- Toggle off-center view is now X by default (should not affect you if you already have X bound to something else)



- Adjusted drop rates in High Lands and lower level dungeons - Pirate Cave, Forest Maze, Forbidden Jungle and especially the Spider Den

- Slightly reduced the damage and chase speed of certain High Lands mobs

- High Lands mobs give EXP again like they are supposed to


**What’s Next**

- Four Dungeons are currently close to completion: Sil3x’s Mountain Temple (1st Wing), Sues’ Goblin Lair, Kiddforce’s Lost Halls and MrUnibro’s Epic Hive. Get ready because they’ll be released soon!

- Alchemist & Tinkerer Rework: The Tinkerer & Alchemist are being revamped to allow a better Daily Quest System!

- The promised Art Contest has unfortunately been on hold for quite some time due to us running out of time (mostly due to bugs and exploits). Don’t despair, it will still happen!

- Q&A Videos (may only be audio)! A few people have voiced their support for us to do regular Q&A sessions, and we’re exploring the possibility (mostly: do we have enough time).

- We’re still hard at work to fix the existing bugs and exploits that are plaguing the game! Please remember that using Real World Trading Sites or buying Gold Accounts is strictly forbidden and will get you permanently banned without warning (including your mules and your main account).


That’s it for now! If you have questions, remarks or suggestions, fire away!
Community Announcements - Realm_Devs
Santa Bagston is coming… to town! So be good for goodness sake
As we are approaching X-Mas and New Year’s Eve, this will be the second and last part of our winter update for this year. You will be able to face a new winter encounter and can finally start collecting those snowflake tokens!

Also included in this release is a set of minor rebalancing changes. These changes are just the beginning of our plans to make some of the outdated parts of the game a bit more relevant and challenging again. Details below.

  • The“Ice Tomb,” a new encounter dungeon & its key item were added. You will find the classic winter reskins there, as well as some new drops (including, the Winter Edition of the three Tomb of the Ancients UT rings)
  • Dragon Tamer - a warrior ST set which you will be able to find it in the Lair of Draconis or in the rotation of ST mystery boxes - (note that this set currently does not support dyes or cloths and will be soulbound to safeguard against duping attempts). As with the other ST sets, there is also
  • Sir Bagston is dressing up exclusively for the winter season and you will have a chance to get your hands on three separate pet stones - each will give you a distinctive Bagston holiday look
  • Common humanoid pet - Muddy Tidechaser (available as pet stone or via hatching humanoid eggs)
  • Freezing Quiver - a new UT for Archers

  • Mystic ST set is now only dropping from the Lich encounter (no longer from LoD)
  • Snowflake Tokens - these collectable tokens reserved to unlock the Freezing Quiver will now have chance to drop with the best chances to find them in the Ice Tomb. Other than that, they drop pretty much anywhere where candy canes also drop. You will be able to collect these until the 2nd of February 2017, before they will vanish - so be sure to collect all 50!
  • Updated the Shatters to work with event chests - we will definitely give this a try soon :)
  • Updated the Ice Cave to work with event chests - also fixed stacked shots from Esben
  • Vault redesigned to include additional Vault Chests and Gift Boxes

Balancing Updates
  • Necromancer -> max attack increased to 75 (from 60)
  • Cube Gods and Skull Shrines -> increased HP (+5000), added new defense mechanics (i.e. stun immune at low hp)
  • Pentaract Eyes -> increased HP (+150), dmg (+30), shot frequency halved
  • Pentaract Towers -> increased HP (+3000), bomb dmg (+30) & slow, new defense mechanics

New Payments System
We are now introducing a new payment system from a vendor named Xsolla. The new system works similarly to the old one, but with additional payment methods and differences in the way it handles currency conversion . This system will replace Kabam’s payments system on our website only.
NOTE: The new system is not compatible with NoScript. You must turn off NoScript in order to see the paywall.

  • account migration option will be removed by Dec 21st
  • The option to migrate any old accounts will be removed by Dec. 21st

We would like to thank Beige (Ice Tomb Bosses, Xmas skins), Phops (Reworked ST Gear art and created 8x8 Skin), Poshun (16x16 ST Warrior Skin) and everyone who helped us with this release.
Nov 14, 2016
Community Announcements - Realm_Devs
In the latest release we have pushed some bug fixes and improvements.

  • Display issues with 16x16 characters in all Leaderboards, Death Screen, New Character Screen
  • The fall back news post (if no other news is present) no longer points to Wild Shadow forums
  • New Pets from pet stones have been put into their proper pet families
Note that while these pets can be obtained via fusing, they are extremely rare. The skins can also be obtained via using the appropriate pet stone:
  • Sir Bagston: ? ? ? ?
  • Goldy: ? ? ? ?
  • Giant Vampire Bat: Spooky
  • Pumpkin Head: Spooky
  • Jaco: Spooky

Putting the new pets into the proper pet families solves some issues players were encountering attempting to fuse.

Pet Stone descriptions were updated to describe the change in family of the pet, also explicitly mentioning that the rarity does not get upgraded and the skin will be overwritten in case of fusing.

Oct 27, 2016
Community Announcements - Realm_Devs
Dear Players,

Please find below the patch notes for version 27.7.X7. Halloween is nearly upon us and we have prepared a special themed event for it. There are also some new exclusive skins and items as well as some impactful fixes. We hope you enjoy the new content, have fun collecting the “candy” loot and are lucky enough to get the exclusive Headless Rider skin! Read on below for details.

New: Halloween Themed Content

The nexus is spookier than ever. Red Healing Fountains!

Oryx 2 has reached his final form (at least temporarily)

The Halloween Cemetery including new enemies
  • A new Halloween event Dungeon was created. Defeat the Pumpkin Master and his minions.

The Zombie Invasion
  • Zombie Hordes are back! But now they come with an old friend, so watch out. He will also drop candy!
  • Beware of Bonegrind this time around

Pumpkin Shrines
  • They will be spawning around the world
  • Be careful, reportedly the Headless Horseman is never far

2 new character skins
  • The Headless Rider (Paladin Skin)
  • The Vampire Lord (Necromancer Skin)

3 new pet skins
  • Pumpkin Head (Belongs to the Headless Rider)
  • Giant Vampire Bat
  • Sir Bagston

Collectible Halloween Candy Tokens
  • Special Candy Token items will drop in various Halloween themed locations / events. (Best chances are supposedly in the Halloween Cemetary)
  • Collect 50 Candy Tokens to achieve the new Headless Rider Skin
  • Note that any leftover tokens will be removed after the Halloween event is be over

Reskinned Halloween Items
  • The 6 T11 Halloween weapons now drop instead of the 6 T11 Winter weapons
  • Bow of Nightmares, Skull-splitter Sword, Staff of Horrific Knowledge, Dagger of the Terrible Talon, Wand of Ancient Terror, Corrupted Cleaver

A special trick item (in case somebody did not give you a nice treat)
  • A rare consumable and just the right thing for your trick or treat experience. You will have to find one to figure out what it exactly does though.

Mystery Box Shop
  • Purchase limit functionality added (this will not be applied to all boxes)


  • Various fixes for issues with the Steam overlay for purchases
  • Issues with various foreign currencies

Stacked shots
  • Stacked shots were fixed in various locations. Some encounters were rebalanced as a result but death shouldn’t come as such a surprise anymore :)
  • Djinn, Lucky Djinn, Grand Sphinx
  • Jon Bilgewater the Pirate King, Mini Larva, Armor Guard, Zombie Hulk, Mini Werewolf
  • All Artifacts in Tomb of the Ancients and Bes
  • All Spiders in Spider Den and The Crawling Depths
  • Several enemies in the Shatters: The Forgotten King, Royal Guardian J, The Forgotten Sentinel, Stone Paladin, Stone Mage, Fire Mage, Fire Adept, Glacier Archmage and everyone's favorite, the Ice Adept!
  • Fixed/reduced stacked patterns occurring from stuns
  • All Killer Pillars at the Avatar of the Forgotten King are now Stun Immune
  • Ice Sphere, Archmage's Ice Sphere, Ice Portal, Fire Portal, Inferno, White Dragon Orb

  • Fixed Horseman Anchors preventing players from pausing in the Godlands
  • Fixed several typos and language errors
  • Fixed The Cursed Crown animation
  • Fixed trade request panel breaking the locklist


  • Balance adjustments for Stone Mage, Fire Mage and to a smaller extent the Grand Sphinx, due to stacked shot fixes (see below)
  • The Cursed Amulet of Zombification is now known as the Amulet of Dispersion and no longer zombifies, revives or disappears upon leaving the area
  • Interact hotkey can now be used to reject trade requests and to open the guild board
  • Increased Court of Oryx portal duration (this was already part of a hotfix recently), reduced HP of Janus' Chest
  • Significantly reduced damage threshold for untiered drops from Skuld
  • Slight change to Abyss of Demons DEF drops (small increase overall)
  • Adjusted projectile aesthetics for the Forgotten Sentinel
  • Craig will now randomly spawn Puppet Master Encore or Lair of Shaitan portals.

This event will last for about 2-3 weeks. After the time is up, everything will be reverted to it’s old state but of course you get to keep your items. The only exception are the Halloween Candy Tokens. They will disappear when the next patch is applied. So be sure to double click them when you have 50 to create the Headless Rider Skin.

Our continued thanks goes to our community for providing great assets via our draw tool that we sometimes just have to touch up slightly to get them into the game! A special thanks this time around goes out to Clickbait for creating the cool Vampire Lord.

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