Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine - AndyN.

Tooth and Tail is now available on Steam!

The animals of Tooth and Tail are at war over who gets to eat, and who must be dinner. From the creators of Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine comes a similarly fast, distilled, darkly humorous take on the Real-Time Strategy genre.

For more information, check out our announcement here!

Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine - NoRepro
If you or your friends haven't played Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine, now's your chance. Click a button on the Monaco page and add the game to your library permanently!

That also means you can unlock the 10% pre-order discount on our upcoming game, Tooth and Tail, which comes out next Tuesday! Grab it down before the pre-order discount goes away!

I should probably close this announcement with some sort of clever punchline.

Uggggh arrrgh. I CAN'T HELP MYSELF. SOMEBODY STOP ME!!!..........


Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine - AndyN.

Pre-order on Steam (10% off for Monaco owners), game launches on Sept 12:

We’re as excited as you to get the game out there… help us spread the word and make our launch community packed with players like you!

Other Questions:

Q: Do I get anything with the pre-order?

A: You mean, aside from the discount? We’re working on some stuff, but we don’t have anything set in stone and ready to announce. No promises, okay?

Q: A 2-month pre-order? Why so long?

A: Wanna hear a secret? Come a little closer. OK, here it is. We were slated to launch on August 15th, and then a little company called Blizzard announced that Starcraft Remastered was launching on August 14th. We didn’t want to destroy Blizzard too badly, so we decided to give them a little breathing room. Gotta look out for the little guy, ya know?

Q: I’m so excited to play!

A: Me too. Me too.

If you’ve got any more questions, drop by our Discord channel ( and chat with us!
Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine - NoRepro

Out next game, Tooth and Tail launches on September 12, 2017!

Additionally, pre-orders will be available on all platforms this Tuesday, July 18th! For more information, visit the Pocketwatch blog

Wishlist Tooth and Tail to help us crank up our internal stats! Wishlisting will send you a reminder when the game is available for pre-order.

The long wait is finally coming to a close. We started work on Tooth and Tail in January of 2014, and now, three and a half years later, we’re excited to finally announce our release date. We’ve got the Cinematic Trailer hot off the presses too (which is the intro to the Single Player campaign). You’ll see all new screenshots and video on the TnT store page.

If you wanna chat with the devs, join us in Discord.

We’ve got lots more announcements in the coming weeks… We can’t wait to birth this 3 and a half year old baby!
Community Announcements - AndyN.

We are proud to announce that we have a Steam Page for our next game, Tooth and Tail!

Please add us to your wishlist and tell your friends about it!

Also, please tweet or share on social networks! The more wishlists we get, the better the game will do at launch.

Join the Alpha for Tooth and Tail

We've been running a Private Alpha for over 2 years now. If you'd like to help test new features, help us balance the game, and talk directly to the developers... join the Alpha! Come visit our Discord or Twitch stream to be a part of the community!

Join our Official Discord Channel!

Watch our weekly Twitch Stream
Community Announcements - AndyN. @pixelatedpost
The soundtrack is now available through Steam! This soundtrack is a steal because you get two whole albums as part of the Gentleman's Collection.

Not only do you get the entire Monaco soundtrack, as composed by Grammy nominated Austin Wintory, but you also get the Gentleman's Private Collection, a collection of bonus tracks, covers, and re-imaginings from multiple guest artists.

Check it out here!
Community Announcements - CORL!
Hello everyone, today I'm here to announce a solo speedrun competition, hosted by Chromia!

Competitors will solo the Official Monaco Levels in enhanced mode as fast as they can. Winners will be determined on a unique point based score system.

Leaderboard scores will be tracked by Free Market(Creator of This Week's Newest Runs)

Winners have chances to receive free games, including PAYDAY 2 for the first place winner! ːtrophyː

Signup and rules here

Community Announcements - CORL!
Try your luck at Monaco custom map speedrun competition!
For two weeks, contestants will run four featured, custom made maps either solo and/or multiplayer for the fastest combined time.

For those interested in joining, more information here

Competition ends on October 5.

The featured maps for this competition are
Community Announcements - CORL!
Hey everyone! Starting on september 21, a 2 week monaco speedrun competition will go underway!

During these 2 weeks, players try to get the fastest combined time on four maps solo, or with friends.

Prizes will be given out to top two fastest in sp and mp!

To sign up, read the rules and comment here

Gather your crew, hone your skills, and prepare to run! ːtrophyː
Community Announcements - AndyN. @pixelatedpost
Hey everyone! Today we are announcing our new game, LEADtoFIRE, an Arcade RTS from the creators of Monaco!

You can find more information here!

Also, we Stream every Thursday at 1PM PST at where we give you inside looks at all our latest development.

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