Community Announcements - CORL!
Hello everyone, today I'm here to announce a solo speedrun competition, hosted by Chromia!

Competitors will solo the Official Monaco Levels in enhanced mode as fast as they can. Winners will be determined on a unique point based score system.

Leaderboard scores will be tracked by Free Market(Creator of This Week's Newest Runs)

Winners have chances to receive free games, including PAYDAY 2 for the first place winner! ːtrophyː

Signup and rules here

Community Announcements - CORL!
Try your luck at Monaco custom map speedrun competition!
For two weeks, contestants will run four featured, custom made maps either solo and/or multiplayer for the fastest combined time.

For those interested in joining, more information here

Competition ends on October 5.

The featured maps for this competition are
Community Announcements - CORL!
Hey everyone! Starting on september 21, a 2 week monaco speedrun competition will go underway!

During these 2 weeks, players try to get the fastest combined time on four maps solo, or with friends.

Prizes will be given out to top two fastest in sp and mp!

To sign up, read the rules and comment here

Gather your crew, hone your skills, and prepare to run! ːtrophyː
Community Announcements - AndyN. @pixelatedpost
Hey everyone! Today we are announcing our new game, LEADtoFIRE, an Arcade RTS from the creators of Monaco!

You can find more information here!

Also, we Stream every Thursday at 1PM PST at where we give you inside looks at all our latest development.
Community Announcements - CORL!
Brackets for the pvp tournament have been posted here

Players have been grouped together best based on their region, find your name on the list and add the other competitors in your group to schedule your match together!

Community Announcements - The King
Hello! For the first time we are hosting a pvp tournament! Anyone is allowed to compete, find out if you can be the MVP- Most violent player!

We are currently organizing the bracket, read the layout and sign up here

stay tuned for the launch date and tournament bracket release!

Community Announcements - :A
Hey guys, for the next few weeks there will be new custom maps available on the featured list!

Starting from today, anyone can make a custom map and have it be featured for everyone to play!

at the moment there are three wonderful maps made and ready to play!

Want to have your own map on the list? Message me or post in link below
Jul 13, 2014
Community Announcements - CORL!
Hey guys, CORL! here. ːkingː

Starting today the workshop map competition takes off!

You have 2 weeks to make the best workshop map you can and send it in, and it will be on the featured list for everyone to play!

At the end, players can choose their favorite maps based on:

ːdiamondː best design
ːmoneyː best sideview (prettiest map)
ːidolː best dialogue/story

interested? read rules and comment in the forum post:

get those editors up and let the mapping begin! ːtrophyː
Community Announcements - Durgrobach
Hello runners and thieves!
The current Community Run Competition is going into its final week. This is your last chance to win a free game!

Run the featured maps, solo or with a friend, and get the fastest time possible, then take a screenshot and send it in!

Casual Map:
Veteran Map:

More details can be found here:
Community Announcements - Durgrobach
original thread: By Corl

"Hello everyone! It's that time of year again, for another Monaco Competition
This competition is open to EVERYONE, to the newest of new to the oldest veterans!!

Form teams or run solo against other competitors for the fastest time on one of two new workshop maps featured each week and win a variety of prizes, ranging from backgrounds to copies of full games

But this time, there are two divisions for you to compete in:
  • MOLES BLACKLIST -for small time criminals &
  • REDHEAD'S PRESTIGE CLUB -for professional thieves

Rules and signup are posted HERE

For more detailed info of the competition go HERE

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