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title="Permanent Link to Now Playing Live: PC Gamer play ArmA 3: Zeus, today at 2:30pm BST">Zeus

This afternoon, PC Gamer will be at the mercy of a vengeful, Scottish god. We'll be playing Zeus, ArmA III's on-the-fly adventure mode, where we'll be subjected to the trials and tribulations of our own Andy Kelly. The action kicks off at 2.30pm BST check here for local times and will run until we've experienced the full scope of Andy's twisted design.

Zeus is ArmA III's free multiplayer DLC: a mode in which a player can act as an RPG style GM. Andy will be able to create objectives, spawn enemies, place vehicles, build bases and, on occasion, call down massive lightning strikes all in real time.

You'll be able catch the main stream, from the PCG team's perspective, over at the PC Gamer Twitch channel. If you'd prefer to follow the dark machinations of our overlord, Andy will be streaming the Zeus perspective at his own Twitch channel.

Here's a full run-down of the people and streams involved:

Tom Senior

Andy Kelly

Samuel Roberts

Chris Thursten

Phil Savage

Ben Griffin

Thanks to special interweb magic, you can watch streams simultaneously. This page will let you see the action from Andy's godly perspective and the ground-soldier at the same time.

Alternatively, just watch the embed below. See you at 2.30pm!

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title="Permanent Link to Mod of the Week: Pilot Civilian Air Rescue, for ArmA 3">aaheader

ArmA 3 is a challenging game to learn, especially so when it comes to piloting choppers. Enter the Pilot Civilian Air Rescue mod, which features a number of single-player Mohawk chopper missions, from insertion (transporting doctors to a combat zone), extraction (retrieving injured NPCs and delivering them to a hospital), and even search and rescue, in which you look for lost hikers or downed pilots and ferry them back to safety. It's a great way to hone your chopper flying skills offline while getting a warm and fuzzy feeling from helping NPCs in need.

I've been slowly edging my way into the daunting ArmA 3, but I'm still a bit too bashful to play online for fear of getting yelled at by (understandably) impatient human players. I'm doubly self-conscious about my piloting skills, and trying to fly while being shot at (or screamed at) doesn't really help with my concentration. So, I'm really enjoying this mod's rescue missions, which allow me to practice piloting with only the AI looking over my shoulder, and also lets me learn the map due to the randomized placement of rescues.

Are you knelt in prayer? Well, you should be. Now get in.

The mod starts you at your base, where you can get into flight gear and receive your first mission. There are options to choose from in terms of weather, forecast, and time of day, as well as the level of hostility you want to face when flying into enemy territory. I began by setting hostiles and antiaircraft fire to zero, but if you're more experienced, obviously, you'll probably want to ratchet it up to make your missions more challenging and exciting. If your mission involves delivering passengers, they'll be waiting for you in a polite crouch near your Mohawk.

Come with me if you want to live. Briefly.

My first mission was a search and rescue: some hikers had become lost and needed to be located and transported back. I did a great job of locating them, but there was a bit of an issue while landing, and that issue was a small collision that led to a large explosion. Whoops! My next mission was to pick up a team of doctors in the field, and return them to base. I landed a bit better -- nothing exploded -- but still managed to destroy my chopper's engine so they didn't bother getting in. Well, third time's the charm, right?

Third time is not the charm.

Actually, no, I somehow managed to flip my chopper over during takeoff, crashing it while still in sight of my back-up chopper. After that, though, things started going a bit better. I was tasked with flying out to retrieve an NPC who had sustained a gunshot wound as the result of some conflict in Altis. I managed to fly out and locate the fellow, who was being guarded by friendly troops.

I think he's trying to choose between bleeding to death and taking a chance in my chopper.

A shaky -- but safe! -- landing later, he scuttled his way to my Mohawk and we took off, bound for the hospital. Landing on the hospital roof, for a noob pilot like me, was harrowing, but I was quite pleased to pull it off after only three hours of white-knuckled hovering. I was then a bit disappointed when the NPC crab-walked out of my helicopter and threw himself off the side of the roof. I know my flying isn't great, but sheez. No need to be so dramatic about it.

I guess healthcare on Altis is just a little too pricey?

I checked the mod's discussion page and I guess that's just what the AI does when you complete a hospital delivery. You've passed the mission, so the AI just takes the shortest trip back to the ground. Oh, well, at least it's amusing. After carefully parking my chopper downstairs I visited the jumper's body and took his watch. I'm a hero like that.

I said I carefully parked the chopper. I didn't say I properly parked the chopper.

It you do crash, no worries! A rescue op will launch and another chopper will be dispatched to pick you up and fly you back to base. There's also a service center for your chopper if you get a little dinged up. The mod also allows for random weather settings if you want to leave your conditions up to chance, and even lets you turn on random mechanical failures if you're the type of player who likes big surprises at altitude.

Thanks for coming to get me, guys. I had another oopsie.

I think the ability to set your own conditions makes this a fun mod for both beginners and pros. Like I said, I'm still pretty green, but after completing a bunch of missions and getting a bit better at flying, I turned everything on -- bad weather, hostile response to incursions, mechanical failures -- and had a blast. Searching for some downed pilots in a thunderstorm while the enemy is closing in on me is a real thrill. Not so thrilling for the downed pilots: they didn't make it back. Though, if they had, they'd probably just have jumped off the hospital roof.

See! I'm not the only one who crashes choppers.

Installation: Subscribe to the mod in the Steam workshop here. Launch the game, select Play from the menu, then go to Scenarios, and the mod will be listed there.
PC Gamer
title="Permanent Link to Arma 3 karting DLC has raised a lot of money for the Czech Red Cross">armakarts

You thought it was funny that Arma 3 now has kart racing, didn t you? Well pull yourself together, because the April Fools gag is now an actual feature, and it's managed to raise a million Czech koruna for the country s Red Cross. That s nearly US$50 grand.

Everyone wins, because it means Bohemia Interactive has road tested its unique approach to DLC, which provides access to all new content free-of-charge with a few reasonable restrictions that you can pay remove. The model is designed to avoid splitting the playerbase between the DLC have and have-nots, and it seems to have worked out well.

"Alongside helping us to evaluate Arma 3's new approach to DLC, with the backing of our community, Arma 3 Karts has managed to raise money for a great cause, Arma 3 creative director Jay Crowe said. A big thanks to our players, both for their support and their valuable feedback, which we'll use to refine our implementation. Overall, we're positive about the preliminary results and responses, which seems to benefit Arma 3 players and help sustain Arma 3 development."

Arma 3 Karts is still on sale for EU$1.49 / US$1.99 / 1.19, but can also be purchased in a bundle alongside the forthcoming Helicopters and Marksmen DLC.
PC Gamer
title="Permanent Link to Arma 3 ‘Bootcamp’ update will explain the game’s complexities to new players">arma3_screenshot_07

As promised in May, Bohemia Interactive will release a substantial Arma 3 update imminently. The Bootcamp update will introduce a range of modes and features designed to ease new players into the notoriously complicated military sim, and to prove that Arma is far from impenetrable . These include a Bootcamp campaign, a special Bootcamp multiplayer mode, Virtual Training and a Virtual Arsenal.

The Bootcamp campaign is the most significant addition, and is the factor most likely to sway nervous Arma 3 newcomers. According to creative director Jay Crowe writing on the Arma 3 website, the mode will introduce the basic principles of infantry combat - actions, navigation, and weapon handling. The mode will feature gameplay which informs, supports and challenges players to complete real objectives.

Meanwhile, the Bootcamp multiplayer mode will team new players up with veteran Instructors . Instructors, taking on the role of a Zeus game master, teach Recruits with a set of predefined objectives. Recruits are led and supported by their Instructor as they fulfil the tasks given to them on-the-fly.

These will be supplemented by a Virtual Arsenal, which allows new players to explore the full extent of the game s customisation, and a special Virtual Training arena. The latter is an austere grey environment where the player is free to learn the game s mechanics without being shot at. Three principles are central to its premise, Crowe writes. Simple tasks, instant restart, and progressive difficulty. At any point, recruits can reset , clearing and respawning the topic content.

Aside from welcoming new players, the Bootcamp Update will also bring good news to the modding community. "Essentially, Workshop support for addons involves handling the discovery, installation and maintenance of all kinds of community content vehicles, mechanics, total conversions, etc. akin to the way custom scenarios are currently accessed via Steam.

"We're also set to publish the first iteration of our Game Launcher. Alongside useful basic functionality - such as command-line parameters - this separate executable helps to organise, maintain and load mods."

No specific release date for the Bootcamp Update was confirmed. The military sim has managed to sell over a million copies since its launch last year, which is pretty impressive. Oh, and if you prefer karting to warfare, Arma 3 has you covered.
PC Gamer
title="Permanent Link to The best Steam Summer Sale deals: Day 5">steam sale day five

The Steam Summer Sale is off to a good start this week. After good deals on The Wolf Among Us, Tomb Raider, and Skyrim over the weekend, a few more of our favorite PC games go on sale today.

Don t forget to check out GOG s summer deals, too.

Reminder: if a game isn't a daily deal or a flash sale, it could pop up later in the sale for an even lower price. If you want to be safe, wait until June 30 to pick up a sale-long deal.

5 - Surgeon Simulator 2013

75% off: $2.49 / 1.74 - Steam store page

To enjoy Surgeon Simulator, you have to like that the impossibly finicky controls and unpredictable physics game-breaking flaws anywhere else are by design, and that you ll occasionally stab your patient in the eye with a scalpel when you meant to pick up a saw. The jokes that endear us to Surgeon Simulator that QWOP-like surgery is hard, that throwing a heart into an open chest cavity qualifies as a transplant are used up pretty quickly, but there is some joy to mastering all the operations, especially when taking turns and laughing at the failures of your friends.

4 - Risk of Rain

75% off: $2.49 / 1.74 Steam store page Flash sale: Buy it before 8 p.m. EST

Where most roguelikes are slow and methodical, Risk of Rain is fast and frenetic. A constantly ticking clock increases the game difficulty every few minutes, until dozens of weak enemies turn into massive piles of bosses. Risk of Rain is a tough game, but it also strikes a great balance between skill and luck there are 9 playable characters, each with unique attacks and special abilities, and there are dozens of power-ups to memorize. Hunting for that perfect combination for a successful run is what a good roguelike is all about. Bonus: Risk of Rain's devs recently updated their blog to announce that they're moving the game to a new engine, which will fix some of the game's technical issues.

3 - Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition

75% off: $4.99 / 4.99 - Steam store page

Dark Souls often gets discounted to $5, but if you haven't picked it up already, you're missing out on one of the best action RPGs of the past five years. It's brutally difficult but rewards the determined with a deeply interconnected world to explore, precise combat to master, and so, so many secrets to find. Dark Souls almost never tells you where to go or what to do, which is so uncommon these days that it's initially daunting. Dig in, and you'll realize how refreshing it is to discover and defeat everything yourself. Just remember to install DSfix, the mod that fixes Dark Souls' terrible locked resolution and other issues.

2 - Arma 3

50% off: $29.99 / 17.99 - Steam store page

The sandboxy war simulator has never dropped below $35, so this is the cheapest Arma 3 has ever been. Bohemia has done some good work augmenting Arma 3 with the free Zeus DLC recently, and over 7,700 mods and custom mission content await in Steam Workshop. Make sure you re close to the recommended spec, but this is absolutely one of the highest-fidelity, open-ended, moddable, and malleable PC games you can own.

1 - Hitman Collection

80% off: $8.99 / 5.99 - Steam store page Flash sale: Buy it before 8 p.m. EST

Hitman: Absolution wasn't exactly our thing, but this collection includes the game that made us disappointed in IO Interactive's latest stab at the series: Blood Money. Blood Money, released in 2007, is where it all came together: the elaborate maps, complex AI, arsenal of deadly weapons, and the incredible varied ways all those pieces can come together. Take Tom Francis' word for it: "Hitman is a murder simulator, and that might be a terrible thing. I don t know. But if you re going to make one, make it as beautiful as Blood Money. Make it a dark and complex work of interactive art, a working model of the mathematics of lies. Six years later, people like me will still be too enthralled with playing it to care." Unfortunately this collection omits 2004's Hitman: Contracts (it's also on sale separately for $1.99 / 0.99) but it does include the first two games, which are a fun nostalgia trip that show how far the series has evolved.

Other great deals today

Remember that games not categorized as Daily Deals or Flash Sales may be reduced further later in the sale.

Castle Crashers (90% off) $1.49 / 0.99

Dungeon Defenders (75% off) $3.74 / 2.49

Saints Row 4 (75% off) $9.99 / 7.49

Rogue Legacy (75% off) $3.74 /

FTL: Advanced Edition (60% off) $3.99 / 2.79
PC Gamer
title="Permanent Link to Arma 3 sells 1 million copies">arma3_screenshot_05

While it offers an experience altogether different from the zombie violence of its sister-game DayZ, Arma 3 also looks to have struck a chord in the hearts and minds of PC gamers since its release last year. The military sim has sold one million copies, according to an announcement this week by Bohemia Interactive head Marek Spanel.

Both of Bohemia Interactive's hits have proven themselves popular in a year when so many games seem to want to be everything to everybody on every platform available with varying levels of success. As PC exclusives, that hasn't been the case with the complex and technically demanding Arma 3 or the two-million selling, Early Access alpha that is DayZ.

The future of Arma 3 isn't settler either. Modders are busy, and Bohemia is planning to pay some special attention in the form of helicopter and marksmen DLC set to begin appearing later this year. For a quintessential taste of what's possible in Arma 3, be sure to check out our review as well as the footage we captured on the Large Pixel Collider.

Thanks, Eurogamer.
PC Gamer
title="Permanent Link to The week’s highs and lows in PC gaming">High_Wolf

Every Friday the PC Gamer team scan their memory banks to identify the incontrovertibly best and worst moments of the last week. Then, when confronted with the sum total of human ecstasy and misery, they write about PC gaming instead...


Tyler Wilde: Not crying wolf

Episode four of The Wolf Among Us came out on Tuesday, and not only is it good, it arrived just a month and a half after episode three released. I hope Telltale sticks to this newly speedy schedule. Four months passed between the first and second episodes, which is way too much time for those of us who like keeping up with the series as it happens (and are as forgetful as I am). Waiting for the whole season and binging is nice, but playing episodes at release gives me the opportunity to discuss them with people who also just played, and that s part of the fun for me.

Evan Lahti: Arma marks a million

Arma 3 quietly crossed the 1 million mark this week. Not to cheerlead for a franchise I love, but it s a signal of PC gaming s health that a game with a reputation for being impenetrable and graphically demanding has done this well in less than a year. When I say health, I don t mean simply in terms of the number of PC gamers on the planet, but how open-minded and curious many of us are about new experiences. It certainly makes me want to write about Arma more. And try its silly new kart racing DLC.

Chris Thursten: Rising through the ranks

I've been playing Blade Symphony since it came out, but I've been having a great time with it this week. After an initial run of success I managed to totally tank my global ranking - down from 600 to about 22,000. In the last couple of days I've crawled back up, and I'm now sitting at 742. To get there I've had to totally rebuild how I play, how I respond to opponents, and how I make sure I'm in the right mindset to win my duels. As a fencing dork and someone who used to be obsessed with Jedi Knight, I'm in heaven. Providing that the community stays active, it's shaping up to be one of my games of the year.

Cory Banks: A welcome delay

It s not often that I m happy about a delay, but Valve pushing back the Steam Controller until 2015 is, honestly, a good thing. We have not been all that impressed by Valve s controller prototypes I thought the first one was okay, but Evan really disliked the second one. It s good that Valve s hearing that feedback (and the feedback of other users, too), because getting this right might be the single most important part of the company s SteamOS initiative.

It does, unfortunately, mean that we likely won t see the full launch of SteamOS this year, either. But I d rather wait than have to suffer a crappy controller.

Andy Kelly: A new home for horror

I played two hours of The Evil Within this week, and it s everything I hoped it would be. It s no secret that I love Resident Evil 4, and as you can read in my hands-on preview, it feels like its spiritual successor. A lot of horror games on PC these days are little more than elaborate games of hide and seek, but Mikami s game has systems to exploit and opportunities for creative play. Rather than go for cheap scares, the team at Tango Gameworks seem to be focusing on tension-building. Like the Resident Evil games did so well (the good ones, anyway), you always feel like you re right on the edge of running out of ammo. If they can keep this up throughout the whole game, and it doesn t do that thing where you suddenly become so powerful and overloaded with supplies that it s no longer scary, it could be great.

Tom Senior: When hackers play hide and seek...

If you're going to nab ideas for your open world adventure game, Dark Souls is a good place to go. So I keep thinking as I experiment with Watch Dog's 1 vs 1, hacker vs. hacker multiplayer mode, which lets players invade other games for a round of hide and seek. You jump from manipulating predictable AI enemies to facing a living, thinking human being with hopes, dreams, and infuriatingly good hiding skills.

I found one opponent by wrecking up a crossroad. I dispersed the NPC crowds with some warning shots, hacked the traffic lights to create a traffic jam and then started scanning from car to car. I was 91% hacked when a sports car launched into reverse just metres ahead of me, and sped off into the distance. I tried to shoot out their tyres, but they successfully fled the scene. I got points for stopping the hack, my opponent got points for escaping. We both walked away with a story to tell great stuff. This sort of encounter bodes well for games like The Division, with its strong multiplayer focus.


Tyler Wilde: Star Citizen stuck in the hanger

The Star Citizen dogfighting module has been delayed again, maybe briefly. The news isn t necessarily a sign of troubles at Cloud Imperium, but the missed deadlines are starting to tell a story I don t want to hear more of. It s the story of a famous game developer who accrued over $44 million dollars with one of the most ambitious game pitches ever...and way, way overpromised.

I don t think the Star Citizen story will be so tragic. They make me nervous, but delays are an established part of software development, and just because one piece is taking a while doesn t mean the complete package isn t coming together in the process. But if I had payed for Star Citizen, as much as I d want to encourage quality over deadlines, I d also kind of want something to play. The backers are owed it, and I hope they don t have much longer to wait.

Tom Senior: I m scared to go inside my own computer

My office graphics card keeps overheating, leading to sudden resets and strange glitches. Andy advised me to take it into the stairwell and give it a good seeing to with a vacuum cleaner. Could the GPU fan, choked by dust, be failing to cool my chips? Probably, but I haven t been inside this thing for months. As the Tutankhamun tomb discoverers were rumoured to have fallen to diseases trapped in the chamber s stagnant air, I fear a facefull of vile machine dust could be my end. An irrational fear, certainly, but I ve always been a tiny bit afraid of messing with machines since watching Superman 2 as a kid and having nightmares about that ending. Brrrr.

Chris Thursten: Struck by space envy

I'm pretty heartbroken by the closure of Mythic, but I believe Cory plans to go into more detail about this particular loss to the industry. The studio might not have had a good run lately, but Dark Age of Camelot will always be the game that defined my adolescence.

With that in mind, my low of the week is going to be that I'm not playing Elite Dangerous yet. Everytime I turn around I see Andy having some kind of spectacular space adventure and I think why isn't that me. I've started to regret the life decisions that have placed Andy and I on separate roads; him in a spaceship, me refreshing Twitter at my silly Earth-bound desk. I try to rationalise it, to argue to myself that I'd rather wait for the final game, but then Andy jumps into hyperspace and it's all like whoooooosh and I'm like fuck you, Andy, fuck you.

Cory Banks: Farewell to Mythic

I hate studio closures. I especially hate the closure of Mythic Entertainment, the developer of classic MMO Dark Age of Camelot. One of my most treasured memories in gaming involved the Realm vs. Realm combat that Camelot introduced, and I had plenty of nights spent defending the Albion relic from Hibernian invaders. It wasn t my first MMO, but it was one of my favorites, and an important stepping stone for the genre.

Unfortunately, Mythic s other game, Warhammer Online, didn t do as well. It shut down in December 2013, and the studio focused on free-to-play mobile games that honestly were far beneath what it deserved. My heart goes out to those affected by the studio s closure, and here s hoping they find new roles where they can get back to making great games.

Evan Lahti: No love for Uplay

Uplay, you goddamn monster. Ubisoft s cumbersome DRM layer has always felt as uncomfortable as the wool sweater grandma forces on you at Christmas, with its weird, proprietary achievements system and other features no one uses. This week, though, it got in the way of a lot of people playing Watch Dogs, seemingly cracking under the weight of many players verifying their legitimately-purchased copies of the game. Our buddy Will Smith had the worst experience I heard:

.@garywhitta after waiting on hold for 90 minutes, I was banned for attempting to log on too many times and they couldn't test fixes.— Will Smith (@willsmith) May 29, 2014

I can t imagine what it s like for gamers who have kids, or get home late, or anyone who has to carefully set aside time to game to have to deal with that. After Diablo III, after SimCity, it s unbelievable that big publishers aren t fully prepared for the scale of their own launchers. With pre-order stats as an indicator, they should be able to anticipate these issues. In cases like these it still feels like PC takes a backseat to multiplatform games launch on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Andy Kelly: An unwelcome delay

The delay of the Steam controller is a shame. I think it s time PC had its own bespoke official controller. Currently it s the Xbox 360 pad, which is fine, but I want something more suited to the format. I love the idea of using those weird trackpad things to both play twitchy shooters and strategy games, dragging the cursor around in lieu of a mouse. Civ on the sofa? Yes, please. But it s promising that Steam are delaying it, because it shows that they re not rushing the thing out and putting some serious thought into its design. After all, if you get hardware wrong, you can t just patch its problems away. I can t wait to get my hands on one in 2015.
PC Gamer
title="Permanent Link to Arma 3 Karts goes from April Fools’ joke to real-life DLC">ss_ab127a668d18ab833849af02fdafae6e111a67ce.1920x1080

Arma 3 Karts began life as an April Fools' joke, but as sometimes happens, fans thought it was actually a pretty cool idea. So Bohemia Interactive decided to run with it, and the result is Arma 3 Karts, released today as an honest-to-goodness DLC pack for the famed military shooter, with a portion of sales going to charity.

To be clear, this is exactly what it appears to be: Go-kart racing in Arma 3. Players will trade in their H&K G36 for a four-stroke, 20 horsepower kart with four selectable liveries (which is a fancy way of saying "paint jobs") and matching driver models with appropriate racing headgear. Various new objects useful for creating racetracks have been added to the game, as has a Race Marshal, who will ensure that all necessary safety precautions have been taken probably not a bad idea when kart racing in a war zone. In keeping with the game's roots, there's even a new weapon: a starter pistol! It shoots flares, too, because what good is a videogame gun without an alt-fire mode, am I right?

It's obviously a bit of a lark but at $2, it's cheaper than horse armor! (It's also included in the Arma 3 DLC Bundle along with the forthcoming Helicopters and Marksmen packs, if you're looking for an all-in-one deal.) Even better, a portion of the money earned from the Karts DLC will be donated to the Czech Red Cross.

Believe it or not, Arma 3 Karts is actually the game's first paid DLC release. The aforementioned Helicopters DLC is slated to launch in September while Marksmen is expected in the first quarter of 2015, each one selling separately for $16 a pretty good excuse to buy the bundle and go racing while you wait.
PC Gamer
title="Permanent Link to Arma 3 mod contest offers one-week journey to real-world conflict zone">arma3_screenshot_07

Videogame war is fun. Real war is hell. It's a distinction that Arma 3 studio Bohemia Interactive seems anxious to make with the addition of a new and unique prize to its "Make Arma, Not War" content creation contest: the company will send a lucky winner to a conflict zone on a humanitarian mission providing aid to people displaced or harmed by the ravages of war.

"As part of their collaboration with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Bohemia Interactive will also be handing out the Health Care in Danger Special Award," the contest website states. "Given to the entry which covers the topic of health care in danger the best, the winner(s) will go on a one-week trip to an ICRC mission in a foreign country, organized by the ICRC."

At first glance, ensuring videogame characters receive proper care and treatment as prescribed by international law may not sound like as much fun as filling them full of lead, but that's why the prize has been added. Christian Rouffaer, head of the ICRC's international humanitarian law and videogames project, suggests in the video above one possibility that would see enemy soldiers taken prisoner prevented from respawning, giving a tactical advantage to the team providing the care.

Rouffaer said he couldn't reveal where the winner will go, no doubt in part because it's impossible to say where the Red Cross might be operating when the prizes are announced. Not all such zones are suitable, he explained, and the idea isn't to inflict the horrors of war but to educate and inform, and demonstrate the value of what the Red Cross does. The winner might spend the week with a surgical team operating in a stricken area or visiting refugee camps to experience "live interactions with people for who the war is a reality," Rouffaer said. "What we offer you now is a little window, to see the reality by yourself."

Submissions to the Make Arma, Not War contest will be accepted until October 28. Winners will be announced on January 15, 2015.
PC Gamer
title="Permanent Link to Arma 3 free weekend and free copy of Arma: Cold War as part of the Bohemia anniversary sale">ARMA

Bohemia Interactive are 15 years old. And while I forgot to get them a present, they're going to give you one: a free weekend trial of Arma 3, and a free copy of ARMA: Cold War. In addition, the entirety of the Bohemia catalogue is now on sale on Steam. If you're a fan of military simulations or of underwater puzzle games about secret agent fish it's going to be a weekend to remember.

The Arma 3 weekend trial gives you full access to the game, including multiplayer, scenarios, and the newly completed campaign, until Sunday, 1pm PDT (9pm BST). To install the game, head over to the Steam page, and track down the tiny link hidden inside the words "click here to install".

For Arma: Cold War, the game previously known as Operation Flashpoint, you can get it free forever, as long as you claim it over this weekend. Just head onto its Steam page and click the big 'Play Game' button.

To see the full sale event, head to the Bohemia Anniversary sale page.

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