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title="Permanent Link to Terraria offers new treats, no tricks, in Halloween update">terrariahalloween

People prepare for the night of ghosts and goblins in different ways. Some go trick-or-treating, while others get so drunk they start believing they are their costume. Only a select few lock themselves away to craft free Halloween updates for their games, and it turns out Terraria’s developers happen belong in the latter group.

Terraria’s “Halloween event” update fills your biome with Halloween-themed pets, costume paintings, gear, and friendly NPCs to sell you those items. Here’s hoping they don’t use your hard-earned cash to egg the impenetrable fortress you spent hours refurbishing. Slain monsters will also drop goodie bags containing “fun surprises” that hopefully won’t include mini bottles of toothpaste or, ugh, pencils. People who give those away on Halloween are the true monsters.

There’s also a “Pumpkin Moon Event” that can be triggered in hard mode. Developer Redigit was light on the details, but made the thing sound like a survival mode where you stave off waves of enemies. The more waves you survive, the better the spoils. The Halloween event lasts until Nov. 10, probably to let you recover from whatever candy coma you fall into.

There are also a bunch of non-Halloween themed bug fixes and balances. I found the most adorable one was “Mice can no longer spawn in hell.” That’s just my personal pick. Feel free to check out the full list and make your own decisions. Or, you could just tinker around while munching on your sugary-dessert of choice—preferably in a soundproof chamber where no doorbell can reach you.
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title="Permanent Link to Terraria 2 announced, creator wants to include “infinite worlds”">Terraria

Listen, Terraria fans. I don't want to rush you, but that giant patch you received a few days ago? You might not have the eternity to enjoy it that you previously assumed. Terraria's creator, Andrew 'Redigit' Spinks, has revealed that he's working on a sequel to the side-scrolling craft-'em-up, and despite some core similarities to the first game, he's teasing "infinite worlds" to be explored.

"I’m super excited about starting Terraria 2," Spinks told RPS. "It’s a ways out, but it’s gonna have a lot in common with the original. It’s gonna be quite different as well. I really want to expand on the whole Terraria universe.

"There’s a lot of stuff I’m locked into with Terraria. The way loot works, the way character progression works. In Terraria 2, I really want to have infinite worlds so you’re not just stuck to one world. You can travel anywhere. I want more biome diversity in that, too. There’s a lot of stuff ."

Not that development on Terraria: The First has finished just yet. While Spinks isn't planning anything on the scale of 1.2, he does want to finish the endgame progression within the next couple of months, as well as work on a possible Halloween update.

You can read the full interview over at RPS.
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title="Permanent Link to Terraria 1.2 update released, tweaks almost every part of the game">Terraria Update 1.2

The sun is brighter! The sky is smoother! The werewolf form has been buffed! These are just three of the changes you'll find when you next log into Terraria. The full change list for the update, which has been in development for over nine months, is huge and covers nearly every part of the game. Want new hairstyles? You've got them. Want to be able to paint any solid tile or item? You can do that. Want to be asked if you want to use UPnP to automatically port-forward when hosting multiplayer? That's strange, but you will be. There are other, more dramatic changes too.

Bug Fixes

You can no longer craft items or money by placing items in the trash.

You can no longer sell your gold to NPC's

Music box/chest duping no longer works

Bunnies/Goldfish spawned from statues no longer drop money during a Bloodmoon

Equipping items to the social slot in German no longer crashes the game

The game will no longer create a random password during multiplayer world generation

You can now reforge in all languages

Active blocks will no longer become inactive with a chest on them

Fixed a bug that would cause a suitable house to be unsuitable

Fixed a lot of bugs that were not listed

Mechanics and Gameplay

Enemies now have a health bar

There is now a map, mini map, and overlay that only shows tiles the brightest they have ever been

The map can be toggled using tab, m, or through the map icons

“M” has been remapped for the map feature

“J” is now the default button for mana use

There is now an extended crafting menu that will show everything you can craft

Some items now stack to 999

Character slots have been increased to 1,000

World slots have been increased to 1,000

The starting female cloths have been modified

There are several new hairstyles

Character creation has been remodeled

Chest sizes have been doubled

Your inventory space has been increased by 10

You no longer need to jump to ascend single blocks

The hammer is now used for creating slopes, halftiles, and breaking walls only

The axe is now only used for chopping down trees and giant mushrooms

Pickaxes will now remove blocks, placeable objects, and items such as Life Crystals and chests

You can now paint any solid tile or item

Dye slots have been added

You will now start with 10 mana

You can now craft early game magic robes and staves

Bricks, wood, stone and glass all now blend together

Mana Crystals only require 5 fallen stars to craft, down from 10

If water touches a halftile it will create a waterfall

Your world has a chance to get alternative ore as a replacement for copper, iron, silver, and gold

Your world has a chance to have a replacement for the Corruption

Your world has a chance to get alternative ores as a replacement for Cobalt, Mythril, and Adamantite

Your world has a rare chance to have a pyramid or living tree spawn during world generation each containing their own loot table

There is a new hardmode jungle temple

There are now beehives that can be found in the jungle

There are now several new backgrounds and tree variations your world has a chance to generate

Water will now change color based on the biome you are in and depth underground

Ropes are now found early game and can be used to craft rope coils for traversing the world

Chains can now be placed and used as a rope mechanism

Mushroom grass/seeds can now grow and spread above ground

There are now 3 colors for wires

Actuators can be used to make any solid tile active and inactive

There is 1 new liquid type that can be found in the Jungle

There are several new fountains that will change the color of water when they are place nearby

Pearlstone bricks no longer spread hallow

Rain and blizzards have been added

There is a new snow biome with unique treasures and items for normal and hardmode

Enemies no longer trigger underground pressure plates

There are new pressure plates that can only be triggered by certain things such as the player, enemies, or both

Clowns will no longer blow up tiles

There are several new buffs and debuffs

There are now mini Capture the Gem addition to the game. You can craft large gems that draw a gem icon above the player holding the gem and if the player is killed the gem will be dropped next to their corpse

There are 2 new hardmode events

Werewolf form has been buffed and can take place every night

Broken armor debuff only lasts 2 minutes, down from 5

You now use a pickaxe to remove armor from a mannequin

Players no longer take double damage in pvp

Items of the same type will now stack when next to each other

When using a gravitation potion your world will invert rather than your character

You can no longer become invincible when touching fire blocks

Increased speed at which you can buy stacks of things

Graphical Changes

The sun is now brighter

Midnight is now darker

The sky has a smooth gradient

There are several items that have had graphical upgrades such as gems, colored torches, minishark, muramasa, aqua scepter,

starfury, ect..

There are now stalagmites, icecicles, moss, plants, rocks, and other "piles" added to enhance the environment

There are several new mini caves that can be found with unique backgrounds

Each biome will now have chests and pots with unique graphics

The dungeon now has 3 unique textures/colors and furniture

Hell houses have been remodeled

Floating islands have been remodeled

Each biome will now have unique textures and wood types:

Corruption: Ebonwood

Jungle: Rich Mahogany

Crimson: Shadewood

Hallow: Pearlwood

Each brick now has its own unique texture

Each brick wall now has its own unique texture

Torches are now animated and can be placed on walls

Common enemies such as demon eyes, skeletons, and zombies have all been given graphical variations

There are several new tombstones

All objects in the game that sparkle will now sparkle with a corresponding color

Puppy Break



In total there are over 1,000 new items

There are 10 new ores

There are 4 new wood types

There are 31 new brick types

You can now imbue melee weapons

There are several new arrow and bullet types

There are several new crafting stations

There are several new wands used for crafting new bricks and brick walls

You can now craft bricks, walls, and furniture out of several new materials:

Slime, Bone, Mushroom, Living wood, Flesh, Silt, and many more!

You can now craft Jester Arrows

There are 12 new wing types

There are several new vanity sets

There are a lot of new rare drops added to enemies

You can now craft stained glass

There is an item in hardmode that allows you to change biomes

There is an item in hardmode that allows you to increase your max health

There are 29 new tinker combinations

Several new items have been added to the game that are used for crafting dyes

Starfury now acts as a melee weapon and has had its damaged increased

Aqua Scepter has been redesigned and does slightly more damage for less mana

Water bolt has been redesigned and does slightly more damage

Vilethorn does more damage and uses less mana

Magic Daggers have been buffed

All of the old classic armors can be found as rare drops and have the same stats as their current counterparts and count towards set bonuses

Items that were called dyes previously for crafting have been changed to thread

Chests now have larger loot tables

You can now make picks instead of drills and axes instead of chainsaws in late game tiers

Increased the drop rate of souls

There are over 50 paintings that can be collected randomly throughout the world

Jungle armor no longer requires gems

The amount of meteorite required for crafting has been decreased

Meteorite armor has more defense and does more damage

Silt and slush can be extracted into useful materials, items, and money

Each boss has a rare chance to drop a placeable boss trophy

Hooks can now be crafted out of gems

Depth meter is no longer craftable

Stars can now be crafted with bottles to make a new light source

Floating island chests no longer require a key

Gems and bars can be placed

Items made from hellstone now require less hellstone


There are 8 new friendly npcs

There are 4 new bosses

There are over 100 new enemies

Friendly npcs will sell different items depending on certain conditions such as time of day or biome they are living in

Hardmode bosses have a chance to spawn on their own to help players progress through the game

Current hardmode bosses now do slightly less damage and have had their health decreased

There is a rare spawn mini boss that can be found during blizzards in the above ground ice biome

There are over 15 new pets that can be found in chests and dropped rarely off enemies

Early hardmode enemies now do less damage and have less health/defense.

Skeletron can now be summoned and has a small loot table


There are 15 new tracks for the game, 3 of which are from the console version of the game

Day theme 2 will loop into day theme 1 to add variation above ground

Desert, ocean, glowing mushrooms, dungeon, and space all have their own tracks now

Ice biome has an above and below ground track


The game now only loads assets when needed, reducing the amount of RAM used

Optimized tile data to reduce RAM usage

There game will now ask you if you want to use UPnP to automatically port-forward when hosting multiplayer

Terraria 1.2 is out now.
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title="Permanent Link to Terraria 1.2 trailer dishes out some wizardry and witchcraft">terrariaupdate

Terraria developer Andrew Spinks announced last week that the 1.2 update will be ready (and free) on Steam on October 1, while promising a new trailer would soon be in our midst. This is that trailer.

It’s a little tough to find out exactly what the new update’s bringing to the expertly-crafted table, what with barrage of spells whizzing over our heads, though people should expect new equipment, enemies, furniture, biomes, spells, character menus—I could go on and on, but we’d be well into October by the time I finished the list. Trust me—it’s a lot of stuff.

Given that the folks at Re-Logic have been working on 1.2 since the start of 2013, I’m curious if this will actually be Terraria’s final update. You don’t often see updates of this magnitude coming out a full two years after a game’s release. I’m not complaining, mind you, but Re-Logic mentioned an “even better project” back before the 1.2 update was even announced, which makes me suspect something’s lying in wait on the back-burner. It’s just something to chew on while you sift through all the different touches Re-Logic has added to Terraria's already dense world.
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title="Permanent Link to Terraria 1.2 release date announced: major update due out beginning of October">Terraria 1-2

It's been almost 20 months since the last Terraria update; one that, for a long time, was destined to be the last Terraria update. Now, though, the 2D sandbox is coming out of retirement for one last heist patch. Re-Logic's Andrew "Redigit" Spinks announced over Twitter that the 1.2 update would be mining through the Steam tunnels on October 1st.

The news you have all been waiting for... The update will be out on October 1st!— Andrew Spinks (@Demilogic) September 11, 2013

Given that the update has been in development since the beginning of this year, details of its features and additions are spread out over months of small teases and spoilers. It'll likely be a major revision to the game, with new items and features to be found across the majority of its existing systems. Basically: expect a little bit of everything.

Some of the features were rounded up in a teaser preview that was posted back in May:

Further details and a new trailer are expected next week.
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title="Permanent Link to Starbound trailer teases environmental diversity, trees growing eyeballs">Starbound thumb

How many biomes will Starbound have? Quite a lot, according to this teaser video for Terraria's sort of spiritual successor. Which naturally leads to a second question: when did we start referring to these things as "biomes" instead of "environments" or "terrain types"? Whatever they are, they'll be available in many shades, including snow, lava, desert and... eyeballs?

Yup, eyeballs.

The Starbound team is posting daily updates on their blog, detailing the progress of the game. Previous videos have shown what you can find up in space, and revealed that it's possible to sing the background music to the Bridge Zone of Sonic the Hedgehog's Master System version. Important work being done here.

While there's no release date, beyond "2013", you can explore how much progress the team has made here.
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title="Permanent Link to Check out Terraria’s PC-only 1.2 update">Terraria Update 1.2

The surprise news about an update for the thought-to-be-unsupported sandbox Terraria sure was shocking, wasn't it? But nobody's trolling. That update is real, and they're talking about it in the Terrarian Times and everything. Welcome back, Terraria; we're glad you're growing again.

The below video gives a tiny glimpse of what to expect from the new update, demonstrating the paint feature specifically, but everyone's favorite virtual newspaper has got the full story. According to the latest issue of the Terrarian Times, we can expect new building materials, new weapons, new tinkery things, new clothing, new mechanics, a new rideable unicorn head, and probably a whole new lease on life. And then there are the aesthetic additions, too—an overhauled character menu, for instance, as well as rainclouds.

And this is only a tiny bit of the update's known details, mind you. You'll want to read up on the Times for the full list, which is a bit of a doozy—it's all snowballs, cactus armor sets, and randomly generated stalactites galore.

The update is still "far from done," with a targeted release window of July. It's pretty far off, but considering it sounds like we'll be receiving an expansion's worth of content in what they're calling a mere update, we're cool with that.

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title="Permanent Link to Terraria update teased with pictures of a new biome – and a penguin">Terraria Update - Thumb

Re-Logic continue to tease the surprise Terraria update announced earlier in the year. In a forum post, designer and artist "Jimmarn" provides screenshots of a new ice biome. Rather than the light snow smattering that covered previous cold-weather climates in the game, this update appears to add a full winter world - with everything from frosty caverns to penguins.

"Some of you might wonder what Terraria related work I'm doing," writes Jimmarn, "and to be honest I do something in every category containing graphics/design. Everything from Tilesets, weapons, items, props, npc's to player graphics," suggesting the potentially huge scope of the update.

Previously Re-Logic head Andrew "Redigit" Spinks posted the below images, showing floating islands and jungle waterfalls:

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title="Permanent Link to Steam Indie Spring Sale springs up, discounts loads of indie games in lieu of Easter eggs">steam indie spring sale

To coincide with IGF, PAX, GDC, OMG and WTF, Steam have slung up one of their impromptu sales, discounting tons of indie games to ensure that our libraries continue to heave under the sheer weight of unplayed games. How nice of them. I hope you've hidden your wallet after last time, because there are some cracking deals to be had, including Super Hexagon, Binding of Isaac and Terraria for silly money.

There's no countdown, so I'm assuming the many games on sale are going to stay the same price until the sale ends on March 29th (the 'Featured' games will likely rotate day by day, without offering any additional savings). There's a lot of games going cheap - more than is evident from the main page - so be sure to poke around for the ones you're interested in. Here are few of the better offers:

FTL - £3.49 (50% off)

Hotline Miami - £3.49 (50% off)

To The Moon - £2.79 (60% off)

Amnesia: The Dark Descent - £3.24 (75% off)

Miasmata - £5.99 (50% off)

Lone Survivor - £3.39 (50% off)

The Blackwell Bundle - £3.74 (75% off)

Retro City Rampage - £3.99 (67% off)

Ultratron, which came out like yesterday - £3.49 (50% off)

Euro Truck Simulator 2 - £12.49 (50% off)

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title="Permanent Link to Terraria creator asks what YOU would like to see in a possible update">Terraria

It seems today is a good day to speak to the community and ask them how you should update your game. Following the news that Terraria is being ported to consoles with a bunch of new features including split-screen support, a world map and even a new final boss, developer Andrew 'Redigit' Spinks has hinted at a potential update to the PC version of the game. He's taken to the forums to ask players what they want to see, and (at the time of writing) he's received 40 pages worth of replies.

Posing it as a hypothetical question, Spinks posted the following: "Say I am considering doing an update for the PC version of Terraria... In the event that such a thing were to take place, what would be some things that you would be interested in seeing?" Responses include "steal shamelessly from the console functionality", Steam Workshop compatibility, ropes, quicksand, better wiring and larger map types. So far, Spinks appears fond of another pet/s (possibly of the turtle variety), ocean biomes, and more holiday content.

I second the vote for Steam Workshop support, which would give the game an edge over the newer, more feature-packed console versions, and potentially soften the vitriol of those who are angry that it even exists. ALSO: a donkey. I would like a donkey. What about you?

Thanks, PCGamesN.

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