It was, quietly, one of the biggest PC games of 2011 (and 2012), so it's little surprise that Terraria is heading to consoles.

This clip shows some of the new features coming to the console. Features that, incidentally, weren't originally planned to be coming to the PC version, which has been "finished" for some time now. That said, the game's creator is currently playing the tease...

Terraria will be out on Xbox Live and PSN in a month or two.

Terraria [GameSpot]


As we know, Terraria, a game that on PC went from "huh a side-scrolling Minecraft" to "holy crap it's sold over a million copies" at the speed of light, is coming to consoles.

Here's what it looks like. So, yeah, exactly the same!

Terraria Teaser Trailer [HD] [Machinima]


Beloved PC Indie Terraria Reborn on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3PC gamers were saddened when the developers of the pixel-perfect 2D building, exploration and combat game Terraria announced an end to game updates. Well good news, sort of! Terraria is returning with brand-new content... to Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network.

The announcement that appeared this morning on the game's official Facebook page was met with mixed reactions from Terraria's mainly PC fan base. Some are excited that the game will reach a new audience, hopeful that this new console content will also make its way to PC.

Others are just being fussy.

Great news for a guy who can give 2 shits about consoles.. I think Re-Logic meant to say "Awesome news for us! We're selling out!"

Me? I'm just glad to have more Terraria in any form Re-Logic deems to distribute it in.

Update: The press release has hit, aiming the game at an early 2013 release.

"I can't say how excited I am to finally have Terraria come to Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 system! To see it come so far is a complete shock, especially after such humble beginnings," said Andrew Spinks, creator of Terraria. "It's always been my dream to have as many people as possible know and enjoy Terraria as much as I have and this is another big step in that direction. It's been awesome working with 505 Games and I can't wait for everyone to see the additional features that they've been able to bring to this new edition of the game."


ProjectorGames, creators of one of the best-selling Xbox Live Indie MineCraft clone FortressCraft, are going in a different direction with FortressCraft2D: sideways.

A far cry from the 3D building game that sold like gangbusters in the XBLIG channel, FortressCraft2d is a 2D zombie survival game that leans heavily on procedural generation of worlds and weapons to keep the experience fresh and new every time it's played. There's a definite Terraria vibe here, with a little Borderlands thrown in for good measure.

This is a community-driven game, so much so that they've gone and shared the design doc, which covers everything from inception to merchandising potential. And don't mention ripping off other games — he's got slapping people that do on his todo list.


FortressCraft2D : Zombie Survival [IndieCity Underground]


The Infinite Sadness That Comes When the Game Updates EndRecently the developers of the procedural PC playground game Terraria announced that updates for the game would be ending. It was a crushing blow to commenter Jezuz. Share his desolation in today's Speak Up on Kotaku.

I'm... I'm not sure why, but after finding out (quite late, at that), that the developer of Terraria was no longer going to release any more updates, I started crying heavily for about 10-15 minutes.

Two things need clearing up here.

I'm not a mega-Terraria fan, it's just one of those 'I play it once and awhile for about a week non-stop and love every second of it then wait for a big update to come out' type of games for me.

And secondly, I cried. Not just, crying, I felt true dysphoria over it, to the point that water streamed from my eyes for multiple minutes of time.

I was, an am, just... sad. I had hoped the game would keep expanding, keep going, keep releasing new iterations... But, this is showing a deeper point of these 'new age' PC games. The procedurally generated worlds that these games sit in, perhaps make us feel like these developers are perpetually going to proceed in generating new worlds and content for us.

How sad to think that Minecraft some day will be nothing but solid code, never being touched by the original creators for anything more than fond memories. How sad to think that Terraria's code is now... solid. It's no longer content fluid, it is a solid game. We paid for it, and it is now... a game that is complete.

Odd that something so basic, can be so cripplingly sad if you've never thought of it before. If you'll excuse me, I need to compose myself before I go and... Sit here for a few more hours.

Editor's Note: Changed the screen up top. Also, oops.

About Speak Up on Kotaku: Our readers have a lot to say, and sometimes what they have to say has nothing to do with the stories we run. That's why we have a forum on Kotaku called Speak Up. That's the place to post anecdotes, photos, game tips and hints, and anything you want to share with Kotaku at large. Every weekday we'll pull one of the best Speak Up posts we can find and highlight it here.

These Are the Best Indie Games of 2011 Just as its sister site ModDB picks the top PC gaming mods of the year, IndieDB rounds out the year with a countdown of the top independently developed games of the year. Think of it as a shopping list to help establish your indie gaming cred. How many of the top ten have you played?

Me? I've only gotten around to experiencing half of the ten games voted by IndieDB community members as the best independent games of the year. I've spent a great many hours exploring the world of Bastion, as everyone should. Stephen got me into SpaceChem after raving about the iPhone version of the game. Trine 2 from Frozenbyte was a no-brainer, considering my great love of the original, and Minecraft-meets-FPS Ace of Spades was personally responsible for several near-oversleep situations over the past few months.

As for the number one game, the 2D building, exploring, and surviving action of Terraria...I'm ashamed to say I hadn't played it at all, at least until this morning, when I plunked down five dollars for a copy on Steam. I'm enjoying it so much right now that this post was nearly incredibly late.

Hit up the list to see not only the top ten, but the top 100 indie games of 2011 and beyond, and start building your shopping list.

IOTY Players Choice - Indie of the Year [IndieDB]


Terraria is a 2D game that has often (and somewhat unfairly) been called "Minecraft in 2D". Not that the four developers care, since they've just sold 200,000 copies in a little over a week.

Spurred on by word-of-mouth, much of it stemming from the game's supposed similarity to Minecraft, the $10 game was first released on May 16. At time of posting, it was the top-selling game on Steam, ahead of games like The Witcher 2 and Portal 2.

What's undoubtedly lured people towards the game is the fact it appears to operate much like Minecraft with a pinch of Castlevania thrown in, in that you explore a world and craft things while fighting monsters.

I'd say it's a bit closer to being a 2D Dwarf Fortress myself. Well, a different kind of 2D than it is normally, anyway.

Link Chevron2D Word-Of-Mouth Hit Terraria Sells 200K In Nine Days [Gamasutra]


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