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Recommended April 20
"Roguemance looks rather generic in the sea of pixelated indie games, but its beating heart, in the end, is a clever, well-made roguelike that is able to stand upon its own shoulders"
Not Recommended April 16
"Metropolis: Lux Obscura combines boring gameplay with a story that genuinely feels both racist and sexist. It's not a great combination."
Informational April 16
"I think there’s enough here that it’s worth checking out for both fans of the movies, and anyone looking for something new with their VR headset."
Recommended April 14
"The Adventure Pals is pure joy for anyone of any age. The gameplay is very laid-back, but hack'n'slashing funky foes makes you feel like a warrior nonetheless. "
Recommended April 13
"Simple polygons and geometric shapes, a piano concerto on loop, and over 70 small puzzles to solve. Cubiques is a competent package for players to find some mild challenge with. "
Recommended April 13
"If you’re interested in tinkering with computers without risking thousands in real-world parts, you should consider giving PC Building Simulator a whirl."
Recommended April 12
"Masters of Anima is a strategy game that will remind you of Pikmin, and though easy to understand, it can be surprisingly difficult. The game is simple fun, but it’s hard simple fun."
Recommended April 11
"I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Slay the Spire so far. Mega Crit has a bright future if they manage to keep the game fresh with new characters, cards, and relics. "
Not Recommended April 10
"Island Time VR barely works correctly, and it's an extremely shallow survival game that is often annoying when it does."
Informational April 7
"Updated graphics and a stellar mystery can't save The Raven from its slow, frustrating gameplay. While not an unbearable experience, the overall package is brought down significantly by the mechanics."
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