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À titre d'information 17 mars
"The Long Reach is an experience encompassed with an array of psychological horrors. The happenings in Baervox are a headscratcher, but you're not supposed to fully comprehend what's going on."
Recommandé 16 mars
"When I had played enough of Shadowhand to feel comfortable writing about it I figured about two hours had passed. Turns out I’d put six hours into the game instead. That’s a good sign."
Recommandé 16 mars
"While it's a slow build and some elements still annoyed me, I honestly had more fun with Metal Gear Survive than I would have ever expected and I'd like to see the game's formulas built upon."
À titre d'information 15 mars
"Surviving Mars is a solid city-builder, but some areas of the game require too much micromanagement and some critical information is either inaccurate or not presented in a useful way."
Recommandé 13 mars
"Occasionally rough around the edges, The Council's first episode is a surprisingly entertaining combination of Telltale's episodic adventure games and tabletop RPG elements."
Recommandé 13 mars
"A solid platformer clothed in a heartwarming story and topped with some brilliantly designed levels. The looks are the cherry on top of the cake - and there's always room for more candles."
Recommandé 13 mars
"While lacking in the gameplay department, Alone With You is definitely worth checking out for someone who just wants to take in an interesting story for a few hours."
Non recommandé 12 mars
"Apex Construct has an interesting set up and some great visuals, but falls apart quickly thanks to poor gameplay, frustrating systems, many glitches, and a story that goes nowhere."
À titre d'information 11 mars
"Fans of the Sword Art Online universe might enjoy the ability to play alongside characters from the series, but Fatal Bullet struggles to keep itself afloat, even with its relatively short runtime."
Recommandé 9 mars
"As far as exploration games go, Secrets of Rætikon does a pretty good job scratching that itch. The combat requires creative environmental exploits, and there are neat little puzzles hidden about."
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