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おすすめ 2月23日
"As a unique take on shoot-em-ups that introduces some fun mechanics, Octogeddon is easy to recommend, unless you’re someone suffering from molluscophobia."
おすすめ 2月16日
"Gray Matter is a fun game. It’s quirky and off-kilter, and the premise is definitely weird, but that’s what makes it memorable."
情報提供 2月16日
"Astroneer is well on its way to becoming a good sandbox title that you can sink a nice chunk of time into with your friends."
情報提供 2月16日
"DUSK's two episodes form a nice bundle alongside an arcadey endless mode and a full deathmatch client."
情報提供 2月16日
"Whether you're looking for a casual experience or something to sink your teeth into, Treasure Adventure World is an enjoyable experience that only gets better as you keep playing."
おすすめ 2月16日
"Hot Tin Roof: The Cat that Wore a Fedora's clever comedic writing fits well with the tone, and the world easily drew me in."
おすすめ 2月13日
"The Fall Part 2: Unbound is a fantastic sequel that takes many of the elements of the first game and improves on them, creating a fascinating story and a fun blend of gameplay elements."
情報提供 2月12日
"Spellforce 3 is a great RTS held back by bugs and a seemingly rushed release. Pick it up only if you're looking for a great single-player campaign."
おすすめ 2月10日
"Puyo Puyo Tetris excels in almost all areas. Some of its game modes might've fallen a little flat (looking at you, Party), but the overall package exudes fun."
おすすめ 2月9日
"If you’re looking for a short sci-fi story that leans into text adventure gameplay, Subsurface Circular is your perfect match."
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