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Nach 30 Jahren kehrt Ataris bahnbrechender Klassiker zurück - mit ganz neuen, furchterregenden Momenten!
Veröffentlichung: 28. Sep. 2010
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Über das Spiel

Nach 30 Jahren kehrt Ataris bahnbrechender Klassiker zurück - mit ganz neuen, furchterregenden Momenten! Gespenstige Gegner lauern hinter jeder Ecke - sind Sie mutig genug dieses Spukschloss zu betreten?
  • Entdecken Sie die dunklen Räume dieses Anwesens - finden Sie den Weg durch 20 düstere Level - aber lassen Sie sich nicht von den Geistern erschrecken!
  • Entdecken Sie dunkle Geheimnisse - lösen Sie das Mysterium hinter dem verschwinden des verschollenen Urgroßvaters!


    • Betriebssystem: Windows XP SP2, Vista SP2, 7 32-bit ausschließlich (64-bit operating systems are nicht unterstützt)
    • Prozessor: Intel Core2 Duo E4300 oder AMD Athlon X2 +3800
    • Speicher: 1 GB
    • Grafik: ATI Radeon X1800, Intel Core i3/i5 HD 733 MHz, NVIDIA GeForce 7950 (Intel GMA G43/G45/X4500 oder schwächere Grafikkarten nicht unterstützt)
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c-kompatibel
    • Festplatte: 1 GB frei
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0c-kompatibel
Hilfreiche Kundenreviews
0.5 Std. insgesamt

Hehe, another silly little indie game that's decent enough to pass time.. you run around in a haunted house and try to not get caught by monsters as you try to solve the mystery of the haunted house. You don't get regular attacks-per-se... just stuff you can sometimes do with a torch or what-not. It's a fun little time killer. I never delved far into the game though since at the time I was playing the Ghostbusters game which is a more badass game about ghosts... but still, I'll recommend this game for the fact that it's cheap and decently challenging.
Verfasst: 25. August
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4.2 Std. insgesamt
Man erkundet ein dunkles Haus, fliehen vor Monstern, müssen Räume durchsuchen um weiter zu kommen...
Und das wiederholt sich.. immer und immer und immer wieder.. :/

Am Anfang ganz lustig und wird extrem schnell langweilig.
Verfasst: 29. Dezember 2013
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7 von 8 Personen (88%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
5.1 Std. insgesamt
At first the game seems easy, but its a pretty good puzzle game that revolves around the use of magical colored lanterns to open secret doors and find levers. Not a long game, but hunting all the treasures which do nothing may be of interest? The goal is to save Grandpa!!! The bad part of the game is that the lanterns run out which can leave you trapped unable to complete a level, luckily their not long though so restarting isnt a big deal. Poor instructions means going old school when getting into fights, just figuring out how to beat a boss, or an enemy, such as the last boss where you just drop a bunch of Holy hand Grenades, yep those are in the game, its fun. Later levels are very dark testing your memory, providing a good challenge. magical weapons in the game are a few, if you put them down they only reappear randomly once, so carry those through the whole game, except that eye of horus it appears a few times.

nostalgia: Game is based on a very old atari 2600 cartridge which was played in a console that looked like it was made of wood, everything back then had wood grain. In the original haunted House you ran around as a set of eyes with a light, they pull off the update nicely. To check out the old game with all its classy Atari EXPLOSION sound effects because haunted houses are hardcore check out this link:

Rating: 8/10 Value: $7.99
Verfasst: 20. Dezember 2013
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2 von 3 Personen (67%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
3.1 Std. insgesamt
Fun new twist to the old 8 bit classic.
Verfasst: 14. Juli 2013
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1.8 Std. insgesamt
Disappointing despite the graphical facelift. I guess I was expecting a little more than an exact replica of the original game.
Verfasst: 13. Dezember 2011
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