Combattez avec jusqu'à cinq amis en ligne dans ce jeu de course chaotique à vous couper le souffle !
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Date de parution: 17 mar 2011

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Note: Le jeu de base inclut désormais les véhicules Kitty, Nucloid et Veteran ainsi que les tracés Death Area 8, Airplane Cemetery et Abandoned Sawmill.

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"There isn't a whole lot to this game, but what is there is moderately entertaining. Would be more fun if the online was filled with players."

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À propos de ce jeu

Post Apocalyptic Mayhem vous permet de piloter et de vous battre avec des véhicules totalement modifiés sur des circuits à couper le souffle et de détruire vos adversaires dans une folie routière totale. Vous pouvez utiliser les aptitudes spéciales des véhicules pour causer des dégâts spectaculaires aux voitures ennemies alors que vous combattez et pilotez pour la victoire. Vous irez à des vitesses folles, utiliserez des armes hilarantes et surpuissantes, conduirez des véhicules renforcés sur des circuits exaltants.
Le jeu offre plusieurs modes de jeu intenses afin de montrer vos talents de pilote et de combattant. PAM est doté d'une conduite basée sur un moteur physique accessible qui vous permettra de ressentir autant l'immense impression de vitesse de tous les véhicules post-apocalyptiques que chaque secousse due aux impacts des armes et des tracés. Jouez en solo ou combattez jusqu'à 5 amis grâce au mode multijoueurs en ligne.

Caractéristiques :

  • Véhicules – PAM met à disposition un grand nombre de véhicules post-apocalyptiques. Tous les véhicules sont fortement modifiés et très menaçants. Tous les véhicules sont lourds, renforcés et sont capables de recevoir et de donner beaucoup de coups. Les véhicules permettent tous de voyager rapidement et facilement à travers cette terre perdue dévastée alors qu'ils détruisent sans effort les autres véhicules dans leur chemin.
  • Armes – Chaque véhicule est équipé de trois aptitudes spéciales et uniques qu'ils peuvent utiliser pour causer de sévères dégâts aux véhicules adverses : une à l'avant, l'autre sur un côté et la dernière se situe à l'arrière du véhicule. Un joueur peut recevoir ces aptitudes en récupérant les barils Aptitude Spéciale qui sont placés à travers tout le circuit. Quand un véhicule roule sur l'un de ces barils, la voiture se dote de cette aptitude spéciale et le joueur pourra l'utiliser dès qu'il le souhaite.
  • Multijoueurs – Des courses en ligne intenses, jusqu'à 6 joueurs.
  • Environnements – Les circuits de PAM offrent aux joueurs de nombreuses possibilités pour piloter autant que pour créer de larges zones où collisions les plus violentes ont lieu. Tous les circuits comprennent :
    • Des environnement apocalyptiques terrifiants qui forcent au respect.
    • Plusieurs chemins autour de certaines zones du circuit.
    • Des tunnels où les joueurs sont forcés à conduire très proche les uns des autres.
    • Des sauts énormes.
    • De nombreuses pistes uniques.
  • Succès – 35 succès Steam peuvent être remportés et montrés fièrement.
  • Tableaux des scores en ligne – Chaque mort, chaque course et chaque résultat peuvent être enregistrés et importés aux tableaux des scores en ligne pour se vanter et alimenter la concurrence.

Configuration requise

    • Système d'exploitation : Windows® XP / Vista™ / 7
    • Processeur : Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHz ou AMD similaire
    • Mémoire vive : 1 Go de RAM
    • Disque dur : 1 Go d'espace disque disponible
    • Carte graphique : nVidia GeForce 6800 Ultra, ATi Radeon X1800 XT ou meilleure
    • DirectX® : 9.0c, mise à jour de juin 2010
    • Son : Carte son compatible DirectX 9.0c
Évaluations intéressantes des utilisateurs
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Posté le : 22 septembre
Post Apocalyptic Mayhem has more strategy than your average vehicle combat racing game and that's where it shines. The goal here is to get the most kills while on a closed circuit track rather than winning a race. A simple make it to the finish line would be too easy. Since you want the most kills, if you're in first place you had best slow down and let the others catch up to you so you can wreck them. However, then you risk them overtaking you and the person in front always has the advantage when only one weapon is designed for a forward attack.

Each of the game's twelve vehicles has their own set of three weapons. The front attack is usually something that shoots forward, the side attack sprays out mines of some sort and the back attack drops something. These weapons all do something slightly different. The childhood dreams school bus has a cow catcher that will throw a vehicle, the alchemist RV has an ooze gun. The logger has side saw blades, while another vehicle has mines that will throw you into reverse. The side and back attacks are temporary and disappear after a moment. When you use them a rear view camera appears so you can see if anyone hits them for your own fiendish glee. When you kill someone a notice pops up on the screen.

You can have all three of your weapons ready by driving through colored barrels. Blue is the side weapon, yellow is the front, red is the rear. Black barrels give you a random charge. Having three weapons at once makes you dangerous. In fact everyone here is dangerous. You need to watch your opponents for a red, blue or yellow glow on on each respective area. Well if there's a glow on their front you'll never see it coming. There is full camera control, but the problem is you need to rotate the camera to face behind you rather than a quick look behind you. Another shame is no indicator to warn you that someone is on your six.

To get into the lead position you have a nitro boost and a lot of it. If you run out, you can find more in green barrels, but otherwise it refills after a brief moment. This boost is more than a slow thrust, so there's no logic to using it. When you get a small amount of it, use it.

Your vehicle has health, so getting hit with a falling log or running over ice spikes still gives you a chance of surviving. If you die, wreck or even respawn, you lose all of your charged weapons and keep what's left of your used nitro. So Post Apocalyptic Mayhem has good strategy rather than quick and crazy car combat.

The courses are designed to make use of this combat with several sections that break up a map into narrow stalls, larger areas and bottlenecks. Kills are almost guaranteed without quick thinking to play defensive and let others through a narrow corridor or nitro ahead and leave barrels or fire for the others to run through. There are several different paths with each track so you always have a chance of finding a safe path to get ahead.

There's an arcade mode that lets you play one track at a time, but I much prefer the apocalyptic challenge which has you playing all eight tracks back to back with a score after each one and a final score at the conclusion. This mode makes it feel like a deeper game even if its limited. The game does offer multiplayer online with ranked matches, but four years after a budget title's release means the game is inevitably dead for multiplayer. I would have enjoyed it, because medium felt easy and the hard difficulty while it was still fun, it was difficult to exceed second to last place.

The vehicles all have character and there's a wide variety each with their own stats for acceleration handling and mayhem. You have nine unlocked from the start and can select between a pair of dune buggies, a little car with a unicorn head that has a giant twisting drill, another small nuclear themed car and a few others. You'll need to purchase DLC with the ice cream truck, 1950s squad car and classic tow truck. On sale, I'd go for it. I'd advise against smaller vehicles, because a smaller body size means its tougher to hit the barrels to get weapon charges.

If you think there's a balance to smaller vehicles having less body to hit with weapons, you'd be wrong, because the weapons really scatter out making them tough to avoid without stopping. The mines themselves are tiny and blinking, so they're tough to even see.

The game plays like a lot of other racers with a chase cam and I feel like the game was really designed with a 360 controller in mind. Everything is color coated to the controller, even the barrels. Its true arcade style racing with throttle controls of forward and reverse. There is a hard brake, even if I never had to brake. Slowing down to let opponents catch up just meant I had to let off the forward.

Now that I've discussed the good, let's turn to the bad. The weight of each vehicle is so light it felt like driving a balloon with tires. Its difficult to stay grounded even in a logging rig, a school bus or an RV. There are a lot of jumps and ramps, but I'm talking about in general you can be driving on the walls. Coming down from a high jump can bounce you back up. Its ridiculous and it took me thirty minutes before I stopped laughing at the game and had some fun with it. You can also boost through the air, because your boost is a rocket rather than strict nitrous.

As for the graphics and art direction, it just looks faded and worn. I feel like I could enjoy the game more if the colors were bolder and it was more than a dusty covered look to them. I would say a dusty brown, but one of the eight courses feels little more than a happy winter wonderland of a previous course where rather than having brown sand blowing in the breeze its a snow dusting.

Another interesting thing is how much the demo or trailer plays in game if you wait too long in the menu. I enjoy when games have demos or trailers and it seems to be what's missing from games now, but it plays a little too often.

There's a lot working against the game despite all its positives. Its still far from a good game, but it was entertaining once I stopped laughing at it and found the strategy involved. In a sequel I would love more levels, more modes and a different, more vibrant art direction. I think a lot of people will hate it for how simplistic the weapons are with side, front and back coupled with the fact each vehicle's weapons are different and there are better vehicles.

If you find it on sale, take a risk.
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Posté le : 22 juin
Got this a long time ago, still very enjoyable, even though it's incredibly tough to stumble upon anyone in multiplayer so I find myself playing singleplayer. Still very awesome though.
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Posté le : 16 septembre
This game is developed by these people

And it must be noted that this game actually disappeared for quite some time from Steam Store only to quietly reappear at a later date. The reason for this seems simply to be because the developers disassociated themselves from the Meridian 4 group for a period of time. Even during the absence of this game on the store page, the PAM community was still playing it, with their friends quite frequently.

You will also notice that this game has what seems quite an absurd meta critic review score 44/100 when you compare it to the large amount of positive reviews from the gamers themselves. One of the biggest complaints to the game is that it has relatively few levels 7 all up and a handful of cars 12 only which some are quite decent.

The game is best described as a Mad Max version of Mario Kart. The objective is to not only be the fastest around the track, but also the one who has the most kills. Hence it is possible to win the game even coming in third place or something as long as those in first and second place do not have more kills than you.

To help you get the kills each car is fitted with a wide arrange of novelty weapons which only activate by running over the corresponding colored barrels on the race track. Each car has a weapon that shoots from the side of the car, shoots behind the car and shoots in front of the car, there is also a turbo boost you can pick up. Each directional weapon is color coded to a corresponding barrel color. While this may sound complicated you will pick up the idea within the first lap.

The cars handle really well and the map courses are quite eye pleasing and somewhat versatile when it comes to terrain. When the game suggests mayhem it aint kidding. On the harder difficulties you will spend most of your time bouncing around the screen by all the explosions thanks to your enemies. The game caters single player, multiplayer and campaign.

It must also be noted that there is a large amount of achievements that are dedicated to the multiplayer aspects of this game, the frustrating thing is that there are few that play the multiplayer online, unless they are playing with friends. So if your an achievement hunter you may wish to seriously think about buying the multiple pack of this game so that you can play it with your friends. This game is definitely fun and really quite decent, having said that I would still recommend that you wait for it to go on a sale.

Since the game was developed back in 2011, hopefully steel mokeys will one day stop scrathing and sniffing their behinds and give us more levels and dlc to please the players. There is serious potential here, but alas still only peanuts of material given.
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Posté le : 6 août
It's a really nice game...

But nobody is playing multiplayer... you will notice it when you try to play multiplayer...
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Posté le : 28 septembre
Coming hot off the heels of finally giving Burnout Paradise a go, I was eager for some more silly arcade racing goodness. Post Apocalyptic Mayhem has been collecting dust for quite a while and it looked (from the screenshots) that it would fit the bill perfectly.

I really adore the over-the-top and entirely impractical vehicles of destruction; my personal favorite was immediately the school bus. I jumped immediately into the first course and, within 30 seconds, was really disappointed. The game performs lovely, and visually it may not be able to compete with the likes of Mad Max but it’s nothing to complain about. Had this been any other genre, I would say the handling was abysmal; however, the floaty and silly vehicle physics fit right in with the style. Here’s the problem: it is SO SLOW. And I don’t mean that driving a 4 ton school bus outfitted with steel plate armor was a bit sluggish. On the contrary, I flew past everyone else on the track with very little effort. The problem is that there is literally no sense of speed. If I had to guess the approximate top speed I reached, I would say roughly 50-60 MPH with the rocket boost held down. There was zero thrill to navigating the course. What disheartens me more is that the problem couldn’t be solved with a simple edit of the vehicle data files because the levels are clearly not designed for any faster speed.

I loved the weapons and the vehicular combat. When I slowed down enough to engage the other drivers I had a blast flipping them over my head and peppering them with napalm cluster mines, but everything was just so slow and unenthusiastic. The excitement of any exchange of blows was immediately sapped away by the dull driving experience. I do not believe PAM is a bad game by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s not a game I would suggest a friend to pick up. I would be really excited to see a more aggressive and faster sequel because I think they have a decent foundation to work with here.
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