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Fecha de lanzamiento: 17 mar. 2011

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Aviso: El juego base ahora incluye los vehículos Kitty, Nucloid y The Veteran, así como las pistas Death Area 8, Airplane Cemetery y Abandoned Sawmill.

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Incluye 4 artículos: I, Gladiator, I, Gladiator - Soundtracks, Post Apocalyptic Mayhem, Post Apocalyptic Mayhem: DLC - Chaos Pack


Steam Big Picture

Acerca de este juego

Post Apocalyptic Mayhem te permite correr y luchar con vehículos totalmente modificados a lo largo de numerosos e impresionantes circuitos y acabar con los demás corredores en medio de un desmesurado caos automovilístico. Puedes usar las habilidades especiales del vehículo para destruir los coches enemigos de una forma espectacular mientras luchas y corres para lograr la victoria. Experimenta con altas velocidades, armas divertidas y violentas, vehículos reforzados y varios y emocionantes circuitos.
El juego ofrece varios e intensos modos de carrera que te permiten demostrar tanto tus habilidades de conducción como de combate. PAM cuenta con un accesible modelo de conducción basado en la física que te permite sentir la enorme velocidad de todos los vehículos postapocalípticos, así como cada machacador impacto de las armas y las pistas. Juega en solitario o lucha contra hasta cinco amigos en el modo multijugador online.

Características principales:

  • Vehículos – PAM ofrece numerosos vehículos postapocalípticos. Todos los vehículos están totalmente modificados y son extremadamente amenazadores. Todos los vehículos son muy resistentes, están muy reforzados y son capaces de dar y recibir muchos abusos. Todos los vehículos permiten viajar de forma rápida y sencilla sobre el recién devastado yermo mientras aplastan a otros vehículos por el camino
  • Armas – Todos los vehículos disponen de tres poderosas habilidades únicas que pueden usarse para causar graves daños a los vehículos de los oponentes: un ataque frontal, un ataque lateral y un ataque trasero. Un jugador puede obtener estas habilidades especiales recogiendo Barriles de Habilidades Especiales que están colocados a lo largo de todos los circuitos. Cuando un vehículo pasa por encima de un Barril de Habilidad Especial, el vehículo obtendrá esa habilidad específica y el jugador podrá utilizarla cuando más le convenga
  • Multijugador – Intensas carreras multijugador para hasta 6 jugadores
  • Entornos – Los circuitos de PAM ofrecerán a los jugadores numerosas opciones durante las carreras, así como intensas zonas para todas las colisiones importantes. Todos los circuitos contienen:
    • Alucinantes entornos postapocalípticos
    • Varios caminos en ciertas partes de los circuitos
    • Zonas de embudo donde los jugadores se verán forzados a conducir muy cerca de otros vehículos
    • Enormes saltos
    • Numerosos circuitos adictivos y totalmente únicos.
  • Logros – 35 logros de Steam para conseguir y mostrar con orgullo
  • Tablas de clasificación online – Cada muerte, cada carrera y cada resultado será registrado y subido a las tablas de clasificación online para presumir y alimentar la competición

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Windows® XP / Vista™ / 7
    • Procesador: Intel P4 a 3.0 GHz o similar de AMD
    • Memoria: 1 GB de RAM
    • Disco Duro: 1 GB de espacio libre
    • Gráficos: nVidia GeForce 6800 Ultra, ATI Radeon X1800 XT o superior
    • DirectX®: 9.0c de junio de 2010
    • Sonido: Compatible con DirectX 9.0c
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Publicado el 30 de noviembre de 2015
This game is a blast and i return to play it every now and then either as Single Player or as Multiplayer despite it's age. Multiplayer matches are rare but totally worth it when you manage to assemble a couple of drivers for a match.

Game is often bundled and sold very cheaply but do not think for a moment that this is some garbage bin game. Game has been designed with thought and this can be seen in the strategical thinking that is required to succeed rather than absolute skill in driving laps as fast as possible. In fact you will not win if you keep trying to speed away from the others. Kills count and they can be tough to get.

Not going to spill much ink here on mechanics. other reviews has explained this very well already in deep detail. Let's just say there are vehicles for everyone and yes there are some vehicles that are more deadly than others in the hands of people who know how to use them but no car is really OP once you learn how to deal with them.

Get this game and play it.
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Publicado el 30 de marzo
I think PAM gives a simple short & fast paced punch of fun, and though it's not particularly special, if all you're looking for is a simple car combat racer then you'll come back to play this time and time again and it wont leave you disappointed.


Simplicity is rarely a benefit, but this game pulls it off well. It's succinct and straight to the point. Everything fits and makes sense and the controls serve it well. This is a problem as well as a benefit because it may lead to boredom from lack of variety for some, but the fact that the developers have a complete package with few flaws and tight gameplay holds value.

Mistakes & Annoyances

The most severe problems with PAM are the same universal problems that the vast majority of multiplayer racing games suffer from: the lack of persistent mutliplayer. After a certain amount of time all multiplayer games will suffer from this, and that's just part of the scene, but for a game who's best enjoyment comes from the multiplayer combat and blasting and racing with and against your friends, it's sad that it's pretty much dead just a few years after release and the absence of local mutliplay is definitely a black mark.

Steam groups like PAM Multi may help to alleviate this and find people to play with, and the single player is still strong enough alone to have plenty of fun, but it's a big loss and may be a deal breaker for you, especially when compared against newer releases with similar mechanics and more players. If you have friends with the title or you're happy to blast around racing against the AI in single player then this probably isn't an issue for you.

Lack of content, specifically tracks and game modes is also an issue. With just an arcade racing mode, a slightly extended Challenge mode and only 7 tracks you can expect to explore all this game has to offer in a couple of hours. Yes, the game is simple chaotic fun, and the limited variety of vehicles and power-ups mean that every play will be slightly different, but it's still very much a one trick pony. The question is whether that pony is fun enough for you to ride on long enough to justify the price.


On Steam at $9.99/£6.99/9,99€, Post Apocalyptic Mayhem is good value for money for a game you're likely to come back to time and time again. There's also a 3-Pack option on Steam, which offers a negligible discount, and two Next Dimension packs which offer their other less positively reviewed game I, Gladiator which should probably be avoided. There's also the Chaos Pack DLC which offers 3 additional vehicles. This isn't much, but the price is so low that it's a fair buy for those who have played through the game and still enjoy it enough to pick up some extra vehicles.

* There's a well put together PDF Manual with some information on the vehicles, controls and more available here.
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Publicado el 26 de noviembre de 2015
Pink flamingos as a weapon? 10/10
Craziest weapon selection in a computer game ever! This game is not about racing. It's about war!

This one was once a small little gem, that was sadly overlooked and suffered from race quitters in it's multiplayer times. The game looks nice with a cool aesthetic and a good driving feeling. On release there were only three maps available which were fun to play. Thank to the devs a free DLC was released adding new content like two new maps and three new cars. The cars are well balanced starting from small fast ones to big slower ones. All cars have a front, side and a back attack. Every car has its unique crazy weapons which are activated by collecting power-up barrels on the race track. All weapons are fun and you should definitely try out all the cars with their weapons to better choose what car is best for you.
If this game is on a sale grab it! You won't regret it. Even if mulitplayer is dead now you will enjoy the single player long enough.
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Publicado el 24 de enero
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A 3 de 4 personas (75%) les ha sido útil este análisis
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Publicado el 29 de febrero
Brutal, but so much fun. I recently just bought this game, and i can't wait to play more of it!!
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