Jim wasn't always a studly super-worm. He was once just a spineless, dirt-eater with no real mission in his life... But then something unexpected happened. The evil Psy-Crow was transporting a super suit, built by the genius Professor Monkey-For-A-Head, to Queen Pulsating, Bloated, Festering, Sweaty, Pus-Filled, Malformed,...
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发行日期: 1995年11月30日



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Jim wasn't always a studly super-worm. He was once just a spineless, dirt-eater with no real mission in his life...

But then something unexpected happened. The evil Psy-Crow was transporting a super suit, built by the genius Professor Monkey-For-A-Head, to Queen Pulsating, Bloated, Festering, Sweaty, Pus-Filled, Malformed, Slug-For-A-Butt, but along the way it was stolen by a rebel. Although Psy-Crow killed the rebel, the suit fell down to Earth, landing on an Earth Worm. That cosmic twist of fate placed Jim in control of an ultra-high-tech-indestructible-super-space-cyber-suit.

Anyway, Earthworm Jim found out that Princess What's-Her-Name had been captured and set out to save her. Meanwhile, there's a bounty on Jimmy and plenty of people are in line to take Queen Slug-For-A-Butt up on her offer.

Now Jim must make it to the princess and stay clear of Psy-Crow, the intergalactic bounty hunter, until the final battle with Queen Slug-For-A-Butt. To accomplish this, you'll have to use every weapon and ability at your disposal to wriggle your way through dozens of original and just plain weird levels.


    • OS: Windows
    • Processor: Pentium 133 with 3D card. Pentium 166 without hardware acceleration.
    • Memory: 8 MB
    • Graphics: 256-color SVGA video graphic card
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this is just the the old DOS game ported, withc is the worst of the 3 big ones.
i recomend playing the genesis one, this one is kinda crapy unresponsive controls and no sound effects, maybe this was ok 20 years ago, but now is not good at all.
bad port of an awesome game
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An awfull port of an awesome game. Waste of money, this version is barely playable. Avoid at all costs. Would still recommend to check out the original game though, if you havent already done so.
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I wish they had a refund policy. The sound and music do not work correctly. There are keys that you absolutely cannot assign when redoing the key bindings, and from what I've read getting a gamepad to work is a small miracle in and of itself. Save yourself some money and frustration and pass on this broken port of a sweet, but extremely difficult, game. GROOVY!
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An amazing game slaughtered on the PC. It's basicaly a direct port of Earthworm jim on the PC and DOS. From that you can expect all the problems that come with a port like this. No controller support, complicated keyboard settings, audio issues, slow down and many other things. Personally, you are MUCH..MUCH better off playing the Super Nintendo and Genesis originals, or the Wii virtual console version.
If you can't get those then I would suggest Earthworm jim HD for the Xbox live arcade and Playstation network.
Even if you're a hardcore PC gamer, you deserve alot better ports for a game like Earthworm jim.

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Pre-Release Review
Earthworm Jim is a great series. EWJ is a great game. However, as to why this is the version on Steam, and not the better EWJ port done a few years later for 95, I haven't got a clue.

I do not recommend the DOS version, sorry.
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Ever wonder what a terrible port looks like, but never (thankfully) had the chance to see one for yourself? Buy this game. You can barely control Jim. It's like a normal game, but you have chopped off several random fingers, and struggle to do even the easiest things by squirming and contorting your body in an attempt to do so. This was nothing but a cash grab. The smallest amount of time was put into this version. I'm not asking for a AAA effort, but you know, let me aim diagonal up right for Chrissakes.
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As a fan of Earthworm Jim growing up this is an interesting case of nostalgia hitting up with what amounts to a lousy port.

Back in the SNES days Earthworm Jim was considered a fun game due to it's unique charm. Excellent gameplay, responsive controls, outrageous humor, terrific song and music, and fair difficulty. It's everything you want in a game, something that doesn't take itself too seriously and if you screwed up it wasn't the game's fault it's because you weren't good enough.

Some are present here, however the port wasn't a clean one.

Hit detection can be dodgy, missing levels, sounds that just aren't plumb there. Even among the poor ports out there this is probably the worst of the bunch.

If you want to get Earthworm Jim, I'd recommend the SNES/Sega/SegaCD ports. You're missing out by getting this even if you are a fan of Earthworm Jim.
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Старый добрый Червяк Джим ожил в Стиме!
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Stay away from this awful port.

(7/3/14) Edit: I'm not saying Earthworm Jim is bad, because it is not! Just the steam version is very ♥♥♥♥♥♥ and it's not worth even touching.
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it runs on gosh dang dosbox. Probably the second worst port of EWJ to date with controller issues and missing levels.
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I made the mistake of thinking this was a good port of EWJ. IT IS NOT! The gameplay is horid thanks to the terrible controls and
the game is made near impossible by the control limitations. Don't make the mistake of buying this and especially dont buy the EWJ 1,2,&3D bundle. This is my worst purchase on steam. Don't make it your worst purchase too!
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A bad port of an overall great game. If you want to play it, you should try the Sega CD or Sega Genesis port.
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It ♥♥♥♥ing lacks both sound and crashes often, thanks to steams amazing porting skills. If you have Windows 7 or anything newer then Win 98, don't even bother.
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Do not buy it - that is a worst port (probably even worse, that GBA) of EWJ. Emulate, buy it no MD, SNES or any other console, but dont buy this crap if you respect yourself.
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It is just dos box! you could use a snes or genesis emulator and get the game for free! waste of my money! >:(
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Honestly, this is a game only for nostalgia purposes, because if you were a kid this was one of those "GROOVY" (hehe pun intended) Games that you would play, as a new customer to this franchise, you're going to hate this game.. really.. i guess, is hard to say since i can be a fanboy for EWJ, but this game is fun... it basically sums up my childhood
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Earthworm Jim! Groovy! nuff said.
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i don't recomend buying this version.
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