I migliori giocatori al mondo sono tornati, assieme ad alcuni degli sfidanti più promettenti. Acquista entro il primo Luglio per approfittare degli sconti.
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Data di rilascio: 24 giu 2011
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SALDI FESTIVI! L'offerta termina il giorno 2 gennaio


Riguardo questo gioco

  • Il ritorno dei campioni più grandi: I migliori giocatori al mondo sono tornati, assieme ad alcuni degli sfidanti più promettenti. L'elenco dei 19 campioni selezionabili include Nadal, Federer, Murray, Sharapova, Wozniacki e Williams.
  • La gloria tennistica ti aspetta: Un World Tour completamente nuovo trasforma la modalità carriera di VT in un GdR. Progettata per aumentare la rigiocabilità e tenere in considerazione anche la fama fuori dal campo, dove ogni decisione influenza la carriera di un giocatore, per rendere la modalità sempre diversa.
  • Un vero ritrovo online per la community: Il nuovo centro online offre la prima avvincente esperienza di tennis online. Progettato con l'acclamata tecnologia di Virtua Fighter 5, il sistema degli abbinamenti promette incontri più competitivi e con i tornei online sarà possibile scoprire il campione di Virtua Tennis definitivo.
  • Prova tutte le emozioni: Una nuovissima funzione in campo renderà le partite ancora più ricche di tensione. Incrementa la barra di Carica della partita durante un incontro e dai il massimo man mano che il tuo giocatore acquista fiducia, per effettuare tiri che i comuni mortali possono solo sognare.
  • Minigiochi ancora più divertenti: Un passo oltre i canoni del genere, con l'inclusione di condizioni meteorologiche e maggiore attenzione sull'azione multigiocatore, i minigiochi di VT daranno ai giocatori una vera modalità alternativa in cui competere, sia in multigiocatore sia online.

Requisiti di sistema

    • Sistema Operativo: Windows 7 / Vista / XP
    • Processore: Intel® Core™2 Duo a 2 GHz o equivalente AMD
    • RAM: 2 GB
    • Scheda Video: NVIDIA® GeForce® 7800 / ATI Radeon™ X1800
    • Sistema Operativo: Windows 7 / Vista / XP
    • Processore: Intel® Core™2 Duo a 2 GHz o equivalente AMD
    • RAM: 2 GB
    • Scheda Video: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 260 / ATI Radeon™ HD 4870
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Pubblicata: 30 giugno
Virtua Tennis 4

it's a great game! with lots of options when friends are visiting me then it's a perfect 4 player entertainment.

Producer(s) Jun Yoshino & Designer(s) Mie Kumagai

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Pubblicata: 1 ottobre
Despite criticism about the few innovations that the game brought in my opinion this the best version released of VT series until now. OK they could have added more new and interesting things to this version after the 2009 which is already similar in many ways to 3, but the gameplay for example I thought is really better and smooth, in this version is not totally arcade like before, it is noticed a little more simulation on movements and the way you have to positioning yourself to hit the ball, which I really enjoy, but in same time I think they shouldn't have put that super shot with annoying animation. And about the animations, the worse thing in the game undoubtedly is in online playing where there is NO WAY to skip the replays, this simply mess up any chance to have a good online play since almost every point you have to wait the boring slowmotion replay of a not spectacular point in many occasions.

Also about the online mode I can't let to mention that there are almost no people playing, maybe due a problems as the non-skip replay and connection delay which often occurs.

The World Tour mode this time is differently, with a system that resembles a board game where you have tickets with randomly number of steps to lead you up to the four major tournaments, which is the main objective of the four seasons, there are training lessons, exhibition and special matches, mid-scale tournaments, a shop mode etc, but is too short as it only have four seasons to complete and finish the mode, you even can play again from the start with the same character and abilities acquired, but all the way is the same again, so this was another thing that disappointed me.

For those who really enjoy a tennis game and despite the negative points I still recommend it, since PC players don't have a more titles as console gamers for now this is the best option available, and let's hope for a VT5 in a near future.
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Pubblicata: 27 novembre
Not sure why the critics gave such a low score for this game, but I'm loving this game so far! Best tennis video game I've played yet! Great graphics and controls. Very easy to get into and improve your game. The controls and mechanics are solid. The only thing lacking is online play. There isn't a lot of players online to play with. If you love tennis, go pick it up! You won't regret it!
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Pubblicata: 17 settembre
Honestly this game is highly addicting and highly fun and entertaining. I can't really find much that I don't like about it. probably the only thing wrong is there arent more pro tennis players. but this is def worth the 15 bucks. 9.9/10 for me easily
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Pubblicata: 23 agosto
Unfortunately this is the only tennis game on steam but its pretty good. The world tour is fun but can get a bit repetitive at times.
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Pubblicata: 30 luglio
A hard hitting , ground stroking, grunting simulator 11/10
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Pubblicata: 1 dicembre
I really loved that game. I am totally bying VT5 in 2015 =3 Make your own character and face world famous tennis players in-game, that's cute and funny =D
P.S: Tried multiplayer... sad that it runs on windows live. The most ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ and slowest connection available (imho), my character was responding like 0.5-1 seconds later. Try to counter agressive-net players, good luck b*tch. That totally ruined my multiplayer experience.
But the game rocks, tho =D
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Pubblicata: 16 luglio
Best game ever. Just look at dat sexy Maria Sharapova booty :)
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Pubblicata: 16 luglio
I dowloaded this game last week, and installed it. I launched it and logged in my with Windows Live account, and it started doing updates. After the updates had finished, I tried to launch the game again but I get an error message. I can't get the game to load at all after these updates installed, so I've essentially purchased a broken game.
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Pubblicata: 30 ottobre 2011
Virtua tennis 4 è il quarto capitolo della famosa saga di tennis che, nello scorso decennio, spopolava nelle sale giochi. Il titolo presenta una campagna in single player con, oltre alle classiche sfide, delle sessioni di allenamento con dei mini-giochi ed una componente gestionale abbastanza originale. Nel multiplayer sarà possibile sfidare degli avversari reali al fine di scalare la classifica mondiale. La grafica è bella e pulita, le animazioni decisamente buone ed il sonoro nella media. Purtroppo, nonostante sia un buon gioco, soffre di alcuni bug e difetti: alcuni achievement non vengono sbloccati (insieme a dei personaggi giocabili), mancano delle impostazioni nel multiplayer e utilizza l'odiosissimo Games for Windows Live. Nonostante questi difetti, VT4 è un buon gioco ed è consigliato a tutti i nostalgici ed a tutti coloro a cui piaccia questo sport.
Voto 7,5
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Pubblicata: 11 giugno
Sir Faulty's Scorecard

Personal Rating: "Worth purchasing during a sale"
Traditional Rating: 6 out of 10
Genre: Sport Simulation

Playing for keeps

Sega lets you deck it out on the world's tennis court circuit with some of the biggest names in the sport. Starting as a complete newbie it's up to the player to rise the ranks of the top tennis player listings and go for all four big grand-slam wins to become tennis champion of the world.

I was a little disappointed that you could not select any of the world's top tennis players as your character but given the context of the actual game the idea is that you rise the ranks not start immediately at pole position. Virtua Tennis 4 employs a board game style grid complete with dice rolls in order to advance through the competition stages. Whilst fun to begin with often you will find you don't have a particular roll (or ticket as its referred to in game) so you will miss some of the more interesting squares on the board which will aid you in your quest for Grand Slam wins. Whilst I realize this was trying to add an element of strategy to the game it really doesn't work in a tennis simulator. After I had gone around the board a few times (represented in years) I was honestly fed up with the game mechanics.

I did, however, really enjoy the myriad of mini-games on display that are designed to increase your skill level and incrementing in levels each time you get enough training points, these mini-games get incredibly challenging the higher the level you go.

I didn't find any of the big name stars on-board very challenging with most having a play pattern that is easily recognizable which lead me to eventually winning all four grand-slams repeatedly. The game does have multiplayer but you are forced to work your way through the dreadful Games for Window Live in order to hook up with some other real life players and of the players I did match up with it was very clear some of them were hacking and cheating with their tennis chars zooming around the court like a superhero. I just don't understand this logic - are you really that hopeless a gamer that you need to cheat against other players?


Virtua Tennis 4 graphics are not bad but they are not particularly good either and some of the animations are very stiff. The audio is what you would expect from a tennis game with the crowd cheering during all the climaxes. I wouldn't pay full price for this as its certainly not the best tennis simulator to grace the PC. The mini-games are incredibly fun though and should you wish to pick up this title I would recommend you pick it up when it goes on sale.

***Note*** Virtua Tennis 4 uses GFWL and since that is being decommissioned in July the online-matchmaking will cease to exist. As far as I know this is one of those titles that is not getting GFWL removed so if you are looking at getting this to play online with people you may have to look elsewhere for that.
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Pubblicata: 12 luglio 2013
Graphics are the highlight for this game, although the cutscenes repeat over and over. The World Tour mode is interesting and involves strategic planning but it becomes a bit boring later. Gameplay isn't so good, lacking play variation and skills. At many times the gameplay resumes to positioning at the right place and pressing the button to hit the ball. You can have fun with this game, but not for long. Gamepad is recommended.

Gráficos são o destaque desse jogo, embora as cutscenes se repitam. O modo World Tour é até interessante e envolve alguma estratégia mas depois torna-se meio chato. A jogabilidade não é tão boa pois falta variação nas jogadas sem muita demonstração de habilidade. Em muitas coisas o jogo se resume quase a apenas se posicionar e apertar o botão na hora certa. Confere diversão mas perde a graça logo. Gamepad recomendado.
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Pubblicata: 6 dicembre 2013
Another Virtua Tennis! A fun game if played together with family/friends! I don't quite like carrer game... and my save game is lost if not connecting to GFWL :( has to restart after finishing the mode.

I played VT2 so I think It's a lot improvement. No skills required to play, but you'll need some time to be able to understand it.

Overall 3.5/5
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Pubblicata: 12 febbraio
Probably the best PC tennis game at this time, and there are not many out there. Great visuals, that serves to emphasise player emotion (but still look like the Terminator trying to smile to O'Connor's joke in Terminator 2) and easy-to-see ball movement.

This isn't the perfect tennis simulation, but it is fun and that's all that matters - very simple mechanics/move execution with reliance on timing. A decent range of real-life players to choose from with each specialising in certain elements (e.g. defense, serve and volleying), though some of them don't even play on the professional circuit anymore!

I've not played multiplayer, so I can only speak for solo play - the AI is challenging enough on the highest difficulty, though they do seem to predict your ball strikes depending on your joystick movement/button choice prior to your hit (so there's a tip for everyone ;) - leave movement and button pressing 'til the VERY LAST possible moment to at least throw the AI off).

I wish there was a updated rendition of this game, but as there are no decent offerings at all, this seems to be the best tennis game out there at this time.
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Pubblicata: 3 luglio 2011
I created a player that looked like a chimpanzee with an eating disorder wearing only underwear and a pair of wellies, and I gave him a guitar as tennis racket.
The fact that you can play all self-created players online makes this game so fun.
It's totally worth every single penny spent imo.
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Pubblicata: 23 giugno 2013
ENG: The best and most realistic tennis game on Steam, interesting and effective game in which the gameplay is enough. Character customization, as well as mini-games. Referral!

FIN: Paras ja realistisin tennis peli Steamissa, kiinnostava ja toimiva peli, jossa pelattavaa riittää. Hahmo kustomointi sekä minipelit. Suositteluni!
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Pubblicata: 29 gennaio 2013
I first started playing Virtua Tennis on the Dreamcast. And it quickly became one of my favorite games because of its casual, arcade-style gameplay. I didn't want to play a sports sim, I wanted to unwind and have fun. Virtua Tennis gave me that exact experience. Since then several 'sequels' have been released and, while they do improve upon certain aspects, they mostly haven't become any better; in fact, if you ask me the brand has stagnated. More celebrity tennis players, wacky minigames/training missions, realistic graphics, create-a-player and things like that are small additions that definitely should've been added, but they should've added more to make it stand out again. The game feels like Virtua Tennis+ as it is; it's still fun, but brings nothing new to the table. The World Tour mode now even plays like a boardgame, where you use tickets to take a certain amount of steps. It actually gave me a Mario Party vibe. Note that that's not necessarily a bad thing, because the World Tour is really fun to play, but it could've used a little more work. It should've been deeper, maybe with an experience system even.
I'll shut up now. If you're new to Virtua Tennis, start with this game. It's the most complete version to date and if you like tennis even a little bit I'm sure you'll have a good time.

[Rating: 78/100]
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Pubblicata: 3 dicembre 2013
id recommend this game to people who dont know or care about real tennis. if u like sim-tennis this game is not even close, and in my opinion the worst virtua tennis game mechanics of all time. Play styles in this game are MADDENINGLY RIGID. you pick a play style like strong backhand and yes you do hav a strong backhand, but every other shot is terrible. for example........ try winning using roger federer (serve volley(?)) against anyone (online or offline) on anything other than the easiest difficulties, without coming to the net! impossible.....

career mode is just about as arcade as it gets

people who dont mind all the above reasons i dont like it may like this game but i cant recommend it. grand slam tennis 2 is EASILY the worst tennis game ever ever played and VT4 isnt hugely better. in a nutshell if u dont mind terribly rigid unrealistic tennis games with abominable randomisation in career mode then this game is for you. but tennis simmers keep far far away. SMASH COURT 2, FULL-ACE, TENNIS ELBOW, THE TOP SPIN'S ---- great games even VT 2009 I think had good gameplay but again horrible career mode
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Pubblicata: 2 gennaio 2013
Vale muito a pena :D
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Pubblicata: 26 marzo 2013
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