The year is 2052 and the world is a dangerous and chaotic place. Terrorists operate openly - killing thousands; drugs, disease and pollution kill even more. The world's economies are close to collapse and the gap between the insanely wealthy and the desperately poor grows ever wider.
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Releasedatum: 22 jun 2000

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Deus Ex Collection kopen

The Deus Ex Collection includes the complete library of Deus Ex titles ever released for PC, including the Game of the Year Edition of the original masterpiece, as well as the Director's Cut version of the applauded Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

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NOTE: This version of the Eidos Anthology is not playable in Germany.

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"Well in the eyes of many its the best game of all time. Hard to argue with them, a revolutionary FPS-RPG. Clunky mechanics by todays standards but great"
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14 oktober

Revision, fan-made mod for Deus Ex, now out on Steam!

Time to reinstall Deus Ex! We’re continuing to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the franchise with the release a fan-created mod for the first game.

Called ‘Revision,’ the mod by Caustic Creative overhauls the environments and soundtrack of the original Deus Ex, while also expanding certain aspects of the game, allowing you to navigate and explore beyond the limits of the world within the original game.

Check out the launch trailer, which breaks down all the work Caustic Creative has done for this mod.
The mod is available to download for free today on Steam. You need to own the original Deus Ex to play it.

More information about Revision can be found at the project web site:

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27 juni

Celebrating Deus Ex's 15th anniversary

15 years ago, the very first Deus Ex game was released on PC. To this day, it is still considered a classic and one of the most influential titles ever created.

To celebrate this anniversary, we have prepared a special four-episode documentary telling the genesis of the series, from the original Deus Ex to the upcoming Mankind Divided. Check out the first episode below, with original game creators Warren Spector, Chris Norden and Sheldon Pacotti!
We’re also giving you the opportunity to choose the contents of the upcoming Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Collector's Edition. The choice is yours - items like an Adam Jensen replica statue, a mini artbook, a replica weapon and a pin set (among others), are up for selection until July 3. Vote here!

Finally, Square Enix and Eidos-Montréal have partnered with GameChanger Charity, a non-profit focused on improving the lives of children suffering from life-threatening diseases. It makes an impact by providing direct services in hospitals, delivering video game gifts & supporting families financially.

We’ll provide donors with a free PC digital copy of Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut for every contribution made to the charity in excess of $1 – and they will have the ability to decide how their funds will be used by GameChanger. To donate, please visit:

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Deus Ex Mankind Divided announced!

Over dit spel

The year is 2052 and the world is a dangerous and chaotic place. Terrorists operate openly - killing thousands; drugs, disease and pollution kill even more. The world's economies are close to collapse and the gap between the insanely wealthy and the desperately poor grows ever wider. Worst of all, an ages old conspiracy bent on world domination has decided that the time is right to emerge from the shadows and take control.

Key Features:

  • Real role-playing from an immersive 3D, first-person perspective. The game includes action, character interaction and problem solving.
  • Realistic, recognizable locations. Many of the locations are built from actual blueprints of real places set in a near future scenario.
  • A game filled with people rather than monsters. This creates empathy with the game characters and enhances the realism of the game world.
  • Rich character development systems: Skills, augmentations, weapon and item selections and multiple solutions to problems ensure that no two players will end the game with similar characters.
  • Multiple solutions to problems and character development choices ensure a varied game experience. Talk, fight or use skills to get past obstacles as the game adapts itself to your style of play.
  • Strong storyline: Built on "real" conspiracy theories, current events and expected advancements in technology. If it's in the game, someone, somewhere believes


    Minimum: 300 MHz Pentium II of gelijkwaardig, Windows 95/98, 64 MB RAM, DirectX 7.0a-compatibele 3D-versnelde videokaart met 16 MB VRAM, DirectX 7.0a-compatibele geluidskaart, DirectX 7.0a of hoger (inbegrepen), 150 MB niet-gecomprimeerde hardeschijfruimte, toetsenbord en muis
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Geplaatst: 6 juni
Where it all began. Can't believe that this was released on Windows 2000, 15 years ago! Still to this day we are gifted with excellent mods for it, currently Caustic Creative are developing a wonderful overhaul mod named Deus Ex: Revision (be sure to check it out!).

This was one of my first childhood games, I can still remember certain stealth patterns to the levels. Really good to revisit from time to time and like I mentioned, mods really revitalise an old classic. JC Denton the badass! The question is, which ending did you choose?

For those wondering, the storyline of the Deus Ex series is as follows;

2027 – Human Revolution
2029 – Mankind Divided
2052 – Deus Ex
2072 – Invisible War

So the events of the original come AFTER the events of Human Revolution.
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Geplaatst: 21 augustus
Intelligent & challenging // Recommended for those looking to experience a classic

+ Absolutely tons of customization options; with such variety, few people can really boast that they have played the same game twice
+ Narrative is both mature and showcases an impressive amount of depth
+ Augmentations, also, offer great freedom in character tailoring; some are arguably more useful than others, but overall the sense of freedom inherent in this mechanic does well to complement the same freedom found throughout the rest of the game
+ Modular damage; limbs and body parts experience damage separately, and this translates competently to gameplay (eg. taking too much damage in a leg will result in poor movement)
+ The player is offered spectacular freedom in how level objectives and advancement are to be handled
+ Level design is applaudable; everything flows well from one area to another, and layouts are generally sensible
+ Soundtrack is absolutely fantastic; sets the mood, doesn't necessarily distract, and stays with you when the game is off
+ Dialogue and writing is absolutely superb; this is easily one of the better aspects of the game, and it presents well even today

- Speed/compatibility issue; this may not affect everyone, but there is an issue with compatibility on modern machines which causes overall gamespeed to increase drastically (there is a workaround, but it's something of a hassle to fix)
- Visuals and animations really show their age; these don't hold up well today, but it's not bad enough to detract from the overall experience
- Voice-acting, though it can be quite good, is a mostly underwhelming effort; some voice actors go as far as to be terrible

If you enjoyed this review, please follow my curator page. Feel free to join my group, LockeProposal's Big Day Out for discussion and announcements, and I also have a budding YouTube Channel for those interested. Thanks for reading!
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Geplaatst: 29 september
This game is like a box of your favorite cereal: you might have accidentally left it open in the cabinet and forgot about it for a couple of weeks, but after you pour another bowl of it, it still tastes great.

I say that because this game is outdated, cripplingly so in certain regards. The enemy guard AI has a field of view that can be equated to holding two paper towel rolls up to your eyes. If they spot you, you can trolley out of sight, and they won't come investigate. The AI doesn't noticeably improve as you progress further into the game (it's especially jarring because the guards you come across look like menacing and dangerous, but it's like they forgot their prescription glasses at home), and instead the game relies on subsidizing the amount of cheese tactics you can perform (by the end of the game, some of the enemies can only be taken out by a soft spot on their back using the cattle prod). The controls are beyond archaic, and I don't think they even made sense back when they were conceived in 1999 (you use the + button on the number pad to quicksave). The resolution does not appear to surpass 480p without getting yourself one of the many mods this game has to make it playable in the days of DirectX12. The general quality of the game (from a presentation perspective) is so bad it's legendary.

How's the actual meat of the game? Well, the story is serviceable. It's beautifuly timeless due to its themes of how far are we willing to give the government control over our lives to protect us from terrorism, and whether or not the government might get carried away in abusing their power. This game was released before 9/11 and world paranoid about terrorism, but not so early before that society was wildly different. There really isn't a lot of character development; a character starts and ends the game acting similarly (you could argue the protagonist, JC Denton, gets development, but he could act wildly depending on your actions). With that said, the people you meet along the journey become good guys or bad guys solely depending on your opinion of them (for example, is Paul Denton justified in wanting to treat being a UNATCO agent like a day on the police force, or is he just being a blind hippy by not wanting to kill some ♥♥♥♥ing ragheads (or this game's French equivalent, the NSF).

Gameplay wise, the primitive AI doesn't really lend itself to any tense gameplay you might see in other stealth games like the Arkham games, Metal Gear Solid, or successors like Dishonored. The stealth approach is just as valid as the loud approach, and it's not impossible to adjust depending on your supply reserves (save your cattle prods, kids). You get skill points by doing objectives. They improve your general skills (though they're not impossible to use without the said skills). Don't put skill points in Swimming. This game carves out its niche with its use of the nano augmentations. As you progress through the story, you'll get the choice to augment yourself by choosing one of the two options you're given (e.g. you can choose to augment your feet to move quicker, or to move quietly).

The game really shines through with its level designs. If you dedicate the time to explore the levels, you start to realize that there is no one way to approach a situation, and there are areas you could easily miss which houses a ton of augment upgrades, supplies, or even some weapon modifications. You might want to invade a park through the front door, being caught immediately and blasted down, or you could survey the park, and find a back door that's loosely guarded, and housing your true objective much sooner. Which objective is best? Well, you get to your target either way, and that's all that matters. The first path to the objective might not be the best route for you if you want to want to pick people off, but somebody who wants to toss a tear gas grenade in and then take down the group would already be stroking their boner at the opportunity.

This is why I recommend Deus Ex. Nonlinear stealth is tough to pull of meaningfully (looking at you Metal Gear Solid V). This game blends together talking with civilians to learn how to get your best edge, to watching your step so that you don't get caught by the bad guys. You can try to bypass an electronic grid by using a multitool, or by just looking for a route to bypass the grid. It's a game where the only reason your choice matters is for what you had to do to do it.

Final Words: "A bomb's a bad choice for close-range combat."
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Geplaatst: 31 juli
Deus Ex has to be one of greatest games of the 2000s. Deus Ex was a fantastic games from developers who were not that good at the time. It's a genre defining classic. Well okay, the graphics might not be the greatest, the gun play is really bad, and the AI really acts like blind maniacs. But the idea and concept of the game was truly uncomparible to any other game at the time. One of the greatest aspect of the game is the writing. Pretty alright voice actors and you can choose what kind of sentence you want to say to a person and that can affect the game. If you do something to character, like walk into the womens bathroom, they will remember that and will mention it and even my boss told me about it. The controls are extremely clunky for todays standards and there are also a crazy amount of keys. Not very user friendly for todays standards. If these controls came out in a game in this day and age, it would spark up some controversy with some.

The health was also like no other. You have health bars for your head, torso, left and right leg, and left and right arm. This can really affect your gameplay if you've damaged a part in your body. If you damaged you leg, you would start limping. Augmentations are also really interesting. You can get a augmentation for turing invisible! I wished that seriously every game had that ability. While I was playing, but you can't swap out these augmentations for other ones, so you have to be careful with what you are sure you are getting. Now lets talk about the soundtrack. The soundtrack is very well composed and the person who made the soundtrack also made songs for the Unreal series. Look, this game isn't for everyone. Some people will like this and some people not. When first playing the game, I found it one of the most confusing games that I've ever played and I didn't really enjoy it. Would I recommend this game today? Yes, if you arn't too bothered by the graphics. As for the sequel, NO! Never play it. It's as if the developers didn't know this game was going to be this great and they tried too hard to do the same thing again. I can't wait for Deus Ex: Mankind Devided. 10/10
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Geplaatst: 11 juni
I think they should just remove all games from Steam but this one.
Yes, it's THAT good.

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