In 'Warsim: The Realm of Aslona' your only goal is to keep the Kingdom of Aslona from destruction, how you do it is entirely up to you, you may be a harsh dictator, a blood-hungry warlord, or perhaps a charismatic diplomat with trade routes with everyone from goblin tribes to orcish Chiefdoms.
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Release Date:
Jun 28, 2017

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“The goal of having Warsim on early access is growth, the game has already grown beyond my imagination thanks to the suggestions of the players and there are rarely bad ideas, while in early access the game will grow much more!”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“It is hard to say how long Warsim will be in early access as there are some big plans for the games development that may take a while to fully implement, the plans are to add a full magic system with special rules and laws of magic unique to each world, a fully working dynamic economy system, parties of adventurers that will travel the world completing quests and pushing their agendas, random religions gods and cults which will have a huge influence on the world and further development of the diplomacy system.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“The finished game will be huge and will contain a great deal of randomization, customization and player modability, the game will eventually have the ability to spawn 100s of kingdoms at once and offer much more varied playthroughs and will allow more options for moddability from the players.

The game will include a much more in depth diplomacy system with deeper and more meaningful alliances and actions, free a bunch of slaves, that slaver-hating kingdom will remember that and like you, wipe out a minor tribe of goblins, the grand goblin empire will hold that against you!

The game will also include much more advanced economy features such as resource trading and different currency values, perhaps the orcish kingdom is desperate for food following a draught but is absolutely booming with well made swords, your surplus grain and bread leads to you having a well geared army.

The game will also include randomly generated adventurer parties, they will spawn as time goes on and each have their own motives, they may spawn within your kingdom or from others, a group of adventurers from the goblin kingdom might set out with the tasks of fighting goblin hunters and destroying your goblin slavery ring, perhaps groups set out to hunt bandits, defeat famed villains, explore the lands, find treasure or famed artifacts, you can even send for and summon them, if they accept you can send them to quest for you.

There will also be a focus on randomly generated exploration, at the moment we have the north, east, south and west but the plan is to develop the exploration aspect of the game so that there will be an infinite amount of regions each with several randomly generated locations relevant to the generated region, for example 'Dolburn Woodlands' a dangerous goblin woodland will spawn with several locations relevant to woodlands and goblins and will almost always be something dangerous, so you will find it littered with goblin traps, little tribal camps and even a goblin fort or two, and once you've cleared the region you can travel on and explore the next region, be it an undead desert, abandoned mountain or murky swamp, there will be plenty to do.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“The currently early access version contains the vast majority of the core features of the game, including,

  • The Arena which you can own, watch and bet on fights in and arrange tournaments
  • Quadrillions of randomly generated faces
  • 1000s of randomly generated races and kingdoms you can interact with
  • A throne room with 100s of encounters
  • Tons of random events in the game world
  • Full exploration of over 50 locations
  • tons of randomly generated musicians and music
  • randomly generated mercenary groups
  • 20+ readable books and song lyrics
  • 13 upgradable buildings
  • procedurally generated court staff
  • And tons more!

There are still many things to be implemented on the horizon including magic systems, gods, religion, adventurer parties, economy and much more!”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“The price will rise a little bit once early access is finished”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“The community will be involved every step of the way, mostly through reddit discussions though I am happy to answer any questions and take on board any feedback players may have, we have many platforms for discussion but all comments are welcomed”
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Recent updates View all (13)

October 26

Warsim (The Expansion of the South)

This update is going to be one of hopefully many more themed updates, the theme of this update was expanding the southern region of exploration, one that until recently was the most empty, the game has been in development for at least two years and the south has barely been touched since its introduction, so this update has improved a whole host of things, there are now zero empty locations, there are huge lore expansion for the south and three new settlements to explore, in lieu with the update's themes I'm going to divide the changelogs into sub updates as it's a juicy one!


The Far South was a previously abandoned area with some placeholder text in it, I planned to add some far away from the world coastal settlement but this update went overboard and I have added an entire culture, with a full breathing black-market like city and tons of lore and things to do.

* Added the city of Shaian to the south coast
* Added the Nalli outpost to the south coast
* Added Akall fortress to the south coast
* Added the Farthest Stretch to the south coast
* Added the Coastal wall to the south coast
* Added ability to speak to the coastal king
* Added 6 book library to the city of Shaian (readable books)
* Added 2 taverns, and 15 other locations to shaian
* Added ability to recruit peasants from shaian
* Added ability to attack shaian and raid the outpost
* Added 8 characters with dialogue lines to shaian
* Added new shaian tavern dialogue system (30+ lines)
* Added new name suffix (of the South Coast) +15 battlescore
* Added new name suffix (Son of the Coast) +13 battlescore
* Added new name suffix (of Shaian) +20 battlescore
* Added very rare coastal trader throne room encounter


The Drylands is next, it's the region where the demon gate is based, I have added several locations here including some which will later be expanded, but I won't spoil them currently! there are also nomads in this region but they are worthy of their own category!

* Added coastal wall to the Drylands
* Added Dry Plains to the Drylands
* Added Dried Lake Bed to the Drylands (Credit u/derpderp3200)
* Added Abandoned Cave to the Drylands (Credit u/derpderp3200)
* Added Big Red Canyon to the Drylands (Credit u/derpderp3200)
* Added Eerie Cave to Drylands (Credit u/Ghost5k1)
* Added Strange rock formation to the Drylands (Credit u/Ghost5k1)
* Added Lake of Blood to the Drylands (Credit u/Ghost5k1)
* Added Secret city of Baiaa (currently door locked)


The Drylands is a rough place to live, but when the going gets tough, only the strongest survive, so we have drylands nomads, a group that never stay still and move from location to location, they are some of the toughest opponents in the entire game, with none tougher than their leader Koova (based partially on Conan the Barbarian), seriously try to fight them if you feel up to it, Koova is a beast!

* Added moving group of nomads to the Drylands (Credit u/derpderp3200)
* Added ability to attack nomadic group
* Added ability to speak to nomadic leader (and buy information)
* Added hirable mercenaries from Nomad group
* Added ability to watch nomadic brawls
* Added ability to speak to random nomads (45 unique dialogues)
* Added 19 Nomadic units to battle (Nomad, Nomad Spearman, Nomad Brawler, Nomad Champion, Nomad Snakeculler, Nomad Liontamer, Nomad Rockrunner, Nomad Flesh-hunter, Nomad Canyon-Jumper, Nomad Hunter, Nomad Rock-Wearer, Nomad Mercenary, Nomad Sellspear, Nomad Sellsword, Nomad Mercenary Captain, Tamed tiger, Tamed tigress, Koova King of All Nomads, Taavak the Nomad Champion)


The Oasis region should have had more settlements being seemingly the only settleable location in the south, so we have added one, with a history and some concerning things going on around it, Arasuk, a secretive village!

* Added Arasuk settlement to Oasis in the south
* Added Sandman Tavern to Arasuk (patrons/sudden death/dialogue)
* Added Sand-Talker's to Arasuk
* Added new name suffix (of Arasuk) +5 battlescore
* Added ability to destroy Arasuk


The rest of the update includes a lot of bugfixes and tweaks as well as some new hero names and boosts for certain races names to keep things varied, this isn't the focus of the update but more maintenance and bug squashing!

* Fixed merc throne room troop reset bug (Credit u/just-one-more-thing)
* Updated no fullstops requirement to also say no periods (for americans)
* Added new name suffix (of Barbaria) +79 battlescore
* Added new name suffix (of the Free Hills) +5 battlescore
* Fixed Patron chance text colour bug
* Fixed Erak diplomacy bug
* Added new name suffix (of Battania) +40 battlescore
* Added new name suffix (of Calradia) +45 battlescore
* Added new unit type (slinger)
* Added 12 new building tile sets
* Added 23 new ent names
* Added 15 new orc names
* Added 4 new giant names
* Fixed Deathsound system loadgame bug (credit Niklas)
* Fixed Rebel death text bug (credit Dr. Strangelove)
* Fixed Rebel paid off text bug
* Fixed can't leave changling bug
* Fixed Heart of the world text pause bug (credit Kellen - Dank Memes)
* Fixed Heart of the world loop length bug (credit Kellen - Dank Memes)
* Fixed removed heavy armour text bug
* Fixed throne room explain yourself ascii bug (Credit Niklas)
* Fixed demon worshipper ascii bug (Credit Niklas)
* Fixed mystery slaver text colour bug (Credit u/Flyrpotacreepugmu)
* Fixed not many goblins text bug in wild north outpost
* Updated bugged save message

And that is the update guys, also let me know what you think of this way of presenting the changelogs, I thought doing it a little different might be fun but similarly as the saying goes 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' does apply so if you guys prefer how I usually do them, let me know!

Any comments, thoughts and suggestions and very welcome!
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October 18

Warsim 0.7 Adventurer's Update

So here it is, It's taken much longer than I planned but it's the biggest update I've ever made for warsim and it introduces so many new things the game is significantly changed, in total there are over 300 new additions and fixes.

This update is special because 0.7 is the first big numerical jump warsim has had in it's development, you see when this all began I was a moron and number the original warsim release, 0.1, I made some minor changes and hit 0.2, then 0.3 and before I knew it I was on 0.6, I realized that 4 more updates would not lead to a 1.0 finished game, and decided from there on out to not only jump back one decimal place, but two, to, since then each update has been pushing it forward by 1, so 0.7 is 100 updates ahead of 0.6, it's been a long road but the game has grown so much, anyway, without any further ado, here's the changelog


* Added adventurer groups to the game!
* Added custom choose your start game mode
* Added diplomats who are goblins can speak to krut and erak and broker peace
* Added new debug mode option #16 auto spawn blackmarket bandit groups
* Added Grumpkin face generator
* Added ability to set the year of the game in the debug menu (option 15)
* Added Ability to play Caverns and Cave Trolls with your game master
* Added 7 pregennerated tips and hints when starting a new game
* Added Essfanti face generator
* Added Death Sound system (optional in main menu)
* Added Sound and Music can be disabled separately
* Added Populations to each of the blackmarket districts
* Added a new central blackmarket district and reshuffled locations
* Added dynamic blackmarket recruiment based on district populations
* Added ability to destroy the blackmarket statue if you rule the market
* Added 1112 cheat to spawn all minor factions
* Added Auto-training for all staff (as requested so much!)
* Added pictures of each artifact to the artifact market
* Added placeholder for the unconquerable lands
* Added The Greathills to the Unconquerable lands (whole new area)
* Added New Hidden Faction "The Free Hillsmen" with 40 different units
* Added Hall of Zoology to guildrow in the blackmarket (credit u/voliol)
* Added Voliol the guildmaster (credit u/voliol)


* Added 36329398400 demon faces (was 16 million)(now 36.48 billion)
* Added 4 quadrillion new human faces
* Added 2'771'366'400 Essfanti faces
* Added 6'635'520 Grumpkin faces


* Added New creature 'Giraffe' to the game
* Added New creature 'Groundhog' to the game
* Added New creature 'Orangutan' to the game
* Added New creature 'Rabbit' to the game
* Added New creature 'Platypus' to the game
* Added New creature 'Raven' to the game
* Added New creature 'Stingray' to the game
* Added New creature 'Reindeer' to the game
* Added New creature 'Swordfish' to the game
* Added New creature 'Unicorn' to the game
* Added New creature 'Wolverine' to the game
* Added New creature 'Cheetah' to the game
* Added New creature 'Llama' to the game
* Added New creature 'Horse' to the game
* Added New creature 'Donkey' to the game


* Added New Race Essfanti (credit to the ascii art of u/Voliol)
* Added New Race 'Grumpkin'
* Added New race 'Giraffemen'
* Added New race 'Were-Giraffes'
* Added New race 'Evolved Giraffes'
* Added New race 'Giraffe Folk'
* Added New race 'Half-Giraffes'
* Added New race 'Groundhogmen'
* Added New race 'Were-Groundhogs'
* Added New race 'Evolved Groundhogs'
* Added New race 'Groundhog Folk'
* Added New race 'Half-Groundhogs'
* Added New race 'Orangutanmen'
* Added New race 'Were-Orangutans'
* Added New race 'Evolved Orangutans'
* Added New race 'Orangutan Folk'
* Added New race 'Half-Orangutans'
* Added New race 'Platypusmen'
* Added New race 'Were-Platypuses'
* Added New race 'Evolved Platypuses'
* Added New race 'Platypus Folk'
* Added New race 'Half-Platypuses'
* Added New race 'Rabbitmen'
* Added New race 'Were-Rabbits'
* Added New race 'Evolved Rabbits'
* Added New race 'Rabbit Folk'
* Added New race 'Half-Rabbits'
* Added New race 'Ravenmen'
* Added New race 'Were-Ravens'
* Added New race 'Evolved Ravens'
* Added New race 'Raven Folk'
* Added New race 'Half-Ravens'
* Added New race 'Stingraymen'
* Added New race 'Were-Stingrays'
* Added New race 'Evolved Stingrays'
* Added New race 'Stingray Folk'
* Added New race 'Half-Stingrays'
* Added New race 'Reindeermen'
* Added New race 'Were-Reindeers'
* Added New race 'Evolved Reindeers'
* Added New race 'Reindeer Folk'
* Added New race 'Half-Reindeers'
* Added New race 'Swordfishmen'
* Added New race 'Were-Swordfish'
* Added New race 'Evolved Swordfish'
* Added New race 'Swordfish Folk'
* Added New race 'Half-Swordfish'
* Added New race 'Unicornmen'
* Added New race 'Were-Unicorns'
* Added New race 'Evolved Unicorns'
* Added New race 'Unicorn Folk'
* Added New race 'Half-Unicorns'
* Added New race 'Wolverinemen'
* Added New race 'Were-Wolverines'
* Added New race 'Evolved Wolverines'
* Added New race 'Wolverine Folk'
* Added New race 'Half-Wolverines'
* Added New race 'Cheetahmen'
* Added New race 'Were-Cheetahs'
* Added New race 'Evolved Cheetahs'
* Added New race 'Cheetah Folk'
* Added New race 'Half-Cheetahs'
* Added New race 'Llamamen'
* Added New race 'Were-Llamas'
* Added New race 'Evolved Llamas'
* Added New race 'Llama Folk'
* Added New race 'Half-Llamas'
* Added New race 'Donkeymen'
* Added New race 'Were-Donkeys'
* Added New race 'Evolved Donkeys'
* Added New race 'Donkey Folk'
* Added New race 'Half-Donkeys'
* Added New race 'Horsemen'
* Added New race 'Were-Horses'
* Added New race 'Evolved Horses'
* Added New race 'Horse Folk'
* Added New race 'Half-Horses'


* An adventurer or hero claiming he has saved one of your farms from a goblin invasion, asking to be rewarded. (u/PJvG)
* Added Invisible Cloak throne room encounter
* Added slave killed his master throne encounter (credit u/reddish_kangaroo)
* Added old warrior wants to be your general throne room (credit u/PJvG)
* Added old warrior vs general duel throne room (credit u/PJvG)
* Added sick mother throne room encounter (credit u/PJvG)
* Added Soldier asking for bonus (credit u/PJvG)
* Set buy bluetrii/game master throne room to no rabble (Credit Kurokuma)


* Added slave camp breakout quest
* Added lone mercenary joiner quest
* Added Goblin savage duel quest
* Added dread pirate captain quest
* Added betting with demons quest
* Added Village captured rebel quest
* Added Flag burner rebel quest
* Added Tavern talk rebel quest
* Added Merchant robbery rebel quest
* Made killing a rebel lord quests much rarer
* Added 3 new variants of the rebel lord quest
* Added the rat keeper quest
* Added an unfortunate shopkeeper quest
* Added family heirloom quest
* Added notorious bridge troll quest
* Added ogre hostage quest
* Added ancient sword quest
* Added thickblood brawl quest
* Added curse lifter quest
* Added wrestling contest quest
* Added reaving goblins quest
* Added bare knuckle fight quest
* Added undead horde quest
* Added bear issues quest
* Added sunken wine quest
* Added beset by wolves quest
* Added village v village quest
* Added lost child quest
* Added murderous rabbit quest
* Added bandit trap quest
* Added sink hole traders quest
* Added abandoned wizard tower quest
* Added new gang quest
* Added wrongful execution quest
* Added strange monster quest
* Added knight vs knight duel quest
* Added knight joins aslona quest
* Added combat school master quest


* Fixed struggling text bug (credit u/fastredb)
* Fixed badits text bug (credit u/fastredb)
* Fixed Benfits text bug (credit u/fastredb)
* Fixed composition text bug (credit u/fastredb)
* Fixed decide text bug (credit u/fastredb)
* Fixed throne room grammar issue (credit u/fastredb)
* Fixed an enemy bug (credit u/fastredb)
* Fixed fighting bug (credit u/fastredb)
* Fixed manage market bug
* Fixed dont feel like attacking bug
* Fixed totem colour issues
* Fixed Artifact Hall lowercase bug
* Fixed destroyed slaver fort text colour
* Fixed 10 menu bracket bug
* Fixed incorrect outpost hire text bug
* Fixed the assurak camp graphic
* Fixed Kullak colour line bug
* Fixed Kullak skip out
* Fixed Colour in southern ruins text
* Fixed money revive bug (credit u/fastredb)
* Fixed individuals text bug (credit u/fastredb)
* Fixed blackmarket bandit recruit game crash bug
* Fixed selecting settings game crash bug
* Fixed independent kings crowns appearing pitch black when loaded
* Fixed warlords from earlier active games appearing when loaded in different
* Fixed desert skull text colour
* Fixed Ruined Gate text colour
* Fixed demon gate text colour
* Fixed southern ruins text colour issue
* Fixed executed soldier becomes prisoner bug
* Fixed explorer stone text colour
* Fixed northern ruins text colour
* Fixed old stone text colour
* Fixed prospect shallowrock mine text not updating
* Fixed scorpion pit colour
* Fixed mystic hut colour
* Fixed doomstone text colour
* Fixed animal fight pit text colour
* Fixed old northern carving text colour
* Fixed Hlok mine text colour
* Fixed scorpion pit destroyed in fight bug (credit Kurokuma)
* Fixed sandstone ruins text colour
* Fixed Tower of history text colour
* Fixed great wall of Farad text colour
* Fixed artifact market colour
* Fixed rihmm graphic colour
* Fixed artifact market item info text colour
* Fixed duplicate item graphic bug
* Fixed house of art and tapestries text colour
* Fixed strange northern stone text colour
* Fixed old imperial pillar text colour
* Fixed starmetal meteorite text colour
* Fixed mysterious pigman colour (SUPER SECRET SHH)
* Fixed build outpost bug
* Fixed spymaster options missing bug
* Fixed decor text symbol bug (credit Kurokuma)
* Fixed Zealous mispelling (credit Kurokuma)
* Fixed Aehlans tomes appearing when not bought
* Fixed trade caravans from Rihhm and smallhaven not based on population (Credit Kurokuma)
* Fixed chance of trade caravans bringing 0 gold
* Fixed kingdom symbol empty (credit Kurokuma)
* Fixed the celebrate blackmarket slums text bug (credit Kurokuma)
* Fixed the history of the Midlands graphic
* Fixed the History of the ancient lands graphic
* Fixed Here-say typo (credit Leo M. Panther)
* Fixed Aslona bandits stealing all rebel, krut and erak gold but keeping it (Credit Leo m. panther)
* Fixed blackmarket leader end trade bug
* Fixed blackrow optionspacing bug
* Fixed wildhome showing as destroyed when village is destroyed bug
* Fixed coin of fate colour issue
* Fixed coin of fate missing lines issue
* Fixed Hlok Mine prospect used up tag not appearing
* Fixed gibbering monk text colour issue
* Fixed line missing when requesting tribute monfort mine
* Fixed dispute need to be settled text bug
* Fixed ressurecting races don't resurrect when in Aslona army
* Fixed Wildhome Wildermen false tag
* Fixed burn slaves but not slaves bug (credit to Granola Bar)
* Fixed 0 peasants from the slums join you bug
* Fixed Fort Kullak text colour
* Fixed Rihhm text colour
* Fixed hiring blackmarket line missing
* Fixed longserpent wrongly market as 6) not 5)
* Fixed dockrow pause bug
* Fixed longserpent text and lines
* Fixed old cabin text colour
* Fixed Aslona slum blackmarket watchtower line bug
* Fixed no gold message when buying slum slaves
* Fixed militia menu not auto close when no militia left
* Fixed human clickerwhistler bug
* Fixed slum goblin watchtower colour issue
* Fixed game master blackmarket text colour
* Fixed blackmarket side location text colour
* Fixed blackmarket leader trade kick out bug
* Fixed army drop off bug
* Fixed architecture spacing bug
* Fixed an alliance request bug


* Added Krut bannerwall to krut in diplomacy (must have relation of 0 or above)
* Added Abandoned building to dockrow
* Added Strange collapsed building in blackrow
* Added Abandoned houses in central district
* Added Rubble in slums
* Added Demonic Landmark to the south
* Added Strange Pillar to the south
* Added Abandoned fortress to the south
* Added Abandoned outpost to the south
* Added Old statue to the south
* Added Demonic carving to the south
* Added Abandoned village to the south
* Added Gallows to the central district of the blackmarket


* Added new name suffix 'the wonderer' (+10 battlescore)
* Added new name suffix 'the Sightless' (-20 battlescore)
* Added new name suffix 'the Everseer' (+35 battlescore)
* Added new name suffix 'the Greenseer' (+21 battlescore)
* Added new name suffix 'the Redseer' (+22 battlescore)
* Added new name suffix 'the Blackseer' (+23 battlescore)
* Added new name suffix 'the White-eyed' (+50 battlescore)
* Added new name suffix 'the Brother' (+5 battlescore)
* Added new name suffix 'the Father' (+6 battlescore)
* Added new name suffix 'the All-Father' (+9 battlescore)
* Added new name suffix 'the All-Brother' (+8 battlescore)
* Added new faction name set (Greencloaks, Redcloaks, Yellowcloaks, Orangecloaks, Purplecloaks, Greycloaks, Blackcloaks, Silvercloaks, Goldcloaks, Pinkcloaks, Whitecloaks)


* Added 4 new Smallhaven units (militiawoman, armed villager, armed kid, pitchforker)
* Added 3 new Assuraki Demon worshipper Units (summoner, chaser and sacrifice)
* Added 3 new Market slums units (warrior, armed scum, brawler)
* Added 4 New Black Market units (reavers, fighters, killers and guards)
* Added 4 New Harlaw Mining Company Troops (slave, pickman, guard, worker)
* Added new warrior type 'Boltman'
* Added new unit (minor gang bandit robber)
* Added new unit (minor gang bandit recruit)
* Added new unit (minor gang bandit reaver)
* Added new unit (minor gang bandit guard)


* Adjusted the odds of certain quests occuring
* Added New Gibbering monk reactions Eyeraise, Demon Horns, Longbeard and Angry
* Added 2 new roof tiles
* Added 3 new crowns
* Added new gar'gallock dialogue
* Added 6 new tavern dialogues
* Added 2 new sewer dialogues
* Nerfed demons slightly
* Added 8 new songwood graveyard deaths
* Added 5 new mushroom trip screens
* Buffed knightly orders to be better at fighting bandits and rebels
* Buffed knightly orders strength in directly fighting pest groups
* Added a dynamic description to the central district
* Added a dynamic description to blackrow
* Added public opinion loss for destroying magic stones
* Added a dynamic description to guildrow
* Added a dynamic description to dockrow
* Added nospace warning for combination lock in sewers
* Added summoning a demon in the blackmarket takes a demon from the horde
* Added ability to destroy the monument of kings
* Added if public opinion over 100 peasants will stop some pest group actions
* Added when you destroy the blackmarket the last leader gets added to mounument of kings as is tradition
* Added tax collected from each district of the blackmarket in the report
* Added minor bandit gang recruitment in blackmarket from their captured buildings
* Added minor bandit gangs from blackmarket send troops back to main gangs
* Buffed tax income for blackmarket
* Added ability to attack and destroy blackmarket minor bandit gangs
* Added ability if truced to give land to remnants of bandit faction in blackmarket
* Added ability to sell bandits to established minor bandit groups in blackmarket
* Added ability for minorbandit gangs to capture blackmarket abandoned locations
* Added special debug option to force blackmarket leader statue
* Added if blackmarket goblin ban enacted goblin leaders statues will be destroyed
* Added 2 new weird architecture styled
* Added attempted assassination league collapse random event
* Added vote out league collapse random event
* Added land dispute league collapse random event
* Added evilest argument league collapse random event
* Added old rivals league collapse random event
* Added better desciption for declare 'pillaging' (Credit Leo m. panther)
* Added colour to graphic in other buildings menu
* Coloured combat menu options (Each faction now has a colour)
* Added random event where soldiers desert their posts from demons
* Added some merc groups who will work for demons
* Added minor mercenary band throne room encounter (credit u/Muramas)
* Added 3rd page of face generators

As I understand there are a lot of new features in this update, if anyone has any questions I am happy to go through them and answer!
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“okay, I must say this is one the most enjoyable games I have played in a looong time! the fact that you have managed to create such an amazing in-depth gaming experience just blows my mind:D! I enjoyed this more than I enjoyed Rome II total war and Warhammer total war combined.”

“I still play both the waste and warsim. You're such a lovely dev there man, really, responsibility, consideration, caring for projects and all that. Another thumb as one of the greatest devs of all time from me!”

“there are already so many options that I have no idea what to do first in a game! You are one of my favourite devs due to your work ethic and how you respond to customers, so keep up the amazing work!”

About This Game

In 'Warsim: The Realm of Aslona' your only goal is to keep the Kingdom of Aslona from destruction, how you do it is entirely up to you, you may be a harsh dictator charging people for walking and breathing air, or a blood-hungry warlord commanding armies and mercenary bands on invasions and raids of enemy lands, or perhaps a charismatic diplomat who arranges trade routes with everyone from goblin tribes to orcish Chiefdoms.

The goal of the game since early development has been to allow the player to rule and do what they want, with the relevant consequences.


  • Randomly generated mercenary groups you can hire to fight your enemies
  • Randomly generated independent kingdoms you can trade with, battle, explore and even vassalise
  • Randomly generated goblin tribes you can attack or trade with
  • Randomly generated Bandit groups who rob your lands and attack your people
  • Tons of hidden areas to discover by exploring, such as demon gates and magical wells
  • A huge arena that you can arrange tournaments in and bet on fights
  • Randomly generated musicians with strange songs
  • Random events at every turn that will keep you on your feet
  • Kingdom upgrades in everything from guildhalls to harvesting
  • Change the laws of your kingdom to suit you best
  • Open a hall of knights dedicated to whatever you wish
  • Over 1 quadrillion randomly generated faces
  • Millions of randomly generated races
  • Tons of other randomly generated things like: flags, phrases, currencies, buildings, architectural styles, naming conventions
  • And so much more...

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 1.0 GHz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Integrated Graphics
    • Storage: 160 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Integrated Audio
    • Additional Notes: Can run on almost all PCs
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