Driven to the brink of extinction on ice-covered wastelands, humankind fights to survive. Battle to survive against gargantuan alien Akrid and treacherous Snow Pirates on the vast and frozen landscape of EDN III. With no allies at your side, the only thing you can trust is your instincts.
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Data di rilascio: 26 giu 2007
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"Decent Port. Lots of options/rebindable keys with decent performance. Subtitles are a bit low res and locked at 720p. Multiplayer needs port forwading."

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Driven to the brink of extinction on ice-covered wastelands, humankind fights to survive. Battle to survive against gargantuan alien Akrid and treacherous Snow Pirates on the vast and frozen landscape of EDN III. With no allies at your side, the only thing you can trust is your instincts.
Combining a gripping single player campaign and intense multiplayer modes with support for up to 16 players online, Lost Planet is an epic gaming masterpiece. Enormous world maps unfold as players battle across vast snow fields and deserted cities either on foot or in armed, robotic Vital Suits.
  • Intense action - A fast-paced third-person shooter with all the depth, intrigue, and intensity of a science fiction classic.
  • Foot and vehicle based gameplay - Command highly powered armed vehicles and weapons, including transformable snow vessels.
  • Vast environments - Snowstorms, arctic winds, towering buildings and mountains of ice are all stunningly realized as battles occur above and below ground, creating a truly immersive and cinematic event of epic proportions.
  • Battle hordes of colossal Akrid.
  • Command heavily armored Vital Suits.
  • Intense 16 multiplayer action.
  • Enhanced DirectX 10 graphics.

Requisiti di sistema

    Minimum: Windows® XP, Intel® Pentium® 4 supporting HT technology or AMD Athlon™ 64 3500+ or greater, 512 MB RAM (Windows XP) / 1 GB RAM (Windows Vista), 8.0 GB free disk space, 640x480 minimum resolution, 256 MB VRAM, DirectX®9.0c / Shader3.0*, NVIDIA® GeForce® 6600 or greater**, DirectSound compatible. DirectX®9.0c, Mouse, Keyboard, Broadband connection (Internet connection required to play.)
    Recommended: Windows Vista™, Intel® Core™2 Duo, 1 GB RAM (Windows XP) / 2 GB RAM (Windows Vista), 1280x720 or higher resolution, 256 MB VRAM, NVIDIA® GeForce® 8600 or greater, Gamepad, Xbox 360™ Controller for Windows®
    * Operation not assured if VRAM is shared with Main Memory.
    ** NVIDIA® GeForce® 7300 is not supported.
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Pubblicata: 19 novembre
TL:DR? See Conclusion

Lost Planet: Extreme Conditions is the first title to the Lost Planet franchise. Developed and Published by Capcom, it was originally designed to be an Xbox 360 (2006) exclusive but, was soon released for the PC (2007) and subsequently, the Playstation 3 (2008).

The player is placed in the role of Wayne Holden, a Snow Pirate surviving in a failed colonization project of an alien world known as E.D.N. III. Said planet was a prospective new home planet for humanity until it was discovered that: 1. Its covered in perpetual winter. 2. Its home to a hostile alien species known as the Akrid. Wayne, along with his father was supposed to be hunting a particularly powerful Akrid, soon things went south really quickly and Wayne finds himself left for dead in the frozen surface of the planet. He was later recovered and revived (with amnesia). Join Wayne in his quest to recover his memories and piece together a conspiracy by a mysterious corporation known as NEVEC.

+ Graphically and Visually stunning despite being 8 years old at the time of writing this review (2014).
+ Vital Suits (V.S.) are fun to pilot and to play
+ Healthy amount of Variety on the above mentioned VS, each having their own strengths and weaknesses
+ Good Music and Sound Effects (although the voice acting could have used a bit more work)
+ Good enemy variety
+ Epic boss battles
+ Large enough levels for exploration however...(See CONS)
+ Great environment, level design and refreshing new setting (abandoned frozen planet)
+ Performance Test functionality (which is proper since the game HAD a heavy system requirement back in 2007 for the PC version)

- Voice acting could have been better (or just left at its Japanese default with subtitles)
- Story line is a bit hard to follow if you're not paying attention
- Not very memorable characters
- The jumps between cutscenes and missions are a bit disconnected.
- Poor A.I. (You'll see more intelligence in a Coma patient than the Human Enemy AI in this game.)
- Repetitive combat
- Unrewarding and pointless collectibles that serve no purpose in gameplay or story. (You don't get rewarded for exploration.)

Its a NICE game that could have been done better. I can still give it my RECOMMENDATION because I particularly liked my experience with it. It can get a boring at times, but Lost Planet: Extreme Conditions does make for a good pass time.

The visuals are great and complemented with good music and sound effects however, the voice acting is tolerable at best. The combat gets too repetitive at times and the human enemy AI is woefully underwhelming but the fun and excitement found when using the Vital Suits does make up for it.

All in all, its an AVERAGE game. RECOMMENDED to be bought on a SALE though rather than full price.

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Pubblicata: 7 novembre
This game has a lot of problems. First: the controls. Everything is so ♥♥♥♥ing slow, from movement speed, to jumping, to standing up after getting knocked down (which happens a lot), to picking up a weapon, to switching weapons, to entering a mech, etc.

The health system is ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ and the main reason why the levels can be very easy, even on the hardest difficulty level. There are levels you can basically run through without even fighting the enemies, getting hit by them all the time and still progress, because you have so much ♥♥♥♥ing health. I have no idea why they decided that the energy (needed for powering the mechs) is added to your health when you’re not using a mech. It totally breaks the game at some points and makes the difficulty curve very uneven.

The levels aren’t designed well and the enemies, though cool and powerful looking, are boring to fight. The exception to this are the boss battles, which are clearly the highlight of the game and can definitely be fun and challenging (even with alot of energy stored up).

The graphics are pretty nice for an early 360 game and at times there really is a lot of stuff going on with tons of enemies on screen and explosions everywhere. Sound is completely forgettable, as is the story/characters. Some variety in the environments would have been welcomed as well.
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Pubblicata: 20 novembre
Just terrible.
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Pubblicata: 21 novembre
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Pubblicata: 13 settembre
Il gioco si presente come un classico tps arcade: niente coperture, crescita del personaggio o altre varianti, semplicemente si avanza in livelli abbastanza lineari e si fanno fuori tonnellate di nemici. Inutile dire che una struttura del genere tende a venire a noia dopo poche ore. Per fortuna la lunghezza non è eccessiva, si attesta sulle 8-9 ore a difficoltà media.

Le sezioni a piedi, purtroppo dominanti nella prima parte del gioco, sono semplicemente terribili. Il nostro personaggio è lentissimo nei movimenti e nella animazioni (che non possono essere interrotte) ed è privo della possibilità di scattare o di schivare gli attacchi dei nemici, capacità che sarebbe stata decisamente utile. La situazione peggiora ulteriormente quando si affrontano nemici particolarmente grossi e/o armati di armi pesanti, infatti in queste situazioni si viene ripetutamente sbattuti a terra senza la possibilità di reagire. A tutto questo aggiungiamo una gestione dei comandi criminale, per esempio un singolo tasto è usato per il corpo a corpo, per raccogliere le armi, salire sui mech e altre azioni varie...nelle sezioni più concitate è inevitabile incasinarsi, per esempio rimuovendo un'arma da un mech invece che salendo sullo stesso.

Ci si diverte decisamente di più a bordo dei mech (qui chiamati Vital Suit, VS), dato che sono vari e ben differenziati e, sopratutto, generalmente più agili del nostro personaggio appiedato, grazie alle presenza di propulsori che ci permettono di saltare piuttosto in alto e di effettuare rapidi movimenti in tutte le direzioni. Alcuni permettono addirittura di scegliere tra due diverse configurazioni, una "di crociera" e l'altra più adatta ai combattimenti.Quando si è a bordo di questi bestioni le possibilità di essere stunlockati si riducono decisamente e si può scatenare una potenza di fuoco non indifferente. Le armi tra l'altro sono decisamente più interessanti di quelle che si usano a piedi.

All'interno dell'economia del gioco assume una certa rilevanza l'energia termica (T-Eng), fondamentale per sopravvivere alle temperature proibitive di E.D.N. III. Questa viene usata anche per curare le nostre ferite e per alimentare le VS. L'idea non è male, ma nei fatti manca una componente di gestione di questa risorsa, dato che ne troveremo a tonnellate.

Se gli avversari umani e i loro mezzi si affrontano in genere sparandogli contro tutto quello che abbiamo a disposizione, una maggiore strategia è necessaria per avere la meglio sugli alieni autoctoni del pianeta dove è ambientato il gioco, gli Akrid. In questo caso il modo migliore per ammazzarli è colpire le loro riserve di T-Eng, chiaramente evidenziate da colori accessi. Questo non è sempre facile, dato che questi temibili avversari sono in genere piuttosto veloci e tendono a lasciare i loro punti deboli fuori dalla nostra linea di tiro.

Alle fine di ognuno degli 11 livelli si affronta una boss fight, sia contro VS particolarmente cazzute, sia contro Akrid di grandi dimensioni. Nel secondo caso è necessario usare un po' la testa, studiando un minimo i loro pattern e colpendo al momento giusto nel punto di giusto.

Dal punto di vista narrativo Lost Planet fa acqua da tutte le parti. I personaggi, a partire dal protagonista, hanno zero spessore e la trama è scontata e narrata in maniera confusionaria, per di più utilizzando un gran numero di cutscene lunghissime e inutilmente verbose.

Graficamente il titolo si difende ancora decisamente bene, nonostante sia uscito praticamente a inizio gen. Anche artisticamente il lavoro è in genere buono. Quello che mi ha colpito particolarmente è il design delle VS, davvero ben fatto. Pollice verso per i personaggi, il cui stile è troppo jappo e spesso ai limiti del caricaturale.
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Pubblicata: 12 settembre
Genuine Canada simulator.
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Pubblicata: 21 giugno
I absolutely love this game. When I was a teenager my parents bought this for me on xbox 360 and I was blown away. When I saw it was on sale I had to get it. It's just as great as I remember it! I connected my xbox controller to my pc and I'm settling nicely in full nostalgic immersion.
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Pubblicata: 19 luglio
One of my favorite games that came from Japan and one of my favorite stories in pc gaming. I've played this since its release year and it always makes want to adventure into unknown places and test my skills with the largest of Alien monstrositys I've ever faced. The graphics are decent, the combat is amazing, and the weapons plus mechs, aka VS's (Vital Suits) dominate all with awsome gameplay and action that takes you into things that blow your mind. I recommend this game for it's weapons and mounts mostly, but try it for yourselfs, see how you like it and let me know what you think.
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Pubblicata: 5 ottobre
if your into sci fi shooters then this is the game for you. as fpr me. i will play them but not a huge fan. now this review comes at me playing less then an hour. but what ive played ive liked. graphics are still good if a little dated. the story is good and gameplay is nice and fluid. look to play the sequels when they come to steam. 10/10
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Pubblicata: 14 settembre
I got this game when I was around 9 and loved it, and the second I saw this on sale I knew I had to buy it! A great story as I remember, graphics aren't phenominal but they still look great. It took me around 6 hours to finish, and every cutscene is around 4 minutes, which is great. The best part of this game is that when you beat it, you can replay every level with unlimited ammo. :D

Definitely worth a buy
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Pubblicata: 16 settembre
My favorite part about this game, that I wish we could see in more singleplayer experiences nowadays, is the fact that it doesn't hold your hand. There's no "FOLLOW" sign hovering above NPCs, there's no slo-mo sequence during boss battles to help you get a better shot, and the game only gives you hints, not explicit instructions, on how to proceed. For example, rather than "dodge the exploding missiles this boss sends flying at you and aim for its weak spot on its stomach" you get simply get "keep moving". The game doesn't tell you how to fight the numerous types of enemies you encounter, you have to figure it out as you go. It's forgiving, but not too forgiving. For example, if you spent all of your energy trying to get through a certain area, there will normall be a station at the end to give you a one-time refill so you aren't completely ♥♥♥♥ed.

The system of necessary-but-constantly-draining thermal energy is what really makes this game. There will be times when you absolutely have to decide between fighting a group of enemies in order to get the thermal energy they drop, while risking getting hurt and losing even more; or you can try to outrun the enemies, many of which are much faster than you, and leave behind their potentially live-saving thermal energy. There's no "Restart from Last Checkpoint" option in the menu, so these decisions need to be made quickly and you'll have to live with them afterwards. During boss battles, especially ones where you pilot a mech (which drain your energy at a faster rate), you will quickly find yourself taking note of where all the stores of thermal energy, ammunition, and cover are and incorporating them into a strategy.

I'm not trying to make this game out as some kind of unholy, Dark Souls-esque death grinder, but rather this is the way that I feel that all single players games should be in order to be worth a full $60 price tag. Enough with the in-game hand holding incorrectly called "hints". Enough with "boss battles" that can only be won if you to wait for a quicktime event or predetermined action in order to beat them. And even though it came out in 2007, it still looks and plays pretty good. Not enough single player experiences have genuinely hard levels/boss battles/enemies. If you want a game that will give you a challenge, this is the game for you. A classic action/adventure game, starting off relatively easy and getting more and more difficult as you play through. Capcom is known for making good, challenging games. If only more developers could take a page from how a single player experience should be, at least on the harder difficulties.
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Pubblicata: 27 giugno
This game has cutscenes boy oh boy. In between each level you get about 10 minutes worth of cutscenes, totaling over an hour of cutscenes in the game. That is insane. It's like a movie and a game combined. At least it is entertaining and well acted I guess. But that is how Capcom makes all of their games besides Street Fighter so you just have to accept it. This is a great game. I like it better than LP2 because it doesn't have the weird mouse Y axis sensitivity issue that 2 does. And unlike LP2, you don't get your head caved in easily and have to respawn all the time. But if I had to pick, LP3 is the best game in the series. But only by a small margine because it is just more recent and more technically superior than the other games. But all in all, they are all fantastic games, one of the best game trilogy's of all time. I love all three games. The graphics in this game are (mostly) great and still hold up very well even today and the game runs great. The only issue is that having 'effects' and 'effect volume' on "high" instead of "low" will produce horrible framerate slowdown when you are close to any kind of effects like explosions or snow being kicked up by rollers. But whatever. I put it on low, who cares. That's the life of PC gaming, always something never nothing. This "Extreme Condition" edition puts in a bunch of new MP features which do not matter since MP for this game is deader than the hooker in my trunk, but I wasn't planning on playing MP for it anyway. The SP is a really fun time. Shooting big bugs, piloting mechs and shooting the fk out of everything in sight. One of the top games of all time, along with LP2 and 3 for that matter.

It controls way better than LP2 so the combat is much better. All around a great series. 8/10.
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Pubblicata: 20 giugno
This Game Is The Most Funnest Along With Weapon Varrieties And VS Mechas To Use. There Is A Bunch Of Killer Enemies That Has Neat Weaknesses. Tough Bosses For Extra Challenge, And The Landscape And Cutscenes Are Excellent.
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Pubblicata: 25 giugno
Should have bought this game long time ago!

Fight big monsters in big robot suits! :P
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Pubblicata: 27 giugno
- Fun game play, weapons, mechs, and HUGE bosses.
- If you play games for awesome shooting action and boss battles, you will love this.

- Horribly hokey story/acting. A slap in the face to intelligent sci-fi narratives.
- If you play games for good story and characters, you will be very disappointed.
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Pubblicata: 29 luglio
Missions are a little long, most of the cutscenes take a while so I hope you have some popcorn, and it's great overall in my opinion.
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Pubblicata: 26 settembre
I actually find it very, very rare when I actually wish for a game not to have a story or to just get a proper remake. Lost planet is clearly one of those games.

They've managed to openly bridge usefulness between man and mech in such a way that practically makes you think of when and where to use one, Varying in strength and use, they drain your power in exchange for brute strenth and armor, While the latter is questionable because with enough energy you are a tank god that only seems to fail if hit with a combo or a bad frame attack... For a known example, getting drilled into a wall, and getting up to the back of the entire machine and dying because their hitboxes are huge. It hurts the game none, but it's funny to see. Especially when some enemies will destroy your mech on sight but stare at you while you stand there on foot emptying consecutive clips ov vs weapons... Rare, but also funny. Anyhow, the balence is close to perfect, and often you will find yourself switching on the fly essentially playing multiple game roles alone on the fly, which is a pretty great way to balance vehicle use in a game.

The game and it's areas cry for co op. I can't say it in a serious enough way. While climbing through the reaches and enabling beacons as well as climbing vantage points in pure platform shooting genius, You could easily see several other characters where they could and should have been provided there was co op. Yes, Lost planet 2 exists, It is addressed. But as I said earlier this game needs an excuse to re establish what this game feels like, which is an insanely futuristic scenario driven monster hunter game, and while borderlands and other co op shootings take a dive at certain elements in a way that only opens up the game to a specific genre, this game is an essential scream of game elements that could easily appeal to casual 3rd person shooter gamers, 1st person shooters, and even your dedicated robot gun slinging mech gamers. They could have milked this game dry and I don't know why they passed it up while they're holding games like street fighter over our heads still.

If you enjoy exploring, shooting, platforming or even mech or vehicle games, this game deserves a go, and while most of the potential of this game is pure imaginitive on my end, Even without seeing the potential of this game if you experienced any game like it... (*Cough* Halo *cough*) You'll want to give it a shot at the least and join everyone else who wonders what capcom was thinking when they dipped our feet in the pool and then kicked us out with their sequels lost planet 2 and 3. Perhaps you should grab lost colonies, or even wonder why capcom hasnt considered punching us with a remake with co op or something. Or address the missing 30 years. Anything!

This game is a smooth mix of concepts, and the only thing I can say to best describe this, is like a counterfeit that beats what it's modelled after, and is sold for much, much less. Yet is either ignored or cast out for being similar to something, though not entirely the same, regardless if it could have been better or not.
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Pubblicata: 15 settembre
this game was made in 2006, most computers will be able to run this game regardless of wheather or not your rig is a gaming computer or a crapper. it looks pretty good the community is crap but the story is good buy it the next time its on sale youll like it.
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Pubblicata: 21 settembre
Now. It's not that it's a bad game, not at all it's a bad port. My biggest issue with this game would be the lack of mouse sensitivity and the crashes now and then ( may just be my issue, no one else seems to be having them as much as myself)

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition is a game best played on a console.
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Pubblicata: 6 ottobre
Background: Kinda enjoyed Lost Planet 3 and had always been interested in playing the first two since before. Not interesting in multiplayer so didn't even try.

The Good:
* Big bugs are fun and rewarding to fight
* Simple controls and movement with an often useless map
* Looks OK for it's age with some has great alien design
* Decent story and characters keep things moving
* Good weapons and great damage feedback gives impact to battles
* Grapple works really well but could have been necessary more often

The Bad:
* Graphics look bland and dated in places (not badly so)
* Keyboard bindings sometimes ignored by in-game feedback
* ConsolePortitus in the menus, movement and gunplay too
* Small Bugs feel like cannonfodder and aren't ever a challenge
* Walking speed feels sluggish and you rely on jump and slide
* Thermal tick down could have been more interestingly used

Impressions: Overall I liked the game and it's design work and mechanics even if it was rather simple to beat and outside of boss battles it's mostly unmemorable.

It might be unfair to expect more from a game of this age but I was left feeling that there was a cracking experience here that was dragged down by console port limitations. To be fair they give you a lot of rendering options for compatibility but sadly it didn't extending into updating the in-game feedback for what keyboard button to press in some situations.
Recommended for:

Conclusion: 6/10. A fun retro console like diversion that feel unambitious.
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