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I realtidsstrategispelet Joint Task Force för du befälet över frontlinjens styrkor i morgondagens farligaste konflikter. Led tjugo dramatiska uppdrag i högexplosiva krigszoner som Mellanöstern, Centralasien och Balkan.
Utgivningsdatum: 12 Sep 2006
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I realtidsstrategispelet Joint Task Force för du befälet över frontlinjens styrkor i morgondagens farligaste konflikter. Led tjugo dramatiska uppdrag i högexplosiva krigszoner som Mellanöstern, Centralasien och Balkan.

Upplev hur krigföringen utvecklas när du inför bättre taktik och militär teknik mot farliga och ovanliga motståndsstyrkor. Inga andra spel är så här tuffa eller direkta.

Utnyttja vapenkombinationer maximalt till din fördel. Alla enheter på slagfältet – som infanteri, stridsvagnar, artilleri, spaningstrupper och helikoptrar – är starkast när de används tillsammans. Dina män håller sig vid liv tack vare dina välbetänkta strategier.

  • Mycket utvecklad handling med 5 kampanjer och 1 testrunda.
  • Manipulera media och civila.
  • Investera i dina hjältar och ta med dem på nästa uppdrag.
  • Nyhetskanaler ger bakgrundsinformation och rapporterar live från striderna.
  • Du har tillgång till satellitrekognosering.
  • Olika typer av terräng och omgivningar: öken, vintrig dalgång, fjällandskap, djungel och grotta.
  • Realistisk fysik för enheter och byggnader.
  • Dynamiskt väder som påverkar spelflödet.
  • Förstörbara föremål i terrängen.
  • Lägen för flera spelare som Domination, Deathmatch och Cooperative.
  • Spelbar kampanj i flerspelarläge.
  • I flerspelarlägena kan upp till 8 spelare spela via LAN eller Internet. Helt nytt flerspelarläge.


    Minst: Win XP/Win XP 64-bit/Windows 2000, Intel P4 2 GHz/AMD Athlon XP2000+, 512 MB arbetsminne, 2,5 GB okomprimerat hårddiskutrymme/4 GB ledig plats på hårddisken för installation, NVidia GeForce 4 128 MB/Ati Radeon 9500 128 MB, DirectX-kompatibelt ljudkort, 10 Mbit för LAN/56 K för Internet, mus och tangentbord.

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This is an enjoyable beer and pretzels tactical warfare game that has some polish to it. While some of the scenarios drag on after a bit, they are mostly fun to play and there are several ways to tackle most goals and objectives without being led by the nose through scripted events.
Upplagd: 22 Maj 2014
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I love this game. It's still kind of topical, but I don't play it for the politics. The graphics are nice, the missions are fun, and there's a lot of replayability because if something doesn't work, back up a little and try a different approach. Sometimes the AI is a bit wonky, especially when in vehicles, but overall the controls are smooth and intuitive. I like that you have to pay attention to how much money you have and that you can't rely on just endlessly churning out or requisitioining equipment, supplies, and soldiers.. It makes you play smart with what you have.
Upplagd: 22 Juni 2014
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Joint Task Force is a real-time strategy game from HD Publishing.

In Joint Task Force, you don't get to build a base unlike any other RTS out there, but instead you have to secure a landing zone to deploy your heavy forces. Light forces such as infantry can be deployed directly near your officers via helicopters. Vehicles will need soldiers/crews to operate, and their effectiveness will increase if the right crew mount them. Soldiers that operate a vehicles can also be killed even if their vehicles still intact, which makes capturing enemy vehicles possible. Officers can also call in an airstrike or cruise missile strike.

The graphics are great and awesome for an old game and the effects are very good. This is the first strategy game where I see ragdoll effect is featured. Unit collision is also a big matter here, as unlike most RTS game out there, vehicles and tanks almost cannot collide with one another. Even on very low graphics setting, somehow the game still looks good.

The downside of the game is, the skirmish game is somewhat boring, as the AI is quite stupid. The skirmish setting are also bugged, as there are some setting that makes you win or lose instantly when the game not even started. Multiplayer are also dead I think. I haven't been able to play multiplayer.

Joint Task Force has great potential to be a great game, overall the campaign can still give you some hours of playtime. I recommend this.

Rating 6/10
Upplagd: 17 December 2013
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For anyone who loves military RTS games I would highly recomend this game
Upplagd: 18 November 2013
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I can honestly say this game is a hidden gem if your an RTS/ RTT fan.

First the bad, well some very annoying path-finding issues. The performance could be better, and there are animation glitches. (however it is more than stable, and FPS don't fluctuate that much)

Now the good, the story is rather generic, but done rather well.
The graphics are pretty good, and to this day some of the best models of the (AH-64 Apache, and AV-8b Harrier) I have seen in an RTS/RTT.

Campaign is a decent length despite having only 1 faction, there is like 21 or so missions.

The gameplay is arguably some of my favorite in a Real Time Tactical game (which this is more that, than it is an RTS, there is no base-building) The options are many and nice. Can actually do some awesome guerrilla style warfare in this game. (Also it is slower-paced)

Sound is good, Music is better than most RTS/RTT games set in this time period.

For $10, I recommend it. If it goes on sale, there is no excuse not to try it.
Upplagd: 26 April 2012
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