You're an Osmo, a strange creature indeed. You explore the galaxy in your spaceship, and the planets you encounter are almost as bizarre as the Osmos themselves. There are seven worlds presented for your consideration, each more goofy and peculiar than the last.
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You're an Osmo, a strange creature indeed. You explore the galaxy in your spaceship, and the planets you encounter are almost as bizarre as the Osmos themselves. There are seven worlds presented for your consideration, each more goofy and peculiar than the last. Cosmic Osmo is a game about exploration and discovery, not winning or challenges.

Children and adults will both find something to enjoy in this early gem from the creators of Myst.

Вимоги до системи

    • OS: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 (unofficially supported)
    • Processor: Pentium +
    • Memory: 256MB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 200+ MB available HD space
    • Video: DirectX 9.0c compatible or better
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0 compatible
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c or greater
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15.7 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 5 вересня 2015 р.
It's Cosmic Osmo son.

if you didn't grow up with this awesome game then I think your parents don't love you.


+ you can click on nearly everything, and some sort of LSD inspired animation WILL happen
+ It's got some groovy tunes
+ just two colors, Black & White, which provide an extra level of creepiness
+ Tons-o-Secrets


- only available via the Cyan Children's Pack ($5.99) and the Cyan Complete Pack ($29.99)
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1.6 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 31 грудня 2013 р.
To thoroughly enjoy this game you either need to be a child or maintain a sense of childlike discovery. There is no objective, no score, no gameover, no win conditions, no time limits. This isn't even really a game. Cosmic Osmo is a discovery experience that appeals to the humorous light hearted surreal nature of kids and those of us lucky enough to still be kids at heart.

It plays much like a point and click adventure game, but without inventory or really plotline, your only driving motivation is to see what you can find next. You are essentially an alien visitor to a very strange and exotic solar system, the home of the titular Cosmic Osmo. You can use a spacecraft to navigate between multiple planets or use a very complex series of tunnels, teleporters, and other surreal means of navigation to traverse around this highly entertaining landscape.

While the game certainly looks dated, the black and white cartoony style still maintains a lot of charm and is just as enjoyable today as it was in the early 90s when it was first released. A really fun game to play with your kids or by yourself, you'll be amazed that despite it's age this game contains a huge wealth of interesting and entertaining things to explore, ensuring that you'll discover something new each time you play.
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1.3 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 17 лютого 2014 р.
Have this game on hand to entertain young relatives. Kids still love it in 2014. The creators went on after this to create MYST and Riven, and it's a sedate and calming wacky little exploration gem. I could be wrong about this but I believe this is one of the first games to ever ship on a CD-ROM, weighing in at something like 80mb of 1-bit content, plus the soundtrack.

Side note, it's baffling that it's been removed from the OSX offerings. It is clearly a port and not a bundled emulator pack. This should have the upside of eliminating legal issues with distributing apple macintosh ROM images, with the unpleasant side effect of creating an inauthentic experience to the original game. (Source for this is based on some of the crossfades having grayscale, which obv didn't exist on 68k macs from 1990 or whenever this came out.) No idea why it isn't available aside from windows.
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6.7 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 14 липня 2014 р.
Still entertains children so many years later. I remember fondly watching my late younger brother playing this game, and it does my heart good to watch my daughter do the same. Hearing her run to me begging me come to see what she found found (an ant tunnel full of ant babiesl) is priceless.

It's a non-story point and click adventure by Cyan Studios, who also made Manhole, Spelunx and later the Myst games. The art is simple, but effective, the gameplay is amusing, and it's very good for teaching young children (~3) mouse control. The absurdist comedy really hits home for the young folk, and the focus on cause and effect makes a lasting impression.
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Додано: 22 грудня 2014 р.
I was stranded in space... All alone. I turned around, saw a giant space ship. I entered the ship, slid into the cockpit and pressed a big button that said GO. Many buttons appeared, I pressed the second one. My stomach rose up to my brain as I transported faster than the speed of sound, to a very small planet. I crashed through the cockpit of my ship, due to the extreme force of stopping after flying so fast, and tumbled onto the ground, I had broken my leg. I stumbled past a house and dragged myself to a dock. I got in a boat, there was nothing there but a telephone and some buttons, and a navigational GPS system. I paddled my boat to a small island with nothing but a compass on it. I passed the island, and after hours of paddling through the oddly peaceful ocean I found an island with a house on it. I stumbled out of the boat and took a rest on the ground, I was tired and my leg was in sever pain. I was lost. I heard grumbling behind me, as I turned around I saw a large canine-human beast. He laid by a pile of bones (which I imagined were those of the unfortunate people who fell into my predicament.) The beast stared at me, assessed me with a blind glare, then stated. "Feed me, and I shall present to you my stomach." I appeared to have been spared by the beast, so one by one, I fed him the human remains, some still had strands of flesh and dried blood on them. He howled what sounded like a phone number tone, though I was too afraid to ask him to repeat it. He then fell asleep, and I made my escape into the house. All there was in the house was a hole with a ladder, and a bucket of paint with a brush in it. I stirred the brush around the paint, the brush took control of my arm and had me paint a large X on the wall. The brush fell back into the container. I pressed my hand against the X and the wall opened up, showing me a carrot. I took the carrot, and dropped it onto the floor. The carrot screamed in pain, and vaporized. I went to look into the hole in the wall, but it shut closed, the X was gone. I climbed down the ladder, there was a Nazi, saluting me. I turned to my left and saw a globe protruding from the wall. Words above it stated "The Core of the Planet. Hands off!" I glanced around, the Nazi stared straight forward, as if I was not even in the room. I touched my palm to the globe, and immediately I felt immense pain. My palm was stuck the the globe as I helplessly tugged on my arm. The smell of burnt flesh filled the room, I used my good leg as support against the wall to tug myself free, my crippled leg on the ground, supporting my body, now in more pain than my bubbling palm. I pulled myself free and dipped my entire arm in a nearby vat of water. The Nazi stared straight forward, ignoring my screams. I stumbled past him, through a doorway, to a room with no walls, nothing in it. I looked at my palm. Black, bleeding, the smell enough to knock a man out. A tear shed from my eye, as the pain was unbearable. I looked up and saw a window had appeared. I opened the window, and crawled through. I was in a kitchen. I opened a cupboard, and saw to abominable faces. as pictured HERE. I shut the cupboard doors and panicked, I quickly looked around the room, I opened cabinets under the sink and saw a portal. I saw on the far end, photos hanging on the wall. I jumped through and shut the door behind me. I turned around, and was horrified to see a monster. Pumpkins and fruit in the shape of a horribly misshapen human figure spoke to me in riddled tongue. I quickly scrambled up a small spiral staircase in the room, and ended up in an observatory. A man sat under a telescope. He turned to me after a few moments, and said "Holy Mackerel! Come see this." then dissipated. I looked into the telescope and saw a large fish, a Mackerel to be exact. I reached through to the Mackerel and inside, was a man, reading a book in a small, cozy room. "You do not belong here," he said, lowering the book and giving me an uncomfortable stare, "The galaxy is large, yes, but you do not belong. If you do not leave, I will be forced to do to you what I did to all the other travelers who were lost." I stumbled backwards in fear, and fell out of the fish's mouth, tumbling through space, I felt the oxygen escape my breath, my vision turned dark and I tried to scream, but not a sound escaped my mouth. My skin turned pale white and my blood flow slowed drastically. I barely made out the vision of the ship I had first stumbled upon, heading right towards me. I crashed through the cockpit, glass lacerating my arms, bleeding profusely I stumbled to the cockpit chair. I was fading fast, I didn't even feel the pain in my leg, or my charred hand. My skin was ghost-white, I felt numb all over. I tried to cry but not a tear escaped my eye. The ship's light blacked out, all I saw was the ghastly glow of the giant fish in the sky. I sat there on the chair, my head back, my vision dim, wondering...
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