The Last Sigil is a 2D roguelike hack&slash game. Create your guild, hire randomly generated characters with different traits, stats and skills, and enter the Sigils to vanquish an ancient evil and his army of monsters.
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Mar 22, 2018

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“Early Access gives me the possibility to develop the game together with the players. Getting valuable feedback is very important and helps me to improve the game and to introduce new and wanted content.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“Roughly four months.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“The full version will have more content, updates will be introduced throughout the Early Access period that will not only fix issues and increase optimization, but also introduce new area/biomes, monsters, pets, etc.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“All the features listed in the description are finished and in the game. The project needs to be properly balanced and enriched with more area/biomes, monsters and pets.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“Yes, the final game will offer more content, therefore the price is lower while in Early Access.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“I will use the "Discussion" section of Steam, I will let the player base know what I'm working on and answer any question they might have; I hope to receive their feedback on content and features as well as input on what they want to see in the game.”
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Available: March 22

This game will unlock in approximately 3 days


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February 22

The Last Sigil - Update

Hello everyone,
this announcement contains updates about the early access release date, the store page and the changes I've done to the game since Greenlight.

Early access is expected to start Thor's Day 22 March 2018! Hopefully there will be no delay and in case something happens, I will post an update about it.

The store page is finally up! You can add the game to your wishlist and use the "General Discussions" section to ask any question you want; I will try to answer to you as soon as possible but please keep in mind that I'm the only person working on this game, so my time is limited.

The title is vastly improved compared to the greenlight trailer version and here's a quick summary.

Characters base attributes have been changed, they now have 4 innate attributes, strength, endurance, constitution and luck, and their values vary from 1 to 10.
The first three influence your guild's power, energy and vitality, while the latter gives you a small chance to double your loot.

The artifact has been removed and I added a new layer of items called Mythic; these items will be more powerful than the epic ones and in addition they will come with a special effect, such as a chance to deal a deadly hit or apply a bleeding, or a chance to inscribe a rune which grants bonuses while standing on hit, or a chance to curse enemies, or passive bonuses like elemental damage, immunity to CC, etc.
There are currently 47 mythic effects, some can appear on every piece of equipment, others only on specific items; in the future more will come, so feel free to post any idea you will have about them.

Enchanting and customization have been greatly improved; you can now drop scrolls of enchantments, scrolls of rebirth, scrolls of transmutation, blacksmith hammers and jeweller chisels.

Scrolls of Enchantments come in three types, lesser, normal and greater and they increase the attributes and bonuses of an item.
  • Scrolls of Rebirth generate a new item of the same rarity of the one you used them on.
  • Scrolls of Transmutation upgrade a normal item to a random rarity (magic, rare, epic, mythic).
  • Blacksmith Hammers increase the damage or the defense of an item by 1% for each use, up to 10%.
  • Jeweller Chisels add sockets to items in which you can put jewels, you can craft the latters at the forge if you have the necessary materials.

As mentioned there are now 10 Jewels which you can craft at the forge, they have fixed bonus types, random bonus values, three rarity (magic, rare and epic) and you can put them inside the sockets of your equipment (1 item = 1 socket = 1 jewel). You can also remove them by using a Jeweller Chisel.

The Banners are equippable items you can find in containers, treasure chests and as loot by killing enemies. They have attributes bonuses, they come in four rarity (magic, rare, epic, mythic) and they give you an ability to summon them as long as you have one equipped; using the ability will summon the banner which will grants you and/or your minions temporary buffs, like increased damage or immunity to damage. When you use the skill, a cooldown will start and you won't be able to summon the banner again until the cooldown it's finished.

You can now find pets! There are currently 10 types in different colors and more will come. A few of them are available from a merchant in the town-hub, the rest are drop by enemies.
Like other items they have a level and they come with different rarities (magic, rare, epic, mythic); not all pets are the same, some are more tough, others deal more damage, some are melee, others are ranged.
When you equip a pet, it will spawn next to you, follow you around and attack every enemy on sight. To control your pet, there is a "call/unleash pet" ability which lets you call it back to you and set it to passive mode, or unleash it, setting the pet in aggressive mode.
Finally each pet has a special attack which will be available to you as an activable skill as soon as you equip a pet. These special attacks are powerful AOE which also apply a crowd control effect to all the enemies hit and like the banners, they come with a cooldown.

You can now assign/remove 10 attributes points per click by holding shift while clicking the relatives buttons; this makes the points distribution easier and faster.

The number of upgrades has been increased to 31 and they now influence many areas of the game, like offence, defence, resource management, magic find, curses, banners, pets and minons.
Before, if you wanted to change your build, you had to reset the points and reassign all of them; now there are two buttons which let you increase and decrease the points assigned to each upgrade, making everything easier and quicker.

The panel has been updated.
  • You can now craft 10 different jewels.
  • Recipes missing materials are now colored in red.
  • When you select an equipment recipe, you can read the number of attributes and bonuses the item will have.
  • When you select a jewel recipe, you can read the types and the numbers of bonuses the item will have.

The HUD has been updated.
  • The skill bar contains new slots to accomodate the banner and pet abilities, in addition the pet icon will turn red when the pet dies.
  • A buff bar has been added above the health bar.
  • You can now show/hide player/pet/minions/enemies health mini-bar.
  • You can now show/hide player/pet/minions/enemies damage numbers.
  • A world map has been added to show the exterior areas and the presence of waypoints/portals.
  • A zone mini-map has been added with the classic fog of war.

You can now loot the nearby items by pressing the auto-loot button; if you have enough space in your inventory, the items will be automatically transferred into your bag. You can also customize which items you want to loot in the Options Panel, for example if you uncheck the "Magic" category, all the magic items will be ignored and remain on the floor.

The Encampment or Town-Hub is now surrounded by procedurally generated exteriors, which you have to explore in order to find the entrances to the dungeons/Sigils. The areas are connected via exits and some of them contain waypoints too, which you can unlock by clicking on them.

At the entrance of the first level of each dungeon but the last one, there is a waypoint too, and once unlocked, you can teleport from any other waypoint directly there.
Waypoints are linked to the difficulty you play at, so if you switch difficulty, the waypoints will be updated accordingly.

The teleport system is still in place and if you are out of combat, you can travel from anywhere in the world to the Encampment/Town-Hub and back whenever you want.

Elite enemies have now a specific damage resistance, a trait and an elite mod; the latter is a special AOE ability which may apply a crowd control effect too and is highly recommended to avoid any contact with them.

There are now 4 types of CCs, stun, slow, chill and freeze.
As the player, you can apply them automatically by using certain skills, or by equipping a weapon with a CC as a Mythic Effect; if instead you want to use a specific CC at a specific moment, you can use a pet ability.
Finally, as mentioned, elite enemies can apply CCs too, so watch out for them!

It should be all for this time, thanks!
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About This Game

The Last Sigil is a 2D roguelike hack&slash game.
Create your guild, hire randomly generated characters with different traits, stats and skills, and enter the Sigils to vanquish an ancient evil and his army of monsters.
Fight hordes of enemies in procedural generated dungeons, hunt for rare loot, find pets, trade and gamble with merchants, craft your own items and upgrade and enchant them using tools, magic scrolls and jewels.
Distribute stat points and customize your guild through passive upgrades; earn exp and fame, level up, hire new members, become more powerful and reach the Last Sigil.


- Procedurally generated exteriors and dungeons with different enemies, traps and bosses.
- Three difficulties, normal, hard and very hard.
- Randomly generated characters with different traits, statistics and skills and the possibility to rename them as you like.
- Five classes (mage, necromancer, paladin, ranger and warrior), each one with six different combat abilities, a quick movement skill, an active block skill to mitigate the damage, a summonable banner which grants temporary buffs and a pet ability granted by your current equipped pet.
- 50 levels, stats points to distribute between power, energy and vitality and upgrade points to spend in passive skills.
- Items of different qualities, normal, magic, rare, epic and mythic (the latter with special effects), crafting materials, tools to upgrade and add sockets to your equipment, magic scrolls to enchant your items and craftable jewels to insert in sockets and further customize your equipment.
- Trading, gambling, crafting and enchating.
- Summonable banners which grant you temporary buffs.
- Pets to bring with you and fight along your side.


There are currently eight procedurally generated dungeons or Sigils, which you can enter through portals spawned in a procedurally generated world. Each dungeon is filled with different enemies, traps and bosses and consists of three levels and a boss room linked with portals.

There are three types of enemies:
- minions which are weak and easy to kill
- elites which are tougher, stronger, with special passive bonuses and skills
- bosses which you will encounter at the end of each dungeon

All of them have got normal and special attacks, you can face-tank the normal ones, but you should try to avoid or block the latter, especially if you are fighting against elites and bosses or you are not playing at normal difficulty. On top of that, only few bosses are tank&spank, most of them have got also particular mechanics which might kill you if you fail to counter them.

There are three difficulties, Normal, Hard and Very Hard, with the first one for beginner and the latter for experienced players; you have to complete the game at Normal to unlock Hard, and finish it at Hard to unlock Very Hard. Increasing the difficulty will increase your gold and magic find cap but it will also make the enemies stronger and tougher and you will have less time to avoid the enemies special attacks.

The exteriors and the dungeons are connected through exits, portals and waypoints; you can unlock the latter by clicking on them and they allow you to travel from a location to another in no time. In addition you can also teleport to the encampment (the town-hub) whenever you want, as long as you are out of combat, and you can use a portal to go back to your previous location.

The members of your guild are randomly generated, they have a rank, an expertise, a trait, four statistics (strength, endurance, constitution and luck) and a set of skills (one basic, one advanced, a quick movement and an active block). You can't create the perfect character, you have to play with what the game offers you and do your best with it.

At the beginning of the game and after every dungeon, you will be able to recruit new members and select one of them to play with. You can't change their passive abilities, nor their active skills, but you can increase some of their bonuses by killing the bosses inside the dungeons and staying alive..because when you die, you will lose the character you were playing with.

If you have a change of mind and you no longer like a specific character that you have hired before, you can always kick him/her from the guild and hire a new one. You can also rename the members of your guild, maybe after some of your idols or your friends or your subscribers (if you are a streamer).

There are currently five classes: mage, necromancer, paladin, ranger and warrior. Each one has got six different abilities (three basics and three advanced), plus a quick movement skill (teleport, charge, dash and leap) and an active block to mitigate the unavoidable incoming damage.

You can't select the basic or advanced abilities, a character will randomly get one of each type when it's generated. Basics abilities cost no mana, but they deal less damage, viceversa advanced skills have got a mana cost but they deal more damage.

There are many types of skills, ranged, melee, piercing projectiles, explosive projectiles, channelings, frontal AOE, 360° AOE, single target DOT, AOE DOT, summonings, etc. You can boost them with passive upgrades and you can add special effects too by using mythic items.

If you equip a banner or a pet you will have two additional skills, some of which you can improve through your guild passive upgrades.
When you equip a banner you will get some passive bonuses and the ability to summon it, which will give you and your minions a temporary buff according to the type of banner you're using.
Pets do not grant you passive bonuses, but they fight along your side and they give you a pet ability which will command your pet to do a powerful attack and apply an AOE crowd controlling effect.

By killing enemies you will earn experience and level up until level 50. You can reach the maximum level in every difficulty, so if you just want to relax and play only at Normal, you can stick to it all the way.

Each level awards you some statistic points to distribute between power, energy and vitality which are in common among all the members of your guild and they are boosted from the statistics of the character you're currently using. You also gain one upgrade point, which you can spend to select and improve some passive abilities and if you have a change of mind you can reset everything for free.

Each character has also got a statistic called luck, this bonus gives a chance to double your loot every time you kill an enemy or break/open a container; on top of that you can also stack magic and gold find through the bonuses of your equipment and the passive upgrades to gain more gold and increase the chance to find rare items.

The equipment consists of 14 slots: helmet, chest, gloves, pants, boots, amulet, two rings, three type of weapon (melee, ranged and magic), a shield, a banner and a pet.

You can hunt for rare items by killing enemies or looting containers and treasure chests. You can also buy and sell from/to merchants in the encampment and gamble for unidentified items; or if you like to craft, you can gather materials and craft your own equipment at the forge.

There are five qualities of items, normal, magic, rare, epic and mythic; all the items but the normal ones (which are needed for crafting), increase your character's statistics and add some passive bonuses. The better quality, the more and stronger are the bonuses. On top of that mythic items come with a special effect which will greatly enhance your character.

When you equip a pet it will be summoned at your side and it will follow you and fight with you. Your pet will attack any enemy on sight but you can call it back to you whenever you want and set it to passive mode. Some pets are melee, other are ranged and all of them have got a special ability which you can activate to perform a powerful attack and apply a CC. Like items, pets come in different qualities, from normal to mythic, and you can also boost them by spending upgrade points in the relative skills.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: 2.4 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512 MB
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • OS: Windows 10
    • Processor: 2.4 GHz or higher
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1 GB or higher
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
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