MISSILE CARDS is an intense turn-based defense card game inspired by the retro Atari classic Missile Command. Arm your defenses and blast away flaming death orbs, nuclear warheads, and other hazards hurtling down from space. High replay and lots of unlockables!
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Data de lançamento: 7 Abr, 2017

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24 de Maio

Patch 1.0.7 Out Now (Screenshots + Fixes)

Have you been enjoying the game? Great! If so, please take a moment to leave a quick Steam review. That helps me out a ton! I'm really keen to get more user reviews on the board ASAP, so don't forget to take a sec to post one -- especially if you're having fun with Missile Cards!

Patch Updates

Meanwhile, I've fixed a few things and added screenshot capabilities with Patch 1.0.7! Here are the deets:

1) Added Screenshots in Steam

Finally! Hitting F12 to take a screenshot should now work! Seems odd that I had to hard-code that in, but it's all setup now, I tested it out, and should be working nicely.

2) That damn hack bug - STOMPED.

The very rare hacking bug on Base 4 has been driving me nuts. Occasionally, and seemingly at random, triggering a firewall card would not clear the hack card on the conveyor like it's supposed to.

I've gone over the code dozens of times and made 3-4 fixes that still didn't fix the issue, but I think I've found and locked down the problem.

Build 1.0.7 ditches a big chunk of code for the firewall card triggers that I think was borking things up. So NOW when you trigger a firewall, it'll clear ANY and ALL hack cards that are on the conveyor. It's rare that you'll have more than one on at a given time, but if you do wind up in that situation, using the firewall will knock them both out at once.

Previously, I had setup code to do some additional checks and only clear ONE out if there was more than one, and I think that's what was breaking it. Seems to work deliciously now, so hopefully that's that (FINALLY) for the hack bug.

3) New Device detect code

This technically shouldn't impact PC version users, but I wanted to let folks know just in case there are any problems. I've implemented a lot of new behind-the-scenes code for Missile Cards in prep for the mobile port that auto-detects the device and operating system, then adjusts some important code bits at the moment of launch.

This shouldn't impact the PC version at all, BUT if you notice anything funny with the current version that wasn't happening in the previous build, PLEASE let me know so I can adjust/fix if needed.

You'll notice that minimizing the game and toggling fullscreen off makes the game super tiny. But this also lets you drag the corner of the window and manually adjust/scale the view to whatever size you'd like to play at in windowed mode. NOTE: that this will cause some pixel crunching if you resize the window to anything outside of a 16:9 ratio, but you can always hop back into Full screen or restart if it gets funky.


I'm really heartened that players seem to be enjoying Missile Cards. Unfortunately, Steam sales on-the-whole have been super crummy. I haven't even come close to breaking even on development, financially, which is disappointing but a possibility I had prepared for.

So right now, aside from updating any future bugs that folks might run into, my core focus is on finalizing and launching the iOS port. How well that goes will have a big impact on whether I add any major core content to Missile Cards going forward (beyond bug fixes).

The good news, however, is that if the iOS version does really well and prompts me to create additional content in the future, I'll be rolling out that content across all versions of the game. So PC players on Steam will get any new gameplay updates, if they happen.

I can't promise anything right now -- pending a major turn of the tides sales-wise -- but I'll be sure to keep everyone posted.

In the meantime, thanks again for checking out my quirky strategy card game! I have other unique card game projects in the works, so if you'd like to see those come to Steam, definitely speak up and let me know.


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3 de Maio

Patch 1.0.6 is live!

Hey folks, thanks again for keeping me posted on bug reports! Patch 1.0.6 fixes a few recent crashes and bugs reported by players in the later stages of the game.

The biggies:

1) Fixed a few sneaky bugs that were throwing crash errors during base 5 / the final boss level.

2) Re-fixed the firewall cards sometimes not clearing single hack cards on the conveyor in base 4.

Both of those were tough to sort, as they're fairly rare and were hard to replicate on my playthroughs. I was able to update the code, test it out a bunch, and we *should* be all set, but please do let me know if you run into any more issues with those two problems or any other bugs~

Side note: While it shouldn't impact things at all in this PC build, update 1.0.6 includes a handful of UI room positioning and behind-the-scenes tweaks for an upcoming iOS port -- these shouldn't impact gameplay at all on the PC version. BUT, that said, if you see anything weird or if pop-ups appear in unusual spots, please let me know, too! :)

Thanks again everyone! Really appreciate your support. If you're enjoying the game, don't forget to take a quick sec to leave a review! Appreciate it!


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“Strategizing is fun: it's satisfying to plan the use of your cards carefully and a relief when a risky gambit pays off....[Missile Cards] has a a nice retro feel: attractive yet simple graphics with a catchy chiptune soundtrack.”
- PC Gamer

“Pure solo card battling bliss–and I love it...This is a really entertaining game. The difficulty, graphics, and strategy are all things that will keep me coming back to this game for quite some time.”
- Bag O Games

“Missile Cards is a turn-based card game that mixes the defend-your-base action of the classic Atari game Missile Command with the solitaire-style tactics of Card Crawl. The result ends up being the perfect storm: a game that is simple to play yet hard to quit.”
- Stately Play

Acerca deste jogo


"Missile Command meets Solitaire...only with more doomlasers, death, and explosions."

Arm your defenses and blast away flaming death orbs, nuclear warheads, and other hazards hurtling down from space before they annihilate your base. Loosely inspired by the Atari classic Missile Command, Missile Cards re-imagines the intense bombardment defense gameplay as a turn-based strategy card game. Unlock new bases, upgrade your arsenal, complete missions, and challenge your card skills against increasingly brutal decks in this highly replayable solo-card game.


  • Avoid annihilation through strategic card play and pressure cooker defense card deployment - every choice could be life or death!
  • 5 challenging bases/decks full of unique hazards, defenses, special gameplay and challenging missions.
  • Deploy missiles, lasers, cannons, shields, repair drones, orbital death rays, and much more!
  • Unlock special cards to modify your deck and improve your chances of survival!
  • Earn XP and upgrade your bases with special abilities and enhanced defenses!
  • Fast to learn, highly replayable solo card game action!
  • Delicious punishment: This game is hard. Yes, that's intentional.

Missile Cards was developed with GameMaker: Studio.

Requisitos do Sistema

    • Sistema Operativo: Windows 7
    • Processador: Dual Core
    • Memória: 2 GB de RAM
    • Placa gráfica: Integrated graphics
    • Espaço no disco: Requer 100 MB de espaço livre
    • Sistema Operativo: Windows 7 or above
    • Processador: Dual core or above
    • Memória: 4 GB de RAM
    • Placa gráfica: Graphics card with 512 MB RAM
    • Espaço no disco: Requer 100 MB de espaço livre

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