Assume the role of a mighty (and mighty evil) Dungeon Lord and create your own diabolical demesnes underground. 10 different classes of heroes dare to enter your dungeon where 15 different monsters lurk in the dark.
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Release Date: Feb 10, 2011

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About This Game

A mighty hero stalks through a dark, dank dungeon making life miserable for hordes of pitiable monsters as he steals anything and everything not bolted to the floor. Been there, done that - about a thousand times? Then it is definitely time to switch sides and show that hero just who's who in the dungeon!
Assume the role of a mighty (and mighty evil) Dungeon Lord and create your own diabolical demesnes underground. Dim-witted goblin workers tremble as they await your orders and dig corridors and rooms into the rock at your command.
Heroes will visit your dungeon in search of battle and treasure.
Naturally, you could always just annihilate them with a snap of your fingers. But isn't it more entertaining and deliciously evil to watch them attain their heart's desire - and then take take it ALL away?
So throw them a few treasures and some equipment, give them a couple of fights for entertainment and cherish and look after them. And once they are finally happy enough - it's time for the "harvest". For happy heroes have more valuable soul energy for you to gleefully extract from them in your prison or torture chamber!
But even though these self-proclaimed warriors for the good are not much more than an excellent source of resources for you, you still should not underestimate them. If you've beaten up too many of their friends, the powerful and vindictive Champions will occasionally make their way to your Dungeon. Perhaps a small sum could persuade them to forget their moral and ethical principles for once?
In addition to the heroes, you should also always keep an wary eye on the underground. For the competition never sleeps, and other Dungeon Lords would like to claim your territory for themselves. As if that were not enough, another Dungeon Lord lives one level below you who, to top it all off, is also your boss and bombards you with useless tasks! Of course, it goes without saying that malicious and sneaky beings such as yourself are already hard at work trying to take his place!


The game revolves around Deimos, foremost of all Dungeon Lords. He falls victim to a devious plot hatched by his vile, nasty, thoroughly vicious ex-girlfriend Calypso, and suddenly finds himself at the bottom of the hierarchy and the top of the dungeon once again.
As the story proceeds Deimos tries to regain his old place and have his well-deserved revenge on Calypso. First, however, he will have to deal with his new bosses. On the one hand , there's the Zombie King, who is about as intelligent as your average undead zombie is likely to be, and on the other there's hot-blooded Minos, who likes to solve problems using violence or, alternatively, more violence.

Key features:

  • Be insidious! Three different Boss Monsters await in order to give you a real hard time. Get rid of them to become the one and only Dungeon Lord!
  • Get ready for a fight! 10 different classes of heroes dare to enter your dungeon where 15 different monsters lurk in the dark
  • The 17 campaign missions demand your whole cunningness as evil dungeon lord. If you manage to survive them there's still the custom game waiting for you.
  • In a dungeons there's only one way: going down. 3 different levels wait to be conquered by you.
  • Prison cells and torture chambers are ready for your command and await “customers”
  • Create the dungeon of your dreams with 50 different objects
  • Wimpy goblin workers await your commands and create the dungeon after your wishes.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7/Vista/ XP SP2
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz Dual Core
    • Memory: 2 GB
    • Graphics: 256 MB DirectX 9.0c Graphics card with Shader Model 3.0
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB free HDD
    • Sound: Windows-compatible Soundcard
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200 of 244 people (82%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
1.6 hrs on record
Posted: November 29, 2013
It's been said before, it needs to be said again. This is not Dungeon Keeper. It is not close to Dungeon Keeper. It will not fill the void in your heart left by Dungeon Keeper.

My biggest gripe: trying to set up an economy using this system requires a tedious amount of micro-management: You need enemy heroes to be able to easily get to your loot, then intercept them before they easily get away with it. By definition, this means you need to change something about your set-up on the fly, for every hero, in real time.

A slog that misses everything about what made the genre fun.
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76 of 85 people (89%) found this review helpful
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115.8 hrs on record
Posted: October 23, 2014
First off, this is definitely not Dungeon Keeper. With that out off the way, this game is good in it's own right. The first couple levels are basically tutorials and are slow, but if you get past the first couple it does become more challengeing. When I first bought this game I had the idea that it would play similar to the Dungeon Keeper games. Upon playing it I was frustrated that it wasn't and promptly removed it and didn't play it again for a long while. However, one day I decided to reinstall and give it a shot without comparing it, to my surprise I wanted to play more.

Your objective is to give the heroes that enter your dungeon everything they want filling their soul meters, then destroy them before they get a chance to leave your dungeon. Using their souls to buy "gimmicks" that you use to fill your dungeon leading the heroes throughout it, and making you more powerful. There is a balance you need to strike to get the heroes happy without having your creatures accidently slay them to soon, and losing soul energy in the process, as yourself the "Dungeon Lord" gets more soul energy from killing the heroes personally. I find trying to build my dungeon in such a way to completly fill the heroes soul bars and leading them to my dungeon heart, where I await them, to be challengeing and statisfing.

I rate it 7/10, because I thoroughly enjoy playing it. But at times it has crashed while trying to autosave and there are a couple missions that are still broke and cannot be completed. Just give it a chance it may surprise you, like it did for me.
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102 of 131 people (78%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
26.9 hrs on record
Posted: November 29, 2013
The idea is nice, but the implementation is not.
The game creators compare it to Diabolo and Dungeon Keeper. I'm not the Diabolo fanboy, but Dungeon Keeper is a way better game that this one.

The good: visuals, some scenarios in campaign.
The average: gameplay, magic system, skill system, in-game jokes.
The bad: controls, building system (there are a lots of build items which are essentially the same).
The ugly: launching the game (you need to pass 3 screens to simply launch the game).
The verdict: I'm not going to play this game ever again.
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74 of 97 people (76%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
1.0 hrs on record
Pre-Release Review
Posted: November 26, 2013
NOT like Dungeonkeeper except in the shallowest of ways. There's no mass battles with heroes, and your minions don't fight them, not really. Instead you find dungeon entrences, put a hallway across from them with a bit of treasure at the other end, and a corneer to hide behind. Heroes arrive one at a time, on a timer, see the gold, go to pick it up, and once they're done, you club them and have a goblin drag them back to the dungeon. By this point the hero arrival timer is almost up again, and you do wait for the next one to come along, find treasure, get clubbed, etc and you do this until you realize the whole game is just doing this over and over and get tired of it.
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36 of 39 people (92%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
7.1 hrs on record
Posted: May 25, 2015
Save your money buy Dungeons ii. This game is overly complicated and you feel like you aren't really running a dungeon. You feel like you are the dungeon overlord who has to do the work completely by himself by killing all the adventurer's yourself because your bats, rats, etc don't see to do much work and seem to be reliant on the adventurer's attacking them. You also can't pick them up and move them where you want to like you can in Dungeons ii where it feels like you are actually running a dungeon instead of just going around with your main guy and attacking Adventurer's. Also you have to get something archaic called Soul Energy from the Adventurer's which means you have to let them beat up your creatures, steal you gold, etc so their green bars go up before you kill them because they are worth more soul energy that way and you can lock them up in cages to get some extra soul energy also. Problem is this means adventurer's pile up in your dungeon meaning you might have to fight multiplies at once making your job tougher since your main guy is the only one that seems to do any of the killing. You also get archaic Prestige points that allow you to build "gimmicks" to occupy the adventurer's and make their soul energy production go up as well. I am glad that I bought Dungeons ii first or I might have got turned off this title line. If I had bought dungeons i first there is a good chance I would never have discovered what a great game dungeons ii is in actually managing a dungeon instead of just attacking like some arcade game with your main guy. In dungeons ii your objective is to kill the adventurer's as quickly as possible not let them hang out and get tougher.

Save your money buy dungeons ii if you want a real game in this genre. I absolutely love that game but can't see myself putting any more time into dungeons i as it seems pointless. Also you can't see your entire dungeon like you can in dungeons ii and it's very dark and hard to see exactly what is going on. The creatures are much larger and more visible in dungeons ii.
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43 of 59 people (73%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
10.1 hrs on record
Pre-Release Review
Posted: December 1, 2013
As an old fan of Dungeon Keeper. I was thrilled to hear this was supposed to be a spiritual successor to that series.... Then I played the game. DUNGEONS at the very least LOOKS like Dungeon Keeper, but that's about where it stops being a "spiritual successor". As much as I liked the fact you were an actual evil overlord that could roam freely through your dungeon, and while the heroes that would regularly come to your dungeon to battle monsters and loot treasure was a nice touch. It lacked the one thing that would have made the game actually WORK. The free roaming monsters. DUNGEONS wanted to be DK's spiritual successor, but instead just slapped a coat of paint on itself to make it LOOK like a proper successor, then did it's own thing that I found completely disapointing. So... No. Didn't like it. Not at all.
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36 of 48 people (75%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
11.2 hrs on record
Posted: November 26, 2013
At first I thought I liked the game, but in the end it is rather dull. It tries to be like Dungeon Keeper, but it doesn't do a very good job at it. I found playing in sandbox to be a little too irritating as I can never remember which maps give me what toys to play with. For example, one map may let you use traps and another may not. In all honsety, play Evil Genius instead.
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23 of 29 people (79%) found this review helpful
42.5 hrs on record
Posted: December 25, 2013
First of all: THIS GAME IS NOT DUNGEON KEEPER. Even if it is a "spiritual successor", it still isn't the same game. If you want Dungeon Keeper, go and play Dungeon Keeper.
The game is good and simple and the campaing is a good way to spend some time and the costume game is good to spend some time and challegne yourself. It's not the best game ever, but it still is a good game.
I don't think the game is good enough to worth it's full price, but it sure worth with a good discount.
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42 of 65 people (65%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
4.4 hrs on record
Posted: April 8, 2014
I don't think I have ever been this depressed by a game before. As the spiritual successor to Dungeon Keeper, I had very high hopes for this game. It is, saddly, terrible. Everything that made the previous game unique and interesting (monsters moving into and interacting with your dungeon, converting enemies to your cause, waging war against the forces of good,) have all been stripped away.

Yes, you can place monsters in your dungeon and have them protect narrow areas, but they don't roam the area, they don't interact with your dungen, and there are very few types available. The troll/blacksmiths are gone, and so are their traps, doors, and other gadgets to make the dungeon interesting. The prisons remain, but the Mistresses are gone so enemies can't be converted. The only reason you even capture them is to get soul energy out of them.

You no longer wage war. Yes, you can fight heroes, and your mosnters will too. However, you can no longer send your monsters after heroes, they will only engage if the hero happens to stumble into them. Of course, you wouldn't want to send monsters after heroes aanymore either, since they need to survive to be fattened up with soul energy.

It is like they tooke the most basic features of Dungeon Keeper, kept those, and threw away everything that gave the game character. Now, you must run about taking care of every little task using your avatar, with no help from the decorative monsters. Basically, this has become FarmVille with a slightly darker background and sub-par voice acting.
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21 of 28 people (75%) found this review helpful
81.1 hrs on record
Posted: December 23, 2013
First thing that needs to be said is that this is and never will be Dungion Keeper 3 (go to War for the Overworld for that).

But if you enjoy the idea of heros as little more then a cash crop, then you will enjoy this game. The idea is simple; each hero is worth very little when they enter your dungion, but depending on how you design it they get fat, like good little pigies, and then when rip, you cut them down. This is how you gain the important resources of the game. Each type of hero as different needs and as the game progresses new hero types arive, more stuff gets unlocked ect. Theirs some good humior, but unless you enjoy playing with the heros as above then this game become repititive after mission 5. The music is good and the graphics are nice, but even as someone who enjoyed this game its a 6/10.
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Recently Posted
5.5 hrs
Posted: October 15
After loosing credentials for my old Account, cant play the game anymore. ♥♥♥♥ing DRM.
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37.9 hrs
Posted: October 13
The concept of the game is very interesting to me. The actual gameplay wasn't anything spectacular though. The jokes were a little silly and I found myself zoning out during alot of the time.
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Defiant Wolf
38.6 hrs
Posted: August 13
They definately tried to grab that Dungeon Keeper vibe but the game itself is it's own game that borrows elements of it - right down to the very simular CGI cut scenes. The simularaties are so uncanny many (myself included) thought they were trying to make a cheap knockoff.

Once you figure out it's not Dungeon Keeper and figure out how it works, you start to get an appreciation for what it really is - a satire of fantasy dungeons and the players who play them. You then dig into the game further and watch how it lampoons all the popular favorites right down to Diablo and does it with a self awareness that Dungeons itself is NOT to be taken anymore seriously than the game it borrows inspiration from.

Indeed, I think Dungeons probably did a better job nailing the satire of fantasy dungeon crawls than anybody - it indeed did NOT DESERVE the flak it got for appearing to be a knockoff.

While you have a dungeon heart and workers that dig out your dungeon, the simularities end there. Where Dungeon Keeper looked at the heroes as an invader to be destroyed, Dungeons approaches Heroes as an important resource. You see, your dungeon is there to entertain them, and make them gain soul energy. When they have sufficient soul energy or make themselves too much of a nuisance - you knock them down and imprison them to harvest them for soul energy. In essense, they are your cattle to be cared for till it's time to slaughter and harvest them.

Dungeons also gives the Dungeon Lord an actual avatar - a wandering nightmare mob that you the player have control of. Anotherwords, YOU ARE THE DUNGEON EPIC BOSS.

Said soul energy is used to build gimmicks - which are essentially the decorations for your dungeon. Each gimmick raises the prestige of your dungeon, which in turn directly influences your power by unlocking stronger monster and better devices to better care for your little hero piglets. Pretige also directly influences the strength of your Avatar.

Soul energy also serves as the currency you use to raise the universal level of all your monsters, and is also used for other odd purchases such as creating a guardian for your dungeon heart, or increasing the number of workers you can have.

It's not all screams and sacrifices though - your actions of harvesting said heroes comes at a cost. The more you destroy, the more it ticks down a timer that spawns a champion. Said champion can be thought of as the end-game player. Maxed level and fully geared - his only goal is to destroy epic mobs - like you. His presense aggrivates the other heroes and unites them in his cause - and thus you have to deal with him.

Oh, there's also the other weakling dungeon lords that invade your realm - but that's another story.

Game deserves a chance - I'll probably pick up it's sequal soon.
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4.8 hrs
Posted: July 19
Company abuses Steam systems to get their game greater visibility while on sale by calling it an 'update'. Do you really want to buy a game from a company that thinks doing that counts as a good business practice?

That out of the way, game is horrifyingly grindy to get anything done. Decorating your dungeon loses all entertainment value when you HAVE to do it for advancement. At times I can't help but feel they decided to make a Dungeon Keeper clone, and used the mobile app as their reference.

It has fun bits, I can remember having fun, but the long, slow grind to level up at the start of each map has sucked out all memory of just what it was that was keeping me entertained. Seriously, I play clicker games for fun, and even I found this game boring and repetitive.
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0.3 hrs
Posted: July 14
Just bought this and played for 10 minutes. I have no clue wtf I'm doing, but not having any fun yet. The little tutorial intro leaves much to be desired.
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5.6 hrs
Posted: July 9
Would not recommend
Had to get a new computer, now it just says product key in use when i try to play
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5.5 hrs
Posted: July 5
Went into this game hoping for dungeon keeper.

Ended up with "Hero Panderer instead"

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0.3 hrs
Posted: July 4
When u run game weird launcher appears with advertises which forces u to register. Game itself looks twice its age and its bad. Simple bad. Advice ? Hide it and pretend it doesnt exist.
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13.0 hrs
Posted: June 14
I don't know why there are so many bad opinions about this game, for me Dungeons is a quite good product and I really enjoyed playing it. It's not Dungeon Keeper and I don't understand why people are mad because of it. Just calm down it's a different game .....
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46.2 hrs
Posted: June 10
I do recall bashing this game on a internet forum I have now been permo-banned from and for some time now (Unrelated to me being banned!) I have regretted sharing with that community how much I though of this game when I played it a few times.

I think it the demo, that dissappointed me at first....and why I never purchase a retial version of this game and then I played the demo again here vai Steam and started to get into it once I got used to the control scheme/playing system for it.

The problem was that I was looking for a worthy successor to Dungeon Keeper 1 & 2, because number never mad eit past the drawing boards and that was that!

There are a fewl clones of this that original game from the early 90's, but the best ones are Delvers, and the unoffical Sequel War for the Overworld (Or some similar name!) and there is sequle for Dungeons as well.

I like dungeons now, it ceraintly has found it's own niche and it really it's own game, but that sequle is something else. Hoping it's difference had nothing to do with me.

Enjoy and check out games like it!
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