★ Welcome to Mythic Victory Arena! ★ Select a character and face off in the arena. Climb your way through the ranks to become the champion and achieve your greatest desire. The arena is here for you to show off your best ability. What are you waiting for?
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Oct 3, 2016

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“Mythic Victory Arena is in early access to receive input from players and fans about features and adjustments that they would like to see in the completed version of the game that they would like to play.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“This game will be in Early Access for up to a year as there is a lot of content to continue to add and prepare for a final version of Mythic Victory Arena.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“The full version of Mythic Victory Arena is planned to have features that will be implemented over the game's time in Early Access.

Additions and features that are planned involve:
  • Unique Items
  • Original assets
  • A proper balance
  • Fully fleshed out story
  • Leaderboards
  • and more!

It is of course to be said that these features may or may not make into the finished project.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“The current state of the game at this stage is not very complete and lacks a lot of content. The project will continually go under additions and many changes which will force players to restart their saves.

Do not play this game if you dislike your progress being wiped away.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“The price of Mythic Victory Arena will not change from its initial Early Access price.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“Through the steam community forums, it is expected that players of Mythic Victory Arena will provide input of what direction they wish to see the project take.”
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November 29, 2017

November 29th, 2017 Update

Welcome back to the fight, challengers! Today's update brings in new and interesting additions and some changes that were desperately needed to keep Mythic Victory Arena fresh and unique.

New DLC! Unlock All Skills

Launching alongside this update is a new DLC, which when you purchase it, unlocks all skills for each character that they can normally unlock through leveling up. This grants you more opportunity to gain EXP or Arena Coin when you level up. In the future, I'll add extra Level Up Rewards to make up for the current lack of options.

You may purchase the new DLC below.

Action Enhancer Buff!

The Action Enhancer item now has a little extra detail; it increases your Skill Unleash chance. It shows a percentage based chance, but the math is as follows. By default, you have a 1 in 16 chance to activate Skill Unleash! When you stimulate yourself with an Action Enhancer, the chance to activate Skill Unleash! becomes 1 in 5. Take advantage of this when it comes to what you're about to read next.

Basic Attack UNLEASHED

All basic attacks that each character can perform now have Skill Unleash! sequences unique to each weapon. As development continues, a more up-to-date trailer will be posted to the Steam Store and announced for you to fawn over. Take advantage of using Action Enhancers to have better odds at the Skill Unleash!

Who's Next?

As it stood before, during your first time play through, you likely weren't sure of what enemy you were about to face. And while it may not be helpful during a first time play through, it's good information to have regardless. Before you enter into an Arena Fight, you will be shown which enemy you are going up against. This way, you don't have to worry about what enemy is gonna be giving you a hard time as you enter.

Updated Damage Information

Damage text has been changed to include a lot more information of what's going on in battle. Take a look below and see for yourself.

Other Additions

As an additional bonus to using Solo Mode! you are granted a 50% increase in your Maximum HP and Maximum MP. This may be lowered in the future.

Felia may now unlock the Trident when she is level 10 or above. The Trident is weaker than the Spear, cuts your luck by 30%, but gives you an increased chance to Critical Hit. These are fair trade-offs for shoving a Water-based weapon into a Fire-based character's hands. Felia will make good work with the Trident regardless, but she won't accept you for making her use it.

Patch Notes!

  • ✪ New DLC. Unlock all skills.
    ✪ Basic Attacks all have Skill Unleash sequences now
    ✪ All skills have Skill Unleash sequences now
    ✪ Action Enhancer item also increases your Skill Unleash chance to 20% from 6%
    ✪ You are now shown which enemies you will be fighting while climbing ranks
    ✪ Felia now unlocks the Trident when she is Level 10 or above
    ✪ More damage information and popups

  • ✪ Added a 50% increase to Maximum HP and Maximum MP to Solo Mode!
    ✪ You now gain 5 to 10 TP (instead of 0 to 10) per each basic attack you perform
    ✪ Ignited status now lasts for 5 turns instead of indefinately
    ✪ Magic Evasion state has been changed to 50% Magic Evasion from 100%
    ✪ Magic Reflection state has been changed to 50% Magic Reflection from 100%
    ✪ Increased enemies' resistance to negative statuses
    ✪ Increased Molly's Sparks damage
    ✪ Increased Leora's Explosive Arrow explosion damage
    ✪ Renamed Leora's Patience Shift to Steady Breath
    ✪ Decreased Denira's Wrath of Kurien warmup
    ✪ Accuracy of Derack's Cat Call has been decreased to 90% from 100%
    ✪ Accuracy of Borrel's Intimidate has been decreased to 80% from 100%
    ✪ Power Break's chance to break armor has been adjusted
    ✪ Some Skills have had their damage rates adjusted
    ✪ Enemy Regen skill cooldown increased
    ✪ Enemy Regen skill rate changed to 10% instead of 15%
    ✪ Lowered Cockatrice's overall stats, but increased defense
    ✪ Lowered Attack of Bats
    ✪ Lowered Max Health of Bats
    ✪ Lowered Attack of Pelican
    ✪ Lowered Attack and Agility bonus of Borrel's Claws

  • ✪ Mac install file-size fixed
    ✪ The game should no longer soft lock once you level up
    ✪ Skill Unleash! chance has been fixed to prevent dud calculations
    ✪ You can now properly "Leave" the Arena Hospital
    ✪ Felia's Spear Bomb has had its damage output corrected
    ✪ Denira's Tremor is now hidden until she unlocks the Mace
    ✪ Drel's Mage Armor state now properly increases your Magic Defense rather than decrease it
    ✪ Leora's Explosive Arrow no longer explodes if the skill misses (probably)
    ✪ Leora's Patience Shift has been fixed
    ✪ Leora's Poison Shot has been fixed
    ✪ Borrel's Redirection has been fixed
    ✪ Borrel's Zen Armor has been fixed
    ✪ Derack's Roar is not longer a Certain Hit and has been fixed
    ✪ Derack's Stab has been fixed
    ✪ Chain Whip's Pull Back has been fixed
    ✪ Parley status no longer keeps you from moving idefinately
    ✪ Red Tunic has the correct icon in its description now
    ✪ Molly now unlocks her grimoire and not Drel's when she's level 10
    ✪ The game won't soft lock if you pick Skill Level up and selected all Skills
    ✪ Pickax is no longer classified as Mace
    ✪ Only Denira is allowed to equip the Mace
    ✪ Removed Screen Flash from water animation
    ✪ Fixed numerous animation errors
    ✪ Fixed an egg
    ✪ Minor Text Fixes
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October 26, 2017

October 26th, 2017 Update - Massive Content Update

Oh boy, this one's a doozy. Strap in Challengers and Champions, the ride is long and I can't talk about this update enough. When I say massive, I mean massive.

This update is so massive in fact, I highly recommend you start up a new file. Not like that matters though, as there was a bug that prevented you from progressing past the F Rank. That's been fixed, by the way.

Okay, let's jump into the thick of it.

Skills, Enemies, and More!!

To put this briefly - as best as I can - Each and every Skill in the game has been changed, updated, and re-created to be better than what they once were. The same goes for Enemies.

  • Skills have more unique Action Sequences.
  • Enemies have more unique selection in how they battle.
  • You have more options now as a player.

View the patch notes at the bottom to see what I mean.

Solo Mode!

Solo Mode is a new addition to Mythic Victory Arena. Instead of having someone fight alongside you in the Arena, you can go in alone and receive a power bonus for fighting by yourself. The Champion can explain it for you here.

New Art! New Music!

Miabun has been hard at work creating character art for the game and hard at work with her schooling. Felia is here with her glorious Absolute Territory and Jackassery. Ralph and Denira also saw a visual update. More to come in the future.

New music has been added to Mythic Victory Arena thanks to Anttis Instrumentals and their repository of tracks. More will be added in the future as the game nears completion.

A Brand New World!

With this update, you can now explore the Island of Terani and the Arena. Alongside them are new menus, which have been added to every shop as well, for your ease of access when playing the game.

A Brand New Information Hud!

When you beat an Arena Fight you get Arena Coin for your hard work. That information is shown in a clean style at the end of battle now, instead of in a text box.

The Patch Notes!

Is your head hurting yet? No? These notes should help seal your fate.

  • ✪ Solo Mode! If you go into the Arena alone, you get a 15% bonus to all stats.
    ✪ Felia Art
    ✪ New Ralph art!
    ✪ New Denira art!
    ✪ New animations!
    ✪ New Skill Action Sequences
    ✪ New Battle Victory Theme
    ✪ New loading background image and text
    ✪ New Music from Anttis Instrumentals
    ✪ Added checks to Battle Action EXP
    • ✪ You will not lose EXP for damaging yourself or your teammates
      ✪ You will not gain EXP for damaging an enemy who is currently at 0HP

  • ✪ Updated core scripts
    ✪ Updated Steamworks integration
    ✪ Only 10 Save slots are now available
    ✪ Buffs and Debuffs are only 10% instead of 25% now.
    ✪ Buffed Potions
    ✪ Potions will deal damage to creatures of Darkness
    ✪ Tutorials have been updated with cleaner information
    ✪ You can now purchase Items from the guy running the Skill Shop
    ✪ Damage formula has been changed for the default attack to prevent enemies from steamrolling your face
    ✪ Default attack can now increase your TP by 0-10 points rather than a static 5 points now
    ✪ Statuses will no longer stack if the enemy already has the status inflicted
    ✪ Weapons, Armors, Items, and Skills have new updated information style (Purchase new ones to see the new information)
    ✪ Turn Order Window in battle is now vertical instead of horizontal
    ✪ Hornet has been renamed to Bee
    ✪ Enemies are now "animated". They breathe and look more alive.
    ✪ Enemies have become smarter! They have more options in battle and do many more things to interact with you as a player.
    ✪ Enemy skills have had many of their damage formulas adjusted to make them a little less powerful against players. Bats will no longer rule your life.
    ✪ Enemy resistances have been streamlined for better experience in blasting off elemental spells
    ✪ Lowered Maximum HP of D Rank Cockatrice
    ✪ Lowered power of some enemy skills
    ✪ Lowered Ralph's Defense stat growth
    ✪ Some skills have been removed from the game. You will be rewarded an amount of gold equal to the number of skills removed from each character that had these skills.
    ✪ Many skills now have a minimum of a 3 turn cooldown
    ✪ All skills now have a 1/16 chance to do bonus damage (or bonus healing!). This is not the same as a critical hit
    ✪ All skills have new animations and action sequences.
    ✪ All skills now have more streamlined information. Information regarding status informations has been moved to the manual. There's A LOT of statuses
    Some skills have been changed to make use of these new action sequences, take a look here:
    ✪ Changes to Ralph's Skills:
    • ✪ Wild Swings now hits multiple times and recoil is 3% of Ralph's maxHp per successful hit
      ✪ Shine Smash now hits twice and can only inflict Blind now
      ✪ Boast's status now lasts 3 turns instead of 5
      ✪ Enrage can now target allies instead of being user only
      ✪ Heroic Shout increases HP Regeneration by 10% instead of increasing Maximum HP
      ✪ Hack Apart's damage formula has been modified to scale more fairly. It also hits 4 times now
      ✪ Whirlwind now hits 7 times
      ✪ Splinter now hits twice and its Warmups and Cooldowns have been adjusted
      ✪ Berserk's buff no longer increases Defense and the Attack increase has been lowered
      ✪ Bloodbath now hits multiple times and for each successful hit will only heal 5% of maximum HP
    ✪ Changes to Drel's Skills:
    • ✪ Drel's basic magic now has a 2 turn cooldown.
      ✪ Drel's unlock skills have had their cooldowns raised, due to their power level.
      ✪ Ignite now hits 5 times and ignite has been changed to a state that deals increasing damage over time and lowers the user's resistance to fire by 100%
      ✪ Evocation now inflicts a state that grants increasing MP Regeneration over 5 turns
      ✪ Force of Will now hits 3 times
      ✪ Meteor Strike's damage has been lowered and now hits multiple times
    ✪ Changes to Leora's Skills:
    • ✪ Power Shot is now a Ranged Heavy element, meaning it will do extra damage to enemies weak to ranged attacks
      ✪ Barrage now hits all enemies multiple times and is a Ranged element
      ✪ Dash can now target allies
      ✪ Explosive Arrow's secondary effect (the explosion) now has its own damage formula. If the arrow is evaded or misses the secondary effect will never happen.
      ✪ Grappling Bolt now hits multiple times
      ✪ Slow Bolt chance to inflict sluggish has been replaced with a chance to inflict slow
      ✪ Patience Shift can now target allies
    ✪ Changes to Derack's Skills:
    • ✪ Slice n' Dice is no longer a Certain Hit skill
      ✪ Bide Power state lasts only 2 turns now instead of 3
      ✪ Parley has 90% accuracy now
      ✪ Saber Slash's damage has been lowered
    ✪ Changes to Felia's Skills:
    • ✪ Spear Barrage now hits multiple times
      ✪ Sweep now hits twice
      ✪ Breathe Fire is now a Magical Attack and hits multiple times
      ✪ Shared Pain is now a Magical Attack
      ✪ True Strength can now target any enemy, but does more damage to enemies with 150 or more Attack
    ✪ Changes to Borrel's Skills:
    • ✪ Flurry of Punches now hits multiple times
      ✪ Meditate's cooldown is now 5 turns
      ✪ Consecutive CQC is now a Physiscal Attack and can crit. It also hits multiple times
      ✪ Revitalize now heals Borrel alongside its revive effect, however it may still only be used if there is a dead ally to target
      ✪ Blackout now hits multiple times and no longer has a chance to inflict blindness. Instead, if Borrel is blind, the skill deals more damage
      ✪ Rest has been renamed to Deep Meditation
      ✪ Disable now hits multiple times
      ✪ Fists of Life now hits multiple times
      ✪ Puncture's infliction status has been lowered
      ✪ Bloodletting is now 70% accurate
    ✪ Changes to Molly's Skills:
    • ✪ Revolt is now 85% accurate
      ✪ Sparks now hits multiple times and can only inflict Shocked now
      ✪ Blade Rush now hits multiple times
      ✪ Bleed Dry is now 90% accurate
    ✪ Changes to Denira's Skills:
    • ✪ Denira's Club skills only care if she's wielding a Mace or Club now
      ✪ Pray is much more random and much more volatile now. Have fun!
      ✪ Fire Bash can now critical hit. It also hits twice
      ✪ Ice Bash can now critical hit. It also hits twice
      ✪ Thunder Bash can now critical hit. It also hits twice
      ✪ Wind Bash can now critical hit. It also hits twice
      ✪ Hammer Bash can now critical hit. It also hits twice
      ✪ Curall and Party Targeted Healing have been removed
      ✪ Heal and Cure can now target all allies as an option
      ✪ Heal and Cure now deal Holy damage to creatures of Darkness
      ✪ Cure's Warmup has been removed
      ✪ Spiteful Blessing can target single or multiple targets and target both actors or enemies. It will heal actors.
      ✪ Shine Blast no longer has a chance to stun. The explosion has its own damage formula now
      ✪ Spiritual Touch can target actors or enemies and its chance to inflict smiting sickness has been lowered.
      ✪ Wrath of Kurien now hits everyone and will instantly kill anyone who has the smiting sickness status inflicted upon them.
      ✪ Pommel Bash is now a Physical Attack
      ✪ Skull Crack now has a chance to inflict Dazed
    ✪ Changes to All-Class Skills
    • ✪ Guarding will no longer attempt to hold your position in the battle queue
      ✪ Shield skills are usable as long as you have any shield equipped
      ✪ Stack Hit targets down a single enemy now
      ✪ Book of the Dead's Reflection now lasts for 3 turns instead of 5
      ✪ Book of the Dead skills are useable as long as you have any book of the dead equipped
      ✪ Mirror move can now target enemies or allies
    ✪ Changes to Enemies Skills
    • ✪ Damage formulas for all skills are now similar to the basic attack formula
      ✪ Absorb is now a Physical Attack
      ✪ Grapple now hits multiple times
      ✪ Consentless Attack has been renamed to Consentacles
      ✪ Silk Shot now deals damage
      ✪ Fiery Bite only has a chance to Burn now
      ✪ Deadly Gaze has had its accuracy lowered and is more balanced.
      ✪ Fearful Presence's accuracy has been lowered

  • ✪ Valeria no longer gets mad at you for leveling up when she thinks you're cheating
    ✪ Actions that should happen in battle should now properly happen
    ✪ Enemies and Actors should properly die if they reach 0 HP
    ✪ Sleep status no longer keeps the user asleep forever
    ✪ Frozen status no longer keeps the user frozen forever
    ✪ E Rank Hud element no longer stays on the screen forever
    ✪ Leora can receive levels from Ralph and Drel properly during level conversion
    ✪ Leora can now learn all crossbow skills now
    ✪ Fixed D Rank's Heal skill learn cost requiring the wrong item
    ✪ Slow Bolt has the correct icon now
    ✪ Coin Bolt has the correct icon now
    ✪ Ralph's Splinter will appropriately grant the state to inflict bleed
    ✪ Enemy's Gust no longer absorbs HP
    ✪ Skills that cooldown other skills will properly cooldown the skill they're cooling down.
    ✪ A ton of minor fixes for polish.
    ✪ Minor text fixes
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About This Game

★ Welcome to Mythic Victory Arena! ★

Mythic Victory Arena is a role playing game focusing on battle encounters. You select a character, hone your skills, and fight inside the arena against hordes of enemies. Come out victorious and you will be rewarded with plenty of coin. Coin gets you gear. Gear gets you victories. Victories make you famous. And fame gets you all that you want.


  • Fight from rank F to rank SSS to become the champion
  • Enjoy tough, yet fun battles
  • Mini-bosses and Bosses at every rank
  • Hire another champion to fight alongside you
  • Keep track of the monsters you've defeated with the Bestiary
  • Purchase over unique 100 weapons and armors to help you win matches
  • Orbs will upgrade your weapons and armor to give you a competitive edge in the arena.
  • Receive rewards for completing various tasks
  • Heal your wounds at the hospital
  • Skills have unique action sequences
  • Visit the skill shop to upgrade and learn new skills
  • In-depth story and profiles for each character
  • Enjoy all the rewards from winning arena battles!
  • Become the champion and receive what it is you desire

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS: WindowsR 7/8/8.1/10 (32bit/64bit)
    • Processor: Intel Core2 Duo or better
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Compatible OpenGLR
    • Storage: 800 MB available space
    • OS: Mac OS X 10.10 or better
    • Processor: Intel Core2 Duo or better
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Compatible OpenGLR
    • Storage: 800 MB available space
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