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Ημερομηνία κυκλοφορίας: 28 Νοε, 2008
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Αγορά My Tribe


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Mac OS X
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So far over almost 60hrs of game play and i luv the game. Unlike some players who play it u can pause the game and everything will stop running while your gone. when you play the game there are settings u can choose to slow down game play or leave it on med pace or fast pace. those different settings mean how fast your tribe ppl age in the game. when ever i been playing i'm almost about to get all trophies only 2 left. an i must say its been a challange. i recommend that if your going to play this do understand it does take time. an when your say playing for a few hrs and u choose to stop say because u dont want to play for a few days. Then enter the settings page an pause your game so none of the workers keep working while your gone. if u leave the game and leave it running your tribe will continue to age while your gone. Now all i can say is fun game good for those that enjoy a long game of waiting u must pay attention and spend up to nearlly 80hrs to 150hrs to get all the trophies i could be wrong but the hardest one so far to get is make a person live for over 969 yrs or something around that. Thx god for fountain water, golden relic and mushrooms. use on a person over age 65 or 66 to give them youth to age 36 again. anyways i luv the game and cant wait till i get the remaining trophies.
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