Unexplored is the roguelite that feels like a roguelike. Praised for its fantastic dungeons, real-time combat and surprising amount of content and depth.
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Very Positive (15) - 93% of the 15 user reviews in the last 30 days are positive.
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Very Positive (297) - 96% of the 297 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date:
Feb 22, 2017

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October 19

One Super Intense Episode & Three Updates

First of all, we'd like to congratulate youtuber Cornish-Knight for beating the game for the first time. Do yourself a favour and watch this episode, it is super-super-intense. We really enjoyed watching it, and, well, we're not sorry for that guardian :)


Three Updates

We've been busy and sort of silently pushing one update after another without letting you know. So here are the release notes for the last three updates.

There's some great stuff in here, some quality-of-life improvements (a journal filter), improved AI, some user requested options and even an updated version of the menu theme. Enjoy!


New Features:
Shovel gets more use, but digging is more dangerous.
• Option to switch off the overal parchment texture.
• Crossbows turn black while reloading.

Game Balance:
• Weapon store now stocks bullets, gunpowder, and bombs.
Improves AI memory and navigation.
AI keeps slightly more distance.
• Multiple stuns no longer stack, instead the longest time counts.

Bug Fixes:
• Bows and guns no longer fire after dropping in certain conditions.
• Caps the number of spike flowers that can spawn in a level.
• Flasks are returned for all coat types.
• Fixes bug with combining items using a gamepad.
• Hot key to equip a bow works better.
• Fixes crash when throwing items after you died.
• Consumable utility items with hotkeys are not automatically assigned to the offhand. Fixes issue with Blue Dragon not spawning.
• Shuriken equip to the offhand by default.


New Features:
• When game loses focus audio stops.

Game Balance:
• Phantoms are now affected by Blazing Shields and other light magic.
• Weapons go into cooldown after equipping.

Bug Fixes:
• Fixes issue with forging meteoric iron.
• A Kriss will not be auto-equipped after throwing a dagger.
• Attacking with weapons on a gamepad unpauses the game/and or closes containers. Items marked as consumables (rations, good potions, scrolls) are never equipped when using a hotkey.


New Features:
• Adds option to filter journal for entries relevant to the current floor.
• Use control to assign a hot key for an offhand item.
• Hot key assignments to utility items are persistent inside and between sessions.
• Enchanted Krisses can be boosted by coating it in blood.
• Updated menu music.

Bug Fixes:
• Fixes possible crash with flame type staffs.
• Fixes generation issue where full columns are not replaced (and possibly stand in the way).
• Fixes an issue with chasms being generated on the last floor.
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October 10

Meet the Youtuber who just reached episode #100 of his Unexplored series: “I love/hate dying in this game!”

We have seen many streamers play Unexplored, but “Wildfremd” is the first to reach 100 episodes. To celebrate that magic number, here are 10 questions and 9 answers by Wildfremd.

Episode #100 of Wildfremd's Unexplored series

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1. Why did you decide to play and record Unexplored in the first place?
I found the idea of a new dungeon generator really interesting. There are many great rogue-ish games out there, but at some point you know the pattern and they start to feel a bit lacklustre. So Unexplored caught my interest during Early Access. First I did a first impressions video and after a while I begun the let's play.

2. When did you know, "This is going to be a long series"? Was there something in particular?
I don't think 100 videos of Unexplored make it a long series. Sure it is my longest let's play, but between part 80-100 I realized that I only scratched the surface. It feels more like I'm at 10 percent of my let's play.

3. What's your weirdest experience in Unexplored?
Definitely to adapt to the dungeon generator. It took me a while to understand the possibilities. Here and there I see people complaining about how they got stuck, but I never got stuck in Unexplored. There is always a possibility to progress, but maybe you don't see it, because you never played a game that creates dungeons in such a way.

4. Which moment (probably a death), made you hate Unexplored the most?
5. Which moment (probably not a death), made you love Unexplored the most?
(Answers to both questions): There is one thing that I hate and love the most about Unexplored: Dying is always my fault. It never feels like the game is unfair or enemies are cheating. After every death I found a solution for the problem that caused my death, and that is driving me nuts in a good way. :-)

6. What are your favourite settings/classes?
I play the game on challenging (without extra puzzles and bosses) and I refuse to make it easier. :-) I can't say much about the different classes, because I don't play to unlock a specific class. There were to many games in the past that forced the player to play a game in specific way to unlock this or that. If I unlock a new class that's great, but that's not my goal. I really like the adventurer and the mage (with recharge scrolls ;-)), but I'm sooo bad with the rogue. I really don't understand stealth in Unexplored.

7. Which of the DLC did you like most?
The truth is: Until now I never played one of the DLC. I put all my focus on the main game. I never played Unexplored without recording. But this question lead to an idee: I will maybe start streaming the DLC on Twitch. So everyone (0-1 viewers ;-)) can see me live getting crushed! :-D

8. Now that you have reached number 100, we reckon you switch to another game? Which one and why?
That's a funny question! In the last episodes I've got the feeling that's only the beginning. It's not getting boring and there is so much more to explore. I'm joking around and tell people that I shoot for 1000 episodes. Maybe. We'll see. Unexplored is not my only project, but it comes first. There are so many great (and unknown) games out there. Caves Of Qud or Cogmind would be interesting choices, but it's not yet set in stone.

9. Your favourite games are...?
Wow, this question is hard. I play now for over 25 years PC and console games and I've played many, many, maaany games and there are countless games that are great. I really like rogue-ish, diabloesque, platformer, role-playing and competitive games.

10. Who is Weldfremd?
I was born in 1980, I live in germany and I worked as a lifeguard and a copywriter. I can write, but I'm a talent-free entertainer! :-D I love books (yeah the ones with paper!) and writing. Due to my mental illness and my personality it is sometimes very exhausting to create new videos, but I love it! At last i would like to say: Mental disorders are serious illnesses that need more attention!
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“One of my favourite games of the year”
RPS Recommended – Rock Paper Shotgun

“Even in a year with so many incredible games, Unexplored is a gem”
Vice Waypoint

“A must for all lovers of roguelikes and dungeon crawling!”
8/10 – Eurogamer

User Reviews

"This game has the best level generator I have ever encountered." – PhilipKWeiner

"Every run the dungeon feels like a rich story driven experience." – Manifest Destiny

"Anyone who enjoys Isaac or Gungeon ought to give this a play." – Lovecraft Scientist

"Really captures the feel of the of Nethack and Moria games." – n37runn3r

"The game plays like a real-time Brogue. That's great. I love it." – Yeoman

"I hope that other roguelikes take notice." – szarkamichael

About This Game

Real-time Roguelite Dungeon Crawling at its Very Best!

Unexplored is the roguelite that feels like a roguelike. An accessible yet challenging action rpg, praised for its fantastic level generator, real-time combat and a surprising amount of content and depth. Plus: free dlc which adds even more variety!
Explore dangerous dungeons, solve mysterious puzzles and engage hundreds of foes, big and small, in intense melee combat.

  • Easy to Play, Easy to Die
  • Fantastic Generated Dungeons (using brand new tech)
  • Real Emergent Gameplay with many Tactical Options
  • Intense, Real-time, Dual Wielding Melee Combat
  • Stealth Mechanics (dungeon crawling like a real rogue…)
  • Over 50 dangerous bosses
  • Challenging, generated puzzles
  • Adaptive, original soundtrack

Watch this video to understand how Unexplored creates its dungeons:

In the Words Of A Player: What Do You Feel Makes the Game Stand Out?

Misery, one of Unexplored’s Early Access players, thought our description didn’t do the game justice. So, we asked: “What do you feel makes the game stand out?”
We really liked what Misery wrote, so here’s a summary:

  • 1. the Dungeon Generation
  • 2. It uses a ton of traditional roguelike concepts, but in non-annoying ways
    The fact that the game FEELS like a traditional one while still being real-time is a pretty major thing as far as I see it.
  • 3. The combat is pretty fun, yeah
    Lots going on there, particularly once things like potions and staves or whatever are thrown into the mix. Feels more tactical than the usual "shoot everything" sort.
  • 4. Pausing the game
    Being able to pause the game and deal with your inventory, use items, and examine things, without actually leaving the game screen, that's a big one. It all really opens up a lot of options for tactical play.
  • 5. The Puzzles
    [The puzzles] feel like the sorts that the old Zelda games used to use. That same satisfaction from that is here overall.
  • 6. The hub floors
    Ended up being a great feature.
  • 7. The huge variety of enemies
    Not just bosses, but monsters and traps and all sorts of stuff. I've been constantly impressed by this. Even after so much time with the game there's still plenty I haven't even seen yet.
  • 8. And of course the whole "lock and key" concept.

You can read the entire comment here:

We continue with our own, inferior description:

The goal of Unexplored

The goal of Unexplored is to find the dragon in the depths of the dungeon of doom, slay it to claim the Amulet of Yendor and bring it back to the surface. Every run, the game will create an intricate map of dungeons, hinting at foes to come and solutions for puzzles you’ll face.

Lots Of Bosses

During your adventure through the dungeons, you’ll regularly face off with one of over fifty possible bosses. These range from the Queen Ant, to the Balrog and, yes, several menacing Dragons. Some of these bosses can only be slain with the right weapons, so make sure not to miss those on the previous levels.

Uncover Secret Items

In the spirit of roguelikes, the game does not tell you which potions will save you, and which will kill you. You’ll have to find out yourself either by taking risk or using the right Magic Scrolls. Same story for the Enchanted Weapons: are they blessed with divine powers or cursed with deadly spells?


Pitted throughout the dungeons you’ll encounter strange statues. Some of these are part of puzzles and solving those may reap great rewards. So, you may want to pick up and read the books you’ll see lying around. They may feature hints on how to solve a puzzle, even one a few levels deeper.


You’ll be able to equip two items and wield them both. In the darkest deeps you might want to hold a burning torch beside your axe. Bats tend to be killed easily from a distance by throwing daggers at them, so why not equip them in both slots? Or wield a whip, no better, the Flaming Whip you just plucked from that Balrog you managed to finally kill. Or… perhaps it’s best you start with a shield. A big, enchanted shield. Yes.


Your starting armor may not seem like much, but that’s only because… well, because it IS not that much. It will keep you safe from the bites of bats, but don’t try your luck with an Orc. Beat the right foes to collect their leather breastplates or chainmail. Or… equip the right cloak on go stealth…

Wait, Stealth?

Yes, that is an option. You can go unnoticed for a long time and execute surprise attacks for added damage. Like everything in Unexplored, it’s up to you to weigh the rewards versus the risk. Because a surprise attack on a Necromancer may sound like a terrific idea, but it’ll probably survive your first strike, leaving you quite vulnerable in your cloak of cloth.


Unexplored features several kinds of progression for you and your character. The most important is simple: experience. Expect to die a lot in the beginning, whilst learning exactly how to play the game. But you will learn and before you know, you reach a deeper level every run. However, there’s more than just experience. Within each run, you’ll find Potions of Strength, drink those and your power increases for as long as your stays alive. A Potion of Life not only completely heals your hero, it increases the amount of Hit Points. Upgrading your equipment by combining it with certain magic items on an anvil will grant you perks for the time being. Offer to the Gods, and you may receive another upgrade.
However, if you die, your powers die with you. Unexplored is a game featuring perma-death.
Nevertheless, some upgrades are permanent. When you unlock achievements, you unlock equipment and items you can purchase before you start a new run. You pay for these items with the other permanent feature: gold. Your hero will inherit all the gold your previous one owned. So it is always an absolutely fabulous idea to try an open as many chests as possible, you might get rich trying.
Or, just spend it all during your run when you meet one of the vendors. Yes, you heard that correctly: during the game you will be able to spend your gold on new equipment and potions. Obviously, if you subsequently fail, all that gold is lost. Like in forever.

Crafting and Mixing

The deeper you go, the more dangerous the dungeons will be. So, make sure to pick up the right equipment, potions and scrolls along the way. You can even craft better items and mix healthy or plain deadly drinks.


Part of Unexplored’s allure is the way it generates the dungeons. Not just the levels themselves (see this video about Cyclic Dungeon Generation), but all the dungeons in their entirety. The game knows what you’ll face on the deepest levels even before you start wandering the first one. So, it will provide you with hints, keys and notes about what to expect down the line. Best keep an eye out for those.

That’s It?

No, of course not. Unexplored is a game filled with content, with lava and water, plants and trees (flammable trees that is), with hidden doors and locked doors (use lockpicks!), with small bosses and big bosses and with so much more. But we won’t spoil everything here. It’s up to you to find out! So, go have yourself an adventure! You’ll love it!



Unexplored has a fantastic community of players helping each other out. They have been an integral part of the development of this game. So, if you're really stuck, let us know in the Steam forum, and we, or one of the other players, will try and help you out.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: 1.6 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 3D Graphics Card
    • Storage: 500 MB available space
    • OS: Windows 10
    • Processor: 2.6 GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 3D Graphics Card
    • Storage: 500 MB available space

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