Detta innehåll kräver basspelet Ship Simulator Extremes på Steam för att kunna spelas.

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Utgivningsdatum: 26 jan, 2011

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Detta innehåll kräver basspelet Ship Simulator Extremes på Steam för att kunna spelas.

Köp Ship Simulator Extreme: Sigita Pack

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Köp Ship Simulator Extremes Collection

Innehåller 6 föremål: Ship Simulator Extremes, Ship Simulator Extremes: Cargo Vessel, Ship Simulator Extremes: Ferry Pack, Ship Simulator Extremes: Ocean Cruise Ship, Ship Simulator Extremes: Offshore Vessel, Ship Simulator Extremes: Sigita Pack


Om detta material

Roam the oceans and sail into famous ports worldwide with the Fishing Trawler vessel "Sigita" and take on no less than six specially created bonus missions for this vessel, adding to the simulation fun.

Includes 6 New scenarios:

  • Business as (un)Usual: Take the Sigita to respond to a distress call from a nearby yacht in trouble.
  • Changing Fishing Grounds: Gather your crew and sail the Sigita to new fishing areas.
  • A Hot Day: The Sigita runs into trouble during one of her fishing trips. Make sure you evacuate and then take control of the coast guard as you try to find crew in distress and put out the fire on board the fishing trawler.
  • First Fishing: During one of its voyages, the Sigita trawler is called upon to use all its horsepower and navigational skills to tow a colleague back to a nearby oil rig.
  • Meet and Greet: Sail and manage several vessels at the same time as you try to berth them in a busy harbour.
  • Unexpected Operation: Deliver spare parts for the Sigita's damaged sister ship and help the repairs in the midst of a very heavy storm.


    • Operativsystem: Windows XP (Min. Service pack 2), Windows Vista eller Windows 7. 32 och 64-bitar OS stöds
    • Processor: 3 Ghz P4 Intel eller AMD-motsvarighet
    • Minne: 2GB (Windows XP) eller 3GB (Vista eller Windows 7)
    • Grafik: Geforce 8800GT eller ATI Radeon 4850 med 256MB ram (minst Shader model 3.0)
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hårddisk: 3.5 GB
    • Ljud: DirectX-kompatibelt
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