VSTEP y Paradox se enorgullecen en anunciar la siguiente entrega de la aclamada saga Ship Simulator. Con más de 550.000 copias vendidas, la saga regresa para enfrentarte a las condiciones más adversas sobre la tierra… ¿Alguna vez te has preguntado qué se siente al navegar con un superpetrolero de medio millón de toneladas a través de la...
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 27 ago. 2010
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Recién actualizado

Ahoy! Ship Simulator Extremes is celebrating its 2nd anniversary! To celebrate, all players will now receive the Customs vessel DLC for free!

In the Customs vessel DLC, users get the chance to experience the day-to-day activities of a maritime customs officer. Responsible for upholding the law and making sure there is no smuggling going on in the harbor, you embark on two exciting missions piloting a brand new customs vessel called “Zilvermeeuw”. Inspect vessels for illegal cargo and apprehend & chase vessels that want to avoid inspection.

Acerca de este juego

VSTEP y Paradox se enorgullecen en anunciar la siguiente entrega de la aclamada saga Ship Simulator. Con más de 550.000 copias vendidas, la saga regresa para enfrentarte a las condiciones más adversas sobre la tierra…

¿Alguna vez te has preguntado qué se siente al navegar con un superpetrolero de medio millón de toneladas a través de la tormenta perfecta? ¿Al perseguir a los balleneros furtivos en la Antártida? ¿Al sentir la tensión de formar parte de los Guardacostas mientras evacúas un crucero en apuros? Ship Simulator Extremes lleva a los jugadores por emocionantes misiones a lo largo del mundo mientras pilotan una impresionante variedad de navíos y viven las historias de los auténticos capitanes de barco. ¡Con misiones basadas en sucesos actuales en entornos realistas a lo largo y ancho del mundo, la nueva entrega de Ship Simulator te llevará hasta el límite!

Características Principales:
  • Desde los lugares más cálidos hasta los más gélidos, navega por las regiones más encantadoras del mundo. Explora la Antártida o navega por la hermosa Bora Bora. Incluye puertos y lugares famosos de todo el mundo.
  • Amplia variedad de navíos para capitanear, incluyendo hovercrafts, interceptadores de los Guardacostas, enormes buques cisterna, remolcadores, cruceros y muchos otros.
  • Incluye emocionantes líneas argumentales y misiones por todo el mundo.
  • Salva el medio ambiente: ¡navega en famosos navíos de Greenpeace y realiza misiones ecológicas inspiradas en sucesos reales!
  • Sistema de agua y meteorología realista. Navega por aguas en calma o enfréntate a las condiciones climatológicas más adversas en alta mar.
  • Modo multijugador online. Navega online con tus amigos.

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Windows XP (SP2 como mínimo), Windows Vista o Windows 7 (compatible con 32 y 64 bits)
    • Procesador: P4 a 3 GHz o equivalente de AMD
    • Memoria: 2 GB (Windows XP) o 3 GB (Vista o Windows 7) de RAM
    • Disco Duro: 3.5 GB de espacio libre
    • Gráficos: GeForce 8800GT o ATI Radeon 4850 con 256 MB de RAM (Compatible con Shader Model 3.0)
    • Sonido: Compatible con DirectX
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
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Publicado el 29 de julio
Un hermoso juego de barcos, para relajarse un rato, 9/10.
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Publicado el 21 de marzo
Not too happy with this, It has standard simulator graphics, Not very good but in the end its the simulation you are playing, not a game designed for HD performace, although saying that, the sunlight on the water looks superb, and the water is very nice, the effects of the ship on the water are really well done and the ships aswell look very nice, especially the cruise ship, it looks amazing.
I like how you can walk around your ship, you can stand at the front and watch the waves splash over, you can take a nice walk around and its pretty good, I like it!
The damage system isn't great, I don't ask for much with this becuase this isn't the ship version of GTA, but at least some visible damage would have been nice, some scratches or a hull breach would have been better, and when you are sinking you just clip through the water like you are ghost submarine having no effect at all.
Freeroam is pretty relaxing, I like that they added this, you can chose any ship you want, any time of the day with any combination of weatcher and water effect. You can have a sunny hurricane or a heavily raining, cloudy sail through a calm water.
The missions, where do I begin? Some are good, some are terrible. I like the cruise ship missions, they are fun to do and good to play, I only tried a few other missions but they were terrible, I played one mission 4 times over, I had to sail out of a dock at 10 knots which took forever to get near the exit, and when you get near the exit (There is NO prior warning of this) It tells you to stop, and if you do not manage to get your massive ship to stop within 3 seconds, you fail the mission and have to start over again. Very poorly done.
The controls are very accurate, and the weather effects the controls very well as you can imagine, and the ships have different controls which are set to what ships of its kind in real life have.
Also having to enter a product key at the start of the game for the game itself and every DLC it comes with is pretty irritating.
I might be wrong on this but also Im not sure you can edit settings such as controls, audio, graphics ingame. Pressing ESC only gives you the option to Save, Cancel mission or resume. I might just not have seen it elsewhere tho,

Overall I would have given this a +1, but becuase of the poorly made missions, and the graphics and lack of damage on ships (which doesn't bother me much, its mainly the missions I care about) Im gonna give this a No.
If you like ships, and like simulators, then I really recommend this game if it is on sale , It is a good play if your into this kinda thing, but I think the full price isn't worth what you get. Although a few patches could easily fix it up!
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Publicado el 5 de marzo
bad game... sorry but the dev forgot to check some basic rules to make a good game, like real functional menus and easy to use maps. Congrats for the control of the boat, its a little bit good, but thats all. its worthy the play only because its the only type here on steam, but go out there for more, this is not all
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Publicado el 17 de marzo
This might be the most disappointing game I have played. Not that I played it for very long. The graphics are not very good. There are a lot of strange graphic problems. The rain and snow are not at all realistic. How about bumping another ship and all you do is clip into it as if it is just an illusion.
I paid a lot of money for this game back when it was new. I should have been refunded.
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Publicado el 18 de marzo
Read edit at the bottom after this.

The game first of all is broken. Broken as a home in Beverly Hills. Although the costomer support swares the game works, that is a dirty, rotten, pee soaked lie. I have tried everything they have told me to try and get the game to work....Still a no go. And the terrible part is they insist that the game is absaloutley perfect in everyway. I tried very hard to get it through there thick heads that the game is broken....But no...nothing. I even try dumbing to there level and agreeing with them for a bit, but everything kept pointing to a problem (WITH THE GAME!!!!)......Just to point there idiocy here is what a support staff said to me on the forum. "I had a problem similar to yours when i first got the game...All games seemed to work SS2006, SS2008, and even the Ship Sim Extremes demo. But the full game still wouldn't work" After he said that he still tried to convince me that it was his PC that had a problem, and not the game.......So Mr. Costomer Support all games on your PC work except this one, so there must be a problem with your PC.........That makes total since.
Anyways I'm getting on a bit of a rant here, so I better change my attitude.
Ok, So to sum it all up, DO NOT BUY THIS GAME! Just don't buy it! It is, as i said BROKEN. All you will be doing is spending a few dollars on a game crash simulator.....Come to think about it, thats what they should call it. Game Crash Simulator 2015! Game of the year right there! Represents the title perfectly!

P.s. See how much time I've spent playing this game....Thats been me, spending that much time staring at a CRASH HANDLER!!

.0000000000000000001/10 TERRIBLY AWFUL GAME Double negatived to emphasize the badness of this title.

EDIT: Ok, so I'm on vacation right now. So I brought along an old laptop I had sitting around the house for entertainment on the ride here (I wasn't driving) Anyways, out of curiosity I installed Ship Simulator onto the laptop to see if in any way it would work........it did. The game freakin' worked. It wouldn't work on my PC at home that is 10 times as powerful, but it would work on this....That makes no since to me! The develeopers said that my PC was the problem, and that it wasn't powerful enough for the game. But CLEARLY it is! If a laptop which has a AMD radeon processor and graphics card which I may add ISN'T SUPPOSED TO WORK (The forum said so), why can't my PC run it......I'm lost. And now I can't get a refund because I played the game.
Well since I've played it I might as well review it.
The game, dare I say it, is actually pretty good. The graphics are pretty nice, the gameplay is slow but interesting, and theres endless possibilities because of the modding scene and level editors. Now the game is as buggy as all knows, but the bugs only show up once in a blue moon, and when they happen I laugh my head off. Example; in one mission you and 3 other taxi boat are going around giving tours. At the perfect moment I turned around to watch my fellow cabby crash into a dock, sink, and kill everyone on board. It was quite entertaining. So the bugs are there but you get a laugh out of them. There really small bugs though, mostly just stupid AI and clipping problems. So not much to worry about.
I have a problem though now. I like the game, but the experience I've had with the developers and the hours I put in trying to fix the thing prevents me from giving this a good rating. So there you have it a good game ruined by stupid developers.

Another edit: It works on linux................................................
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