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¡La auténtica experiencia del conductor cobra vida con toda la intensidad y la diversión que se sienten tras el volante!
Fecha de lanzamiento: 29 Mar 2011
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Incluye 5 artículos: Need for Speed Undercover, Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box, Need for Speed: Shift, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, Shift 2 Unleashed

Acerca del juego

La aclamada saga SHIFT regresa a las pistas con SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED. El videojuego de carreras automovilísticas más absorbente hasta el momento revive la verdadera sensación de conducir con toda la intensidad y euforia de estar detrás del volante compitiendo en la Batalla de Conductores. SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED reúne toda la violencia, energía y emoción de un día de carreras en una innovadora y auténtica experiencia automovilística.

SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED lleva las auténticas carreras a un nuevo nivel con un nuevo motor de renderización completamente nuevo y un renovado sistema gráfico, así como una innovadora cámara en el casco, carreras nocturnas y una degradación realista de las pistas y los automóviles.

SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED utiliza la innovadora tecnología de generación de rivalidad Autolog, iniciada por Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, que conecta amigos con competidores en carreras cara a cara y brinda comparaciones de las estadísticas de los jugadores para añadir nuevas capas de profundidad en la saga de simulación.

Need for Speed SHIFT está siendo desarrollado por Slightly Mad Studios. Slightly Mad Studios incluye a desarrolladores y diseñadores que trabajaron en los aclamados juegos GT Legends y GTR 2.

Características principales:

  • Un nuevo nivel de inmersión - Vive las carreras en primera persona como nunca antes lo habías hecho. La nueva cámara en el casco recrea de forma realista los movimientos de la cabeza del conductor ofreciendo una sensación de velocidad sin precedentes: siente el impacto de cada roce, bache y choque; experimenta auténticas vibraciones dentro de la cabina del automóvil y mucho más
  • Cambia el juego con Autolog - Autolog es un revolucionario sistema que te conecta con amigos y cambia la experiencia de juego permitiéndote compartir de forma virtual todos los aspectos de tu trayectoria como corredor. Compara perfiles y trayectorias de conductores, comparte y añade comentarios en fotos y vídeos, envía desafíos y consulta las noticias directamente desde y Las recomendaciones de Autolog intensifican la competencia social de las carreras de la vida real ofreciendo desafíos basados en la actividad de los amigos creando una nueva, dinámica, competitiva y divertida forma de jugar ya sea online u offline
  • Carreras auténticas y realistas - SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED redefine el género de las carreras recreando el verdadero ambiente de un día de competición. Incluyendo el Campeonato Mundial FIA GT1 y el Campeonato Europeo GT3, además de conductores, pistas y automóviles del mundo real, este videojuego es verdaderamente el simulador del mañana para el corredor de hoy colmado de adrenalina
  • Impresionante profundidad y variedad - Participa en múltiples disciplinas automovilísticas y consigue desbloqueos especiales para convertirte en el ganador del Campeonato Mundial FIA GT1. Desde pruebas de resistencia hasta muscle y retro cars, SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED te ofrece la flexibilidad de eligir el camino que mejor se adapte a tu estilo de conducción
  • ¡Personaliza para fardar o personaliza para ganar! - Da rienda suelta a tu creatividad para convertir algunos de los coches más elitistas del mundo en armas que escupen fuego. Personaliza el motor, la carrocería, la suspensión y mucho, mucho más. Entonces podrás probar tu máquina en cualquiera de las categorías. Tanto si tu meta es correr con un Econobox de 100 caballos de potencia como con un GTR trucado, dispondrás de opciones casi ilimitadas para ser el rey de la pista, donde cada segundo cuenta
  • Coches y circuitos fotorrealistas – Más de 120 vehículos bajo licencia estarán a tu disposición, incluyendo el Nissan GT-R GT1, el McLaren MP4-12C y el GUMPERT Apollo. También estarán disponibles más de 35 lugares reales como Bathurst, Spa-Francorchamps y Suzuka, así como circuitos ficticios en el centro de Londres y Shanghai
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Forza 5 is the racer I really want to play but this game is scratching that itch for me at the moment on PC.

The handling is very sensitive and each car takes some getting used to but is eventually very satisfying to drive. A good range of difficulty settings and driver assists which you can switch off means you can give yourself a fair challenge and feel satisfied when you drive well. The helmet camera and head physics were my favourite feature from the first Shift game and they return in Shift 2 to make the sensation of racing at speed only just in control of your car, really engaging. Unfortunately the immersion for me goes no further as there is no support for the Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel which is my wheel of choice on PC, although in fairness plenty of Logitech wheels are supported. This limitation plus the distinctly floaty nature of the cars' handling causes me to play this game as more of an arcade racer than I do a game like Forza 4, but it is still enjoyable when played with the right expectation. The trusty 360 gamepad is supported and works very well for racing as you would expect. The menus are mostly easy to navigate with the 360 pad but all the on-screen button prompts are for the keyboard. It took me a while to work out how to save settings with the controller (press start) but after some trial and error I can deal with the menus well enough.

Shift 2 has a wide selection of real cars and tracks plus a smattering of fictional courses, some of which return from the first game. Full car customisation is provided allowing you to upgrade the performance and customise the appearance of the vehicles quite dramatically. Cars are given an overall performance rating and using this are separated into categories A, B, C, D just as in the original Shift game and familiar to players of other racing sims such as Forza Motosport.

The game looks pretty good in 1080p and on my machine (i5, 7850, 8GB RAM) with all presets set to High runs at 50-70 frames per second on the whole, though on certain corners of certain tracks framerate drops into the high 30s. I would like to tweak my settings a bit more to achieve a minimum of 60 but the game offers no benchmark mode so checking the effect of a graphics setting takes a long time - many changes even require you to restart the game. It is also disappointing that the low resolution cutscenes were clearly pre-rendered with consoles in mind which makes the unskippable cinematics during the career mode look very out-dated - cinematics should be used to flatter a game, but in the case of Shift 2 it's a relief to get past them and into the game which itself looks very attractive.

The Autolog and Online play require an EA Origin account (though the game does not require the Origin client). Unlike some players on the community hub I had no trouble at all activating the game or fighting with any DRM. The game installed and played easily from Steam just like any other game. Steam Overlay popped up showing me the product key when I first launched the game but I dismissed that as I have never had to type it in yet. I have tried to get an online match on two occassions and both times I was the only player online and had to create a lobby. Hopefully the sale weekend will get some new players lobbying up but I would not recommend this title if you are looking for multiplayer racing. It does provide a satisfying single player experience for players who enjoy racing against AI and testing themselves on simulations of the best cars and circuits in motorsport.

To my mind this game was a good buy at the recent sale price of £4.99 but I would hesitate to recommend it at the current full price of £19.99. It is true there are not a lot of other games of this type available on the PC which have the same degree of polish as Shift 2 Unleashed, but there are definitely better experiences out there on Steam for your hard-earned £20.
Publicado: 25 noviembre 2013
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Let me say this game is Not for the faint of heart.

This game gets almost everything right, And makes it hard, even for a experienced racer as myself, to win.

So what it gets right?

The car list, With Free DLC for this game its got a wide rage from classic to modern day cars.
The tuning, Its expanded from the first Shift, But its less user friendly.
The tracks, A wide range of challenging track to pick from, Allmost all of them can be done at night.
The visuals, This game looks, Amazing.
The gameplay, Is smooth and its fun as can be For a Sim racer of this type.

What dose it get wrong?

The UI is just, Confusing, Once you understand whats what then its not so bad, But it still seems to be about you and someone else's race, Rather than you and the car.
Not much Story. (more like no story.)
Some Physics bugs.
AI can be unfair often. (I mean really, a Pagain Huayra vs a Lotus Elise? come on)

Bottom line

I say get this game if you think you call yourself a Racer. If you don't know how to race at all, Get Shift 1 it gets First time driving down.

(edited 12/14/2013 Expanded Points I made) ~Drrt4
Publicado: 30 noviembre 2013
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I played this game using the unofficial community patch by nogripracing, so I have no experience with the Vanilla version. Also I didn't delve deep into the tuning options and online.

As of this writing I clocked in around 37 hours and I am confident to say I really love this game. I played through the first SHIFT and it was my first ever racing game that made the cockpit view comfortable to play with. SHIFT 2 refined the experience with their new Helmet Cam -- The camera is attached to the driver's helmet and it mimics the head movement and shakiness when driving, gives you tunnel vision, and it blurs your vision when you hit a wall. A lot of people say the camera is disorienting, but personally I don't really think so. I was not once disorientated, confused or the effects got in the way of the gameplay. SHIFT 2 is arguably the only racing game that lets you truly be the driver, rather than be the car itself. You feel how scary speed is when driving at 200 miles per hour, underestimate the car, and the car will severely punish you. This what made this game so great for me.

Now for the negatives. The menu system is stylish, but atrocious. The key assignments for the buttons are all over the place. I am playing using the 360 controller and the game can't reassign the button icons to match the controller's.

Earning money is way too easy. Want to buy that certain car? Grind in Quick Race once your driver level is high. Select the Dakota Oval track, set it to one lap and no opponents, and bam, $20,000 per 35 seconds.

Visual customization is basic and practically useless.

The slightest bump and the slightest touch to the dirt will send your car spinning. To be fair, I haven't rammed a car or drove off-road in real life before, but these annoyances can ruin the entire race because the AI suddenly bumped into you or you get sucked to the dirt like a black hole.

Some of the DLCs are way too easy and one DLC broke the game's pace. The Speedhunter pack gives you the drag racing career, quarter mile career and access to some highly tuned cars. The problem is the cars are free to acquire. I won the drag race and quarter mile career without breaking a sweat because I had free access to the stupidly fast Nissan GT-R. Some of these cars can be used to your default career and I breezed past some of the events.

My narrator-guy-person-thing is annoying. I loved the British guy in SHIFT 1 and while the new guy is alright, he's too, uh... Not... I dunno. He's not British-ey and kawaii enough.

I hate drifting. I hate drifting in SHIFT 1, and I hate drifting in SHIFT 2.

The title of the game is stupid. Really? SHIFT 2 Unleashed? What's next? SHIFT 3 Insurrection? SHIFT 4 Reloaded?

Overall I love this game. The negatives are there and noticeable, but the core gameplay, the cars, the races, the tracks, the sights and sounds, are all great.
Publicado: 17 diciembre 2013
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EYE candy

FFB = 7/10
Sounds= 7/10
Physics = 7/10
Color saturation =9/10
Track graphics = 8/10
Car graphics = 10/10
Menu = 8/10
CPU+GPU optimization = 8/10
Wheel suport = 8/10
Content = 10/10
Reflections/shadows = 8/10
Publicado: 20 diciembre 2013
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This is by far one of the best Need For Speeds ever made if you are the kind of guy who likes simulated driving and realism. Great camera and great graphics. This game is not as good as it could be from the start though. You have to patch the game up a bit before it really is the best of the best. If you go to a website called and sign up, you can download all the mods for this game. What I recomend you do, and this will be confusing to most of you your first time, but download and install the unofficial patch from no grip racing, then install PTMu which will give very realistic handling and car manuverability. At that point this game becomes an absolute masterpiece. I cannot stress enough how much fun this game really is. If you enjoy tuning and testing cars out, and then getting to race them, then I don't see a reason as to why you wouldn't love this game. You don't even need to play career mode, just buy a car and mess around with it. Too bad this game isn't as popular as it desserves to be and I'm afraid for that reason that EA won't make another "Shift"... Please EA, this game is already very good, just make a refresh with better graphics and the PTMu time mod integrated and you'll have an extremely realisting yet very fun and challenging experience. Btw you should at least be using an xbox controller to play this game if not an actual wheel, that will give you much better control.
Publicado: 27 enero 2014
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