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"Dead Space 2 managed the impressive feat of surpassing the original game in every possible way. This is one example of action horror done right."
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“A monster of a sequel.”
90/100 – Game Informer

Despre acest joc

In Dead Space™ 2, you join Isaac Clarke, the Systems Engineer from Dead Space, as he wakes up three years after the horrific events on the USG Ishimura. The Ishimura was a Planetcracker-class starship besieged by grotesque reanimations of its dead crew, known as “Necromorphs.”

After unearthing a strange artifact known as the Marker, Isaac finds himself on the Sprawl, a giant space station in orbit around Saturn. Unable to remember how he got here and plagued with demented visions of his dead girlfriend Nicole, he must survive another nightmarish outbreak of Necromorphs as he fights his way towards an answer he hopes will end all the chaos.

Key Features:

  • Tear through space with full 360 degree movement.
  • Wield a set of devastating tools to bring the terror to space. Impale Necromorphs into the walls with the Javelin, use improved telekinesis to turn limbs into deadly weapons, plant powerful dismembering trip mines, or create a hull-breach to suck a group of monsters out into space.
  • Fire up Isaac’s suit boosters to rocket around in zero gravity like never before. Explore the depths of the Sprawl and encounter new weightless combat and physics-based puzzles with full 360⁰ movement.

Online Disclaimer:


Cerinţe de sistem

    • Processor: 2.8 GHz processor or equivalent
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM (XP), 2 GB RAM (Vista or Windows 7)
    • Hard Disk Space: At least 10GB of hard drive space for installation, plus additional space for saved games
    • Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6800 or better (7300, 7600 GS, and 8500 are below minimum system requirements), ATI X1600 Pro or better (X1300, X1300 Pro and HD2400 are below minimum system requirements), 256MB Video Card and Shader Model 3.0 required
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c
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Postat: 31 octombrie, 2014
If it moves, Kill it
If it doesn't move, Kill it
If you have no ammo and it's running to you, Stomp the ♥♥♥♥ out of it.
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Postat: 31 octombrie, 2014
A game where you can legally stomp infected babies and shoot zombie kids.

10/10 would recommend to friends
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Postat: 28 noiembrie, 2014
Back when EA made good games. 11/10
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Postat: 31 octombrie, 2014
Reliving the horror in advanced mode.
Better graphics, better effects, better voice acting (hey you can now see Isaac's face a lot more often and hear him having conversations!), more gore, more ways to kill and die, and an absolutely amazing script.
A worthy sequel.

Absolutely recommended.
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Postat: 29 noiembrie, 2014
Ok so let's start of by saying that last time we saw Isaac Clarke he was shall we say not alltogether sane after his experience with his time spent on the planetcracker USG Ishimura and even though we knew it wasent over we didnt know of the horror that was to come.
Set three years after the event's in the original Dead Space,this time protagonist Isaac Clarke find's hinself in a fight for his life against a new Necromorph outbreak on the Sprawl,a space station above Saturn's largest moon,Titan.
Isaac is at a disadvantage right from the get go as he is believed to have lost his mind and when the outbreak kick's of this time he is in a straitjacket strapped on an upright bed and wondering if this is it?????
Of course he need not worry as a certain Franco Delille set's him free (protagonist of Dead Space Ignition) but we all know what happen's to character's that are'nt that important in these games dont we (NO WHAT HAPPEN'S TO THEM????-ARE YOU HAVING ME ON OR WHAT?????)

Dead Space 2 - Launch Trailer - YouTube

Right as allways down to the brass tac's of the game and first of the most important aspect for this game the story.Now i for one was wondering how they would carry on the story and for the second part of what has so far been a trilogy they have hit the nail on the head.
Is the story in this game told as well as in the first?????,yes and no is the answer and i will explain why on both points.
When i say yes it makes me happy to say that,as this was one game i didnt want them to mess up on and i am happy to say they didnt and the story flow's and take's you on a journey that (if your a fan of the original) you wont forget.Now let me explain why i said no,i really enjoyed the first game and the story but i dont remember Isaac being (for use of a better term) "a potty mouth".Now im not a prude (far from it) but i find the change in Isaac not one that i appriciated or liked but i must say i didnt find that it put me of at all (but it was there in the back of my mind whilst playing).
Now to say more about what goes on than i allready have will not only spoil all the surprise's the game has in store for you but also all the terror and sheer shock's you will get from discovering it on your own (and you would'ent want those spolit now would you????).
Now the sound in game (just like in the first game) really does a fantastic job of building tension and really does help to move the game along and without it,it just wouldent be the same game and experience that it is,and it will also creep into your psyche as you play to the point where you dont notice its there and it meld's into the background.

"Dead Space 2", full HQ Original Videogame Score (OST) + ...

The graphic's in this game really do a superb job of putting you in Isaac's shoes (well space-boots) in a situation so dire with creature's that can only be described as coming from your nightmare's being brought to life as they not only look horrific but there are different type's and each one has their own animation and attack style's to make each encounter memorable.
The animation during Isaac's death scene's are at one all different enough (when you die at the hand's of different enemies that is) that you wont tire of them but at the same time you wont want to see them as some are (not to put to finer point on it) horrific!!!!!!!
The art design for the sprawl has also been thought out well and to be honest it doesnt feel like a space station but more like one huge gigantic haunted house with you as a very unhappy and terrified customer.As you wander around you will find yourself looking at the design of the space station and wondering if at any moment it will also actually come to life and try to claim your soul and your sanity.
Now the gameplay does feel familiar but the game does actually seem more combat based than the first and allthough this has upset some for me i found it not to be a problem.It doesnt effect the story in any way and if anything when facing of against larger numbers of Necropmorph's it actually seem's to bump up the tension rather than diminish it.
Unlike its predecessor,Dead Space 2 has a multiplayer mode,pitting human character's against Necromorph's across the Sprawl and this offer's more needed replayability for the game as you choose whether to fend of the dreaded creature's or try to infect the hapless humans,and this game mode play's out really well and yet it just hasent been thought out and implemented as well as it could have been (might just be me),but Dead Space in my eyes is meant to be a solo experience and one to be enjoyed scared to death on your own.
Now the one thing that i remember most about the first game was the ending and this game does try to play a little trick on you at the end and............................will we make it "What" (WELL NOT SAYING).


Dead Space 2 Final Boss Fight, Ending, And Bonus Ending ...

Ok so as allways in closing will you want to play this game or even revisit it if you've allready finished it,well answer the following question's and you decide -

1 - Did you enjoy the first game and want more of the same?????
2 - Do you want to play a well thought out game and one that throw's scare's both of the jump variety and otherwise at you?????
And 3 - Are you looking for one of the best action horror games that this genre can throw your way?????
If you answer'ed yes to the question's above then what are you waiting for let the "MARKER" claim your soul again if not then just remember allways and i mean allways check the corner of your eye as this game may just creep up on you yet.

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Postat: 11 ianuarie
Played less than two hours and changed my shorts three times.
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Postat: 25 octombrie, 2014
In the sequel to Dead Space, Isaac Clarke goes to a haunted house shooting gallery and generally has a good time.
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Postat: 24 noiembrie, 2014
can't seem to find any spooks so far and my dead gf keeps nagging at me
she has glowy parts now tho i guess that makes up for it

the local populace is kinda uptight and hostile in nature but I guess I would be too if i lived on a space ship with no wifi

ok/10 i like it tho
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Postat: 9 octombrie, 2014
An incredible game, every second felt like an action thriller movie come to life!
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Postat: 1 noiembrie, 2014

This game follows up with the first one!
If your thinking: "Can i skip the first one?", then the answer is: "NO!"

The storyline and game play + experience need to be filled!

I enjoyed this so much, that i played on every single diff. even more than i remember.
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Postat: 28 decembrie, 2014
A game where various electronics give you heart attacks more often than the horrific killer aliens.

11/10 would kill alarm clock again.
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Postat: 30 noiembrie, 2014
Contrary to what people will tell you, this is NOT a survival horror game.

It IS a damn good action game with satisfying combat and some really disturbing stuff to throw at you.
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Postat: 19 noiembrie, 2014
Shoot Necromorph on the head? That's cute...
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Postat: 8 decembrie, 2014
It's rare when a sequel overpasses the original, so it's safe to say that this one almost came close to it. I enjoyed every moment playing it. I'm looking forward for the third part.
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Postat: 20 octombrie, 2014
All around fun game. it does trade off some graphic quality(not noticeable) and aditonal animations for some weapons for faster and fluid controls which is pretty nice. Does however include active animations for the characters, along with a bit more expansion to the necromorphs. Compared to the first one, the first one is alot better as it does emphasize that panicking can make things harder when surviving. This Game is more shooter then survival as you can easily aquire strong equipment due to the dlcs being on it early, but even then soon as you get the pulse rifle or other equipment your just good with it can turn relative easy(especially with the new alt fire for pulse rilfe...upgrade that bad boy easy to clear some situations).(SPOILER SENTENCE) The game does get back at you though at then end of the chapter depending on how much time you deal with the ubermorphs and necros, lets say its a run through to the marker that you don't want to be low on if playing on harder game modes. Its straight forward, storyline is pretty good and the start is one that sets you on your guard for the rest of the game.This game still introducing something alot more fun and even throws in a badd ♥♥♥ moments which makes you feel like hots stuff, and small form of comedy if you get through the wall.
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Postat: 27 octombrie, 2014
♥♥♥♥ing amazing. I've beat this game over and over and over and over and over again XD (As you can see from my hours)
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Postat: 25 martie
★★★★★★★★ Review Time ★★★★★★★★★★

(Mungkin agak telat reviewnya LOL , game ini keluaran tahun 2011 dan baru saya main kan minggu ini XD)

Game Action Survival Horror dari Developer Visceral Games memang patut di acungi jempol. Kompleks Cerita dimulai dari Dead Space pertama yang sukses mendongkrak pamor dari game ini . Dead Space 2 menceritakan 3 tahun setelah tragedi Dead Space yang pertama. Isaac Clarke (tokoh utama) berhasil lolos dari insiden USG Ishimura yang mana dia bertahan dan melawan makhluk alien yang bernama Nechromorphs.

Isaac Clarke di Dead Space 2 ini memang menjadi tumpuan musibah . Bayangkan, baru saja game ini di mulai, kita akan di suguhkan cuplikan adegan mengerikan dari kebrutalan Necromorphs. Tidak cukup disitu saja, di pembukaan game ini kita pun harus survive dari kejaran Necromorphs dalam keadaan tangan terikat. Belum lagi game ini disuguhkan dengan Kualitas grafik , detail karakter dan lingkungan , atmosfer , dan soundtrack yang membuat anda lebih baik diam di tempat daripada melanjut kan misi >_<

Necromorphs berbeda dengan zombie menurut saya, biasanya di game game yang lain anda cukup menembak kepala saja. Berbeda dengan Necromorphs, menembak kepala saja tidak cukup, anda harus memotong dan menghancurkan tubuh dari Necromorphs itu sendiri XD .

Necromorphs di Dead Space 2 ini juga bervariasi, ada yang lambat dan memiliki damage besar, ada yang memiliki kecepatan yang bahkan membuat anda kewalahan mengahadapi nya, ada yang berbentuk mekanisme seperti bom dan ranjau, dan ada yang mampu menembak kan zat asam.

Di Dead Space 2 ini anda masih bisa membeli beberapa ammo, armor, health pack dan senjata dalam melanjutkan petualangan selanjutnya. Anda cukup mengumpulkan coin dari hasil membunuh Necromorphs atau mendapatkannya dari menjelajah ruangan. Tidak cukup sampai disitu, Dead Space 2 juga ada sistem Upgrade, seperti Upgrade senjata, health dan lain lain. Anda cukup mengumpulkan power node yang berada random di ruangan atau membeli di Shop .

Armor di game ini layak nya seperti di game RPG, karena setiap armor memiliki efek dan fungsi masing masing. Ada yang menambahkan efek ke Health, ke Weapon atau ke Armor itu sendiri.
Weapon di Dead Space 2 ini pun juga bermacam ragam, ada Plasma Cutter, Heavy Duty Detonator, Agility Rivet Gun, Forged Line Gun dan masih banyak lagi.
Oh iya, dalam menggunakan Weapon ini juga ada beberapa mode, mode normal hanya menembakkan seperti biasa, dan mode Space. Ketika anda menggunakan weapon, cukup tekan tombol Space, dan mode dari weapon akan berubah dengan sendiri nya, seperti contoh Forged Line Gun dalam mode normal akan menembakkan listrik , dan ketika mode Space, akan menembak kan ranjau listrik yang akan meledak dalam beberapa detik.

Untung nya di game ini di lengkapi dengan Locator yang dapat menunjukkan posisi Save , Bench (Upgrade), Shop dan Objektif selanjutnya . |Setiap arah dari Locator ini dibedakan dari beberapa warna seperti warna biru menunjukkan Objective, kuning menunjukkan Shop, Ungu menunjukan posisi Bench, warna hijau menunjukkan posisi Save Station
Percayalah , Fitur ini amat sangat membantu kita dalam menamatkan petualangan Isaac Clark.

Selain itu masih ada fitur yang menjadi tambahan dalam game ini. Yakni Gadget Kinesis. Fungsi dari fitur ini adalah dapat mengangkat benda benda, tubuh dan objek lain nya ke udara, juga dapat melemparkan ke arah yang kita mau. Nah, inilah yang menjadi Weapon cadangan. Jika anda kekurangan Ammo, anda tidak perlu cemas. Cukup cari berbagai benda, seperti besi tajam dan angkat menggunakan Gadget Kinesis dan lemparkan ke Necromorphs.
Juga ada mode modul Statis. Fungsinya apa? Fungsi mode ini dapat memperlambat gerak suatu objek. Misal pintu Lift, cukup anda tembakkan , dan otomatis Pintu Lift tadi menjadi lambat pergerakanya. Mode ini juga berguna sekali dalam misi, misal anda juga kekurangan Ammo, cukup anda tembakkan modul statis ke objek itu, maka Necromorphs akan bergerak lambat. Disinilah action Punch dan Injakan dapat membunuh Necromorphs.
Puzzle juga ada di game ini, gunakan mode Gadget Kinesis dan modul Statis agar mempermudah anda menyelesaikan puzzle tersebut.

Visual efek yang menjijikan, Soundtrack yang membuat ngilu kaki untuk melangkah, mekanisme gameplay yang cepat, Panorama Luar Angkasa dan Futuristik yang menjadi nilai tambah game ini, Rentetan Story yang ciamik. Game ini sangat WORTH untuk dimainkan bagi anda pecinta horror game yang ingin memiliki pengalaman berbeda.

Nilai dari saya 9/10
Info : Pertengahan game sempat membuat membuat saya Pusing dan Mual. wkwkwkwkwk XD
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Postat: 16 februarie
Good storyline and sci-fi atmosphere. And the gameplay also good.
The lights, decorations characters, and actors did good job.
I recommend this game those all who's liking the mystic sci-fi stories and games.

Good things:
-Good visuals.
-Good playthrough.
-Good sotry.

Bad Things:
-As the mystic has getting solved the scary things getting less.
-If you want continue the 'Dead Space' storyline, you sadly need install an another aplication onto your operation system, because the 'EA Games' has decided the future didn't publish their games on the 'Steam'. Bad thing, I guess.
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Postat: 19 decembrie, 2014
what can i say about dead space 2.
you play as isaac clarke an ex engineer and ur girlfriend/wife has been killed and ur going mental and cant accept it.
you get sent to a mental hospital where the necromorphs start atttacking.
there is more to the story but i wont spoil it for u guys.
there is a HIGH amount of gore and I MEAN high.
i think this is the only gory game i have played where headshots are inefective,instead u have to dismember ur enimies to kill them.
every death is full on gore and the blood is everywhere.
onto the pros and cons

-lots and lots of gore
-stunning graphics
-great,gripping story
-in space
-lots of explosions
-great multiplayer
-great shooting mechanics
-great gunplay
-great horror
-great creepy atmoshpere
-very jumpy jumpscares(especially at night with your lights off and curtains drawn with sound cancelling head/earphones and full PC volume)

-a bit laggy
-only a few bugs but still

dead space 2 is one of the finest horror games ever made but multiplayer took the horror and swapped it to action but fun action but above all the cons i would give it


thanks for reading and thumbs up
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Postat: 27 decembrie, 2014
Want to ♥♥♥♥ ur pants?
Want to get angry?
Want to feel unsafe?
Want to empty all ur ammo on a enemie and still the f@#$er to keep coming at u?

Then by all means play this game!
9.0 out of 10
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