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Ce spun criticii

“A monster of a sequel.”
90/100 – Game Informer

Despre acest joc

In Dead Space™ 2, you join Isaac Clarke, the Systems Engineer from Dead Space, as he wakes up three years after the horrific events on the USG Ishimura. The Ishimura was a Planetcracker-class starship besieged by grotesque reanimations of its dead crew, known as “Necromorphs.”

After unearthing a strange artifact known as the Marker, Isaac finds himself on the Sprawl, a giant space station in orbit around Saturn. Unable to remember how he got here and plagued with demented visions of his dead girlfriend Nicole, he must survive another nightmarish outbreak of Necromorphs as he fights his way towards an answer he hopes will end all the chaos.

Key Features:

  • Tear through space with full 360 degree movement.
  • Wield a set of devastating tools to bring the terror to space. Impale Necromorphs into the walls with the Javelin, use improved telekinesis to turn limbs into deadly weapons, plant powerful dismembering trip mines, or create a hull-breach to suck a group of monsters out into space.
  • Fire up Isaac’s suit boosters to rocket around in zero gravity like never before. Explore the depths of the Sprawl and encounter new weightless combat and physics-based puzzles with full 360⁰ movement.

Online Disclaimer:


Cerinţe de sistem

    • Processor: 2.8 GHz processor or equivalent
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM (XP), 2 GB RAM (Vista or Windows 7)
    • Hard Disk Space: At least 10GB of hard drive space for installation, plus additional space for saved games
    • Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6800 or better (7300, 7600 GS, and 8500 are below minimum system requirements), ATI X1600 Pro or better (X1300, X1300 Pro and HD2400 are below minimum system requirements), 256MB Video Card and Shader Model 3.0 required
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c
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( 10.6 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 24 mai
Good game if you play after 9 pm
( 4.1 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 23 mai
10/10 would poop in pants at a wheelchair moving across a door again!
|OUS| Demagogue
( 29.0 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 23 mai
One of the best horror and suspense games! The action is non-stop. Play them in order and you wont be dissapointed.
( 1.6 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 22 mai
I played this on the xbox but it looks way better on pc. Easy to run and a great game but dlc would be nice.
( 0.3 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 22 mai
You wanna be scared $h!t!#$$ then this is for you, best Pc horror game series period.
( 36.3 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 22 mai
This is great. Buy it.

( 18.5 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 22 mai
Awesome game, If only there were achievements tho...
( 11.9 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 21 mai
Most thrilling egoshooter ever!
+ Never played a game where reloading is so much fun!
( 25.7 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 18 mai
This game is absolutley my favorite game ever. Such a good storyline and amazing creatures u face.
( 10.8 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 17 mai
I recommend those who haven't heart problems
( 6.0 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 16 mai
I haven't played much, but it's scary...
( 13.5 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 12 mai
This game is beautifully scary. The story is OK but the gameplay, setting, sound, etc. are really a one-of-a-kind experience! Excellent action horror.
( 16.8 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 12 mai

Line Cutter
Stomping on BODIES
A+ story

Not as much of a pure horror game as the first but it still brings the scares!
It's an EA game.
There's not a sequel for Dead Space 3 yet :(

Final Thoughts.
If you liked the first then chances are you will like this one. It has all the necromorph, button mashing, and gory death.

Make us whole Issac
( 2.0 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 10 mai
Product received for free
Perfect sound, graphics, everything is terrifiying one of my best horror games of the history
( 183.8 ore înregistrate )
Postat: 9 mai
This game should have been called "Anything That Could Go Wrong No Matter How Plausible GOES WRONG!!!!!!!"

Gasp! At the very last minute, Isaac's waypoint decides to stop working! Gasp! The suspense! The shock! The surprise!

Gasp! At the very last minute Isaac decides to kill himself over some dumb woman who he's only known for like 5 minutes!

Gasp! The government official catches him!



Cramped space with 2000000000000000000000000000000000000 enemies spawning all around you, behind you, on your left, in front of you, on you rright, endless swathes of enemies, take a long ♥♥♥♥ing ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥ elevator ride and get attacked by 230295707634098740987634098634209643873460928734609873460983460963418734609876340987134698346709134687134098750968713460983461091346876314098740958613093486096483652093816234609586901283y monsters that require at least 50 mines to kill, only get 4 mines for each round, take at least 5 ♥♥♥♥ing seconds to reload, and during reloading YOU CAN'T USE ANY OTHER WEAPONS INCLUDING STASIS EVEN THOUGH YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO.

Omggggggggggg GENURRRRRRRRRRRRRRS WHAT A FUN GAME. 3/10, was fun in the beginning, but endless swathes of enemies do NOT equal fun or challenge. I had to quit on level 14 because it just became tedious and boring. If you like shooting things, go ahead and buy this, but do not expect a good story or anything other than shooting things mindlessly for hours. What a stupid formula, I wish games wouldn't trade quality for ENDLESS QUANTITIES. Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooring.
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9.1 ore înregistrate
Postat: 8 mai
Dead Space 2 is a pinnacle of horror meets space experiences.
Short answer: You must have it

I've now played Dead Space 2 twice, once on console and once again here and it felt just as breathtaking as when I first popped the disc into my 360 a few years ago. A timeless experience that will have you staring wideeyed and open mouthed. It may be the first time you curse at the necromorphs on the screen along with Isaac as you fight your way through 15 chapters.

What's changed since Dead Space 1?
  1. Better controls.
  2. More details graphics.
  3. More weapons, and improvements on current ones.
  4. A boatload of amazing cutscenes you won't want to miss.
  5. A very flushed out story that explains more about the Marker, Earthgov, and the Unitologists.

The only complaint, if it's even a complaint, is I wasn't as afraid. But this is the second game, I know where to look and what to expect. If you're looking for fear, you're going to get excitement and thrill. Perhaps this is a fear I'm accustomed to, I don't know. It didn't hinder my experience, but I did walk in having some expectation of fear, but I was given the best roller coaster, toddler stomping, baby blasting, necromorph head punching time of my life.
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2 din 3 oameni (67%) au considerat această recenzie utilă
8.5 ore înregistrate
Postat: 1 mai
Dead Space 2 keeps a lot of what made the first great and adds on it, but also shifts the game more towards linear story with action rather than horror exploration. If the first one reminded me of Resident Evil 1, or heck Super Mario 64, with it's exploration, the second one reminds me of RE4. I was a lot more scared during the first and would only recommend this if you haven't played other great horror titles like Outlast or Alien: Isolation.
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4.8 ore înregistrate
Postat: 24 aprilie
How a technical horror survivor from the 3rd person should be done!!!
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20.4 ore înregistrate
Postat: 10 aprilie
Even though this game is getting a bit "old" I would still like to review this game.

The story is around 15 hours long and follows isaac clark, he woke up in a space ship after 3 years of being a "patient".
You will quickly realize that there is something wrong on the ship, its filled with necromorphs (aliens) like in the first game.
You are being guided by someone called daina, on your way through you will come across more people like Stross also known "Patient 5" who keeps contacting you troughout the game, about the "marker" which attractes/creates necromorph's.
You will also meet someone called "Ellie" she will be helping you troughout the game and you will be helping her as well.

The gameplay is solid, the controlls are good and everything works more then well no cringy controls altough I felt like isaac's movement was a bit slow at times, especialy on parts where you where forced to sprint.
The aiming system works really solid as well, there where no annoying issue's which the first game had (where the aiming would be really slow even when you are playing on the highest sensitivity, thankfully this game has no mouse issue's at least not for me.

The game also manages to suprise me everytime, and I sat on the tip of my chair to my whole playtrough waiting for a jumpscare to come.
The environment is really well designed as well, its dark and scary most of the times and the power will often cut out and fill the erea with necromorphs lurking from the darkness.

The puzzels in this game are quite intresting as well, they are not really hard to do but they managed to make me think of how to solve them for a little bit.

The game also allows you to use a store, where you can buy weapons, ammo, medkits, and even suits, the credit system works well and doesnt give you too much, but enough to make you reconsider what you buy at times.
You can also find or buy "power nodes" which allow you to upgrade your, suit, weapons or unlock storage rooms which are mostly filled with loot, you have to spend your power nodes really carefull as well, even though i felt like the damage upgrade barely did anything.

The enemy design is really great and creepy as well, i often found myself aiming for the legs to kill to slow them down, or cut of one arm and shoot it back at them, shooting at the head wont often result in a kill since they will continue to walk towards you.

The audio is really well designed as well, the voice acting was more then great and i often felt like the characters where really in pain, especialy isaac's voice, Thanks alot Gunner Wright for this awesome voice performance.

Well comming to a verdict now I would say the game never dissapointed me, has a great story and audio design
the story was really great as well and the ending was really amazing as well.

This game deserves a solid 9/10.

Thanks alot for reading everyone!
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44.2 ore înregistrate
Postat: 24 februarie
Now, this is what I call a worthy successor: louder and longer, but at the same time not too different!

When I started the game I thought it would have been a mediocre sequel, but this wasn't the case here, as I was pleasantly surprised with Dead Space 2's quality.

Graphics and music were pretty much similar to the first game's, but in this case that was a good thing, since the original was an excellent space horror.

Gameplay was also very similar to the first, but with some, well received, improvements. Most of all I appreciated the new Zero Gravity controls, in which you had full freedom to move and levitate in open space, whereas in the first one you could only jump from one surface to another.
Of course, new weapons and suits were also added, which was nice, though I ended up mostly sticking with the weapons I had gotten accustomed with in the first game... and I wore a suit that was a lot reminiscent of the first one's also. Old habits die hard, I guess.

The enemies were, too, a lot similar to the original Dead Space's, but some new ones made an appearance as well, most notably a big necromorph called The Tormentor, which chases you for a good part of the game.

The story is good, set 3 years after the events of the original game and manages to bring the atmosphere to life in a very similar tone as the latter. The game, as a true sequel would demand, is also 3 chapters longer than its predecessor and, while at times it felt a bid dragged, does what it does very well.

What maybe could be described as my only complaint would be the fact that it sacrificed the first's scary and tense atmosphere for more flashy effects and action sequences, filling it with plenty QTE-like battles, probably influenced from the trend created by modern action games, such as the God of War or Assassin's Creed series, which, in itself, isn't necessarily a bad thing, if it wasn't for the horror factor that suffered a bit from this.

In a few words the game became, as I wrote in the first sentence, "louder" than the previous one, as most sequels tend to be.

However, that said, the game still remains a lot scary and is a worthy successor of the Dead Space name, needless to say that there is even a level in which you enter the "playground" of the first, the planet-cracker spaceship Ishimura and re-visit some areas you explored the first time around and see how it changed over the years.

Last but not least, I remember one of the hardest and most stressing parts of the first game was fighting off a miniboss-like necromorph, called the Hunter, which had infinite regeneration and, as such, could not be killed by normal means and you had to run for your life, while fighting other necromorphs as well... as you might have guessed, this pricky son of a gun makes an appearance in the final levels of the second game as well, this time called the Ubermorph, lowering a lot your survival rate!

Such a pity that the third game doesn't exist on Steam and that, as such, this is my final review here for the franchise, but, for what it's worth, Dead Space 2 was really a blast and a good horror ride, recommended for all of you, fans of chills and thrills!
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10.7 ore înregistrate
Postat: 23 aprilie
It starts by scaring the sh** out of you
as your dead girlfriend haunts you good

From there, you will start killing space zombies.
Next you discover shocking story stuff.
After, you stomp more space-zombies.

Later, you discover more secrets.
Then, you kill more already dead stuff.

Finally, you save the world by finally getting over your dead girlfriend.


best parts:
-has a great story and action build up
-all these cool af weapons and spacepunk armor
-you can angrily hit and stomp stuff

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6 din 8 oameni (75%) au considerat această recenzie utilă
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59.6 ore înregistrate
Postat: 20 aprilie
While Dead Space 1 is good, Dead Space 2 is pretty much the best survival horror experience as well as being the perfect sequel. Tons of more action in Dead Space 2 rather than Dead Space 1, but still keeps its horror aspect.
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9 din 14 oameni (64%) au considerat această recenzie utilă
41.2 ore înregistrate
Postat: 21 aprilie
Dead Space 2 (SP Review Only)

Altman be Praised!
Here we have the Sequel to Dead Space 1:
After unearthing a strange artifact known as the Marker, Isaac finds himself on the Sprawl, a giant space station in orbit around Saturn. Unable to remember how he got here and plagued with demented visions of his dead girlfriend Nicole, he must survive another nightmarish outbreak of Necromorphs as he fights his way towards an answer he hopes will end all the chaos.
I like this Setting hmmm.Its set on a Space Station! thats orbits Saturn..interesting!

So This Game Has many new and improved features from its predeseccor such as many new suits, new wepaons, new suit abilities and new enemies to name a few. In my honest opinion, his Game takes some steps away from the Bare Horror Genre and mixes it with a bit of mass effect's Special effects. (Both made by EA, hmmmm.) its quite an action packed ride albeit a very short one! There are moments in this game where it gets very fast paced, there are other moments where its very Gory and Shocklingly Tense (In true Dead Space Style). After all, Improvements are the Main things you want to hear after you hear the Word-Sequel. So without Further ado, heres the Good and Bad, simplified..

+the Story is Short, for casual gamers this is Good News! (Approx 10-12 hours on Normal)
+Simplified Mechanics means that Tutorials take less time! yay.
Graphics feel smoother than DS1 and much more mellow colours/themes in levels.
+The Battle isnt just on the sprawl, it also spans a unique conflict in Isaac's Mind, His Mental Health is Greatly affected from the events of the previous game (No Spoilers here) and any chance of "recovery" is......Absolutely Obliterated.
+Plot (although short) is interesting and keeps you interested in the developments and futures for many of the characters.
+So many Upgrades to Choose from (Suits, health, air, armour, ammo and the tough but rewarding "pearl" that is the Work-Bench.
+So many Weapon Variations too! There are 11 Main guns in the Game but each have about 3 different variations for elemental effects or special features that belong with a special suit. Lots of work clearly done here.
+So many New Enemies! yay, there are specific enemies for dark areas, zero-G, Open Halls and even Plastered on Walls! (Euurgh.)
+Voice Acting is Slightly above average, giving Isaac a voice was a risky decision but EA pulled it off alright in the end i think.
+The Atmosphere and Environments! of Course, many new areas are seen in the Story that were only mentioned in the first game. Obviosly the biggest one being a massive Church of Unitology! this really gives a deep insight into the Culture of the Cult members and even some instances of segregation because of it! This kind of detail is rare for a game, especially for a Horror!
+Speaking of Environments, you can now fly/jet around in space in some parts. the controls took me a while to learn however.
+While this might not be a true down to the roots-horror game, its definietely a Gory Ride. Once again Dead Space lives up to its R18 Rating. One Scene Worth Mentioning is the MANUAL Laser eye surgery segment...DONT Screw up!, 'Nuff Said
+Im a Sucker for Hard Difficulties in Horror games, and luckily Dead Space 2 didnt dissappoint: The Impossible Mode from Dead Space 1 has grown into a real man now! Hard-core Gamers can now experience the (Wisely named) Hard-Core mode! The Main feature of this mode is that you now only have 3 Saves to use throughout th whole story, this combined with regular things like OP enemies, low Health and Little to NO Supplies make it a very challenging experience, almost...a Horror Game.

Quite a Few Good Things! But does it balance well with the Bad??
-Its Too Bloody Short! its a breeze on easy and normal. only on hard or above do you really see the kind of experience it intended! Gathering Supplies Really makes the Game a lot more challenging and takes away from the Constant action
-Cutscenes are very Linear and suddenly turn int QTE's when you least expect! (Timing is everything!)
-Some Lag/Frame Rate drops that i experienced. (around 2 per playthrough, not too bad)
-Theres hardly any Boss Battles in the game! and when there is, they are nowhere close to the unique battles that DS1 had!
-Because its a very short game, the time to understand Isaac's "persona" and motivations is drastically reduced. Action>"Mind Battle" with Nicole>Action>Plot>Cutscene>Boss>Action>Repeat. Thats basically a cycle of events really.
-An Abundance of Ammo is great! but DS2 has the opposite.. (in the harder modes this is changed obviously.) This doesnt help the Horror Name of DS2 and really changes it into an Action-Packed one instead. Which is True! For Some people this is good, for others its bad. But the Atmosphere overall doesnt Compare with the Confines of the Ishimura or Tight Spaces in Zero-G from the First Game. Instead, it seems like a Rushed Plot which has good directions for the story but is cut short after the Final Boss (Great Boss though) and isnt explained Clearly. Which is exactly what the Third game is for, wow!! Bloody EA...

Alright, I think this game makes many improvments in common areas, but NOT Atmosphere and the Mysteriousness and Scariness that it held deep inside the Ishimura! Story is standard really, which sets itself up for a third game very well. Not as much Backstory as the First game. Which is strange because there is a 3 Year Gap inbetween 1 and 2! BUT Since im such a fan, here is the Order of the DS Series! (To Read, Play and watch!):
Martyr (Book), Dead Space (Graphic Novel), Downfall (Animated Film), Extraction (Wii Game), First Game, Salvage (Graphic Novel), Aftermath (Graphic Novel), Dead Space (Mobile Game), Ignition (Xbox Minigame), Second Game, Third Game (Final one!).
Hope that was Helpful.
Anyway I rate this game a 7.5/10!
An interesting sequel with a heavy Focus on Isaac's Mind and Unitology! as well as many minor improvements..

Hope you liked this Review for the last Dead Space game on steam! ;( Leave a Comment with any questions below, as usual :D

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Postat: 25 martie
The Good:
(+)story is great
(+)gameplay is great
(+)fun to go through the story multiple times
(+)MP is amazing when you get into a lobby with no hackers
(+)scarier then dead space 3
(+)bosses are hard
(+)a good amount of weapons
(+)foam finger weapon is always nice
(+)a lot of different suits to choose from

The Bad:
(-)in chapter one of the story you have everything unlocked
(-)MP is dead
(-)when you do get into a game of MP theres always a hacker
(-)story could of been a bit longer


story 9/10

MP 2/10

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14.1 ore înregistrate
Postat: 15 aprilie
I like this game, Really, A good combination between sci-fi and horror, They need to put the game on sale more often, I wanna see more people playing this game in the multiplayer.
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72.5 ore înregistrate
Postat: 26 martie
I didn't really like the first Dead Space, the movements were slow, some of the levels were a little too hard, mostly the levels with turrets involved. I spent the most of the play through using the plasma cutter. I even posted a negetive review, about how the story was a bit bland. But after going to the end, I was surprised at the twist at the end, it was refreshing.

But the sequel is so much better! Smoother movements, more weapons, more armor, SO much better zero-g game play. The fast that Isaac is now a vocal character and actually is a character that serves to drive the story forward besides just killing stuff was a little off putting at first, but I got used to it fast. And I have a weakness for totally bad ♥♥♥ ass kicking, super hot girls with subtle british accents, (Miranda Lawson was my weakness), and Ellie is an awesome character.

I'm only on chapter 9, but the fact that you can mow down hoards of deranged deformed children, shot kamakazie babies and make them explode, and nobody asks any questions... just makes this game so far above par it's stupid. Awesome game!
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13.5 ore înregistrate
Postat: 28 martie
I think every re4 fans need to play this game. It is awesome.
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17.5 ore înregistrate
Postat: 2 aprilie
It works better than the other one.
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5.6 ore înregistrate
Postat: 4 aprilie
blowing limbs off aliens and using them to stab other aliens. 10/10 would play again
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12.9 ore înregistrate
Postat: 21 martie
Listen this is how you do it....

1. Find enemy
2. Cut off limbs

It's ok we've "hidden" audio logs throughout the entire game reminding you on it!
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8.9 ore înregistrate
Postat: 24 decembrie, 2015
I just yelled "MOTHAR♥♥♥♥ERS" while stomping on the bodies of dead children.

This game is some next-level ♥♥♥♥.

Would stomp dead children again.
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6.5 ore înregistrate
Postat: 23 decembrie, 2015
Better than dead space 3

Nicole: make us whole
Me: no
Nicole: pls
Me: im just gonna sit here and get ♥♥♥♥♥ by necromorphs, while my new gf flies away to space
Nicole: Really
Me: yes

story in a nutshell lol
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Postat: 31 ianuarie
This game has everything:
This game will get you in its hand and sometimes will shake you sometimes will caress you but mostly will squeeze you to the death. And you will see your blood all over the place. Take a few clean underwear with you and put the headphones on.

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Postat: 22 ianuarie
Recommend for Casual Gamer
Not recommend for Hardcore Gamer

First 3 hours experience:
*Story continue from deadspace 1, but this included short clip about previous episode
*The control feel more accurate than deadspace 1, graphic improve a lot.

After 3 hours experience:
*Nice maps! Futuristic apartments, mall, church, space, I'm enjoy it!

After 6 hours experience:
*Pulse Rifle is the only best weapon to survive, other gun is not helpful...

After 9 hours experience:
*Starting repetitive encounter... But soon, turn to getting exciting encounter!

After 11 hours experience:
*I beat the game! The ending is a bit anticipated, if experienced a lot movie.

Enjoyment: 8/10

+Items reward for beginner create a first EA account
+High quality graphic for 2011 technology
+Easy puzzle, just keep eye open
+Able to switch game difficult anytime (Casual mode is extreme easy!)
+Additional route guideline to store & bench
+More diversity map than deadspace 1
+More weapons & suits than deadspace 1
+Larger torch than deadspace 1
+Less scary than deadspace 1
+Return back to deadspace 1 Ishimura Ship
+Melee attack animation is more faster than deadspace 1
+Extra reward from redeem codes
+Headshot is still not lethal
+Dead body still can dismember
+Useful weapon upgrade
+Ammo can be sell = earn money more quick
+Gameplay Ability: Stasis Module = Make a monster slowmo
+Gameplay Ability: Kinesis Module = Move an object without touching
+Good story, especially on starting. But story been dragged too long, i prefer a short version
+After the end of the story, player is able to restart the game with all upgraded
+No cloud save, that mean able to load other player saved files

-Same dead animation...
-Cant quick dodge
-Monster sound is a bit too loud
-No more map guideline
-More harder to find store & bench than deadspace 1
-No cloud save, need to backup save file manually

= Linear story (15 Chapters)
= No Coop mode
= Multiplayer (Manually add EA friend to play 4 vs 4)
= No Steam Achievement

Replay value?
*Recommend for gamer that looking for hardcore horror survival gameplay.
*Player able carry upgraded gear in new game. With prototype suit unlocked.

Worth buying?
*Yes, for normal price; Or wait for sale, there will be 75% off
*No, don't buy if you don't have enough money.
*Is a good collection for horror game fan.
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Postat: 2 decembrie, 2015
While Dead Space 1 is good, Dead Space 2 is pretty much the perfect survival horror experience.
Dead Space 3 doesn't exist. It just doesn't.
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