The Burtons have just moved into their beautiful new dream home, which unfortunately for them, happens to be haunted. As they prepare to pack up and leave, they are suddenly greeted by the peculiar Milton Hobblepop, self described paranormal investigator.
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發售日: 2010 年 02 月 11 日


購買 Mishap: An Accidental Haunting



The Burtons have just moved into their beautiful new dream home, which unfortunately for them, happens to be haunted. As they prepare to pack up and leave, they are suddenly greeted by the peculiar Milton Hobblepop, self described paranormal investigator. Now the Burtons need your help to clear their house of a group of particularly unfortunate ghosts. Enter the domains of these eccentric specters and search for objects hidden throughout over 30 beautifully illustrated rooms. Discover details of the departed houseguests by solving enigmatic riddles left behind for the living. Assemble custom ghostcatchers for each pesky poltergeist and challenge them in unique minigames where you must play by their rules! Unravel the mysteries of the ghosts' unfortunate fates and their connection to the mysterious Hobblepop through in-game comics! Help the Burtons survive the paranormal and take back their home in Mishap: An Accidental Haunting.

  • Find hidden objects in a haunted mansion with over 30 rooms!
  • Face each of the eccentric specters in a unique minigame show-down!
  • Search for clues and assemble them to deduce hidden messages.
  • Discover the ghosts’ tragic tales through in-game comics!
  • Stunning and detailed environments bring the locations to life.


    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
    • Processor: 1.0GHz
    • Memory: 512 MB
    • DirectX®: 7.0 or higher
    • Hard Drive: 360 MB of free space
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8.6 記錄時數
張貼於:01 月 18 日
Ghost busting with all the wry, punned humor of many parodies in a top notch Class A Hidden Object game that is well worth full price.

Spoiler Alert but I can not really spoil too much.

Storyline: Brock and Kelly Burton have bought the house of their dreams only to discover it is full of ghosts. Lots and lots of ghosts. Fed up and about to leave, Milton Hobblepot appears on their doorstep to rid them of their ghosts. (Read the diary pages for the complete storyline. No spoilers here.)

Gameplay: This is a hidden object game, and mostly a hidden object game. There are four aspects to the gameplay: 1) hidden object list finds 2) ghost busting 3) solving a riddle and 4) "battling" the master/boss ghost. Each room of the house is one chapter, complete with five ghosts to bust, four areas (each with twenty hidden objects to find), four messages to locate (part of the find list), a riddle to solve and one master/boss to "battle". There are eight rooms total giving the entire game 640 total hidden objects to find, 40 ghosts to bust, and 8 master ghosts to send on their way.

Hidden object scenes: Each room of the house has a main area which is an extended area the player must move their cursor across to gain the total panoramic view and find the other three adjacent locations. Each location has a total of twenty list clues to find, which is almost double what other HO games have. They are no fractured finds, or interactive ones, just straight finds. This is not as easy as it seems. Each area though not cluttered is definitely full of objects all appropriate to the area. Believe it or not, most objects are actually in a place one would normally expect to find that object in real life. Statues are on tables or shelves, outlets (this game likes outlets) are found on walls, and tools are usually found in places one would expect like the floor, sticking out or up from whatever is being worked on, or actually in or around a work area or tool box. Nothing is unfairly hidden, though some objects are well hidden and behind other things. Some are just randomly strewn about as if someone dropped them in an odd place and could not be bothered to pick it and put it away. There is a hint button which recharges very, very slowly.

A warning about random clicking and misclicks: the game HATES both. The Help/Instruction area found in the main menu screen even states that. The game will punish the player too by having the master ghost show up and "scream" at the player. It takes about three misclicks (in a row and a bit more if there are finds in between the misclicks) before the obnoxious master ghost of the room shows up and "screams", which sounds something like a howl. After the first time the ghost shows up the screen will seem a bit foggy and every misclick (or few) after that the ghost will show up again. To clear the fogginess and gain some peace exit the scene then re-enter. The fog will have gone away and the player has at least three misclicks before they get screamed at again. My suggestion: DO NOT RANDOM CLICK.

Each scene also has animations in it, as the background objects move about: the soda machine flexes its arm muscles, dolls dance, slot machines spin, and things like that. There is a repetitive loop of music for each scene, so if that is a bother, turn off or down the volume.

Ghost busting: Every room has five ghosts to locate. The main room has two ghosts, and the three adjacent areas, one ghost each. The player clicks on the magnifying glass to start the ghost hunt and the screen will turn green. A hot/cold bar appears at the bottom of the screen to help locate the ghost. Locate and click on the ghost three times to capture it. A small blurb about each ghost can be found in the Log section under ghosts. Some are very funny to read.

Quick note here about the left side panel: (top to bottom)
ITEMS - the list find clues for the hidden object scene
MESSAGES - each room has pictures, notes, posters, etc. that appear here and one is a small dossier about the master ghost
LOG - is broken down further into the RIDDLE, GADGET, GHOSTS, CHECKLIST, and DIARY
RIDDLE is just that, the riddle for the player to find the "hidden" area of each room where the master ghost is hiding
GADGET - a picture of the ghost busting gadget needed to battle the master ghost (They are really odd, and amusing.)
CHECKLIST - Player progress in that room
DIARY - The actual storyline of the game (7 pages total)
Last entry of the side panel is MENU - Exit to main menu.

The riddle: Each room has its own riddle. The riddle is the location of the "hidden" area where the master ghost is "hiding". This location can be in any of the four areas in the room. So it is hunt and find to locate the master ghost. This is not to difficult since the cursor changes to something that looks like a written on scroll when the player is at the correct place.

Which leads to the master ghost (or the boss) and this is where the spoilers are (in a way).

Battling the Master Ghost: Each room has its own master ghost with their own agenda. Each ghost has something they want to accomplish but could not due to some mishap in life which caused their death. Each battle is a mini-game and they are all different types of games. If a player, manages to get 100% they receive a gold trophy and if they recieve a gold trophy in all the mini-games, this unlocks the "bonus" special award. I chose to list the mini-games just so the player knows what to expect. That is the spoiler. And yes, all these mini-games can be skipped.

The mini-games:
1) Photoshoot - Target shooting the ghost (with the camera) The cursor is a round circle like a focus circle in a camera. Head shots are the most points, of course.
2) Recipe - Follow the recipe while grabbing things off the moving conveyor belts. There are four parts to the cooking aspect based on hitting the green area on the correct dials. I can only remember tenderizing and grilling. Plus then the player has to serve up the meal properly.
3) Symphony - A mini version of 'Guitar Hero' without all the buttons but just as hard. Geez what a music "puzzle".
4) Cards - Low cards win and the player only gets to see 2 of their cards, but the player gets cheating glasses to look at the deck twice per hand. Tough game to win.
5) Garden - Tower defense mini-game to keep the invading hoardes of insects out of the garden. No comment on how badly I did at this, other then there was no garden left. So Sad. No flowers for me.
6) Racing - A racing game, based on how well the player can stop the gauge needle on the green area. There are four gauges total that activate in sequence if and only if the player hits the green on the gauge before it.
7) Painting - Keep the cursor area on the paint brush as the paintbrush draws a picture. Not as easy as it seems.
8) Ring - Kinda reminds me of a bullet-hell game. Drop a magnet onto the rings below, while trying to miss other objects and fend off the angry ghost's fireballs shooting at the rope with a fire extinguisher. The fireballs hit, the ring falls, start again. 60-90 seconds to retrieve all the rings (or as many as the player can).

I was actually impressed at the variety of mini-games and how hard some were. These games can be skipped and if the player even attempts them they are awarded a bronze trophy.

Overall, this was a fun and engaging game to play. I enjoyed all the subtle humor found everywhere in the game. For example the car (Greased Lightening) from the movie Grease being "worked on" in the 1950s style garage. The game is full of this type of punned humor, especially in the names of the ghosts like Allan Bonds, super spy. The cutscenes between chapters read like comic book pages but there are a few fully animated ones. This is definitely one for the collection, especially if one is a Hidden Object fan.
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4.5 記錄時數
張貼於:2013 年 08 月 4 日
Not a bad hidden object game and very cheap on sale. Took four hours to beat it. The settings are visually interesting and animated and most of the mini-games at the end of each level are fun (though four or five rounds seemed excessive). There are little mini-mini-games in each level like solving a really easy to solve riddle and catching ghosts by moving your mouse around the screen (which is even easier than solving the too easy riddles). Still these little touches mix things up away from just object hunting.

All the objects look like they should, meaning when it says find a cookie, it looks like a cookie. You aren't left wondering "how is that a cookie?!" The game doesn't allow you to randomly click all over the screen to find things, which is good. Otherwise, I'm sure I'd have done it at times. If you click too many areas that aren't objects, a ghost pops up and the screen fills with a green fog, making it even harder to find objects.

The story is very basic. There's a haunted house. Various objects on the item list are used to form a machine that is used in the "boss fight" mini-games. Each of the four rooms in each of the eight levels has a letter or notebook or something to drop in some more story. I stopped caring about the story after a while. Each little scene between levels consisted of the ghost hunter guy telling you to go hunt more ghosts in another part of the house. The short animation at the end is a happy ending with a little plot twist, what little plot there is to twist.

I haven't played a lot of hidden object games, so I'm not sure how this stacks up in the genre as a whole. I don't see me ever playing it again, but I doubt I'd ever replay a hidden object game.
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5.5 記錄時數
張貼於:2014 年 02 月 8 日
Very fun spin on a hidden object game. The story used to tie it all together was enjoyable and the minigames inbetween scenes were just the right amount of frustrating. Getting to learn the stories behind all the ghosts I was catching was a really nice touch as well. The hint system was helpful but wasn't OVERLY helpful. There were a few times I didn't know what the object I was supposed to be looking for was supposed to look like, but those were the times when I used a hint and were few and far between.
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4.6 記錄時數
張貼於:2013 年 08 月 27 日
Decent hidden object game. It took around four hours to beat. There's 8 different chapters focusing on a different ghost. Each chapter has four rooms to clear. Then there's a puzzle to figure out and then a mini-game to play that serves as kind of like the boss battle at the end of the chapter. This game sports some of the worst cover art ever.
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5.4 記錄時數
張貼於:2013 年 12 月 23 日
Game is broken. Cannot finish as it is.
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