Hazen is an episodic Action/RPG The first episode is named "The Dark Whispers" and will bring some freshness in the world of Hack'n Slash Games. Every single episode will be a "Stand alone" game with enough game-play and high re-play value.
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发行日期: 2010年4月28日


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Hazen is an episodic Action/RPG The first episode is named "The Dark Whispers" and will bring some freshness in the world of Hack'n Slash Games. Every single episode will be a "Stand alone" game with enough game-play and high re-play value. Stay tuned in next weeks for more information around "The Dark Whispers" and the news inside the world of Hazen.

Key features:

  • Discover the beauty of episodically Hack'Slash game, a world that grows more and more (adding more content and features on each chapter (episode).
  • Expand the game downloading patches (adding content for each episode).
  • Be part of one detailed Action game, with deep character development possibilities.
  • Advanced combat system will make the battles "a true delight" and totally unpredictable.
  • Thousand of different items will be at your disposal (common, magic, unique, set, ancients and specially designed crafted items).
  • Also a lot of special moves (combos) will give you the opportunity to discover ancient scrolls and use them vs. your enemies.
  • Freedom to develop your character (you can pick whatever you consider most suitable for your playing style). Pure brutal Warrior, mighty Wizard or swift Archer, hmm... or maybe something more balanced - it depends on you.



    • OS: Windows Vista or Windows XP SP2
    • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz or AMD Athlon with SSE2 instruction support
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM (1.5 GB for Vista)
    • Graphics: 128 MB with hardware PS 2.0 support
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB free space
    • Sound: DirectX compatible


    • OS: Windows Vista or Windows XP SP2
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo family or AMD Athlon X2 family
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM (3 GB for Vista)
    • Graphics: NVIDIA 8800 or Ati 3850 with 512 MB video memory
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 4 GB free space
    • Sound: DirectX compatible
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Why give a thumbs down in 2015 to a game released on Steam in 2010 and abandoned by its developer in 2010? Well its still for sale. Its as bad now as it was in 2010, no patches or updates. Even the latest news from 2010 is for the wrong game on the wrong format. Take a look. 'Haze' got 4/10 back in 2010 from Eurogamer. 'Hazen' didn't even get a review, and if it had done it wouldn't be worth a 4 lol.

So go on. Put your money away. Go watch a Hazen gameplay video on Youtube, then go play Path of Exile for free (or anything else, your choice), and be thankful Hazen is not a nasty stain on your Steam collection.
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Starting the game, you will go into an area with no plot. Just you standing there, 'corpsewalkers' swinging at you. Then jarring popups tell you basic controls then guide you to a town across a bridge. The graphics are not that great, the interface is a mishmashed diablo, and quite honestly I had no idea what was going on. Play this on a bet, while drunk, or when you need to feel confused.

You can't even alt+f4 out of it.

Pros: Honestly cannot think of any. There are many more games out there that are dungeon splunks that do this better, for cheaper.

Cons: To many to list.
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Game starts with no story, no reason why you are there, just begins with you holding an axe outside of town with skeletons coming to attack you.

Click to attack, the character swings his arm instead of the axe. Skeletons dont seem to mind, they die anyway.

Go into town, no story at all, just asked to get some keys to lock a gate. The skeletons wont be able to get in if the door is locked.

As I walk around, scenery pops in everywhere. Graphical glitches are frequent. Ambient sound loops for abour 4 seconds before it repeats.

I spec to be a mage as I usually do in these Diablo clones. Find a basic staff, and start shooting ice bolts at skeletons. 45-50 dmg. I upgrade my INT and skill level, and start to do 65 dmg. I run out of mana, and start swinging my staff. 250 damage per hit, one shotting everything.

Find a donkey which gives you a quest. Nothing appears on the screen, I have to go into the quest log to find it. Apparently the town in which I came not only has a locked doors issue, but now needs flour. This donkey has flour. Time to save the day via bread.

Then it crashed.

Best part of the game in my opinion.
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This is the worst ARPG I've ever played.
Broken, abandoned junk. There is no part 2 for a reason.

The game play is slow, unresponsive and ganky, the 3D graphics look like they were pulled from a Game Cube.
If you must buy an ARPG get ether Torchlight 1/2, Van Hellsing, Titan quest, Grim Dawn or any other less known ARPGs.

Or go for gold just get 'Path of Exile' and never look back.
Look on Youtube for videos of Hazen, it's plain broken and bad.
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This game is awful. I cannot recommend it at all. The gameplay is frustrating, the fun factor is non-existent and you'll wish you'd never heard of it after spending 20 minutes playing it. There are no more episodes for this game as the first one was so bad, the company that made it went under. Avoid this game as much as possible.
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