Grotesque Tactics 2 – Dungeons and Donuts
In this successor to the celebrated RPG-parody Grotesque Tactics, you will experience an ironic story-driven RPG with humorous dialogue-puzzles in the style of Monkey Island.
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Mixed (131 reviews) - 55% of the 131 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Nov 21, 2011

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About This Game

Grotesque Tactics 2: Dungeons & Donuts is the successor to the celebrated RPG-parody Grotesque Tactics. Experience an ironic story-driven RPG with humorous dialogue-puzzles in the style of Monkey Island as well as a strategic combat system, where your party members are controlled simultaneously.

Our story starts as the citizens of the Kingdom of Glory celebrate their victory over the Dark Church. While in the catacombs of their former enemies, their revelry is disturbed by a sudden all-encompassing fog. The citizens wrapped by the fog disappear screaming into nothing. Those that remain alive after the strange attack, barricade themselves in the depths of the catacombs. As time passes, food becomes scarce and the people of the Kingdom of Glory begin to realize that they might all meet their demise. The ‘heroic’ Knights of Glory, shady mercenaries and the arrogant high elves band together into guilds in order to survive and escape the dank catacombs. Unfortunately, the guilds are far too concerned with their distaste for each other and are oblivious to the awakening of dark forces in the dungeons below…

Key features:

  • Experience the thrilling, deadly and sometimes humorous turn-based combat.
  • Join up with comrades-in-arms and create your own guild to help defeat the mighty bosses.
  • Play babysitter as you alleviate conflict amongst your party, so they attack the enemy and not each other.
  • Each guild member has a talent tree to improve and specialize their skills after your advancements.
  • You can choose from three different factions; the High Elves, the Mercenary Guild or the Kingdom of Glory.
  • Each faction has an alternate ending depending on decisions made in the game.
  • The story pokes fun at the RPG genre and popular games, such as Oblivion, Gothic and LOTR.
  • Become a successful Guild Master by collecting gold and improving your reputation.
  • Food is rare and has become the new currency - collect food, learn to cook and woo survivors to your side with delicious meals such as hippie grub, spider salami, or the zombie cocktail!
  • Different levels of difficulty make sure that both beginners and experts will enjoy the game.

System Requirements

    • Operating system:Windows® XP / Vista™ / Windows® 7
    • Processor: Dual-Core 2.2 GHz CPU
    • Memory: 2GB
    • Hard disk space: 1GB
    • Video:Direct X 9.0c compatible with shader model 2.0 (nVidia GeForce 5/FX/ATI Radeon 9500 Series/ATI X700 or better)
    • Sound:Sound card with DirectX 9.0c support
    • DirectX®: DirectX® 9.0c
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Not Recommended
0.1 hrs on record
Posted: July 9, 2014
Can I just point out that I played this offline for a few days so Steam hasn't recorded the fact that I've actually put about 10h into this game

Hmmm. I played the 1st one, out of desperation - it was the only game I had installed on my PC that I hadn't clocked, and that was unlocked - didn't need an online key for - in a week where I had no internet. It was fine, passable. It had it's flaws, but it was passable.

This particular installation, however, I am sorry that it is not. I liked the corny story of the first one - except for the ending where you get killed by a freaking mushroom in a cutscene thing . That part of the story was meant to be corny irony, but they didn't really pull it off.

The graphics are much better, and the maidens really are something to look at now. Thumbs up for that.


They took everything that worked in v1, and messeed with it.

There is tons of back-and-forth in these missions, they are less linear - where you would be transported to an area with a defined goal in the first, now you have to keep going back to places you have already visited repeatedly to unock a tiny bit more of the map at a time, usually by talking to some guy and doing something with the last guy so that you can talk to the next guy. I got tedious at about the point that I quit.

The control scheme is ruined. It's harder to navigate. This is merely a side-effect of...

They changed the camera angle. Now you can rotate the camera, but you can see less (the camera is too close) with a more isometric / top down view, you feel really restricted after playing the previous game. It's painful.

The story is long winded and drawn out. With the first it was always just action action action - back to base to heal - teleport to some more bad guys - Now it's go back to the other side of the map, talk to some girl, got tot eh other side of the map, talk to some other girl, steal her chicken, go to the other side of the map, hug some trees, go to the other side of the map, cook the chicken, go to the other side of the map, talk to some girl and give her the cooked chicken, go to the middle of the map, talk to some girl to join your party, go back to the tree hugging place, talk to some girl... Oh goody! a mission!

I only discovered halfway through the 1st game that there are a limited number of potions in the world... that is to say, once you have bought the shop (wizard) out, that's it, you can't get any more. I discovered this just in time to really start conserving them for the invetible boss-battle. So glad I did. If i'd had none, at the final boss I'd have needed to have replayed the entire game again, conserving health as best I could. That would'a happened, sure. Same messed up scheme here.

OH THIS IT THE WORST PART: The battles where you have to protect some NPC - So you get into a fight, right? (yeah, finally). but you gotta take this gimp with you that you have no control over. He is an idiot, too. He rushes in headlong in some random direction, and if you don't keep up with him, he'll go in 1v6 Solo, and die:Game Over -Try Agia. If you do keep up with him, he'll rush in and try and play meatshield so you gotta take out the guys he's fighting. but as soon as you do, he will rush straght for the next batch. Remember that some of your strongest guys in your party are very slow (can move very few tiles per turn) and the more you protect him (kill the guys doing damage to him) the further from your best characters he runs, making it harder and harder to fight these... Oh he's dead:Game Over - Try Again. That is of course presuming that you can follow him at all - when he starts goig for it, you don't even always know where he runs off to - the fight may be over several screen-widths, and you may be trying to move one of the slower characters up toward the battle when it's won, so he rushes off on his own, you don't even see where he goes, so you run foward to find him only for him to have doubled back and gone the other way... on his own... This wouldn't be quite so bad if it didn't swicth between a free-roam mode when out of combat and a turn-based mode when in combat. I can't be bothered explaining why, except that he can get into trouble faster than you can get to him. Yay.

That's pretty much all that I can think of at the moment, but the combination of drivel, tedious and unexciting mini-missions, restricted camera views, and scuicidal NPC's in battles are what broke it for me.
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29 of 31 people (94%) found this review helpful
17.0 hrs on record
Posted: February 16, 2014
The first Grotesque Tactics was an amusing combination of Tactics and RPG with gaming satire. If you enjoyed the first, I think you will really like this one as well; it carries with it pretty much everything you may have liked and in fact improves upon the graphics, adds fully voiced dialogue (which I thought was surprisingly well done), familiar as well as new characters, new and more abilities and accessories, and lots of new places to explore and monsters to battle. Really the only thing I thought was a downgrade was that the camera feels zoomed in closer, but it is still manageable and you can rotate it freely at least. Definitely recommend!
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30 of 38 people (79%) found this review helpful
6.9 hrs on record
Posted: January 1, 2014
Nothing too revolutionary here, but a solid game for the price, I enjoy games that make fun of themselves.
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29 of 39 people (74%) found this review helpful
22.2 hrs on record
Posted: December 7, 2013
A fun take on RPG tropes.
Quite hilarious, slightly sexist, but otherwise entertaining.

Requires knowledge of many RPGs such as Final Fantasy Tactics to enjoy.
Worth getting on sale.
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17 of 18 people (94%) found this review helpful
15.4 hrs on record
Posted: November 17, 2014
It's a game that seems to lack a bit of polish, the only big problems I had were follower AI and some quests bugging out near the end of the game. But overall it was an enjoyable experience that reminded me of classic RPG's.
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20 of 24 people (83%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
28.2 hrs on record
Posted: December 29, 2014
As much as I liked the first Grotesque Tactics game and recommended it, I cannot recommend this one. As a sequel it's just too unpolished. It should have been an improvement on the first game. I don't think it was.

The path finding is awful. Sometimes I find the hero bouncing around between his own teammates instead of moving. It happens enough to be annoying. Uncontrolled members run off in the opposite direction and start combats. There's no way you can stop them.

More annoying, however, is the lack or direction and description in quests. The quest journal is unorganized and minimalistic at best. Some people might prefer seeking out and talking to every single NPC again when trying to advance the story line. I don't. So this might just be personal preference, but there are a few quests that don't even tell you where to go. In others the area is named incorrectly. I searched several areas before I found the right one.

It's probably better the second time through. I might try it again now that I know where to go.

If you are really a fan of the first game you'll probably still like it. I have to give it a thumbs down, though, as a disappointment.
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13 of 13 people (100%) found this review helpful
41.8 hrs on record
Posted: August 5, 2014
I love this game, I just started playing it and can't stop. I love the story and I also love the characters in th game, also I love the funny humor sayings through out the game. I probably would have not tired this game, if it was not on sale. One, being I never heard of it and second I might have not tired it out. But it is very well worth the money and it is even better if it is on sale. This is the best game I brought so far for only 2 bucks. I am very happy. The only thing I really don't like is that there is no mini map. The dungeons are easy to navigate through but in were the princess is, it is a bit confusing on where you have been or not and it does suck that there is no way points to tell you really where to go or start with first. But I guess you just got to read them and pay attention to the people you talk to and what they say and you should be fine. I really recommend the game especially for people who love rpgs. I love rpgs and this one of them I like so far.
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14 of 15 people (93%) found this review helpful
20.3 hrs on record
Posted: January 18, 2012
Grotesque Tactics 2 is a worthy successor to GT1, a game I really enjoyed because of it's humor and the fact that being a Straretgy RPG, it wasn't too hard to play at all.
GT2 continues being funny, though it's not just a parody anymore, but a full fledged RPG on its own. One has to admit though that the turn-based battles may be too easy at times, but what keeps up the enjoment I had, were nice colorful characters and the fun the game made of popular RPG themse (e.g."heroes amnesia"). Of course, a lot more fun is there for those who played the first one, but after all I think it can be enjoyed on it's own.

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15 of 17 people (88%) found this review helpful
0.9 hrs on record
Posted: March 29, 2013
A very humorous game poking fun at all the traditional RPG cliches. Also... female armor! >=3
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17 of 21 people (81%) found this review helpful
17.1 hrs on record
Posted: August 11, 2014
The game starts out very good and sadly gets worse over the duration.

+ Fun dialogues (mostly)
+ loveable characters
+ interesting combat

- lots of bugs that render (side)quests unable to play
- Game cant keep up with the great first hour of gaming...
- Some dialogues in the game are not translated and thus produce an error.
- Combat ist not challenging at all. Not dying even once during the whole game is very likely.

Considering the extremley low price, this game makes for some great fun while waiting for better games =)
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Recently Posted
22.9 hrs
Posted: August 20
sadly again this company had a chance to have a good game but yet another one plagued by bugs. had camera that would keep spinning constantly. had to keep clicking things to fix it. character running in place had to reload game. the loot button always on when nothing to loot. the camera angle again being all wonky. anyone who has played the others will know what i am talking about. my game crashed as well. so every single one had a crash. so save often.

the bugs are what make me not recommend it. i am not the only one to mention them. this game is not worth it at full price in its current state.

voice acting-most of it is pretty funny. maybe 1-2 eh ones.
story- i like the story and the jokes/puns. If you don't mind some bad ones then this part my grab at some people. if anyone has played first or the holy avatar vs the maidens. I always point this out because to some people it will be a downvote right away. remember humor is subjective so i will always warn people that the jokes won't always be funny to someone else.
combat- its not too bad. there is a little tactics involved
music-isn't too bad either

i've seen some people complain about the ai involved units. well to those people get better. i had 0 issues with being able to keep up or even get ahead of the units so i always had combat. none of my ai units were even close to death. don't blame the game because you couldn't keep up. i can understand if the game was just against you but this is clearly a player issue not game. sure they run off but you can easily keep up or outrun them in combat.

edit 1 so since playing it more there are more annoying bugs that happen. this is all stuff you can see for yourself.

so despite i have a different screen resolution it never starts in it.
spider body can't be looted no matter how many times clicked.
loot in eleven graveyard could not be looted. no option on loot button and no matter how many times you used your mouse nothing.
quest bugged with hippie grub.
2 rain barrels in 2 different locations unclickable/loot.

you know i would recommend some of these if there wasn't so many bugs or common issues. again its the bugs that make me say no. the story is fine to me. i laugh at some of the comments.

edit 2 ok so i finally beat the game and still didn't mind the story.

2 more bugs 1st camera would like to spin out sometimes, when rotating the camera you can only do partial rotations before it spins half way. so i know that is annoying to some people. looking around the with the camera can initiate battles so your stuck in title moving mode until everything is dead instead of explore mode. so this is actually a few but all camera stuff.

2nd bug is voice acting didn't always read what the text said.
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16.0 hrs
Posted: July 28
An interesting experience, let's see why..

Not the best i've ever seen, but it is always interesting and we want to get further and further.

beware - this is not a game for people who only want to play with high end graphics. It has its own charme and in my opinion it's enough. The strenghs of this game are others.

sometimes it is really frustrating and difficult to handle. it doesn't destroy the game feeling but it could definitely be much much better!

nice combat system which needs strategy. it reminds of games like heroes of might and magic or king's bounty. i liked it, but here we will also have some camera problems.

i played on normal mode (the middle) and had no game over. it wasn't really difficult but it definitely needs to think about the actions while the battle and to be careful.

oh they are lovely and soon they will be one of the most important part of the game. They are fully voiced, also in german, and most of them very good and with voices that some of us already know from TV or other games.

there are many enjoyable conversations between our heroes that will bring us to smile about or even to laugh. The game is a parody about its own genre and this is beautiful and well done. even Pokemon and Final Fantasy get under the wheels of its humour.

we will solve different kinds of quests, not just "kill 10 of these" or "bring me 6 of these". for example we have to cook a special donut for the princess, hug trees, find a big and strong guardian for chickens and must catch a pokedude *grin*

not a masterpiece but is suits well to the different situations and it is never annoying.

buy it?
this game is for people who like an interesting story, adorable characters and a nice kind of humour about the whole rpg genre.

I had a lot of fun playing it and i can honestly recommend it.

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0.8 hrs
Posted: July 8
I'm sure that this game could be fun but so far, I am just rather disappointed and confused. It seems that the playtesters did a crappy job with informing the programmers how to streamline and program instructions better.
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15.5 hrs
Posted: June 19
Well....first off the bad things, then the good:
The camera is sometimes very ♥♥♥♥♥♥, blocking sight, very close to the ground, while you would need it farther away and it tends to rotate needlesly.

There are some heavy bugs, crashes on: loading, chat, saves, phase transition, although these bugs are rare, they still ♥♥♥♥♥♥ me off. In 15 hours, there were about 10 of them. WAY too much for me...

The controls are quite bad, SOMETIMES making aiming an game of patience.

A whole ability tree is useless as it is heavly bugged. DO NOT ever skill anything with berserk. If berserker wears off, you won't be able to attack these targets anymore. This might ♥♥♥♥ your game up!

The endportal was invisible...which was somewhat of a fat blocker, as i moved around with my mouse to find it...-.-

Saving/Loading is somewhat bugged. whenever you do you will realise that the game saves specific values, but not everything. Movement range is reset in fights, sometimes even the initiative is ♥♥♥♥ed up.....

LOTS and LOTS of walking, AND they killed the speedup botton from the first game....which was the one feature i thought was great.

Now the good stuff:
Its cheap.
Its funny, if you get the references.
Its challanging, on higher difficulty.

Overall i do not recomend this game in general. If you enjoy rpgs and share this fairly specific pop culture /gaming humor, yes this might still be a good game for you. If not, don't touch it.
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1.7 hrs
Posted: April 1
God help me, I don’t know why I bought this.
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0.9 hrs
Posted: March 18
Bugs in the tutorial section that render the game unplayable (specifically, a henchman who had no options, not even wait or defend,) just after picking your difficulty (which the game makes an in-character choice that causes the hero to catch crap) make this game a Hard No for me. I regret the $5 spent on this game now.
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20.7 hrs
Posted: March 12
it's not a perfect game, but you can easily expect a funny adventure.
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3.7 hrs
Posted: March 9
The core gameplay is a bit frusterating and dry but the voice acting and dialogue is really something. Just wow.
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0.1 hrs
Posted: March 7
Got stuck at the first scene without a clue of what to do
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16.2 hrs
Posted: March 5
Ah Grotesque series... What can i say. So many bugs and cheap humor all of them has but somehow the first game was a big favorite of mine after playing it a bit more. Second game in the series has voiceover and better graphics but generally the same clunky graphics engine and nasty camera that require some setup to be more bearable. The whole works.

So did i mention the game is buggy? terrible humour? So many bad things... But somehow it just works. Or doesn't. This game is definitely not for everyone. The anti-hero emo...sorry. 'goth' guy who is always out of luck and has more blue balls than Link with Zelda. And lets not forget his entourage of more or less unstable people that is the bread and butter of this game. Many dumb and hilarious moments in the game when team members comment on things they encounter. Weird characters. ex. Angelina with her angel wings and pink dresses and moments of rage are just legendary. And Holy Avatar with his maidens. Annoying characters no doubt but as the same people are seen in many games it just puts a smile on your face to see all the same dumb things repeat themselves. Repeat a clichee and it becomes funny.

And then there is combat and adventure too. But that is a weaker part. This is also the part that people mostly judge the game on. Perhaps that is good for them but i choose to judge this by the avkward hilarity of it. This game would be just so worth nothing without the characters that flesh it out. For me the long combat stretches in dungeons are a pain as i just want to see what weird happens next. And things do happen and for that i like this game. Combat itself is bearable - especially after you learn some talents but as pointed out the early game is just terrible. A big weakness to this type of game. Overcome that and you got a pretty decent game in front of you.
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